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Brad & Angelina To Skip 2010 Oscars -- EXCLUSIVE

Brad & Angelina To Skip 2010 Oscars -- EXCLUSIVE

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will not be attending the 2010 Oscars, despite several false reports on the Internet.

“They will be out of the country during the Oscars,” a source close to the couple tells exclusively. “Angie will be busy shooting The Tourist.”

The Tourist is about an Interpol agent (Jolie) in Europe who manipulates an American tourist (Johnny Depp) in an attempt to flush out an elusive criminal who was her former lover.

Over the weekend, exclusively reported that reports of a Brad/Angie break-up were untrue. To be precise, “total b.s.

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  • sharon

    I will miss Brad and Angie.

  • Change

    They don’t go to the awards ceremony unless they are nominated, unlike Jennifer Aniston who is desperate for the publicity and is never nominated and has to be seen with a man when she goes. She looked ridiculous as the Globes, made a fool of herself. She needs to stop stalking Brad Pitt and copying Angelina and being in films with the same people Angelina has.

    I am glad she donated money to Haiti, it is better than spending money on the fake tan and plastic surgery/botox hairdresser she flies everywhere.

    Why does she always hide her face with her hair it’s the same with all her film. You are 41 soon grow up!

  • Jess

    well @ 01/26/2010 at 12:05 pm

    I didn’t think they would attend Oscar. It doesn’t seem that Brad will be nominated. We will see Brad this Saturday, he is a presenter for DGA.
    DGA won’t be televised. We will have pictures though.

  • pokeman

    Jenretards are retards @ 01/26/2010 at 12:30 pm When I heard it from Brad and Angelina , own mouths, i will believe they are breaking up. I will never believe a Jenretard

    i am with you and i will not be upset or go crazy like the trolls insisted. I will feel bad about the break up but not for them or the children because I know brad & angie will make sure the children are their #1 priority. And if it ends, its not because the haters said I told you so or karma. many relationships in many reasons.

  • J.Jackson

    They’re sooooo over!

    If I were Vanessa Paradis, I would fear for Angie to take my husband away! Angie can’t keep her pant’s on, she has to have every man in the world, she’s Hollywood Bitch with Mother Térésa’s clothes on!

  • purple poet

    YAY! NO Brangelina hogging the spotlight and taking it away from my favorite less-tabloidy stars. It’s not like any of them will be nominated so why would they come unless they want attention? I like that Brad and Angelina don’t show up unless they themselves are nominated. Look at Nicole Kidman? Botox face shows up every year trying to hog some spotlight in some ugly dress when she hasn’t been nominated in 8 years! Jennifer Lopez shows up a lot when she hasn’t ever been nominated!

    I talk crap about Brad and Angelina but I still think it’s great they only show up to events when they need to.

  • del

    Didn’t Angie’s stylist say they wouldn’t be at awards this year because Brad wasn’t nominated individually? So they won’t be going to Oscar.

  • pokeman

    get a life loons is here & last thread & the thread before last more than the fans. you shouldn’t speak. who’s not getting a life. obviously not us.

  • pokeman

    J.Jackson @ 01/26/2010 at 12:39 pm

    if johnny & venessa’s relationship is solid no man will take her away and no woman will take him away. venessa is a very independent, secure & strong woman. I am sure johnny will not hurt venessa and vice versa. johnny is not an object. angie can’t just take or stole away.

  • Celia

    It’s official. The OSCARS will be BORING!!!!!!
    I can’t wait to see The Tourist. I’ve been waiting forever to see Angelina and Johnny Depp in a movie together.

  • celebrity charitable

    wow! I thought she was going to do some charity during the oscars

  • African Girl

    The trolls are going to conveniently forget that they didn’t attend the oscars last year and see this as a sign their dreams are about to come true. Sigh!

  • http://justjared bermy girl

    @Passing Through:

    comment #38
    lol – same here!!

  • Oscar is boring

    Don’t we already know the winners of this year’s Oscar already? Best Actor will be Jeff Bridges, Best actress will be Sandra B. Best supporting actor will be Christoph Waltz. Best Picture will be Avatar. So predictable and boring.

  • nina

    Ridiculous stories about Brangelina being over or Jolie stealing Johnny Depp from Vanessa Paradis … stop reading too much BS, it damages your brain!!

    I actually think they’ll shoot The Tourist is France … I’ve read on this site that it’s the remake of a French movie so it would make more sense!

  • Change

    I like Brad now that he is with Angelina – he is more himself and comfortable in his own skin. Angelina has brought out the intelligent, thoughtful man he is for the world to see. I like the fact that he has a beard – he is basically showing that he can be confident in the way he looks and is not afraid of aging like the rest of hollywood.

