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Brad & Angelina To Skip 2010 Oscars -- EXCLUSIVE

Brad & Angelina To Skip 2010 Oscars -- EXCLUSIVE

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will not be attending the 2010 Oscars, despite several false reports on the Internet.

“They will be out of the country during the Oscars,” a source close to the couple tells exclusively. “Angie will be busy shooting The Tourist.”

The Tourist is about an Interpol agent (Jolie) in Europe who manipulates an American tourist (Johnny Depp) in an attempt to flush out an elusive criminal who was her former lover.

Over the weekend, exclusively reported that reports of a Brad/Angie break-up were untrue. To be precise, “total b.s.

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  • No oscars?????

    HA! Wheres the poster (well loonie) who last night said “they will be at the oscars so there!) boy, they aren;t even faking it like guy and madonna, look for a annoucement sooner rather then later as I thought – things must be BAD there!
    no oscars? well, I’ll be damned run brad run

  • bdj

    I guess since myboo Gerry saved this random woman’s life by giving her the “kiss of life”; Papa Pitt will be in Venice with the beautiful Jolie and six adorable children; Vinny is working on having children with this woman from Canada; Peeboy trying to get Taylor Swift number before she becomes legal; Brad the II working on the Hangover Part II and Renee, Baby Jane will be drunk/date dialing again.

    Kind of hard to have a fake reunion when the stalking victim is thousand of miles away. However, I am sure that the bunny boiler and her PR bulldog will give it a good try. I just hope myboo Gerry remains strong. Maybe he can call in Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson is the relief playa brought in to the Majors to combat deranged bunny boilers. Why, Baby Jane might have to stand on her own and promote her lame rom com crapfest without PR tricks. Nah.

  • JA-the jealous hag

    t.m.delafonda……..Oops i meant 27,000,000 not 27 thousand. Could you please correct it on your list. Thx.

  • Unbelievable!!

    @KERRY: Whoa….what the heck?! Are you drunk? LOL

  • bdj

    Damn, I think the whiny hens are upset that BP and AJ will not be at the Oscars. Baby Jane and her crooked braid did not get this much sympathy.



    Jealous of 100 tattoos? Or Jealous of her boney gross olive oil legs? Or her dressing kids like TRICK OR TREAT have u got something good to eat? the list is too long, so lets just say, NO ONE ENVIES this couple anymore. We do feel for Brad though, as do most of articles I’ve read. what is it they are all saying “she literally worn him out”. ya thInk?? the man looks AWFUL .you mental cases on here can still love them apart, do not worry (as nurse hands meds) u all need more then med’s…sick sick sick.

  • love them

    @Perhaps you should thinkd twice_ seems to me YOUR AS*S IS PARKED HERE 24 HOURS A DAY!!!! You know their every move and every little event they attended?? GMAFB!!! You know more than the fans do- so Fat A*SS who’s a*ss is parked here 24/7? Pyscho Bit*ch!
    Sounds like your crying now hanging out on a thread of a couple you’re obviously obsessed with! No life, no man? Yeah they OWN YOUR BIG FAT A*SS!!!!!!

  • t.m.delafonda

    @is it any wonder:

    No wonder YOU dislike Angelina, she is as strong as any man she stars opposite against, whether personally or professionally. In your opinion she should “stand down” because the MEN around her are superior? Where are you from? If this is how you choose to live YOUR life, fine. But, don’t get mad at Angelina for being a strong WOMAN or for Brad loving her because of it.

  • bdj

    Watch Baby Jane tries to trick myboo Gerry in presenting again for the Oscars. I bet she promise him not to whine if someone calls her a TV girl and cut myboo off. Myboo practiced hard on his jokes and I was eagerly waiting on him to say the punch lines. Baby Jane is cold hearted.

  • Congrats to IAN

    The guy who broke this split, boy was he NOT wrong.
    Same goes to IAN.. He predicted it.
    Over, done, Adios JP World. Thank God.

  • jane

    Sorry to say, I think Bounty Hunter will make money. It’s opening in a movie wasteland as far as scheduling, and they’re already hyping it big time. It’s exactly the kind of bland, dull rom com that makes money this time of year. See also, He’s Just Not That Into You.
    I think it’d be more fun to bet on its Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic scores. Cause THOSE are going to be in the freakin’ cellar.

  • conni

    @love them: Cliniqua is this you under one of your different names, because the ranting and raving sounds just like you.AND, stop sending yourself messages of praise for what you write, we know it’s you under a diferent name… my dear are just “LOONIE!”

  • bdj

    I hope that bountysh*it bombs. Boycott that sh*itdiggity. The two rabid hens will just buy up all the now and laters, chocolate covered raisins, big buckets of popcorn and cry when the movie is over talking about how fab, flirty and fun whiny Jen was in the crapfest.

