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Inside Brad & Angelina's Meeting with Lawyer

Inside Brad & Angelina's Meeting with Lawyer

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie did meet with a lawyer last month, but it wasn’t to work out details on a split.

The couple spent time with a law firm in L.A. in December, a source tells Life & Style, “where they worked out terms of a legal document similar to a prenup.”

Brad and Angie signed the document in January, which means the couple will share money, assets and custody of the kids (who would all live with Angelina in the event of their parents’ breakup).

The source says that there was no talk of a split at the meeting.

For more on the Brangelina meeting, pick up this week’s issue of Life & Style!

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  • Free Angelina from brad

    @eggs: Nah, I think Brad likes being the tabloid centerfold because he’s not treated like shiiit the same way Angie is. If they wrote him the way they write Angie I guarantee you Brangie would’t be in the tabloids because Brad would put a stop to it. His image is most important and the tabloids have done Zip to tarnish his rep… no skin off brads teeth. Now you know Angelina doesn’t ask to be the tabloid bad guy because if she wanted the tablioids and worked with them ( like other stars do ) she would look a lot better. Angelina for FIVE years as been the bad guy and NOT ONCE has brad stood up like a man to try and stop it. He likes it.. it’s a way to keep her in line and under his control.

  • blondee

    Jared….I resent the “link” to Life & Style you added to my post back on page 2. I don’t promote fabrication and adultaration of the truth. Please remove the link.

  • Free Angelina from brad

    @Jaliah: Ms Jolie hasn’t answered to these rumors. Brad is the only one that has denied the breakup rumors and Angelina is silent.

  • Yoco

    @why now: they did an agreement after Shiloh was born, they propably update the agreement every couple of years

  • pokeman

    Ms. Marla @ 01/27/2010 at 10:58 am I don’t think anyone,here,in this relationship,is good or bad,I think it just lost its steam..just feel sorry for the kids
    why do you feel sorry for the kids? will they be the only kids in america or any country for that matter with divorced or seperated parents. i don’t feel sorry for them because i know both brad & angie will put these kids 1st. these kids will be loved like they always have been loved. there are many, many kids with divorced or seperated parents & they turned out fine. look at bruce/demi’s girls. I never seen their children acted like paris hilton who’s parents are still married.

  • Jaliah

    Free Angelina from brad @ 01/27/2010 at 12:29 pm C’mon Angie hasn’t denied the breakup story because she doesn’t like to straight up lie like that. For some reason Brad really doesn’t want people to think that they broke up. it was a publicist friend connected to brad assistant, a PITT family member, and Brad Pitt himself that denied the breakup rumors. Angelina has NOT said yes or no. why is she willing to pretend to be with him when she is looking like the bad guy AGAIN… I want my favorite actress free of brad and his media games and I don’t care who he ends up with after Angelina finally leaves him FOR GOOD
    I assume she hasn’t denied it because she couldn’t care less what other people think about her relationship because she knows she is fine. Anyway aren’t her thoughts about her mother at this time? Why the hell would rumours about her breaking up bother her why on earth would it matter when she is just getting on with your life? If it were me I’d just not read anything, watch tv or any of it I’d just be with my family and enjoy them and share thoughts of my mother with them…the rest of world have nothing to do with it. If you were a fan how is it you are not aware of this? Also if you like her so much how is it you don’t approve of her choice in a mate? Surely you think she is pretty intelligent? She knows what makes her happy and it’s partner and her family….no one else has any rights over her private life.

  • ET

    Angelina Jolie’s Rep Debunks Rumors of a Split From Brad Pitt

    Angelina Jolie’s rep tells ET there’s no truth to the Internet rumors of a pending break up between the actress and Brad Pitt.

  • teri


    I think the reason people target Angelina is because she is a star and Vera wasn’t. Vera didn’t have the money to buy pr as Jen does. Same as LeAnne R and Sienna M. getting a free pass to wreck a marriage with children involved. I wouldn’t support a woman who is a homewrecker and set out to hurt innocent children. Even though Angelina has alot of money she doesn’t have pr agents. We all know Jen wouldn’t be where she is today if she didn’t have Huvane speaking up for her every move and keeping her in the spotlight. I guess if the JP really wanted to set the record straight they’d get pr people to do the dirty work for them, instead they spend their money on more important things.

  • blondee

    Thanks Jared.