    Both of them challenge Hollywood and play on their terms – Hollywood needs them – they don’t need Hollywood.

    They are both naturally very beautiful, talented and have the world at their feet and deserve to show and celebrate their love and happiness.

  • TeeHee

    God Bless Brad! @ 01/26/2010 at 10:23 am The maniacs on here who want this couple to stay together, at the same time stating how much they love Brad. Well, if you read what’s on the internet today, just as I thought, they are doing it ala madonna/guy richie style, they don’t want new of the world having this exclusive and there’s kids involved. So you will get it by Piece Meal, just like Madonna did. They may even make some appearances, just like Madonna and Guy did.
    James Desborough never was wrong yet from England. Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire. I knew it as soon as they were no shows at the last events,e veryone was there, a list.
    So be happy for Brad, he looks awful, and he must be feeling awful, his children, etc. and he must also wonder how she will raise them (skull tattoo land) but that’s her business.
    I for one, adore Brad, and I am not a Loon, I am happy he’s moving on. The story says he needs to do a lot of soul searching, and I am sure he will. This isn’t about “Jen”, you sick people continue to put her in this story, what the heck does she have to do with it? She’s a friend to him still I am sure. that’s OVER.
    Let Brad move on, he looks like the articles say, “worn Out”.
    God Bless Brad Pitt.
    You idiots better face facts and be happy for HIM.

    Waw, his machine started working again her already?

  • Angie + Jamie

    So yesterday, Angie denied the rumor that are broken up. And today, she denied the rumor that they are attending the Oscars. But, still no word from her on rubber sheet/sextoy tryst at the Waldorf, huh? I guess little Anna was telling the truth.

  • KIM

    @love ‘em: Yeah Speilberg and Paul McCartney with over billion in the bank really need to keep working and touring

  • luvangie4ever

    No point watching the Oscars then. But a movie with Angie and Johnny Depp?! Woohoo!

  • anon

    Halperin lied about even getting an award from Rolling Stone. He was part of a class that got an award from RS. See how he lies and twists. I still think Huvane and Halperin have teamed up, desperation that is known as Jennifer Aniston.
    Jennifer looked like a kook at the awards show in the past, can we say fish out of water? She does not belong there. No wonder the ho needs a man.

    I hope Johnny talks to Angie and Brad about island living and privacy away from the press hounds, they will have to get away from Huvane and Anusiton.

  • Me

    I’m so glad! The Oscars will be so much better without them!

  • andamentothat

    Brad and Angelina will be in Venice filming a movie that Ange will out next year. The kids will all be there, perhaps Grandma Pitt will be there. We will get some candid shots from the movie and hopefully since they have now denied oscar attendance, can the Halperins of the world (news of the world) please take a chill pill and focus on the other talented attendees.

    Fans, tomorrow is the third death anniversary of Marcheline’s death and is a sad day in Angelina’s life. I am sure the family will be together tomorrow and we may even get a sighting of James Haven. Of course it will all be misconstrued as “counseling”.

    Angelina has been blessed with a wonderful family, work projects, humanitarian successes, accolades in the past few years. But her mercurial rise has this dark side – unreliable media sources taking every opportunity to tear her down.

  • IdiotUr

    Angie + Jamie @ 01/26/2010 at 12:55 pm

    Read more:
    AJ didn’t deny anything because she doesn’t respond to any tabloid gossips!


    Macy @ 01/26/2010 at 12:25 pm Anyone who’s ever paid attention to them KNEW there was no way they were going to the Oscars. They skipped in 2007 when Babel was nominated too. They only go to awards ceremonies if one of them is nominated. Otherwise they’re considerate enough to know that if they show up, they’ll upstage the other nominees.
    Right. Brad didn’t go when ‘The Departed,’ a movie he PRODUCED was nominated and WON either. Where was all the talk back then of them being ‘no shows,’ or ‘skipping out?’ lmao This is something new the bloids are doing to shore up their usual lies.
    See, they count on the laypeople not knowing much about actors, the A-list, or award shows — for instance, to read some of the crazy they’re talking, you’d think every actor in Hollywood was supposed to show up to award ceremonies, particularly A-list actors, no matter if they’re nominated or not, on an annual basis. Like for instance if Tom Cruise isn’t there at the Oscars this year, it will be okay to say, Tom Cruise skipped out on the Oscars, or Tom and Katie were no shows…bahahah.
    Except of course, they won’t say that about Tomkat – as no one cares if they show up or not. lol But hey, maybe Maniston will try and get another invite and steal some of Sandy Bullock’s limelight with her Brangelina/New Man soap opera.
    By the way – I just caught Sandy’s acceptance speech from SAG – OMG, the way she went on about Jesse was so cute, and loving and sweet….I bet Angelina would do it like that as well…
    Is it just me, or for anyone who caught that – do you think Sandy was sticking it to the stupid Maniston who once upon a time, had Brad Pitt in the audience looking up at her, Brad Pitt the guy she had dragged to her stupid sh*t-com award shows and gave the people what they want with his very presence (probably inspiring the award shows to nominate her in the first place, bahaha) got up on stage – and just FORGOT BRAD PITT ALTOGETHER. Then when she remember after, BACKstage she says this:
    Bahahahah! YUCK, what an ugly MAN. heeee. blech. But anyway, yeah – since that had made the rounds in Hollywood and people couldn’t believe the sh*t-com actress refused to acknowledge Brad…I just had a feeling that was Sandy’s way of saying F.U. to the famewh*re-iston. hahahaah