  • groundcontrol

    Perhaps you should think twice @ 01/26/2010 at 4:42 pm @dawne: Dawne, Dawne, Dawne … If parties are so low on their list then why did they go to the book party for Nicholas Kristoff a few months back and the opening at MOCA the next month and the premiere of Invictus
    Are you this shallow that you fail to grasp the difference between events that have meaning to them or their causes and friends and a meaningless award show where Hollywood pats itself on the back?.
    Of course the Jolie Pitts turned out to support the very wonderful book and cause that Kristof and his wife were highlighting with their book. The Jolie Pitt’s presence helped to bring attention to an important issue and promote the efforts of one of the world’s most distinguished journalists – as opposed to fake journalists who live in the gutter and who attract the feeble minded.
    Of course the Jolie Pitts attended the premiere of their dear friend, Clint Eastwood’s premiere for a movie about the moral giant who is Nelson Mandela. PItt had worked with Mandela previously on humanitarian causes and for a profile on Mandela for a magazine. Invictus was an important movie and a wonderful opportunity to introduce their son, Maddox, to Mr. Mandela and his work.
    Of course the Jolie Pitts supported with their attendance the practical rebirth of a great Los Angeles cultural center. Brad’s support of the arts is widely known and their presence helped ensure a successful night for the museum.
    That you are incapable of discerning the difference between these important and worthwhile causes and a Hollywood film awards ceremony where the Jolie Pitts have no role says a lot about you. But then you knew all that didn’t you?
    By the way, the Jolie Pitts did not attend the Oscars in 2007. Did your friend, Ian, tell you they did? LOL!

  • ebmo

    Congrats to IAN @ 01/26/2010 at 5:01 pm
    1. For committing perjury
    2. For jumping bail
    3. for having the fastest nose diving book in the history of tell alls.
    4. For lying about awards he claims to have received (to the point where credible mags have to deny his claims)
    5. For chickening out on challenges, to his crap from inteligent readers.
    6. For predicting the death of a clearly unhealthy man with a history of health problems.
    7. For deleting any post that points out his obvious mistakes.
    8. Oh and for writing about dead people that cannot refute his claims

  • New Thread

    Where is the trust in these lawyer offices? Someone better be out of a job for opening their big mouth.

  • Mrs. Lenny

    Angie had Chemistry with her co-star in Mr. and Mrs. smith…Hehehehe.~

  • conni

    I’m soooooooo glad this phoney baloney “couple” won’t be there. I hope the breakup stories are not true, because I want them to live in the “hell” they created for themselves. I feel sorry for the kids though, they are the true tragic innocents in all this.

  • t.m.delafonda

    Predictions for the FINAL FLOP opening weekend gross

    T.M.Delafonda $7,979,550

    JA-The Jealous Hag $ 27,000,000

    MMSIC $2,000, change

  • lovely couple

    @D List bingo:
    If you thought she was not popular your azz would not be here worried.

  • ebmo

    246 Mr & Mrs Smith got theirs @ 01/26/2010 at 4:51 pm

    But who will she have for her date? Good friend, child molester Joe Francis?

  • eliott

    @The Booty Hunter:
    Why oh why didn’t Jen just take that $500K and deposit it directly into Gerard “Booty Hunter” Butler’s bank account$? It would have been a much better investment. Maybe then he wouldnt have humiliated her and ruined the whole “Gerry Loves Jen” campaign by snogging a complete stranger on the street. Huvane has been trying to get Gerry to at least hold Hagiston’s hand in public, all to no avail. Sucks to be the least-wanted woman in Hollywood.

    Ha! The Booty Hunter. Perfect moniker for Butler and yet he still won’t touch X. He won’t play along with Huvaniston’s p.r. game. She truly is the least-wanted woman in Hollywood.

  • groundcontrol

    Congrats to IAN @ 01/26/2010 at 5:01 pm
    Here’s my prediction: Ian Halperin will end up back in jail – sooner than you think.
    Once a con man always a con man. I see Ian’s type every day in court. They will brazenly say anything because they always figure they can talk and lie their way out of getting caught. The lies just get bigger and more brazen. It takes a certain type of pathology to fall for their con and, man, we can witness it here in full psychotic boom.
    Hee hee. I eagerly await this time next year.

  • Unbelievable!!

    @LOON LAND: Loon Land! That is hilarious…….”her bony gross olive oil legs” Hahahha wow….i can’t stop laughing about that one!! That was good! Thanks for the laugh!