  • jp fan

    credit jjb

    Angelina Jolie and her brother James Haven keep the memory of their mother Marcheline Bertrand alive with a home video from their childhood vacation to Hawaii.

    In a blog devoted to their beloved mother, Angelina and James write, “January 27, 2010 is the third Anniversary of Marcheline’s passing. To commemorate this day, we are celebrating our memories of her with this short home video. Recorded during a trip to Hawaii in 1981, it recalls how much she enjoyed the islands and how happy it made her. ‘We miss you Mom — with Love, Angelina and James.’”

    Also an actress, Macheline passed away at the age of 56 from ovarian cancer in Los Angeles, California.

    A rep for James Haven tells ET the video is authentic.

  • Free Angelina from brad

    @ET: nice try. Every site has said Geyer Kosiniski refuses to acknowledge the press these days. He says absolutely NADA to the media.

    Other sites have named the “sources” of the breakup denial.
    Accesshollywood says Geyer said nothing but Brad’s publicist friend denied the rumor.
    radar online says a PITT FAMILY member denied it..

    I thought the Pitt family hates Angelina? Why would brad make his family deny the breakup rumors especially when they all hate Angie?
    Why would brad go through all the trouble of Finding ” sources” to deny something for him if angie has a rep that can just deny the rumors ? Oh yeah, she doesn’t have a rep.

  • Jaliah

    Free Angelina from brad @ 01/27/2010 at 12:45 pm @eggs: Nah, I think Brad likes being the tabloid centerfold because he’s not treated like shiiit the same way Angie is. If they wrote him the way they write Angie I guarantee you Brangie would’t be in the tabloids because Brad would put a stop to it. His image is most important and the tabloids have done Zip to tarnish his rep… no skin off brads teeth. Now you know Angelina doesn’t ask to be the tabloid bad guy because if she wanted the tablioids and worked with them ( like other stars do ) she would look a lot better. Angelina for FIVE years as been the bad guy and NOT ONCE has brad stood up like a man to try and stop it. He likes it.. it’s a way to keep her in line and under his control.
    It’s an interesting theory but then that’s all any of us can come up with; theories. Ms Jolie is strong willed, knows her own mind and independent. She has always said she has no need to defend herself and the truth will out in the end. I assume Brad and Angelina are close discuss things so perhaps she prefers her way and Brad prefers his. That could also be correct couldn’t it.

  • B & A fan

    I just saw old pictures of Angie’s mother and Angie’s father. The way Marcheline looks at Jon is the same as the way Angie looks at Brad. Full of love. Angie is the spit image of Marcheline.

  • huh

    @Free Angelina from brad:
    Assley stop making a fool of yourself you idiot.

  • pokeman

    Free Angelina from brad @ 01/27/2010 at

    since angie is your favorite actress (fake fan) I am shock that you didn’t know she doesn’t respond to tabloids. I am not her biggest fan ( i am brad) and even I know that she hardly or never respond to tabloids. If she is asked in an interview, she’ll give her answer. Other Jolie fans (not you) can correct if I am wrong but I have never read or seen her responded to rumor especially repeating rumor.

    as her fan I am also shock that you didn’t know angie is a strong, independent woman who doesn’t take sh!t from any one. who can think for herself. if angie wants to get out of this relationship she will & can. another thing, you don’t know how she feels about brad. all i know is that she could be very much in love with him & I would’ve think you would be happy for her…. if you are really her fan.

  • teri

    It’s never easy losing a parent your very close to. I hope Brad is a solid supporter when she needs him. I had a nervous breakdown when my father passed away, my husband was there but couldn’t deal with it. We did seperate a couple weeks but we worked it out. I was very unberable to live with, simply an emotional wreck. We’ve been married now almost 17 years and looking back he was there but I simply fell apart and couldn’t help myself and didn’t want his help in helping me either.

  • Ley. h.

    Free Angelina from brad (assley banks),
    you are a stupid and pathetic jolie fanatics,you are a great idiot.

  • Free Angelina from stupid fans

    pitt-jolie married

    poor haters..

  • well

    Read Angie’s Marie Claire interview, Brad helped Angie and her brother coping her mother’s death. Angie said ” Brad is extraordinary ” This is the third year anniversary. No doubt Brad is with her and comforts her.

