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'Avatar' Sinks 'Titanic' Box Office Record

'Avatar' Sinks 'Titanic' Box Office Record

James Cameron‘s Avatar has surpassed Titanic at the box office!

The film has made more than $1.8 billion worldwide, besting Titanic‘s record from 1997, CBS reports.

However, Avatar is still far from the inflation-adjusted record set by Gone with the Wind in 1939 – in today’s money, it took in the equivalent of about $6 billion.

“[James] has so much respect for the audience and the individual theater-goer, he wanted to give them the story he dreamed of seeing when he was 14,” Avatar star Sigourney Weaver told CBS.

DO YOU THINK Avatar could take in $6 billion at the box office and overtake Gone with the Wind?

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  • gaeljet

    nope lol

  • anne

    i don’t know if avatar will take in 6 billion. it could be possible if you factor in dvd/blue ray sales.

  • whydowecare

    avatar is fantastic…the art direction is out of this world

  • Tony

    Avatar is the most overated film in years. Might look good but it is very predictable and just a bit boring. Very average film.

  • weeerd

    It has done exceptionally well, so it is no surprise it has gained that much money. However, Gone With The Wind is a classic movie that will keep gaining money for years to come. Avatar will never be considered a “classic.” I doubt it will beat GWTW!

  • naomi

    @Tony: I agree with you, boring and very very predictable.

  • ugly

    good for him and those things are ugly

  • Ashley


  • adrianna

    I haven’t see the movie and i don’t wanna see those blue things running around BUT i love how james cameron decide it was time for a movie to do better than titanic and did avatar… james owns the box office

  • ck_always

    @Tony: 98% of every film created is predictable. As a human being you try to predict every movie you watch, some people guess correctly by luck, others don’t. What a boring flawed statement. Don’t over exaggerate too hard, everyone and their babysitter’s dog knows there have been far worse films over the last few years.

    Of course this movie will break 6 billion dollars, people are so blinded by old facts, they never take in to count ..other facts from the same days. Do people even realize how long Gone With The Wind was in theaters back in 1939 versus movies today? There wasn’t a new blockbuster multimillion dollar movie released every weekend either. When you wanted to go to the movies, your options were very limited ..if that. Tickets don’t cost what they did back then, but surprise of the century ..neither does the creation of a movie! I find it hysterical that society is desperately clinging to whatever skewed false hopes they can find just to latch on to a meaningless ‘title’ and feel somewhat important. What is wrong with society today?

  • Ms Anonymous

    Well damn. :/

  • Ashley


    Totally argeed.

    The most overated film indeed.

  • Nic

    Are you KIDDING me? How on earth should an inflation be counted? That is NUTS, Avatar has passed Titanic’s record for world wide, and will clearly do the same with domestic. GWTW’s record should not be counted for inflation, thats not how it works, stupid!

    And i hated Avatar, but its success is a fact!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @Ms Anonymous: ..shut up stupid. that’s all you can spit out. ahahahahahaha..
    ..i’m saddened. i wish it was the dark knight. i’m not geeked about seeing a movie like this as #1. at best it was an average film with uber spectacular special effects. take those special effects away and you have a decent / good movie. oh well.. cameron still reigns supreme.
    ~’s the most overrated film in movie history.

  • lauren

    @ck_always: yeah every film created is predictable, but we are talking about a movie that made $1.8 bllion at the box office.

  • rpatzfan

    no! boring “pocahontas ” remake ,in 10 years when graphics will be much better ,nobody would care about avatar and its horrible script

  • Guess

    Avatar is a ripoff of Star Trek and has a more than unoriginal plotline. The only thing amazing about this movie is the animation. It doesnt deserve all the success its getting. It sucks how a movie like this is the one to finally break Titanic’s box office record that hasnt been broken for more than a decade. What a shame. And for the record, those things are really ugly. I dont know how people can stand watching them for three hours.

  • icecream

    Well I’ve not seen it yet, no plans to either. Then again there haven’t been any films the last few years I’ve actually bothered to go to the cinema for.

