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Inside Brad & Angelina's Meeting with Lawyer

Inside Brad & Angelina's Meeting with Lawyer

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie did meet with a lawyer last month, but it wasn’t to work out details on a split.

The couple spent time with a law firm in L.A. in December, a source tells Life & Style, “where they worked out terms of a legal document similar to a prenup.”

Brad and Angie signed the document in January, which means the couple will share money, assets and custody of the kids (who would all live with Angelina in the event of their parents’ breakup).

The source says that there was no talk of a split at the meeting.

For more on the Brangelina meeting, pick up this week’s issue of Life & Style!

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  • true

    Great comment and so true.Brad and Angie are together for the long haul.

  • true

    One thing for sure tabloids and blogs made lot of money from JP fake news.

  • OnlyNFairyTales

    sorry ment -I’m in bliss just thinking about it.- Sorry again, just this JP wedding news is making me forget myself.

  • missy

    Lilly @ 01/26/2010 at 8:25 pm
    If you can promise not to post here anymore I’ll believe ya!

  • true

    Liar, Liar pants on fire.I am sure Brads mom loves the x wife puta.
    this tab is a joke.The dried up slut who spreads legs for everyone and made Brads life hell.And Brad Mom loves her.Brads mom left her in the Dust in and around 2005 or 2006.LOL Keep writing tabs the dummies will believe.The x wife biiitch is a manipulator.

  • Trish

    Personally, I feel all these legal papers and signings documents is to get them out of the way so they can focus on the wedding plans. If they stay together for another 2 years, they would be common-law married anyway and in the eyes of the court that’s as legally binding as marriage in regard to children and property. Wouldn’t it be nice when they are going over the guest list, they check out JJ and invite those who stuck with them through thick and thin to the wedding. Hmm, just a thought. and before you haters say anything, STFU.

  • Anon

    Maybe it is just beginning. If they signed a “pre-nup” maybe they are getting ready to get married formally.

  • Anon

    Quit buying tabloids…what do they have to offer but lies? People magazine has slid to nothing but a PR rep for Kate Gosselin and Jennifer Aniston to buck up their failing careers, bragging about their expensive extensions or vacations in this economy. Time ago, People would investigate people and tell the truth of the matter…now they are a TOOL for the likes of Huvane and Julie May Carson promoting their clients.
    I hope Johnny Depp encourages Angie and Brad to buy an island like him so they are taken out of the public eye; the hell with the tabloids and the games of JA.

  • Ms Anonymous
  • Anon or anon

    lol, big “a” or “A”?

  • meowtime

    I love brangelina….they have always been my favorites…i am always on their side and the first to defend them….

    but now, after seeing that they wont attend the oscars (even though his film will get a best picture nom), and now this document…and not having seem them together for awhile, im slowing becoming convinced its over…usually when media reports its over there is never this much evidence, but im sorry this is way too much…I have a terrible feeling its slowly coming to the end… sad

  • jane

    Oh, well if LIFE AND STYLE says it….whew! Thank goodness we now have this from a SOLID source.

  • omg

    They finally are going to tie the knot.

  • asb

    Could it be that they are actually planning to get married and so getting together a pre-nup?????

  • mimi

    If the preup is true, they definitely will be getting married. But consider the source Life and Style, I don’t hold my breath for it.

  • Trish


    You are too pessimistic (sp). My gut tells me they are finally after 5 years they are going to get married. THose kids are their lives and they are getting older where they are going to start asking questions. I’m a bit old fashioned and believe shacking is ok when kids aren’t involved.

  • Jaliah

    It’s so sad that rags, tabs, untalented people like Halpennypincher or whatever his name is, have to be so parasitic and live off BP and AJ. Whatever they do it’s their business and nobody else. I don’t believe they need to issue anything as it is their PRIVATE business.

    I doubt AJ will be in the mood to make merry or even think about Oscars as her thoughts will be all about her mother.