  • pokeman

    i know is assley. just want to humor her & give her some attention. she repeats the same thing on every JP threads. i don’t respond to her as much as other fans but I am in a good mood today. so, i thought I give this insect/flea some attention.

  • Free Angelina from brad

    He is holding on for dear life. I always knew they wouldn’t last but Brad is gripping on tightly to that upper arm. Only a matter of time before Angie says enough. @pokeman: Of course she doesn’t answer to rumors that’s why we know she didn’t have anything to do with these denials. she probably woulda been happy to ignore the rumors. It’s all Brad Pitt. his fans and the media need to explain why brad is denying so hard ?

    Why would I be happy for Angie for being with a d-bag like Pitt-stain? a man that uses the media and tabloids as a way to stay in the news? a man that let Angie take full blame for a host of shiiit? He SUCKS and I would only wish him on my worst enemy.

  • teri


    I just expect the best for Angelina and right now she needs more support than ever. The negative press always nipping away at her knowing she won’t do anything because she doesn’t have any pr team boosting her up.

  • NAN

    Thanks Jaliah, we JPs fans, we come here by hearts and Loves the truth,we will not buy or belives anything from LIES&SHITE ‘s rags which behide by Rachel from Friends and her PR,”BP GO BACK TO JEN” for 100-200 times??? in 5 years. Poor jennypoo have to spread her legs waiting for BP’s log,but never happens,
    BP look forward not look backward like Angie,they have 6 gorgeous children together,Rachel never have kids or loves her own mother ,she never knows these feeling,that’s why no one WANTS her to be the mother of their children they just SCR*WED her and gone.

  • ah

    Brad and Angelina are so busy with their own lives that they have little time to try to deal with that alternate universe of fiction called the tabloids. I hope this is the last time they deny anything. This is about the 15th breakup story..It would be insane to have to issue denials to all that fiction. I hope that one day one of them will say we will not respond to anything involving our relationship and leave it at that because guess what? next month there will be a new round of break up stories. Haters and fake fans will want to know why they don’t deny the story as if there was some law. Really I think to ask them to comment on fiction is an insult and someone should be keeping a list of all media who jumped on this rumor. I would advise them that they never ever comment on anything like that. The status of their relationship has nothing to do with the public or what they do on film.
    Relationships between people have nothing to do with the public.

  • sissysissy

    for all the J-P fans who didn’t watch the tribute video yet:

    (although the audio has been disabled…)

  • well

    Angie is a very strong woman. She doesn’t need PR team. Brad is going to support, protect and love her. Didn’t you read that they were at a romantic dinner when the rumor broke? Rumors don’t disturb their world. When did the rumors ever stop since they were together? Love and truth always prevail.

  • well

    I’m really more interested in their upcoming movies. That’s more important.

  • Jessica

    Brad and Angelina are fine. What is all of this? You should have seen the disgust of having to report this story on my local tv station.

  • insider

    The best thing that Brad could do is make a statement about his realtionship and protect Angie from all this disrespect and lies. The tabs neverbash him only Angie. I have had it.

  • cee

    This is so unfair to Angie. Why isn’t Brad protecting her? Why isn’t X’s
    PR all over these lies. WHy? Because this is just what he needed to help promote her next bomb. Come on Brad protect your woman. Angie I know you love him but he has got to end this.

  • Alissa

    NaaaNaaaNaaa Naaaaaaaa Na

    The pace picks up and the heartbeat quickens.

    It’s over. Totally effin’ OVER — as I predicted of course.

    Alissa is never wrong!

    NaaaNaaaNaaa Naaaaaaaa Na

  • an oldie

    I am so glad Brad and Angelina are ignoring these tabloid lies. I am also glad their donation to Haiti happened before this brouhaha otherwise haters will accuse them of doing it to deflect from the rumor.

  • pokeman

    well @ 01/27/2010 at 1:38 pm

    i am with you there. who cares about these BS break up? we hear about it since they hooked up. this is nothing new. if angie really want brad to say something I am sure she’ll let him know. i mean she is open & straightforward about lots of thing why wouldn’t she let him know to speak up for her. perhaps angie doesn’t give a sh!t about these tabloid BS & she doesn’t want brad to either. isn’t angie the one who doesn’t have a publicist because doesn’t need any one to defend her. angie shows brad not to care about humor & maybe that’s why he got rid of his publicist as well. this will be my last respond to the break up humor.

