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Brad & Angelina To Skip 2010 Oscars -- EXCLUSIVE

Brad & Angelina To Skip 2010 Oscars -- EXCLUSIVE

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will not be attending the 2010 Oscars, despite several false reports on the Internet.

“They will be out of the country during the Oscars,” a source close to the couple tells exclusively. “Angie will be busy shooting The Tourist.”

The Tourist is about an Interpol agent (Jolie) in Europe who manipulates an American tourist (Johnny Depp) in an attempt to flush out an elusive criminal who was her former lover.

Over the weekend, exclusively reported that reports of a Brad/Angie break-up were untrue. To be precise, “total b.s.

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  • carrie

    Oh…how…lovely…. @ 01/26/2010 at 3:35 pm
    Although Aniston and Pitt were married for 4.5 years, they were always apart most of the time. In terms of hours spent together, Jolie-Pitt beats the fake relationship.

  • geez

    Venice will be too hot with Brad, Angie and Johnny being there. Hopefully we will see the twins.

  • African Girl

    Bwahahahahahaha! You had me almost falling off my chair with your response to the pretend fan also known as You/Me. Lmao.

  • UK Dinner Hour

    Here come the FFers, right on schedule. No man to share a meal with so they come here after they swalloed the whole cake. IAN is behind all the rumors, and lucky him, his book of lies, sold 5 more copies this weekend and then shot right down in the dust again. HAHAHAHA

    FFers are so predictable. They are seen around the net as Ian’s little puppets. Yet, still no dedication to them, no credit for their hard work of copying and pasting, and no revenues from the poor investments! hahahahahahaaha

  • laura

    nobody will miss them

  • and the skank is back!

    keep changing your name back and forth,it still won’t change your rotteness.

  • villedeville

    laura @ 01/26/2010 at 3:48 pm
    nobody will miss them

    You are very right. YOU are NOBODY!!

  • cee

    Brad and Angie are doing what theydo. Living their lives. I love them as a family but I also like them idividually. God Bless them

  • gracie

    laura @ 01/26/2010 at 3:48 pm

    You’re missing them already, that’s why you’re here instead of giving your support to maniston.

  • firemandatingsite

    I wonder how many partners Angie has had, it must be in the hundreds

  • Jenretards are retards

    The Jenretards are a joke. So what if Brad and Angelina do not want to go to any award shows?

    Why is none of Jennifer Aniston’s movie nominated, Marley and Me, He is just not into you, Managment and Love Happens.

    She is supposed the be this” star to die for “and none of her movies are up for awards. What’s up with that?

  • Another Fan

    I like Angie and Brad and don’t see this as a breaking up . I will when they speak for themselves.
    IF and i mean IF they were to break up i will still follow Brad on till the end of his days or mine. I do like him that much.

    Same goes with Angelina Jolie. I like her and i always have so will follow her and her movies. nothing changes for this Fan.

    They will both be fine together or not together.

    I do wish them the very best and refuse to listen to all of the gossip about them. So off to play cards for an hour.

    ta ta

  • Window

    Find Brad and Angelina to be one of the hottest couples in America. Brad with Angelina so sizzles. Brad with Jen was boring, she is so blah. I think Brad’s mom liked Jen more and has been one of the people trying to break up Brad and Angelina. Seriously Brad is the envy of so many men because he is with Angelina Jolie. Brad is a fool if he breaks up with her.

  • African Girl

    Marla Z?
    Is that the same Marla Z from the days of Zee is ugly, Zee has rickets, zee will grow up with low self esteem because she’s not white…Marla Z?
    Talk about someone with issues.

  • firemenfriends

    I don’t think Angie has the herp. Billy bob has been married a lot of times though

  • CLINIQUA=AJ twin on FFsite

    @CLINIQUA: They have a entire thread just for The JP FAN Here named Cliniqua. We know PT and Jill always do come up with the best remarks for these hags, but its cliniqua’s class that models angelinas. Be safe Cliniqua, those cannibales are out to bake you.

  • Unbelievable!!

    @bansa: Wow you’re really smart, aren’t you? You know everything about brad and angie! You are so cool……. I bet they let you carry their toilet paper.

  • Passing Through

    # 144 t.m.delafonda @ 01/26/2010 at 2:24 pm
    OT- I predict that x’s next/final movie will make $7,979,550 domestically.
    Ooooh…are we taking bets? Are we talking opening weekend or final gross? Cuz…if you’re talking opening weekend you may want to adjust your guess. The movie will open wide. My guess is a minimum of 2,000 theaters…unless the movie sucks as badly as the trailer…then you’re talking more like 1,500-1,800…

  • QQQQ

    Passing Through @ 01/26/2010 at 3:42 pm
    That’s great. Even though i wish Directv still had the extra channel so I dont have to listen to these ass_wipes rooting for person playing against Venus and Serena. Mary Carillo, MaryJo and the other idiot.

  • pokeman

    firemandatingsite @ 01/26/2010 at 3:56 pm

    i think you made a typo. did you mean you had 100 of partners?