  • gem15

    unless they get married soon think they are breaking up. obviously NOTW has copies of the pre (post?) nup otherwise the more legit outlets would not have picked it up (at least, I hope not), or the acknowledgement now. it’s a shame really. they were a loving and giving couple. think Pitt matured a lot, both professionally and personally. think Hwood, and that record breaking telethon, to a great degree have jolie to thank. for many it’s good PR, others realized what the JPs did, showed that something good could come from the insane fame and fortune. the tabs, with the willing participation of his bitter ex (nothing worse than a woman scorned), coupled with the puritanical mini-van population have done this couple in. The downright glee and vindications of “karma” at their possible demise shows a sick and twisted society. build them up then tear them down. It’s positively Jacksonian. A family may be torn apart, six small children involved, and so many happy about the proposition. Really sick.

  • Marion

    Why don’t they just get married? If they are getting a pre-nup and making their “relationship” legal, then why don’t they just go the step futher?

  • nina

    In the past 5 years, they only attended one Oscar which was last year. I don’t know why people are surprised that they will skip Oscar this year. They only attend awards which they are nominated.

  • Jaliah

    Is the betting still on for the opening weekend for The Booty Hunter?

  • insider

    NOTW had nothing but Halperin buzzing in their ear to increase his lousy book sales. But here is the joke on all of them. Brad and Angie are getting married. I think X has been told that;s why she is again exposing her body to the world to get attention back on her. Notice that Brad and Angie are still quiet. They can just sit backnow and let all the rumors and lies go wild.

  • insider

    NOTW had nothing but Halperin buzzing in their ear to increase his lousy book sales. But here is the joke on all of them. Brad and Angie are getting married. I think X has been told that;s why she is again exposing her body to the world to get attention back on her. Notice that Brad and Angie are still quiet. They can just sit backnow and let all the rumors and lies go wild.

  • luvangie4ever

    Wow, the video Angie and her brother made as a tribute for their Mom really made me cry. I see so much of Angie when I look at her Mom in those happier days. I’m getting kinda mad about all this break-up gossip now.

  • brangelooonies


  • Catsup

    CLINIQUA @ 01/26/2010 at 6:18 pm FCK YOU JARED & JASON ENG – Ahhhh – I see Jared and Jason Eng must have worked out a new deal with the Bauer publications in the wake of the Tsunami Break Up rumor that went around the world – strike while the iron is hot – eh Jared??? Try to do as MUCH damage as possible while the revenue streams are hitting.
    Oh it’s LIFE & STYLE, the other BAUER LYING TABLOID SISTER PUBLICATION of IN TOUCH, the one that said Angie cheated with a dialect coach?? Working the old good cop bad cop angle as they do. It’s got to be accurate – right???
    ..and the TWO of these TABLOIDS are sister publications to the OTHER BAUER German tabloid Das Neue that printed an interview that never happened that said Angie condoned cheating. Well then Jared – it MUST be true.
    NOTICE HOW JARED has the Life and style link really small and faint. Hahahahaha!!


    Everyone please joing the grotto or JJB.

    Life And Style. GMAFB!!!!

  • irma

    @lun u: I think this make sense, the kids are protected & their assets. This more to me like a prenuptial. I hope, they get married soon so these haters will stop & will leave Brad & Angie alone.God bless the Jolie-Pitt family.

  • umm

    Prenup is the first step, next they are planning the marriage.

  • cougarsdatingsite

    I just hope Brad can get away from the verbal abuse

  • brangelooonies

    The Church of Brangie still hasn’t released a black dove into the sky signaling the official end of their religion, but the Daily Mail is still standing by the claim that Billy Goat Brad is now single. And they have more proof! According to them, Brad bought a $1.2 million 2-bedroom bachelor pad in the Hollywood Hills that comes complete with a cave! From one jagged orifice to another!

    The source explained it all, “The house oozes character. Brad has had his eye on it for some time but he decided now was the right time to buy because he wanted a place to call his own. He needs somewhere quiet that doesn’t have memories of Angie and where he can be alone and think about what he does next.”

