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Inside Brad & Angelina's Meeting with Lawyer

Inside Brad & Angelina's Meeting with Lawyer

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie did meet with a lawyer last month, but it wasn’t to work out details on a split.

The couple spent time with a law firm in L.A. in December, a source tells Life & Style, “where they worked out terms of a legal document similar to a prenup.”

Brad and Angie signed the document in January, which means the couple will share money, assets and custody of the kids (who would all live with Angelina in the event of their parents’ breakup).

The source says that there was no talk of a split at the meeting.

For more on the Brangelina meeting, pick up this week’s issue of Life & Style!

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  • OnlyNFairyTales

    The Wedding of the Century. Angelina will be the most beautiful Bride! Wouldn’t it be cute if Maddox gave her to Brad? soo sweet.

  • Caribbean

    Correct if I am wrong, but the Trust that the house was bought under…is it not owned by BOTH BP and AJ?

  • trt

    This just means that they are getting ready to tie the knot…so suck it, all who are hoping for a break-up. Brad and Angelina will be getting married sometime soon….maybe even before they completely move in to their Miraval home!

    The house Brad just bought would now total 6 houses in that compound. One for every kid they have!

    Those two plan to grow old together so it will take much more than wishful thinking on the haters’ part to split them up.

  • more truth for tabloid idiots


    ANOTHER reason to doubt those Brad and Angelina splitting up stories. The UK’s Daily Mail has been trumpeting that Brad quietly bought a “bachelor pad” in LA where he can live in peace without Angelina and the kids. (As if they don’t already have ENOUGH houses!) The fact is, Brad bought another of the houses surrounding his compound in the Hollywood Hills that he has owned for years. He’s been buying up the neighbors’ homes one by one when they go up for sale and now has several private acres. The most recent addition is a run-down 1920’s bungalow in need of a lot of work. HARDLY a bachelor pad. We checked this information with our brilliant colleague at The Real Estalker and found him in total agreement.

  • more truth for tabloid idiots


    Yes, Malibu Beach house and NOLA house bought in same trust.

    Mondo Bongo, name sound familier, like in MAMS? LOL

  • Caribbean

    Stop.People. Stop.
    That is why Tabs sell and even this site and others get hits from us….
    We spit at what we do not like (such as they are fighting and breaking up) and eat up what we would love to believe is true(such as they are getting married) …… (reverse that for the haters)…
    It. Is. All. Coming. From. The. Same. Tabloid. Source….They guest many times until they arrive at the truth…..Unless someone in the JPs camp become really, really broke or vindictive or found a loop hole out of a confidentiality agreement…..they are.not.getting.any.information.

  • *****

    @Lilly:Well,Lilly,you can make a bet with the devil.He will say Brad and Angie are not breaking up,while you say they are.The devil knows they are not breaking up,so in the end,he is gonna own you and your soul,right!!!

  • MrMarleyFAN

    I have a strong feeling that they’re simply going to make things legal. I view them as married already (in the most important ways).

  • Jill

    When Jared starts quoting Lies & Sh*t as a source, you know this blog has lost any credibility it ever had.
    Adios, folks. I’ve got a life to live.

  • lylian

    I love how you guys will now accept this part of the news as truth but the rest of the report is obviously false. damage control, anyone?
    YOU are so stupid, you don’t even realise that you are pointing to yourself right? You’d like to disbelieve that this is just a normal prenup to make sure that the kids are taken care of, but you want to believe that it is a divorce document right?
    OK sweetie. Just for the record, I’ll tell you that I neither believe this story nor the story about anything else about Brad and Angelina breaking up.
    After all, to quote, “Consider the source!!”

  • Frenchy

    Thank you Kearnie for the truth. Another exclusive from a fan. The JJ’ers should form our own Brangelina site. We are the ones who have the breaking news. Jared doesn’t even have that now. He on wild goose chases.

  • ownage.

    losers listed are so owned. what happend to them? they are the most vile and uncool people on the blogershpere. FFers are right behind them.
    I would loooove the wwtdd’ers to meet the listers or FF’ers. Sweet.

  • an oldie

    @the joker is here:

    Thanks for the link. That blogger “Your mama” is so funny, and has some common sense too. Wish all bloggers could be like her.

  • Pippi

    Seriously, everybody needs to get a grip and stop the insanity. This couple is not breaking up. Too much at stake and if there are any issues with regards to this union, together they can and will work them out.

    Everybody just take a chill pill and let this latest piece of bull blow over. Don’t feed into the madness. Remember: No news is good news.

  • hmm

    There isn’t insanity. The average person on the street have not thought about the JP’s in forever. EVe industry people.

  • Jen the Hag

    hmm @ 01/27/2010 at 12:17 am

    Tell that to the JENRETARDS they’ve been spamming every thread about brad and angelina posting break-up rumors none stop somebody should tell the HAGS to stop celebrating yet or they might disappoint big time.

