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Inside Brad & Angelina's Meeting with Lawyer

Inside Brad & Angelina's Meeting with Lawyer

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie did meet with a lawyer last month, but it wasn’t to work out details on a split.

The couple spent time with a law firm in L.A. in December, a source tells Life & Style, “where they worked out terms of a legal document similar to a prenup.”

Brad and Angie signed the document in January, which means the couple will share money, assets and custody of the kids (who would all live with Angelina in the event of their parents’ breakup).

The source says that there was no talk of a split at the meeting.

For more on the Brangelina meeting, pick up this week’s issue of Life & Style!

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1,146 Responses to “Inside Brad & Angelina's Meeting with Lawyer”

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  1. 126
    odd how people lie Says:

    Odd how UK and Down Under mag know all about B&A.
    Extended family say Brad has beautiful wife and family.

  2. 127
    Kearnie Says:

    Oh and don’t forget, Brad and Angelina just bought the property adjacent to their Loz Feliz home in LA last month,

    And those who don’t it, I say they because they bought the property through their trust(Mondo Bongo), the same one they used to buy the NOLA property.

  3. 128
    brangelooonies Says:

    Brad’s Family beg him to End it with Angelina

    The Sun By PETE SAMSON, US Editor

    Published: 25 Jan 2010

    BRAD PITT’s brother begged the Hollywood star to leave ANGELINA JOLIE because their family was being torn apart, The Sun can reveal.
    The couple have struggled during the last 12 months of their five-year relationship but are still trying to make it work for their six children.

    Brad, 46, spent the weekend in Los Angeles to take part in GEORGE CLOONEY’s Haiti telethon – where he went to great lengths to avoid ex JENNIFER ANISTON – while Angelina, 34, was on a New York photoshoot.

    Despite having never wed, reports yesterday claimed the couple have visited a top Beverly Hills divorce lawyer and signed a £205million split deal to carve up their assets.

    The report claimed they will also share custody of their kids who will live full time with Angelina.

    Brother Doug, 41, visited Brad in New York over Christmas and urged him to pull the plug on the relationship because it was making the actor and his family unhappy.

    The couple have been putting on a united front but a source said: “It’s no secret they have been in a pretty loveless relationship for about a year.

    “They barely spend time together and when they do it is very fraught. They want different things from life.

    “Brad’s family are being more vocal with their doubts over the relationship. The only thing they still have in common is their kids. That’s keeping them together at the moment.”

    Brad and Angelina had a miserable Christmas and Thanksgiving after Angelina refused once again to spend any time with Brad’s family.

    Tomb Raider star Angelina is also reported to have become close with a Russian teacher while filming her latest movie Salt.

    Brad and Ang have also feuded for months over the issue of adoption.

    She wants a baby from Syria and now Haiti while he thinks the six kids they have are more than enough.

    Other thorny issues are his desires to relocate to New Orleans and to spend more time having fun with pals.

    Meanwhile Brad’s mum Jane has never warmed to Angelina and is still in touch with Friends star Jen.

    But sources close to the couple called the split reports “totally false.”

    One source told a US website: “Everything is fine. It’s business as usual.”

    The couple were recently spotted at a New York restaurant looking “in love”. The report blamed work schedules for the time they spend apart.

    Brad and Angelina have three adopted children Maddox, eight, Pax, six, and Zahara, five.

    They also have three biological children Shiloh, three, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 17 months.

  4. 129
    anon Says:

    So what’s the deal with people wishing for a break up? Are they what they call Anuston loons? Marriage or break up, Angelina will always be the mother of Brad’s precious children. Jen will always be the ex. Oh, but she’s 40 and has fabulous hair and a great bod !

  5. 130
    teri Says:

    I can understand the hurt and painful memories of losing a parent. I lost my dad when he was 49, he was my best friend. Now it’s 14 years later and I still have dreams about him, just really never leaves you. Her tribute to her mother was so beautiful and I can tell she and James miss her a great deal because she was their best friend too. Her mother would have been more proud to see her today with many more accomplishments. She’s a great mother and nobody can ever take that away from her.

  6. 131
    mm Says:

    Makes sense. They have a lot of kids and a lot of assets. It’s wise to get their affairs sorted out whether they plan to split up or not. I’m surprised they didn’t do it sooner.

  7. 132
    onwell Says:

    Angie’s mother is really a beautiful woman in and out. Angie is just like her mother.

  8. 133
    worth reposting Says:

    “Brad’s friends, Brad’s associates, Brad’s relatives, all feel that Angelina is the perfect match for him and that Jen was nothing but a whiny nuisance.”–Ian Drew, Senior Editor, US Weekly

  9. 134
    anon Says:

    Somewhere Angie, your momma always has your eye and heart on you, James and your families. You are never alone, you have the heart of many.
    We do understand, girl. You hang in there.

  10. 135
    pokeman Says:

    brangelooonies @ 01/26/2010 at 7:42 pm

    you must be really piss & crazy that angie & brad are not breaking. its ok sweetie. i feel your pain. reposting the same article will not make it true. brad & angie will announce it if they are.

  11. 136
    anon Says:

    *oops her eye and heart on you.

  12. 137
    work for a family law attorney Says:

    If this is fairly accurate, then this formalizes the relationship to the max. Big if. If so then Angelina has hit the mother lode.

    Brad kept all his property seperate when married, he and Jen both did, all they jointly owned was the BH house and Jen had a tiny % of Plan B. When they divorced there was not much to divide it appears other than personal property. No long drawn out squabble, he kept his and she kept hers, all seperate. Almost 100 % No sharing of income or assets or property like most people with wealth.