    Even if they haven’t broken up yet, Billy Goat Brad probably bought the cave as a safe house for when he does send the world into chaos by announcing the end of Brangelina. When that day does arrive, every crazed Brangaloooooonie will throw themselves from the mountain tops. And Brad does not want to go out like that. Come to think of it, I don’t think any of us want the last thing we see to be a crazed mouth foamer in an adult-sized “Adopt Me Brangelina” onesie. We should all get a cave.

  • pokeman

    Jaliah @ 01/26/2010 at 9:43 pm

    according boxoffice mojo the booty hunter will be open against the following movies. It will not be #1 or 2 or 3. that’s my guess. It will make about 7 mil for the 3 days weekend.

  • Anon or anon

    HOW did this “news” organization (term used loosely) get a copy of any pre-nup unless someone unsavory leaked it, IF the meeting even happened in the first place? Sounds like a lot of spinning or lying? Lies sell in tabloids, they have for the past 5 years. Who benefits by these lies? well, Aniston has a movie coming out and they think dear Brad will hike back to his X back on his knees, lol.
    The tabloids rake in money, selling copies and receiving hits on websites in this depressed economy. Yeah, who does benefit? The JP kids? Angie and Brad having to hear this sh!t endlessly? Ian Halperin, Stephen Huvane, Jennifer Aniston, and the various trashy tabloids exploiting JP and their children do, that’s who. What pigs.

  • huh

    Your source is Daily Mill. LMAO you idiot. Come here when you have credible source.

  • OnlyNFairyTales

    Maybe The Wedding should be in Hawaii? That would be a nice tribute to Angie’s mom Marcheline.

  • Neil

    Screaming Angie posted a video at his/her site that I never saw before. APPARENTLY THE AUTHORS OF THE VID ARE ANGIE AND JAMES THEMSELVES for the purposes of commemorating the anniversary of their mother’s passing. There is little Angie and James dancing with their young mother in Hawaii. While watching the video it is clear to see what a huge and positive presence Marcheline was in their lives.

  • Jen the Hag

    If they are getting married .. lots of JENHAGS head are gonna explode .. and they will be a tsunami in CA because MANISTON will be screaming in the ocean NOOOOOOOOO none stop bwahahhahahha

  • pokeman

    brangelooonies @ 01/26/2010 at 9:54 pm

    you make me laugh. damn, you are more obsess about this break up than the fans. you are so afraid that this break up might not be true so you keep on posting, reposting, reposting, reposting, from tabloids.

    btw, the fans (especially me) will not jump off the mountain top. the JP are people too. couples break up & divorce every day. they are not the only couple. regardless if it ends or not they will always be connect because of their children. also, they both will come out of this relationship with 6 beautiful children. that’s more than I can say about his relationship with chin. he got sh!t after the marriage and unhappiness, unfulfill, meaningless life, & headache during their marriage.

  • thinkingahead

    Daily Mail needs to check out their stories before they report lies. The property with the cave was purchased in August 2009…It’s best not to repeat printed lies from a tabloid…the facts never pan out…

  • Marriage Rumors

    If Brad and Angie get married, trust me we will not know it.

    They could have been married at the law office as far as we know.

    If it got out that they married you think the break-up rumors are bad the divorce rumors would be mind baffling. So,if it do happen we will never know until years to come and it will probably come from one of their kids when they are older.

    I truly believe Brad and Angelina are the real deal and that their love is true. Why? Because they are not HW they work in HW but they don’t allow HW to work them. Usually the ones who don’t get caught up in the games and lies of HW last.

  • Anon or anon

    Read the comments.
    Stephen Huvane is Aniston’s PR agent. Aniston still trying to ride Brad’s coattails every time she has a movie coming out, manipulating crap about Angie. The tabloid rags including People mag are hanging onto anyone they can leech off of…no wonder Jon and Kate were so popular for awhile.
    I hope Brad and Angie don’t fall for none of their crap. This includes Clooney, Bullock, Damon, Depp and other top stars that are getting mooched off of….$70 million, haha. What leeches.
    No wonder Huvane and Aniston manipulate so much.