  • Tina

    I am totally in love with them and don’t want them to break up – it would be AWFUL!!!

  • Ana

    Hello JP Fans,
    Posted on Jan 25, 2010 @ 03:09PM

    FAMILY MEMBER: Brad & Angelina Breakup Reports “Complete Lies”

    .Reports that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are breaking up are “complete lies,” a Pitt family member told exclusively.
    The Pitt family member did not want to go on the record but wanted it known that the reports are absolutely false and that Brad and Angelina are very much together.

  • Free Angelina from brad

    stop this sham and admit it’s done. She has not denied the breakup rumors… Only brad and his side have denied. Angie is being all hush hush about it which totes means she is done with him.

  • thinkingahead

    Actually Angie’s rep did deny the rumor as well on ET…you can check their website.

  • Brad & Angie

    They are so smitten with each other that Brad named a trust for them after a song from MAMS. WOW!!

    Don’t let the haters/naysayers fool you, this love is for real.

    Their love is no longer just physical, it’s mental, and deeper because it is more than just them that is a part of that love, it also incudes 6 beautiful little lives that has helped in sealing that bond.

  • rob

    I can understand the lawyer thing with them. I’m in the same situation, not married with kids. We have done the same thing with our lawyer. It’s all for the protection of the kids.

  • No

    They probably find this rumour insignificant, as in “What’s new?”. They’re so busy with work, humanitarian efforts, their family that they wouldn’t find these reports important enough to release a public statement, probably hoping it will resolve itself as with every other rumour that surfaces about them every freaking week.
    If anything, they’re probably planning a private wedding. Brad will shave his beard off as a symbol of “shedding the old life for a new beginning” with the love of his life.

  • umm

    @Free Angelina from brad:
    Angelina Jolie’s Rep Debunks Rumors of a Split From Brad Pitt

    Angelina Jolie’s rep tells ET there’s no truth to the Internet rumors of a pending break up between the actress and Brad Pitt.

  • lurker

    @Free Angelina from brad:

    there is no his or her side. they are a couple so it’s only one rep for them.

  • jane

    Did any of you bother to read the article linked to? This is not a happy, positive wedding story. It’s the exact same BS as in NOTW. It talks about how they were “snippy” with each other while signing the papers and how they’re obviously about to break up. This is the exact same BS crap that we already went through this weekend. IT’S FAKE. Jesus.
    I can’t believe anyone is taking a Life and Style headline and running with it. This is the same tabloid that had Angelina pregnant AND adopting a new baby this summer. AT THE SAME TIME.

  • umm

    Actually Angie rep, Brad’s rep, Brad family member and sources close to Brange all debunked the rumor.

  • Ana

    Let me add this additional bit from Radar onLine
    “The report claimed a $322 million fortune was being split and that Jolie would get primary physical custody of the children with Brad allowed liberal access.

    “But it’s all false, the family member tells “There is no truth to the stories at all.”
    NO TRUTH TO THE STORIES AT ALL – means there was no visit to a lawyer.

    Shows the PITT family really LOVE Angelina.
    Life and Styles is NOT telling the truth. They are a non-credible source.
    God bless the Jolie-Pitts! Truth will always shine lies away.

  • gracie

    Angie and James made a video tribute in the honour of their late mom. It brought tears to my eyes.

  • facts

    sorry folks……Ange and Brad WILL split. All because Ange is not healthy mentally.

    It’s so very obivious and she needs to stop adopting these kids. Think about it…..the unstable “Octomom” has the need for all these kids…..she is nothing but NUTs!

    Kids deserve much much better than these freaks

  • baby blue

    It would be wonderful they are getting married but I just don’t trust Life and Style.

  • http://hotmailaustralia paras

    People in glass houses shoudn’t throw stones. Who are you to tell others how to live their lives. Brad is a very smart guy, and I am sure he wouldn’t of stayed with Angelina if she was what you think she is. You have never meet her and you carry on as if you are part of her life, and know her personally. Her children appear very happy and very well cared for.

  • an oldie

    Go tell that to the orphans in Haiti, you freak.

  • gracie

    facts @ 01/27/2010 at 1:39 am

    You are the freak who stalk the tread of someone you don’t like 24/7 with lies and innuendos as if you know her personally. People should be wary of what comes out your mouth b/cit is just lies, fabrications, hate, jealousy, bitterness, vile and evny. You couldn’t care shite about the children, you are filled with hate for Angie b/c she has it all. Get lost loser!

  • African Girl

    What is this. . .i thought this has been debunked? What makes is different this time…coz it’s in Life and style?


    They will always be together because Brad can no longer live without the kids now that they are already the most important part of his life (beside his soul-mate of course).