  • Oceane

    I thought the film was average in storyline and in acting. it was the special effects that made this movie a hit.

  • Pocahontas

    I haven’t seen the movie but the best thing in it seems to be the animation….and someone told me it was like a Pocahontas remake..I might like it but it’s true that it’s kinda a shame that this is the movie which broke Titanic’s record that hasn’t been broken for over a decade even with gigantic super amazing movies (Lord of the Rings, Spiderman, The dark Knight, etc) and besides, by the same director. I don’t know….it’s weird… I have to see it but I doubt it really is that amazing beside the special effect. Well, its success says it all though!

  • blah blah blah

    oh shut up you whores avatar was a good movie but i think it should have gone to the dark knight stop hating on the movie it is not like you idiots can do something like what James camron you pathetic morons.

  • Candice

    avatar was good, dont get me wrong, but titanic was much better….

  • peter

    But let’s put this into perspective. Avatar tickets are $15.00 plus. Titanic tickets were a bit more than half the price a decade ago.


    Box office ranking must to be adjusted for Inflation.

    Avatar isn’t even in the top 20.


    Avatar is simply” Dances With Wolves” with blue people.

  • shell


    I think Avatar will become a classic in the sense that it changed the way the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre will be shown forever. It’s a major movie in that sense. Of course, story wise it will never be considered a classic but people will look back and say Avatar changed the movie going experience.

  • BOJI

    Definitely, I’m not a cinema goer. Had a free ticket went to see it at the behest of my cousin. Saw it in 3D and fell in love with the movie. The computer/cinema graphics and scenary so overwhelmed me that I had to go see it a 2nd time. This time with hubby and daughter in tow, again in 3D and they both enjoyed it. Predictable, maybe but this is just the beginning of a new page in cinema technology. And yes, I’m waiting to buy the DVD and looking forward to the rumoured sequel. I’m not a Sci fi, fight scene fan but this is altogether a different genre, fantasy, Sci fi, fairy tale, imaginary, love story, eco awareness and so much more. Just love it. Amen.

  • Cherry Pie

    I’m totally sick of hearing about this movie. It’s a boring story with strange looking characters made more special with 3D, and everybody gets charged more, hence, it’s making more.

  • angeles

    Overtake Titanic yes, but not Gone with the wind.

  • avatar…

    Gone with the wind has been re-released in theaters many many times over a SEVENTY YEAR period so of course it has made more money…..duh!

    Avatar has been out for SIX WEEKS and has made $1.8 billion dollars!!!

    So if you’re going to compare the two you have to wait another seventy years for a genuine comparison.

    I think it’s ridiculous to try and compare films from different eras, in the 1930′s there wasn’t any competition, no computers, tv, dvd etc
    like there is today.

    Anyway you look at it, Avatar has achieved something amazing by becoming the highest grossing film of all time, it’s all relevant after all.

  • tom

    What kind of stupid question is that? Of course it can not make 6 billion. How would that be possible? Not even sure where you came up with 6 billion .According to box office mojo it made about $400,000 and an adjusted for inflation of $1,485,000,000. You really cant compare movie releases from different times. There are different factors. Such has ticket price, the amount of people that actually went to movies at various times and that when gone with the wind was released there was a very limited amount of television available.

  • Corey

    This movie is amazing. All the haters should just shut up. There’s a reason it made 1.8 billion dollars and counting.

  • cougarsdatingsite

    I love this movie!

  • BOJI

    Avatar, very salient points indeed. Yes, Gone with the Wind is a legend . I expect this movie will be too.

  • liza

    I liked Avatar but it stole the plot to Ferngully.

  • Spencer

    The fact that this movie has made as much as it has already, not factoring in it’s new rank in cinematic history, is appalling. No one seems to have the attention span anymore, so in result, the movies being made are becoming more and more predictable, and childlike. When a storyline can no longer be original, or in most cases, not this one, the storyline is a remake. It’s sad when a person starts to enjoy horrible movies, such as this one, and compares them with movies that hold such a high standard in film. Back when movies were made to be enjoyed and not thrown around to make a quick buck. It saddens me that “Avatar” and “Gone with the Wind” were even mentioned in the same Article. Please Hollywood, use you head for more than 3 seconds and come up with a storyline that can move us, even in today’s standards!