  • work for a family law attorney


    Yes IF documents express one’s wishes

    But actual custody would have to be in a Court Order based on what the Court determines is in the best interests of the children

    Same for guardian of minor children-requires a Court Order based on determination of what is in best interests, especially if there is an estate to be managed

    But the powers of attorney are essential for peace of mind to me

  • Neil

    ULP! Seems I am a little behind the news. Oh well. I love how Angie stays above all the shite. And why not? She has love, health, purpose, wealth, fame and last but not least, a healthy sense of perspective (with what she knows and what she has seen I doubt she ever wastes her time feeling sorry for her self)

  • the joker is here


    Are you serious? NOTW did not print copies of anything. They just gave their own interpretation. Let’s see if L&S prints copies of any documents.

    Just like Daily Mail said Brad bought a bachelor home in the HHills. LIARS.

    Your Mama has been getting heaps and hordes of communiques from across the pond–not to mention a ringy-dingy from the folks at Inside Edition–enquiring about an article in the British tabloid The Daily Mail about Brad Pitt purchasing himself a £700,000 bachelor pad in the Hollywood Hills–that’s $1,130,680 to all us Americanos–where he can go to, “help him sort out his split from Angelina Jolie.”

    Bollocks. Hogwash. Bosh. A bunch of hooey we say.

    Listen children, Your Mama doesn’t have any idea if Pitt/Jolie’s relationship is on the rocks and swirling down the terlit of love nor do we know anything about whether they did or did not meet with a fancy Beverly Hills attorney to draw up papers outlining how they would split their fortune and share their multi-cultural brood of 967 children iffin they were to go their separate ways.

    What Your Mama does know–besides that we think that hair ball on Mister Pitt’s chinny chin chin looks like it might have bugs living in it–is that property records do indeed reveal that Mister Pitt did recently buy another house in Los Angeles. But–and this is a big ol’ but butter beans–what The Daily Mail declines or does not know better than to report is that the house the article describes as oozing with character and including 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a bar area and a cave built into the foundations is actually adjacent–as in next damn door–to Mister Pitt’s longtime compound in The Oaks, a neighborhood in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles.

  • Trish

    @Marriage Rumors:

    You are so right. Marriages like paul newman and meryl streep and others that last don’t live in HW, not even in CA. They live in Conn, NY, the New England states, as far away from HW as you can get and still in the US

  • the joker is here

    Daily Mail, NOTW, Sun all tabloid lies continued-

    On the 15th of January, 2010 Mister Big Time reported that Mister Pitt forked over $1,100,000 for a 3,232 square foot house that, “his estate largely had surrounded,” bringing his multi-parcel and multi-structure compound to almost 2 acres. Mister Big Time also quite thoughtfully linked over to a previous post about the property on Curbed LA, written long prior to Mister Pitt’s purchase, that quoted listing information that described the 1920′s residence as, “in need of TLC.” Based on the photographs, we’d say the house being “in need of TLC” is being kind.

    Now, y’all tell me, doesn’t it seem a wee bit strange and–let’s be honest–utterly unlikely that Mister Pitt would buy a virtually uninhabitable fixer upper right next door to the compound that he owned long before he’d ever hooked up with Miss Jolie so that he could get away from his earth mommy ladee-mate Ms. Jolie? Even if what Mister Pitt wanted was a “bachelor pad,” so that he could escape Ms. Jolie and her baby making/adopting ways, don’t y’all think he’d be smart enough to buy one he could actually live in? Besides, it seems to Your Mama’s pea brain that if either of these two were going to decamp to a new crib, it would be Ms. Jolie who would be moving out of Mister Pitt’s Los Feliz pad, right?