  • lulu

    BIG FAN @ 01/27/2010 at 2:20 am They will always be together because Brad can no longer live without the kids now that they are already the most important part of his life (beside his soul-mate of course).


    Brad can’t live without Angie and the kids so does Angie, they are soulmate!!!

  • mmsic

    @facts: Angie’s children will grow up to be well educated,grounded,talented,set for life because they have the means.Not like you,your children will be ward of the state,poor kids!!!

  • http://hotmailaustralia laila

    Even if Brad and Angelina went to a lawyer it could of been to update a will, these things should been down if the parents are sensible people.As if the law firm they went to would leak any info, it would be found out instantly and they would be dis-bard immediately and naturally sued by Angelina and Brad. They may have bought more property and had to sign documents. It certainly doesn’t mean they are breaking up.

  • true

    I also agree,Brad would not be happy apart from his family.
    Angie and kids would loose one father,brad would loose seven.
    Breaking up is like a death.How can americans wish such bad things
    on this family.I think only jealous vicious women.

  • true

    I am getting where i hate all tabloids and E. shows and blogs.
    They all lie and want to bring down sucessful people.I wish
    JPs nothing but good.I am getting also where i cannot stand the x.
    She is so pathetic as a woman.I have never hated,so may i say dislike.

  • hmmmm

    @facts: You are just a hater.Angelina is more sane than you.Brad picked angie to be mother of his kids.But hell i do not have to explain to a hater.
    You are the one sick.

  • Jen the Hag

    facts @ 01/27/2010 at 1:39 am

    The FACT that she is a UNCHR Goodwill Ambassador speak for her mental health and also being a member of Council for Foreign Relations. The fact is you are A LIAR and a whinny HAG that’s why you spread lies w/o basis just like tabloid craps. If you’re a mother I pity your kids and if your single i pity your bf if you have one which i doubt and parents to have a compulsive LIAR for gf/daughter LIKE YOU.

  • insider

    JP fans do not fret. As always Brad and Angie are the target of the tabs and the entertainment show. Of course they all pretty much have fabricated this whole story based on NOTW and an IT cover. NONE of which is true. Don’t worry though. You know Brad and Angie love their fans and they will debunk this whole thing when they are good and ready. Right now there is to much of a frenzy and it only gives X more relevance than she deserves. X has been out of Brad;s life for 5 years. Yet her PR can not let Brad go because it is all tha tkeeps her relevant.

  • African Girl

    Anyone see the Video where Ben Affleck practically threw his wife under the bus because she told some silly story about how he wrote her letters when they were courting?
    BP would NEVER do that to AJ yet they, according to the rags, are the ones with problems?!

  • Marieme

    jp fan @ 01/26/2010 at 7:28 pm credit jjb #122

    “Angelina Jolie and her brother James Haven gave a touching tribute to their mother Marcheline Bertrand.”

    Thank you, I saw this! What a touching, sweet tribute. Says everything about their mother that needs to be said. She was so young. :(

  • Marieme

    an oldie @ 01/27/2010 at 12:02 am #214

    Re: The Realestalker Blog

    Omg I love him too! I read it all the time. He’s deliciously funny.

  • NAN

    Hey facts,the real unhealty mentally and the real WHQRE is jennifer anuston!
    Anuston admitted it in VF05.
    “I have worked with this THERAPIST for a long time !” (10-15years???)
    That’s why she turned BP insane pushing into a 2 years of THERAPY during their marriage,BP run away when he got his sanity back!
    After 5 years Rachel from Friends still cannot CATCH any A-listers
    all runs away from Rachel no one wants Rachel’s stinks TA TA and Rachel’s eggs ,
    Is it hurts huh dogmultiple name changes that Rachel from Friends is The real S L U T and KAPUT!!!!!
    Jen spread her legs on the first blind date with BP,jen couldn’t bothered to tell TATE DONOVAN that she and he PERMANENTLY off .
    Lucky Brad that this KAPUT Rachel didn’t PRODUCING ANY BABIES with him ,after 5 years legal separation with 5-10 guys relationships, Rachel still cannot let it go!!!
    Hehehehehe,no one see Rachel with their eyes and wants Rachel’s eggs .ONCE A WHQRE ALWAYS A WHQRE ???

  • African Girl

    Anything Jolie-Pitt sells period and some people can be very callous in the way they go about it. Was surfing the net last night and saw the headline. . . (b)Angelina Jolie’s adopted children made into Fashion Accessories in online video game. (/b)
    Why would anyone think this is okay? That these kids are adopted does not make them less human! I don’t understand how some people reason.

  • Marieme

    Ana @ 01/27/2010 at 1:02 am #229

    “Life and Styles is NOT telling the truth. They are a non-credible source.”

    They ARE such a piece of shiiite. I could not believe their cover this week. I imagine they’re losing a ton of money and will continue to do so.