  • to frenchy

    You are very astute. Johnny has zero chemistry with his female costars. I’ve been following him since 21 Jumpstreet and can’t recall a hot sizzling onscreen chemistry with any of his female costars. But you must remember however, the movies that he chooses to do are anti romance. A Tim Burton romcom? No thank you, I’ll pass on that. How he got to be considered sexy is a wonder. Nice looking? Sure, but that whole sexy thing is wtf. The chemistry between Johnny and Marion Cotillard in Public Enemies was very chilly. Angelina, shockingly, just has not been in too many romantic movies. Too much action and adventure or emotionally scarred women. Playing By Heart came on this morning on FX and yes, her storyline with Philippe was more interesting. I haven’t see Wallace so I don’t know about her chemistry with Gary Sinise. By the looks of the still pictures, they look kind of chilly too.

  • 100mph

    One thing that will never change is my contempt for that butt face
    (as in ass) fictitious fraud called jennifer aniston, disliked her before
    Brad and while with him.. after he dumped her… she begin her best
    performances, to anyone that would listen to her cry me a river BS..
    When I look at her face, just one word comes to mind -> Karma!!

  • love them

    No conni unlike you who constantly changes her name I use the same name always. Just because I agree with Cliniqua- nevermind- your one brain cell can’t comprehend that each of the fans have 1 name and one name only we use. Unlike you 2or 3 idiots that are on here 24/7 changing your names constantly! And you are only one that answers and agrees with yourself! Still on this thread and you will continue to be until a new thread comes up and your fat a*ss will be parked there changing names and posting same old s*hit! SSDD!!!

  • conni

    @love them: YAWN~ Then you and Cliniqua must be twins, because you rant and smell like the same filth. Pathetic.

  • bdj

    Whiny hens are truly nutty. Spending all day on a thread of a couple they profess not to like, whining because they will not be at another glorified awards show and mad that Gerry will not play along. Too bad whiny hens.

  • love them

    @ conni at least I take a break and work and shower and have a life-what are you doing- think your a little rank and who’s the pathetic one? Parked on a post of someone you don’t like? Husband leave you all alone with your 15 cats? Yeah, who’s pathetic Bitc*h??

  • http://hotmailaustralia laila

    Love the way Brad and Angelina stick to-gether when one is filming. The whole family are close by when either one is working. God Bless the Jolie-Pitt family and all their fans too.



  • Just sayin

    @groundcontrol: You are truly nuts.

  • conni

    @love them: YAWN!! GET ORIGINAL….yes okay, my husban left me and I’m all alone with my 50 cats for companonship along with my laptop and nothing to do but post on JJ. Happy now?!!! I hope so, because anyone who doesn’t like your husband stealing, fiancee stealing, brother french kissing, baby collecting physco is but a poor pathetic, husbandless, childless, lifeless pathetic being. YEAH you and your AJ loonies really sound like you have it going on and we should be OH SO jealous and envious. Again, YAWN!!!

  • Passing Through

    # 149 dawne @ 01/26/2010 at 2:31 pm

    Thanks for the ‘puter advice; I did do the F8 thing and I did manage to get past my ‘welcome’ page into the desktop………to no icons or start up button……..did ‘go back to an previous setting’ and it refused to….so guess I will try and call a Microsoft help desk and spew on them for whatever good it will do.
    Dawne -
    Calling Microsoft is a waste of time unless it’s Vista or Windows 7 and you registered the product. Even then they may charge you a per hour diagnostic fee if the software is more than 1 year old.
    I could give you more suggestions for troubleshooting, but at this point I think you need to take the machine to a local PC shop. If there’s a Best Buy near you, try the Geek Squad. They ain’t cheap though. It’ll probably cost you a minimum of $150 to get it fixed.
    If you don’t need any of the data off the drive and have the Windows disk or a recovery disk I can tell you how to fix it yourself. If you do need to get your data off the drive I can tell you how to do that as well. Let me know and I’ll give you my e-mail address…

  • love them

    connie knows every movie premiere they attend and seems to know more than the fans. Yeah it’s great to be a J/P fan isn’t it conni?? Just admit it honey, you can do it. Next step, get off your computer for 15-20 min. and take a shower- you can do it…. change those polyester pants that are stuck to you, put on a bra and maybe leave the one room apartment you and your 20 cats live in. Who’s pathetic- you are!

  • conni

    @love them: YAWN…nice description on yourself….I knew it all along. MUAH!

  • just jolie

    @an oldie:

    Well it is pretty selfish on them NOT to attend awards shows unless they are nominated. Shows you only care about yourself, and not about the projects that you were in

    I love them, but I do think it is rude they have skipped out on awards shows, because IB has been nominated and won awards already and the rest of the cast attended.

    BUT they are beautiful and I guess they can do what they want, but I wish they were there so we could all see Angelina dazzle everyone with her beauty and charm and watch Brad as he lovingly gazes at her!

    God Bless the Jolie Pitts.