  • shoes4life

    I love seeing photos of Brad and Angelina.

    Right now everyone is just speculating on where they are and where their gonna be,it’s crazy. We will see them soon because unfortunately it is a blood hunt for a photo of them together by the paps which is totally unwarranted.

    Brad and Angelina are just living their lives and as fans we should know that this couple do not pay into the HW pr games. We may get a few photos soon but I doubt it. We most likely will not see them until the summer when promotion starts for Salt.

    I rather for them to have their privacy over seeing harrassing paps shots right now.

  • louisa

    They didn’t go to any awards so why would people think they would go to the Oscars?

  • an oldie

    Anybody has that “whiny nuisance” quote handy? I need another laugh.

  • http://justjared LillyB

    JALIAH #46

    Well i guess if it’s written in US Weekly…then it must be true.


    you know that saying right…”once a cheater…always a cheater”.

  • jaliah

    J.Jackson @ 01/26/2010 at 12:39 pm They’re sooooo over!

    If I were Vanessa Paradis, I would fear for Angie to take my husband….
    She should fear if she hears that Depp flies half way round the world to pursue her….plus V Paradis probably isn’t as secure as you are about your husband being ‘stolen’. Usually if you’re insecure it’s because there are problems in your relationship anyway. So I suggest you fix yours before someone ‘robs’ you of your husband in the middle of the night while you are sleeping. You know how sneaky these husband thieves can be…one minute you’re asleep the next an assailant wearing a balaclava and basque enters the room swinging from the ceiling and sweeps your husband out of the window….and you know what’s worse..the police do absolutely nothing about it sheeesh…I guess another way is to tag your husband with one of those computer chip thingies.

  • carrienae

    @Baby bliss:

    Keep your fantasy to yourself. By the way, GET A LIFE!!!!

  • Lisa

    Why didn’t they go to any awards??

  • Eh!

    Vanessa, watch out! The Jolie is a man-eater, hopefully your man will be more faithful than Brad.

  • KIM

    Brad and Angie didn’t attend the Ocars in 2007 even though Babel was nominated and they didn’t atten 2008 Oscars because they were not nominated.

  • 100mph

    2 – Cents!! I am personally tired of all the speculation of this
    so call break-up, trolls-haters-slugs-media-rags..BS sites
    you name it their working it.
    My truth is I would be very disappointed if this happen, I admired
    them together I will admire them apart, two intelligent responsible
    people living their journey (not mine) I have no idea what’s going
    on in the life of the JP’s and will not speculate, I will say I don’t
    believe anything being printed or quoted by the media.
    I have no doubt that whatever is or isn’t going on, they will handle
    it with respect for each other and their children..
    Just.. MO

  • celebrity charitable

    wow!! this is crazy some people are pretending to be me copying my aliases. GET A LIFE LOSERS !!!!

  • an oldie


    “Brad’s friends, Brad’s associates, Brad’s relatives, all feel that Angelina is the perfect match for him and that Jen was nothing but a whiny nuisance.”–Ian Drew, Senior Editor, US Weekly


    Thanks, Jaliah

  • jaliah

    an oldie @ 01/26/2010 at 1:06 pm Anybody has that “whiny nuisance

    Compliments from Jane who provided it.

    “Brad’s friends, Brad’s associates, Brad’s relatives, all feel that Angelina is the perfect match for him and that Jen was nothing but a whiny nuisance.”–Ian Drew, Senior Editor, US Weekly

  • an oldie

    I am in a troll mood today, so here is a repeat. Enjoy.

