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Zachary Quinto Gets A View From The Bridge

Zachary Quinto Gets A View From The Bridge

Zachary Quinto heads to New York City’s Cort Theatre to see A View From The Bridge on Broadway this Sunday (January 24).

The 32-year-old actor came to opening night of the revival of the Arthur Miller play, which stars Scarlett Johansson and Liev Schreiber!

Earlier this week, Zach went to opening night of Present Laughter starring Victor Garber.

10+ pictures inside of Zachary Quinto getting a view from the bridge…

Just Jared on Facebook
zachary quinto a view from the bridge opening night 01
zachary quinto a view from the bridge opening night 02
zachary quinto a view from the bridge opening night 03
zachary quinto a view from the bridge opening night 04
zachary quinto a view from the bridge opening night 05
zachary quinto a view from the bridge opening night 06
zachary quinto a view from the bridge opening night 07
zachary quinto a view from the bridge opening night 08
zachary quinto a view from the bridge opening night 09
zachary quinto a view from the bridge opening night 10

Photos: Joseph Marzullo/WENN, Justin Campbell
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  • lw

    he looks good! hopefully he’ll be in more great projects besides the star trek sequel!

  • si

    his eyebrows are terrifying

  • angeles

    Here we go again….

  • Marie

    Love this guy!!!

  • Prettigurlz

    He’s Hott love him<333

  • mz sass

    He looks nice. He’s still my fantasy guy.

  • Carrie

    Where’s the extra pictures?

  • Lala

    @si: I’m sure your face is more terrifying.

  • Play

    NO WAY!! I was at this play and didn’t see him. The play was pretty good except not a huge fan of Scarlet. Loved Liev tho!

  • stalkerette

    Now where have I seen the sweater before …

  • Hitch

    Gay. enough said.

  • denny

    zach`s girlfriend was there with him. of course. she must be zach`s squeeze. unfortunately he has a woman! i´m sad and guess what? he doesn´t like his fans.

  • anonymous

    where´s the other pictures. i want to see this woman.she´s beautiful?

  • deavhb

    angeles: i like this:here we go again. LOVE IT !

  • amtj2008

    @denny: Nothing says this is his girlfriend, and what do you mean he does not like his fans? I do not know why I bothered, whenever a famous person is photographed with someone it must be their lover. Of course
    Also it is weird that Zach is photographed with an attractive woman but the pictures are not available.

  • Stacie

    Hello Mr.Sexy !!!He’s just so lovely. I wish there were more photos, but thanks JJ.

  • angeles


    Yes that is a little odd. JJ hasn’t updated it yet.

  • nursedatingsite

    I love spock!

  • Heather

    Zach not liking his fans is a new one. I assume, from what I have heard if someone has a bad experience with Zach it is probably because they are being jerks, Zach doesn’t have to put up with rudeness like anyone else :)

    Denny, do you care to show proof of the fact that he is dating that female AND that he doesn’t like fans? When I met him in September he was cordial and joking with many of the “kittens” aka huge ST fangirls, as Ang calls them, what changed in these few short months?

  • angeles


    You must be talking about someone else denny, the person I met took time with his fans/kittens and he was very gracious. He had friends with him, and he still took the time to take pictures, sign and chat. Believe me, if he had been ungracious to me, I would have said something to him and checked him for his behavior. I don’t put up with rudeness from anyone.

    As for your assumptions about the girl, who cares.

  • amtj2008

    Zach was voted the most autograph signing celeb. He is not even rude when he could be. I think that denny is like an idiot pap, insinuating that a fan does not have a chance to date him. I always wonder about the people who post names are blue. If you see the pics that were taken at the event then you would know they were not “together”. Zach would hold his female co-stars hands, but not his “supposed” gf? I mean thanks to photoshopp, every pictures has to be taken with a grain of salt.

  • Gloria

    i’ve seen that girl before, but somewhere else with him like a premiere or something. she’s got one of those familiar faces.

    i am thinking she is his assistant.

  • evelyn

    unfortunately, she`s not assistant, she his girlfriend . look they are walking together, she`s real beautiful. he´s totally dantig with her.

  • Liz

    Clearly they are a couple. She’s avoiding the camera too. If she was just someone in the crowd, she’d have the deer in the headlights look just like the folks in the background. He told her what to expect and is keeping his hands to himself, as he always does.

    Keeping us guessing about his private life is genius. That way he keeps fans in both the gay and straight communities.