    It all seems especially absurd when you consider that the couple also have that big estate in France and own a huge house in New Orleans. Mister Pitt also owns an ocean front house in Malee-boo–that he owned prior to hooking up with Ms. Jolie–and another ocean front compound just west of Santa Barbara, CA that he also owned before getting bizzy and making babies with Ms. Jolie. It would seem that there are already plenty of properties where Mister Pitt can go to lick his “dee-vorce” wounds should that become necessary, so this bizness about buying a bachelor pad seems, well, rather silly.

    Frankly, Your Mama has no vested interest in whether Mister Pitt and Ms. Jolie stay coupled. However, iffin we had to bet, we’d put our pennies on the spot that says it’s more likely they’ll adopt of baby from Haiti than part ways. But then again, we’re not the gambling type and what do we know anyway?
    Posted by Your Mama at 6:29 PM 5 comments

  • Caribbean

    READ ‘Rachel from friends’ (RFF) interview in Vanity Fair interview again (get past the crying and the bit where she and the world was shocked) and read the rest…..
    You will see if there is Bad Karma….it will not be getting to BP and AJ….Her friends (named friends) said that Brad was honest with her about his feelings and she (the american sweatheart) wanted him to go break another girl’s heart and come back to her so her heart remain intact…..He said NO….
    WHEN she saw them together then, why was she shocked…she must have known that he wanted a relationship with AJ and not just some sex…
    If they are breaking up, they have had some beautiful years together and they have both been very vocal about that
    AND…….if it has not been said already….this is not the first time they have not been to the Oscars……actually last year was the first time they have been to all the events in the same year……
    Those events could have been covered so classy…been that they are one of the very few couple to be nominated together for those awards, especially the Oscar…..
    LIFE AND STYLES, really….

  • the joker is here


    Read the truth and cry. Every reliable real estate source reported this house as adjacent to Brad and Angelina and the kids home. Realtors wondered why he did not acquire it as it was right in the middle of his property. It is falling down. He bought the house last August. DAILY MAIL IS A MURDOUCH LYING PIECE OF TRASH, AS IS NOTW AND THE TIMES AND THE NYPOST AND FOX NEWS AND SO ON. LIARS LIARS PANTS ON FIRE.

    This house located on Valley Oaks Drive and Brad’s main house where he and Angelina and the kids live are right next to each other and both were once part of a 6 acre estate called Briarcliff Manor/Briarcliff Lodge once owned by a guy who was the borax king of early CA. This house was the lodge and has a huge ballroom and Brad’s other adjacent houses in the Oaks which surround this house were once all part of this large estate. Brad now has 2 acres in the Oaks. The original estate gates are at the intersection of Canyon Drive and Valley Oaks. House needs lots of TLC and restoration. Brad got it for a bargain as an estate sale and is already restoring it.

    Truth is out there except for stupid tabloid believers fools like you.

  • Jaliah

    pokeman @ 01/26/2010 at 9:54 pm Jaliah @ 01/26/2010 at 9:43 pm

    according boxoffice mojo the booty hunter will be open against the following movies. It will not be #1 or 2 or 3. that’s my guess. It will make about 7 mil for the 3 days weekend.

    My guess is it will make about 12m because of Butler fans.
    If I were AJ or BP I would just carry on living my life as normal once my closest friends and family were told that the reports were bullsh*t. They don’t owe anyone else anything.

  • OnlyNFairyTales

    The Jolie Pitt Wedding will be every tabloid DREAM and the champaign cork popped will be a shot heard around the world. This is going to over shadow all other news. Forget anything else in entertainment. I am happy for them and the kids.
    This is not fiction. Its much bigger than Carrie Bradshaw marrying onscreen to mr. big.
    Mr. and Mrs. Brad and Angelina Jolie Pitt! What will be a better story, Angelina’s dress or Brad deciding to shave his beard for their Wedding? Some shallow people will be more fascinated with that i think.

  • very sweet video


    The video was posted on a blog with memories of Marcheline and her brother for family. Of course bloggers found it and spread it all over the internet. They were very close to their Mom. This is a way for Angelina to show her Mom to her children. Very touching video. Lots of love there.