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Brad & Angelina To Skip 2010 Oscars -- EXCLUSIVE

Brad & Angelina To Skip 2010 Oscars -- EXCLUSIVE

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will not be attending the 2010 Oscars, despite several false reports on the Internet.

“They will be out of the country during the Oscars,” a source close to the couple tells exclusively. “Angie will be busy shooting The Tourist.”

The Tourist is about an Interpol agent (Jolie) in Europe who manipulates an American tourist (Johnny Depp) in an attempt to flush out an elusive criminal who was her former lover.

Over the weekend, exclusively reported that reports of a Brad/Angie break-up were untrue. To be precise, “total b.s.

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645 Responses to “Brad & Angelina To Skip 2010 Oscars -- EXCLUSIVE”

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  1. 626
    brad & angie fan Says:

    I was at work today & saw this beautiful girl. I keep on looking at her because she really reminds me of Shiloh. Then I asked her mother how old her daughter, she said 20 months & then I told her, you know your daughter looks like Brad & Angie’s daughter, she smiled & said, a lot of people are telling me that, they both have blue eyes, blonde hair & the mother even added
    Before I go, waving to senior,neleh,vicki,anoble,Char,the real lou,neer,Frenchy,ebmo,estelle,val,Jill,cliniqua,guli ( where are you, haven’t seen you post , hope you are doing fine),Bailey,bdj,alex,andromeda,alexanderina,tondo girl,african girl,pt,Felinelilly,LLM,caribean, & to all lovely fans of Brad & Angie around the world.God bless the Jolie-Pitt family.

  2. 627
    lylian Says:

    @X Blind Item:
    Once a bunny boiler, always a bunny boiler.

  3. 628
    Beware of the hags! Says:

    @get a life loons!:

    The haters need to get a life more than anyone alive!! Never came across such a vile bunch of old hags in my life!!!

    The daily ridicule of the fans is a joke, prowling the internet hoping to find stories to confirm a split, the constant hope of Angelina falling flat on her face… jealous rages spewing out on forums attacking her because she has been lucky enough to date the hottest men in the world!

    They make up any excuse to hammer her into the ground, you must ask yourself why they consume themselves everyday with a celebrity couple they so obviously hate? I hope to God these freaks have no children, it’s complete insanity.

    They like to pretend they are not interested in brangelina, so they carefully act “cool” and insult everyone that will defend BP & AJ, they are pathetic, they know it, and they hide behind the internet spreading like a malicious cancer, hell bent on the destruction and lying about people they don’t even know!

    and they call the fans LOONS ! LOL

    I hope they stay together, only because it will infuriate the hags more. I wonder how many times a day they press refresh on google!

    “brad & Ang split!” well, no time soon by the look of it weirdo!

  4. 629
    They are SO OVER Says:

    BP doesn’t even live in LA. He lives in NOLA. Pitt only visits them on weekends. Why do you think his Mom and Dad are there in NOLA? They are there to visit him and talk about their break up. BP isn’t even in LA that’s why there is NO PICTURE of him in LA for almost a month. He will arrive to LA on Saturday to attend that award WITHOUT Jolie and pay a visit to his kids and will leave for NOLA again on Monday. He has been caught in NOLA with a brunett woman in this month over and over again. He doesn’t even live with Jolie anymore. Poor kids INDEED.

  5. 630
    llm Says:

    Split rumours are bogus, it the tabloits want to sell more magazine .

  6. 631
    well Says:

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    Major in college? Economics at Villanova.

    Does it come in handy? Not at all.

    What personality traits do you need to be a publicist? Good taste, knowing when enough is enough, a sense of timing, and really good instincts.

    Hours on the phone? When I first started, my phone sheet would be 100 to 120 calls a day. Now it’s down to probably 25, but my e-mails are at about 200 to 300.

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  7. 632
    well Says:

    We all know that Jennifer Ansiton & Vince Vaughn are no more, and I think we knew that like last year or something. With Aniston’s rep Stephen Huvane officially coming out with the couple’s break-up on Wednesday, it’s leaving us doing a little second-guessing.

    Blogger Perez Hilton is caught up in the midst of an Stephen Huvane battle. Once the news hit yesterday regarding the so-called split, Perez posted an item accusing Aniston & rep Huvane of lying about the break-up for months. Within just a few hours, Stephen himself posted a response to Hilton’s accusations.

  8. 633
    well Says:

    Huvane Hyperbole

    Now we know who’s behind Jennifer Aniston’s extreme exposure of late. He’s Hollywood publicist Stephen Huvane, who, according to a quick Google check, has served as the mouthpiece for many of the overexposed “A-list” flashes these last few years — from the two Jens (Aniston and Lopez) to Gwyneth, Hunt, Liv, Julianne and Brad Pitt.