    But if this is somewhat accurate, Brad has given half of all the property he owns to Angelina including Plan B. He is probably worth 3-4 times more than her, she has what a hut in Cambodia and he has at least 7 homes plus like 200 mil $$$. WOW

    In the office where I toil this is not the usual. Usually a prenup or postnup will try to limit access by a partner, not open the dooor. Most people want to keep what they have earned and accumulated to themselves. Lots of these are prepared in domestic partnerships as well as formal marriages.

    But IF this is somewhat accurate, then Brad is trusting Angelina with all he has and she is trusting him with all she has. This man must be powerfully in love, I mean really, and she with him as this would mean they share all earnings, assets, everything they have or will have while together.

    Other documents part of a prenup package in addition to character of property ownership and disposition are what I term IF clauses/documents-
    1. custody of kids if needed
    2. guardianship of kids if death or incapacitation
    3. health care powers of attorney
    4. property powers of attorney
    5 and often wills

    Again, take this with a grain of salt, this is from a tabloid after all, but IF even somewhat true AGAIN WOW.

  13. 138
    anon Says:

    Perhaps people face their own mortality and look at themselves after the death of a parent and if the other set of parents are getting elderly. Brad and Angie seem like wise people that don’t want fighting like happened in his last relationship. Maybe they will get married, split up or remain the same, it is their business. We care for them the same.
    The anniversary of the loss of parent or any loved one is a very hard time especially around the holidays, have some respect. Amazing how some people, use that time to pull PR stunts.

  14. 139
    sissysissy Says:

    the video is beautiful! I believe Marcheline was very proud of Angie and Jamie!

  15. 140
    thinkingahead Says:

    Umm Life & Style should have researched this story a little more regarding prenups…You can’t make a deal on who gets custody of the kids in a prenup( Notice the story says all the children will live with Angie). That’s waiving away rights of children; which can’t be done. They should have checked this out with the American Bar Association. Now if there is an agreement B&A already have in place from day one of their relationship (and it sounds as if they do from a comment mentioned earlier), there could have been a update made if there’s been a recent inheritance (possibly for the kids), or purchased additional assets that needed to be included in the agreement. Also, keep this in mind prenups can also be utilized as a will incase something happens to the other partner. Actually, it’s a vey smart thing for them to do as a couple to protect their children if something does happen. The problem with most people today is they don’t think ahead until it’s too late. So props to them!

  16. 141
    Things that make you go mmmmm Says:


    The State department has put a hold on adopting kids from Haiti. Who knows when it will be lifted. The only adoptions that are going through now are the ones that were in the middle and late stages before the quake. They are not doing any new ones for now because they have to separate the kids who really orphaned from the kids whose parents are missing but are alive.

  17. 142
    Lilly Says:

    Does this sound like damage control to anyone else? The story was leaked by News of the World and now they are just trying to save face; “Yeah, we met with the lawyers but for a prenup! We’re not in splitsville!” Right. Since they’re not attending the Oscars together, who wants to bet they’ll ‘officially’ break-up by the end of February?

  18. 143
    Molly Says:

    Oh my gosh, the whiny rabid loonifers are screaming in pain because their evil little desires are falling apart! LOL!! They don’t have a lick of common sense between all four of them.

    Please, B&A are worth millions of dollars between them and people with that kind of wealth visit lawyers all the time to manage assets. Things like Powers of Attorney and Wills need to be dealt with as a reality of life. Trying to make this into some kind of proof of a break up is stretching wishful thinking into the realm of a delusion.

    That’s IF this report is even factual. I agree with groundcontrol that lawyers, especially those who are privledged enough to have celebrity clients, don’t sell out info to the yellow press. It would ruin their reputation and sink their law firm. There is such a thing as confidentiality regarding such personal matters. I call BS on the whole story, actually.

    Squirm, hens, Squirm! You are not getting your dream come true today, or tomorrow, or the next day….LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 144
    pokeman Says:

    does any one know when was the last time tom & kate were in public together. brad & angie haven’t see together for 3 weeks people scream break up. kate is at sundance without tom. are they breaking up because tom is not with her?

  20. 145
    Molly Says:

    Lilly, Yeah it’s damage control alright…on the part of the p-iss yellow press. They are busted on their lie and trying to salvage some kind of story from it.

    Brad and Angie are fine and don’t have anything to do with all the silly little gossip rag games. They have refused to play tabloid games.

  21. 146
    thinkingahead Says:

    @work for a family law attorney: I was thinking along the same lines about the sharing of the assets…but the spill about the children threw it off for me regarding family law; but your correct because it could be an if clause document is included…

  22. 147
    odd how people lie Says:

    @brangelooonies: These are Liars.Brads Parents are Christian,plus they have other adopted Grandchildren.Pitt family are good decent People,Tabloids trying to make money off this family.

  23. 148
    groundcontrol Says:

    Lilly @ 01/26/2010 at 8:25 pm
    Oh, sweetie, save your money. Nobody is breaking up. It’s just more of the same old rumors. Brad stayed in an unhappy and unfulfilling marriage for years beyond its expiration date because he was a decent guy. You think that this man would bail on his life partner and 6 children for no reason? Get real. You’ll end up ahead of the game.

  24. 149
    makeoverchinnie Says:

    What about me, Brad? When are you going back to me? I’ve done everything in my power to lure you back . . .

  25. 150
    OnlyNFairyTales Says:

    This makes sense now about their wardrobe for the Oscar story. It was what they were going to wear to their Wedding. I’m in bliss just thinging about it. I’m sure Angie’s mom’s last words were “I love you,” and you two crazy love birds get married. With all the tragedy in the world, this is positive news.

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