  • an oldie

    dawne @ 01/26/2010 at 3:00 pm
    JA who has gone through more men ..none of whom stayed long enough to bring a change of underwear.

    LMAO. I like the picture.

  • riri

    They should not have rushe to having so many kids in such a short time.
    They barely knew each other, and now that it’s over, those children will be the victims of their whims.

  • A and B Fan

    Angie and Brad don’t do tab interviews nor do they do tab denials.
    So at a boring time of the year you could always set Brad and Angie up with crappy stories because the tab stories were getting very monotonous. To be honest break up stories about them have been going on for 5 years. Ever since they got together.
    What makes this so different.
    They don’t always go to the oscars. They didn’t go the yr . Departed won for best picture and Brad was one of the producers. I think AJ was on the list for something . could be wrong. But just wondering why people think they have to be there. It’ hasn’t been a habit of the JP’s.

    LOL Angie and Brad are probably sitting back getting a kick out of the crap their friend’s are telling them.
    Hey if you want to funk with the Branglinas when they were both nominated the yr befor sticking FillerFace on stage with her cutsey braid. and phoney b /f backstage. Paybacks are a biatch. hahahaha

  • brangelina1

    I love you more than two coca cola jejejejje, always always number 1 fan I’m crazy for this couple.

  • t.m.delafonda

    Pt – I AM TAKING BETS!!!! L-O-L !!!! I am talking DOMESTIC gross. What’s your best guesstimate?

  • WOW

    They are gorgeous, aren’t they ? They won’t be at the Oscars this year. I have a feeling they will be attending the Oscar next year as Tree Of Life may be nominated for a few awards specially if Brad will be nominated.

  • JA-the jealous hag

    t.m.delafonda…….. if you are taking bets put me down for $27,000 opening weekend. I think the racy W shoot & the fauxmance bt her and butler might draw fools to watch the flop. I JUST HOPE AM WRONG!!

  • t.m.delafonda


  • Kelly

    Correction: Angie will be busy shooting the next boring-ass movie that she seems to have a whole series of. Has anyone actually seen her in a comedic role? Nope!

  • ebmo

    foodiedatingsite @ 01/26/2010 at 3:12 pm Angie has such an insatiable appetite for men, I just hope she can find enough men or women to make her happy and satisfy her desires
    oooops! you made a mistake… mean’t to type Jenifer….a well known ho…who bangs them on the first date, promises them BJs if they will act the part of her “fakie boyfriend” and insists on trying to keep the connection alive when it is long long dead. Dialing Brad…seriously….what do they have to talk about? Her neediness? Drunk dialing Mayor and begging him to come back…saving all her voicemails to listen to Over and Over again while she lies in be with Norman.

    She will be after all 3 Jonas brothers next!

  • t.m.delafonda

    Predictions for the FINAL FLOP opening weekend gross

    T.M.DELAFONDA $7,979,550

    JA-The Jealous Hag $ 27,000

  • love them

    CLINIQUA loved your post_this is our home! Yes and the trolls continue to crash our home. They still can’t get over that Brad and Angie are together and will continue to be together. Suc*k it trolls!!

  • mb

    They are done. FINALLY. They have been done. It’s been only a matter of time. Too bad for the kids. Angie is a total nutball!

  • groundcontrol

    This is all just too funny. A bunch of juvenile delinquents ranting and raving more baseless rumors.
    I guess I’ll just repeat myself from the prior thread..
    As for more of Ian Halperin’s fantasy world he plays Hedda Hopper, hhy would anyone in their right mind pay attention to Ian Halperin? He began his career by fabricating sources in college followed up by perjuring himself during a libel suit against him that arose out of those fake sources.
    This guy is con man and he has never changed. He has been begging the Jolie Pitts for attention and he is dying that they are ignoring him. Halperin has NO sources whatsoever in the Jolie Pitt camp. He is a liar and a fraud. Anyone with half a brain can see through his carnival act.
    Of course, when none of his predictions and BS come true – as they NEVER do – then he’ll just make up another and say they patched things up. LOL!
    Unless they were to present one of the major awards why in the world would the Jolie Pitts go to the Oscars when neither of them is nominated? Except for when they were both nominated in 2009 when was the last time either Brad or Angelina attended the Oscars? What do you take them for – Sally Kirkland?
    The Jolie Pitts have a large life apart from their acting and Hollywood life. As they prepare for the move to Europe for The Tourist shoot, I am sure they have a million things to get out of the way. I hope they continue to ignore this braying azz and his side show.
    It is all highly amusing.

  • Orchid

    105 jaliah @ 01/26/2010 at 1:31 pm an oldie @ 01/26/2010 at 1:19 pm I’ll post the “Whiny Nuisance” quote throughout the day. Enjoy the thread, trolls.
    an oldie….I’m with you all the way it’s irresistible Lol!
    It would be even better if it’s also posted in their sites!

  • SALT Retakes


    SALT will bomb!! Retakes, just like the times Jen did RETAKES and u all said that, well, I am saying it now. Even the men who would ;paid to see her aren’t going to pay to see her in that hat looking like Joan Collins! LOL Next Project Ange.