    I’ve also heard that he is very nice to fans. Someone taking your photo without permission is rude in any setting and hardly the work of a real fan. A real fan asks permission first and respects the answer.

  • amtj2008

    @Liz: I hope that he does have a gf but the are not clearly a couple. If it was so clear then we woud not be guessing. Also I take it this is your first view of photo with him and women. He is always affectionate with Kirsten, Hayden, Zoe and etc. I stand by my assertion that she is an assistant, the first time I saw here she definitely looked confused. Walking next to someone for what, 3 feet does not make them together. While he does not TALK about his personal life, I doubt he would tell his mate not to be affectionate with him out in public.

  • stalkerette

    “Keeping us guessing about his private life is genius. That way he keeps fans in both the gay and straight communities.

    What are you trying to imply? If you didn’t think he was straight, you wouldn’t be his fan? Doesn’t seem like “real fan” behavior to me.

  • stalkerette

    I’m not aiming this comment at anybody in particular, but honestly people, if you were angry at the allegiations that every man in a photo with him (even his best friend’s husband) is his secret lover, you need to reconsider alleging the same for the opposite sex (eg. his assistant).

    So calm down, take a deep breath, I have a feeling we won’t be finding out what sort of partner he prefers and whether he’s found them yet any time soon. If ever.

  • angeles


    All of this is so ridiculous. I realized a few days ago that I have indeed seen that woman before, somewhere else. It didn’t occur to me until I saw a good shot of her face. She could be anyone from his assistant to his lover, but she does look familiar. What does it matter really, if it is something else, he will never utter a word about it, so why bother?

    He’s in NYC on business from what I’ve been told, and so am I. As a matter of fact a friend of mine swears she saw him a few days ago, mid day coming out of a subway station at 14th street. Said he was alone and had white earbuds stuck in his ears. She said she only noticed him because he was “so damned tall and he looked like that Sylar guy on tv”.

    Make of it what you will.

  • Heather

    This will all be solved on Saturday everyone, don’t worry. If mystery woman is there and they are slowly dancing on the dance floor lovingly caressing each others faces we shall know! Also he is in a play tomorrow night, I am sure I will be hearing things.

    Let’s all breathe LOL.

    Also Zach has a ton of friends in NYC and Pittsburgh is not a far trek, and he has a lot of friends AND you are right, Zach is an affectionate guy, have you seen him around Dania! Video and pics would make you assume they were a VERY hot couple and they would be, if they were together!

  • Heather

    Please note that the first part of my last post was tongue in cheek ;)

  • stalkerette


    What happens Saturday?

  • Heather

    He is performing at the Ojai playwrights Conference in California and I am attending the show and the dinner after and I guess there is dancing, auctions, food and a lot more!

  • Heather

    Ojai Playwrights Conference annual gala performance and dinner. I will be attending!

  • stalkerette


    Ah, sounds great, I’m jealous! But have fun anyway and I promise not to call you a stalker if you drop back to tell us what it was like ;)

    Zach’s got quite a busy schedule it seems.

  • NYCbeeotch

    Bet that woman is a “c**k-block” to keep all the Broadway queens who want him, off him. I mean look at the way she’s dressed, hardly snazz for the premiere of a Broadway play, most likely his hired assistant there to assist him to keep the gay boys off him. She looks like she’s dressed for her 9-5 office job, not for a “date” with someone like him.

    She is pretty I agree, but those stockings make her legs look so heavy. Take them off sweetheart, black stockings do nothing for the legs of a woman unless you are some skinny model. And you aren’t skinny.

    The reason I mention the “c**k-block thing” is because someone I know tried to approach him to make a pass at him over the weekend at a bar and got a bitch stare from him, and a cock block from a few of the female friends who were with him. My friend never said a word to him, only winked at him and then tried to approach him. Guess he only likes to play gay in private?

  • stalkerette


    Your friend is probably way below his league ;) That easy. No need to get bitter about it and whine all over the internet.

  • Trick

    IMHO looking @ his body language-the crossed arms, tension in the face- he’s doing everything to indicate they are not “together”. That stance is not natural,especially to someone who is usually photographed looking a little more relaxed (arms @ side or hands in pockets). In any event there is clear tension here, almost as if he is steeling himself against something…rumors that is his gf, perhaps. Who knows…all I could think of when I saw this photo was that he is obviously nervous about something.