  • Rick

    Well, if that was the “story” he wanted to deliver since he was 14, then it wasn’t anything too special. BUT, if he was like “I want my movie to have the best PlayStation 9, 50-core processor, 500 TB memory, futuristic game machine graphics ever!!!111″ then yea, he hit that on the head! lol

    On a more serious note, I know that the story isn’t the most unique, but I don’t believe it is entirely fair to constantly separate graphics from story, as it was their unique combination that bought us this movie! Its like separating the melody from the backgrounds/harmony on Beethoven’s 5th and being like “well, the background is alright, but man that motif is awesome!” Sure, it may be true (it isn’t…), but the combination of everything is what brings the full experience of the symphony!

    Ofcourse I’m not saying that doing this is not legitimate, just saying that the entire experience of being submerged into the beautiful world of this movie was unique and deserves credit fo shaw!

  • yo sista

    B O W!!!!!!!!!!
    This film is a masterpiece.

  • BOJI

    Rick, exactly and this is what that makes the movie so unique, not the storyline but the visual effects. How they used computer graphics/animation and merged them with the human actors and live landscape is so fascinating in itself. The expressions and the movements are so real, fluid and lifelike yet unreal in the world of makebelieve. Have seen the movie in 3D twice and can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD.

  • Ashley

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:

    Same here.I wish it was the dark knight

  • sinande

    titanic made me cry —so f^%$# em i wanna watch avatar–even with its blu people!!!! holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • yeah


    Yes, everything you said. This movie deserves to make so much money, it was fantastic!

  • Bosie

    HALF of the idiots on here are kids…so i won’t hold that against you BUT LEARN HOW TO REVIEW A FILM…not the artist or someone else non related to the film..MORONS!

    Avatar is a great film not only because of the story matter but because it is an art film …a visual film….go to school or learn art…IDIOTS.

    Gone With The Wind…6billion?? hahah really>? in a time of hard economy the film raised 6billion??? someone needs to look into this, again….I doubt the # are right, the film is overrated.

  • Memei

    dont think it can make 6million unless the movie is out for another year. Happy though love this movie

  • VNY

    For the people going on about ‘It’s not originaaal….’ – What exactly do you want? Do you know how long the history of cinema has been? It’s going to get harder and harder to create original or unpredictable plots. And bear in mind that this is a colossal Hollywood movie, not some quaint, sweet indie film; it’s going to be a bit predictable. Yes, perphaps the plot was a bit dull but who cares! The animation was outstanding and a delight to watch – gotta give it that.
    Anyway. Titanic, Avatar – either way James Cameron is one rich son-of-a…!

  • trimax

    I saw Avatar once, will not go see it twice. But Titanic I saw once and went back three times.

  • marriage-mindedsingles

    JC is the king

  • lakers fan in boston

    i thought avatar was good, it was worth my money but like some ppl it was really predictable and it was kinda lacking, still i like the movie

    $1.8 bil is very impressive
    i dont no if it could pass titanic, including inflation, but we’ll see, id be surprised tho
    congrats tho, i really didnt think it was gonna be that successful so wow =]

  • Bob

    Avatar was much better than Titanic.

  • Bob

    Even adjusted for inflation, did “Gone With the Wind” earn as much in it’s first 6 weeks? Avatar also has to compete with a lot of modern diversions that “Gone With the Wind” never had to. For those that don’t like it, go to IMDB, find your favorite movies and read all the comments from people that hated the movie. I just can’t understand how people could not like ‘Lord of the Rings’ or ‘Iron Man’…or how they could like movies like ‘The English Patient’ or ‘Dead Poet’s Society’. I wonder if it’s a lack of imagination or just a frantic need to feel ‘mature’.