  • bdj

    man, Baby Jane has no shame. That girl really cannot sell a movie on her own. Boycott that bountysh*it.


    ET’s gonna do something on ‘Brangelina in Crisis?’ that’s what popped up on the screen during Oprah. This is so ridiculous. Does Paramount still own them? You’d think Brad could pull a few favors and tell them to stfu – but maybe they’re going to clarify even better than they did last night, that is is so much b.s.

  • Yo

    @to frenchy: Johnny Depp had great chemistry with some of his costars: Kate Winslet (Finding Neverland); Juliette Binoche (Chocolat); Heather Graham (From Hell); Christina Ricci (Sleepy Hollow/The man who cried); Keira Knightley (Pirates); etc; And I really love his work with Marion Cotillard, because Dillinger is not a romantic heroe, he was a tough man who fall in love with in a very complicated moment…

  • mslewis

    @t.m.delafonda: As someone mentioned, the Booty Hunter will be opening in a wasteland. However, my prediction is that it will earn around $6M opening weekend, drop by 80% the following weekend and earn a total of $12M, domestically and around $800K worldwide (mostly because of Gerry)!!

    Jen and Ger are going to work the “romance” angle like nobody’s business for the next couple of months. (He will be at the birthday beach party where Jennie will show her buttocks for all to see and will be hanging onto and kissing Ger in front of every pap camera available.)

    However, poor Gerry can’t keep his pecker in his pants and will be seen with more than a few women in the next couple of months. (One down already!! HA!!) I also predict Jen and Ger will show up at the Oscars just for some face time as a “couple” and so they can be interviewed on all the entertainment shows. It’s going to be real interesting.

  • michaela

    New tribute video to Marcheline w/Angie and brother James on just now

  • Elizabeth

    Well i guess not leave for me. I always take leave if they going to any RC just to see the most famous couple. Hope to see new pics…JJ pls

  • t.m.delafonda

    Predictions for the FINAL FLOP opening weekend gross

    T.M.Delafonda $7,979,550

    JA-The Jealous Hag $ 27,000,000

    MMSIC $2,000, change

    Ms. Lewis $6 million opening weekend


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    MY POST FROM OVER THERE: FCK YOU JARED & JASON ENG – Ahhhh – I see Jared and Jason Eng must have worked out a new deal with the Bauer publications in the wake of the Tsunami Break Up rumor that went around the world – strike while the iron is hot – eh Jared??? Try to do as MUCH damage as possible while the revenue streams are hitting. . Oh it’s LIFE & STYLE, the other BAUER LYING TABLOID SISTER PUBLICATION of IN TOUCH, the one that said Angie cheated with a dialect coach?? Working the old good cop bad cop angle as they do. It’s got to be accurate – right??? . ..and the TWO of these TABLOIDS are sister publications to the OTHER BAUER German tabloid Das Neue that printed an interview that never happened that said Angie condoned cheating. Well then Jared – it MUST be true. . NOTICE HOW JARED has the Life and style link really small and faint. Hahahahaha!! BYE ALL, if I’m here at all – I’ll be on the OLD THREAD. NOT THE ONE ADVERTISING THE RAG THAT RIPS THE JOLIE PITTS APART WEEKLY FOR THE LAST 5 YEARS
    Everyone please stay on THIS thread – if you’ll still be here or join the grotto or JJB.

  • t.m.delafonda

    Hey, Cliniqua, how do I get to the grotto?

  • geminigrl

    Angelina seems like a caring person and give her alot of credit for being so proactive in so many causes. Her obvious niche is helping people which, on her level, requires so much time, energy and travel. Brad has definitely followed her suit and been very involved in causes since he has been with her. Sometimes people come into our lives for a reason. Whether they stay together or not it won’t come to my surprise since they seem like ever changing growing and dynamic people which makes it hard to be grounded with one person in one place. Best of luck to both of them and the children. Together or apart I hope they continue with their humanitarian efforts.

  • Hmmmmaaaaa

    The assholes over at dlisted have posted a video tribute that Angie and James did for their mother. It is beautiful and so touching! I cried.

    I am sure those evil retards will say horrible things, but if you haven’t seen it go there or to YouTube. You won’t make it without crying!

    Angelina’s mother just has a light about her that is stunning. No wonder Angelina loved her so. James was a cutie too.

  • Mrs. Lenny

    ~You know, I don’t sleep when I fly. I cannot not sleep inflight. But on my flight from New Orlean to Washington, Dulles airport, the movie they showed was:When love Happens …Ten Minutes into the movie, I slept through the whole mess. I woke up at the end when the guy was on stage saying something about he was living a lie…This movie worked wonder for my flying insomnia..I slept my ass off. I call it when sleep happens. True story.