  • Perhaps you should think twice

    @dawne: Dawne, Dawne, Dawne … If parties are so low on their list then why did they go to the book party for Nicholas Kristoff a few months back and the opening at MOCA the next month and the premiere of Invictus shortly after that not to mention their various “romantic date nights” that you and the loons went gaga for …. remember? You read it all on this web site where you park your fat a** twenty four hours a day. Therefore, why oh why would they not bother to attend the biggest event of the year for the industry in which they work … the industry that pays them the millions of dollars a year that allows them to live the way they do? Basterds will surely be nominated in multiple categories. Why not support the only film released last year with either of them in it? Because Brad’s not nominated? Then why did they both go to the 79th Academy Awards in support of Babel which also had multiple noms with none for Brad? She managed to drag her bony butt there only a month after her mother died. Remember that sturm und drang she milked for all she was worth. Poor poor pitiful … Angelina. Who’s crying now?

  • mmsic

    @t.m.delafonda: put me down for $2,000, change.thanks!

  • conni

    @CLINIQUA: Clinqua you really are a joke. Are you in a “special clinic”? hence the name Cliniqua. You seriously need counseling. I don’t doubt if you,Jill and Gracie are all the same person under different names. Seriously get help.

  • Perhaps you should think twice

    @groundcontrol: The answer is 2007 when they both attended and neither were nominated … remember?


    Well Well Well, Let’s hear the Loonies now sing “they are still together” BS., They are toooo high and mighty for ANY awards lately, give me a break. They THINK they are above it all. Newsflash!

    I thought they would at least pretend and show wow…IAN you were SO right, News Of World, Kudos. ANd JJ Loons? Good for you all, jumping on everyone but them for years now! SHOW”S OVER FOLKS!

  • t.m.delafonda

    Predictions for the FINAL FLOP opening weekend gross

    T.M.DELAFONDA $7,979,550

    JA-The Jealous Hag $ 27,000

    MMSIC $2,000, change

  • hmmm

    @Perhaps you should think twice:
    You need get your fact straight. Brange went to the Golden Globe that year because Brad was nominated for GG. They didn’t go to the Oscar since Brad wasn’t nominated for Oscar. Dumb troll.

  • jolen

    depp is very overrated,is a mediocre actor and a little man

  • Mr & Mrs Smith got theirs


    Idiot, Jen has more class in her toe then Angie! EVERYONE goes to the OSCARS you Loon! Everyone, see Jack there in front every yr, like he has been nominated? A list names, b and c all go. They aren’t going because they are separated, get it? And, from the last red carpet she did (snubbing everyone)…it was in every nyc paper out here, how she thought who the heck she was! Agreed, and from the looks of things Brad FINALLY woke the hell up.

  • groundcontrol

    Cliniqua, I meant to add that you are spot on with Brad. He is not the white bread, milquetoast character so many flyovers want to depict him as. His whole history belies such a boring notion.
    In fact, the most incongruous aspects of his life were the homogenized years he spent with his ex-wife and, to a lesser extent , with Paltrow. Both boring females and persons of inconsequential characters. If not for their careers they would both epitomize the caricature of Ladies Who Lunch.
    But yea, Clini, you were spot on how Brad thrives on adversity. Your quote here is the esence of Brad: He likes it when the going gets tough and the two of you have to bond together and fight back. People, he digs this. – and he’s very VERY comfortable there taking care of and supporting his baby.
    I predict a long, happy and fruitful union for Brad and Angie. They really are ideally suited for each other and for their life together committed to nurturing their family and making a postive difference in the world. Those who really know them – demented fantasists aside – know this to be true.

  • Observer2

    Perhaps you should think twice @

    You need to think thwice. The last time before 2009, that Brad went to the Oscars was 2000 and Angelina 2004. They didn’t go to support Babel. LOL

  • D List bingo

    boy Dlisted was right! Read the postings here, there will be Mass Suicide at JJ when it’s offical! and SALT? A Bomb, Pre Bomb I read. AS usual , Angie is only good in Tomb Raider LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • is it any wonder

    All they need to do is stop fighting. If they can’t do that, they need to break up. The fighting is terrible for the children. Also, if they can’t stop fighting, it’s not going to work because they’re probably not compatible or on the same page. Two VERY BIG STARS here. Has it ever worked in Hollywood? No. Big actors marry actresses who are lesser known or less successful – like Tom Hanks and Rita. Paul Newman and Joanne. Warren Beatty and Annette. Kevin Bacon and Kyra. Brad and Angie are too competitive w/each other. The women have to take a back seat and let the man shine or it seems to fall apart.

  • The Booty Hunter

    Why oh why didn’t Jen just take that $500K and deposit it directly into Gerard “Booty Hunter” Butler’s bank account$? It would have been a much better investment. Maybe then he wouldnt have humiliated her and ruined the whole “Gerry Loves Jen” campaign by snogging a complete stranger on the street. Huvane has been trying to get Gerry to at least hold Hagiston’s hand in public, all to no avail. Sucks to be the least-wanted woman in Hollywood.