  • the jp’s don’t have reps

    This is funny everyone has it’s own take about the jolie-pitts , from jj exclusives,perez direct unnamed sources, tabloids made up unnamed sources ,down to representatives that deny alligations. The funniest of all ,is who are that brad or jolie reps?….people mentioned it, radar online, and etc. but they FAIL to mention the name of reps or the unnamed sources, what a joke!

  • the jp’s don’t have reps

    i’m with you well, i am more interested in the salt movie coming.

  • the jp’s don’t have reps

    jalilah you made a point,not only julia roberts ,sienna,lean,but also j.lo,abby cornish,claire danes i think and others i can’t remember the names. Most important of all the women left behinds has one or two kids or still pregnant.

  • because

    Them because they were so in your face with it and following the obvious with a bunch of lies then more in your face and finally the pretence of the happily ever after no matter who you screw or tread on.

  • nadine

    oh come on…. these stupid tabloid lies are sooo stupid!!! it’s like the 10000th time they say they have split and it’S ALWAYS THe same bullshit, at the end it iS A BIG LIE as alwas!! I HATE THAT…. they should SHUT UP and get a life!!! leave Brad & Angie and their beautiful family alone!!! Brad & Angie will always stay together – FOREVER!!! they’re soo much in love and happy with each other and their all haters and magazines shut up!!! BRANGELINA 4-EVER<3!!!! love them<33

  • an oldie

    Since Chelsea Handler just broke up with her brfriend, do you guys think she’ll hook up with Maniston? Handler looks like a man to me. Maybe they can have a threesome with the yoga chick who is also a lesbo. Come on, Maniston, come out of the closet.

  • Angie + Jamie

    So we have a multiple denials of the break-up rumors, a denial of the rumor that there is a property/custody settlement document, an announcement that there IS a document but that it’s a prenup, a denial that they are attending the Oscars. But still no word on Angie’s vodka-fueled sextoy and black rubber sheet romp with her “dialect coach” at the Waldorf last summer? Also, still no word on whether it’s true she has been having sex with numerous aid workers on her “humanitarian missions”? Just checking.

    PS: I also have not seen a denial that Brad and Jen have reunited and Jen has spent time with the kids and all that. But you know, I bet they are just planning the upcoming Brangelina wedding you guys have been talking about. I’ll check back later on that.

  • they lie

    Brad walked on the beach with Jen – arms around her and kissed her – and he was already having a relationship with Jolie – he had left Jen months ago in his mind yet he still seem to be romatically inclined toward her — so what is a supposedly romantic dinner between these two when the rumor broke – nothing more than another staged lie.

  • Jess

    @the jp’s don’t have reps:
    Because the women left behind ain’t “fake American Sweetheart”. The men dumped them ain’t Brad Pitt.

  • umm

    @Angie + Jamie:
    Eonline has debunked the cheating scandal. Waldorf hotel rep denied Anna chick has worked there. Dialect coach denied the rumor. It was a made-up lie.

  • Angie + Jamie

    Angelina Jolie: “Everyone got kind of crazy with me mentioning I was in love with a woman.”

    Angelina Jolie: “I always play women I would date.”

    Angelina Jolie: “They’re right to think that about me, because I’m the person most likely to sleep with my female fans, I genuinely love other women. And I think they know that.”

  • Angie + Jamie

    @Ummm…ummmmm no they didn’t. The Waldorf said she didn’t CURRENTLY work there. The article has a photo of the girl’s pay stub from the hotel. And though the article never mentioned that guy’s name, somebody else found a name and said it was him. He spoke out to clear it up. He said he wasn’t her dialect coach, so it wasn’t him. Nothing about the story has been debunked. Or denied.

  • umm

    @Angie + Jamie:
    Outtouch still can’t find this Anna chick and dialect coach to come forward a week later. LOL.

  • huh

    @Angie + Jamie:
    These quotes in your idol Jenhag’s word are ’100 years old “‘.

  • umm

    @they lie:
    The difference is Brad’s rep didn’t denied the rumor of him and Jen separating. It was only Jen’s rep denying the rumor. Now Brad’s rep, Angie’s rep, Brad’s family member and sources to Brange all denied the rumor. So they are fine.

  • Angie + Jamie

    @umm…now you’re just making stuff up. LOL

  • umm

    @Angie + Jamie:
    I don’t need make stuff up like you Maniston fans.