  • amtj2008

    Actually he does not look nervous, cold maybe but nervous, no. First I grew up in chicago, then moved to la. the weather is different. You get use to the warmth, new york is averaging less then 40 degrees this week. Also believe it or not, new york has less paps, he might have been caught off guard by the fact they wanted to take pictures of him. People want to make a mountion out of a mole hill. If that stalking fan girl would not have posted that comment he may be straight, this girl would not be an issue.@NYCbeeotch: Well if your “freind” actually exist, as a gay man he would know the moment in which to approach him. Maybe it has not occured to you that rumors are omg, rumors not fact.

  • NYCbeeotch

    You guys are harsh, for your information, friend is very good looking, even better looking than Zach. I mean why would he think that Zach isn’t gay? It’s all over the internet.

    As for the pictures of him and that girl, yes he looks nervous, and he looks like he’s ditching her to get away from whatever is bothering him. Maybe it’s because he’s dressed so nice with his jauntily wrapped scarf, and she’s dressed like she’s going to a funeral?

  • Trick

    When it is that cold and one is wearing a Patagonia vest, why wouldnt one put hands in packets? I’m sorry but the temperature had nothing to do with it.

  • amtj2008

    @NYCbeeotch: Well I did not say anything about your friends level of attractiveness, what does that have to do with him being rejected? Him being gay is not all over the internet, it is a constant source of speculation, not fact. I mean I could say why WOULD he think he was gay? Zach has never been seen kissing or flirting with a man in real life. You are being real harsh on him and this girl because your “friend” got rejected. If you believe everything over the internet, then you have a freakishly large d*ck. Also you have put mr. Mbameque life savings in your account and are rich.

  • amtj2008

    @Trick: You cannot be absolute on that, under 40 is not freezing. When he was actually photographed his hands were down, the girl was still in the vicinity. He crosses his arms alot, I think people just WANT this girl to be anything but. Most of you girls would be upset if you were walking with a male friend or brother and people assumed you were together. I think everyone is confused, Zach said he would never discuss his private life in public. He did not say anything about hiding who he might date, he lives his life. Why would he be nervous around his gf? He is already use to the scrutiny from all the mystery males.

  • Heather

    Zach, like everyone has his own tastes, if your friend wanted to hit on him maybe it was not the right time, place or person you know?

    Little me flirted with him, and I am no starlette and he was very sweet and kind… and he is WAY out of my leauge, like another galaxy ;)

  • angeles

    I’m not buying the “nervous around his gf” scenario, she was there when he went into the theater the first time (there’s a picture of her on one of the websites of her standing behind him looking through her bag), and he wasn’t nervous or jumpy. He was smiling. And when he was leaving, he was walking so fast, he left her behind to fend for herself, way to treat a rumored gf Zachary. LOL.

    Why does all this matter? The only place I see mentions of her being his possible gf is here, in other parts of his fandom, either people don’t care or they have seen this lady before and know what her relationship is to Zach.

  • Heather

    In LA now! Lots of crazy rumors from people about last night… and something interesting Zach supposedly said he told a group of people who were hounding him “I cannot be everything to everyone” I think he is feeling overwhelmed.

  • angeles


    That poor man. This is the first time I am hearing about the play last night because I’ve been off the net. Sounds like a mob scene, maybe he needs to get a bodyguard when he does these events?

    But I have to ask if not for the amusement factor, Heather, was ZQ’s “seekret girlfriend” there? LOL.

  • Heather

    Ang, nope. From what I understand Zach’s guests last night were a group of college friends. I shall see tomorrow when I get to see him. Since hearing that I will not be VERY careful and sensitive to not bother Zach and if the time is right I will say hello.

  • angeles


    I hope you get that chance. Personally from what I remember about that event he did in downtown LA with Noah, it’s not best to approach him and be a needy fan. I think as long as people are respectful and don’t demand things, maybe they’ll get a better response out of him.

    I hope all goes well with Ojai. I’m looking forward to reading the fan accounts.

  • Heather

    I hear you, I think that is why you and I got positive responses from him at the play (I still find it so funny we were at the same place, had we known I would have come over to say hello to you!) I was mingling and bumped into hm he was friendly and we went on our separate ways. If you just treat him like a regular person he is more apt to treat you like one too…general you of course :)

  • amtj2008

    @Heather: You are so lucky, I had to give my tickets to a friend since I moved back to chicago. Best advice, bump into him, when people crowd around like that, it is annoying. He probably is super tired from all the New york promos. I feel for him, not being able to go anywhere without it being an “appearance”.