    “Brad’s friends, Brad’s associates, Brad’s relatives, all feel that Angelina is the perfect match for him and that Jen was nothing but a whiny nuisance.”–Ian Drew, Senior Editor, US Weekly

  • anon

    Apparently, if people have never lost a mother…they could not possibly understand how how hard seasons are to go through at the beginning. God bless Angie’s heart. You will never get over it at Christmas but it will easier, especially with the children. (You have to shut yourself off from thinking how Grandma would have done this or that with the kids). You are a caring compassionate person Angie, don’t let anyone tell you any different.
    Good thing Jennifer finally came through too when her mom had that double pneumonia and got her medical attention.

  • jaliah

    an oldie @ 01/26/2010 at 1:13 pm @jaliah:

    “Brad’s friends, Brad’s associates, Brad’s relatives, all feel that Angelina is the perfect match for him and that Jen was nothing but a whiny nuisance.”–Ian Drew, Senior Editor, US Weekly

    Jane originally posted it ((((((Hello Jane))))))) and thanks because it makes me laugh and is perfect to just keep quoting it at the paid, name changing, whiny nuisance fans.

  • an oldie

    I’ll post the “Whiny Nuisance” quote throughout the day. Enjoy the thread, trolls.

  • You/Me

    Angelina and Johnny Depp together in a movie sounds awesome, especially an action movie! Can’t wait to see it. JJ, I hope you are able to get your hands on some pics of them filming :)
    I don’t know why anyone would buy into the “Brad & Angie split” rumor anyway, they are obviously totally committed to their kids and each other


    What I tell myself? At the end of the day, will all this ”bloid noise,’ put MORE butts in theater seats, or less? Well, ask yourselves just how many of their firstborns the Oscar producers would give away to have them show up?? LMAO Yeah, ‘more, more and THEN MORE BUTTS,’ would be the right answer. Ask yourselves just how many rag sheets will, as usual, be trying to make money off of them yet again, this week. When Brad shaves his beard off for the first time, what dumb troll among all dumb trolls would doubt, that it will be a national news item and on the CNN crawl. LMAO They are the biggest stars in the universe, I mean EVER. Can you imagine Cannes this year for Tree of Life?? OMG. Insanity. Hahahahaha!! Do you think Liz Taylor’s 15 fcking marriages made her more famous or less?
    What I secretly love, I’m a student of psychology, I figured Brad Pitt out a loooong time ago…he likes adversity, he likes it when things aren’t ‘perfect.’ He likes it when the going gets tough and the two of you have to bond together and fight back. People, he digs this. Don’t get me wrong – he hates stupidity, the needlessness of the exercise, but how it makes him react? He goes into Also Raine mode, Tyler Durden mode – and he’s very VERY comfortable there taking care of and supporting his baby.
    If you read his old Maniston jail interviews, ‘we never wanted to be this ideal couple – this representation of perfect coupledom.’ People, listen – this was a guy who dated Robin Givens and risked having his little ears be snack wraps for Mike Tyson? This is a guy who proudly accompanied his gf beautifully weird and wacky corn-rowed Juliette Lewis to the Oscars when he got a nom. This suntanned Malibu ken doll with a fake hokey tv sit-com perfect relationship was NEVER real, and it was NEVER something that appealed to him. He likes complex (which is what Juliette Lewis said when he and Angie hooked up) I bet that’s why they never ‘got’ Maniston for him – or at least understood exactly what she was – REBOUND from the equally snobby Rabbinical royalty script thief and foot n’ mouth victim Fishyth who cheated on him (another complex gal)

  • Buber

    I hope they be together
    They deserve each other
    Such a stupid people
    Great that they is not going to the Oscars

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …damn, she wont let brad do anything. ahahahahahahaha..


    that should be ‘when SHE got a nom’ (juliette lewis)
    By the way, I see why Man was so insecure — Brad has two Oscar noms, juliette got an Oscar nom, Fishyth got an Oscar, Angelina got an Oscar, Thandie got a BAFTA (Brit Oscar)….to be a tv sh*t com actress in the midst of the Academy Award accolades his other babes had gotten — had to be tough. But then, I think she knows she sux too. lol

  • You/Me


    Although I totally agree that brad and Angie are solid together…..Cliniqua, don’t you have a life??? Psychology major my a s s ….if that’s case you need to analyze yourself because you are way too obsessed with hating Jennifer Aniston and hero-worshipping Brad & Angie.

  • AJBP

    Brad and Angie will last forever!

  • andamentothat

    Bravo Cliniqua..

    Brad and Ange both are complex individuals and they are not going to follow someone else’s rulebook of living life. The kids are the most important to them and all will be done to ensure that the kids are not reading up this garbage.