    Evidently, a measured approach to managing his clients’ public images is not in Mr. Huvane’s PR playbook. After writing about Ms. Aniston’s excessive media presence last week, I was again underwhelmed by her semi-naked appearance on the cover of GQ, and interview by phone (presumably clothed) with syndicated gossip doyenne Liz Smith.

    Ms. Smith did reveal Mr. Huvane’s quid pro quo for granting access to his (now) newsworthy client, “Although our 10-minute chat was obtained with the promise — extracted by Jennifer’s p.r. sultan Steve Huvane — that no personal questions would be broached, I had the feeling Ms. Aniston wouldn’t have had a breakdown had we be [sic] been so bold. But a promise is a promise.”

    Mr. Huvane, the younger brother of CAA EVP /uber-agent Kevin Huvane, one of six Huvane siblings from the Bronx, holds the cards — at least by Hollywood standards. If he directed one of his clients to stand on Hollywood Blvd. holding a sign, the client no doubt would oblige given the family’s position on the Tinseltown totem pole.

    It kind of reminds me of my first boss, super-flack Bobby Zarem, whose brother headed the plastic surgery department at UCLA. Now there’s a brotherly connection worth exploiting!

  9. 634
    well Says:

    Sundance Rumor: Ewan McGregor Sacks Stephen Huvane
    Ewan McGregor seemed perfectly fine at last night’s I Love You Phillip Morris after-party (when he wasn’t accosted in the coat check room), but the juicy new Sundance rumor is that things went down afterwards.

    According to some of our tipsters, shortly after he left the Morris party, McGregor fired superflack Stephen Huvane…at the airport. Was the actor dissatisfied with the film, or had he tired of his publicist’s steroidally mendacious ways?

  10. 635
    Teac Says:

    It is unfortunate, but very harmonious

  11. 636
    Gone in Sixty Seconds Says:

    @Josephina: You are out of your mind. This is a very poor attempt at rewriting history.

  12. 637
    lurker Says:

    The real question is….WHEN WILL JENIFER ANISTON GET ON WITH HER LIFE AND STOP STALKING BRAD AND ANGELINA? Five years later and Aniston is still stalking this couple hoping for a breakup. How pathetic she is saying “Brad I will take you back!” And how come no man wants to be with her? Vince * I’d rather marry a realtor than Jen, Paul * I’d rather kiss a man than be stuck with Jen, Owen * forget it, I met someone else, Bradley * uh, no thanks, I have Renee, Butler * anybody but her, John Mayer, * I love gay bars and I don’t see jen in my future. Something is seriously wrong with Jen Aniston that Brad Pitt ran for his life. No man can be stolen by another woman. Instead of attacking Angelina someone needs to take a good look at Jen’s life and ask why NO MAN wants to be with her or stay with her.

  13. 638
    JULIA Says:

    It will be the best oscar ever

  14. 639
    zen2 Says:

    Well, I didn’t see the GG and I won’t see the Oscar.
    Not matter to me without the couple.

  15. 640
    brenda Says:

    all this comments were taken of the page E’,Mmm…too much comments,they are real???!!!,I dont care a ****,if they go or dont go,always they are breaking up,…come on,do it at once and let all the people alone!!

  16. 641
    brenda Says:

    omg,if this is real,…this people are insane and dement,why are you people defends this two ?? they are a false couple,he is with her couse without her he is nothing,and she is lesbian ,she likes the womans,what are you talking about family? MORONS..,she is adict to the press and the fame,all the things they do ,they doing only for fame ,dont you realize that the same day about johnny news,they go out with they are breaking up,only to GET the attention of press,dont you realize??? you have no brain people,get a life !,

  17. 642
    margaret Johnston Says:

    OOOPPPSSS!!!!!! not cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! shame on them. they should go for the acadamy and what it stands for!! for their fans!!!! Its a big night!!! again OOPPPSSSSS

  18. 643
    karen Says:

    @They are SO OVER:

    LMAO.. was looking for something and saw this dumb as s post… I guess Brad’s clone is on Venice now with Angelina and the kids.. I mean since Brad lives in NOLA.. and they are OVER>. I guess the memo didn’t get to Brad yet..

    This fool posts this crap all the time under different names.. Now months later it is clear how dumb these haters are. Never right.. Always wrong.. one would think they would move on and leave this couple alone..

    But go back if you are just checking out this site. read the idiot comments and reference them to today.. and it is easy to see who is obsessed and insane regarding this couple. not the fans.. but the freaks that claim to hate them..

    this is just an example.


  19. 644
    esmee Says:

    Love Angie

  20. 645
    sureshot Says:

    only reason they are not going is because NEITHER of them are winning. they should have enough kindness to support thier fellow actors and actress. they are so selfish – let me guess pulling the “kid” card….? snots!

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