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Katie Holmes Gets Sundance Sexy

Katie Holmes Gets Sundance Sexy

Katie Homes shows off her sexy smile while attending the The Extra Man premiere during the 2010 Sundance Film Festival at Eccles Center Theatre in Park City, Utah on Monday (January 25).

The 31-year-old is in the Beehive state to promote two films, The Extra Man (co-starring John C. Reily and Kevin Kline) and The Romantics (co-starring Josh Duhamel, Anna Paquin and Elijah Wood.

FYI: Katie‘s jacket is made by Longchamp and her “Benny” beanie is from Hurley.

30+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes looking Sundance sexy…

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katie holmes sundance sexy 17
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katie holmes sundance sexy 19
katie holmes sundance sexy 20
katie holmes sundance sexy 21
katie holmes sundance sexy 22
katie holmes sundance sexy 23
katie holmes sundance sexy 24
katie holmes sundance sexy 25
katie holmes sundance sexy 26
katie holmes sundance sexy 27
katie holmes sundance sexy 28
katie holmes sundance sexy 29
katie holmes sundance sexy 30
katie holmes sundance sexy 31
katie holmes sundance sexy 32
katie holmes sundance sexy 33
katie holmes sundance sexy 34

Photos: Jemal Countess/Getty
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  • AutumnM

    Katie is a cute girl, but what’s up with that stupid half smile thing she always does? I thought it was stupid when she did it in her “Dawsons Creek” days and I think the same now. She needs to cut that out.

  • LuckyL

    Lol, -this- is sexy?

  • LuckyL

    Holmes always looks homeless.

  • hannah

    hola! She looks healthier than before. Is something happen in their relationship?

  • emma#2

    Katie is a very pretty young woman, she does look healthier, like what she is wearing. Hoping her movies do well!

  • Homely has 3 fans

    JJ, this is sexy?? Now we know the midget and the cankled, non talented giant must bride you with cupcakes too.

  • Lulu

    She should go back to being friends with Victoria
    She looked hot then

  • OB

    looks fantastic…

  • katie90

    She’s amazing…She looks even better…Great woman! Love her so much!

  • Sady

    She is so cute! I love her smile :)

  • Sorry2say

    The way she intensely stares at the photographers trying to ooze with charm and sensuality is just ridiculous.

  • daisyjena

    Like her BUT…if you are promoting 2 films @ a film festival with red carpets and the like you should look like you care. Remove the overdone hat and blow dry your hair (maybe even flatiron) is that too much to ask. Isn’t she a bizzillionaire? Travel with a hairdresser. She frustrates me!

  • Annie

    You have GOT to be kidding me….I don’t even know where to start.

  • Shaz

    She looks super sweet, not sexy. Great outfit for Sundance, practical and blends in with the crowd.

  • UGH!!

    Sexy?? I’d rather watch my cat sh*t than look at that ugly, gross pig. And will somebody PLEASE help her with that horrible posture?!!!! Oh, and maybe introducing her to soap might just help.

  • Pattycake

    Is this sarcasm? Sexy? Yeah, like my Aunt Bertha. just arrived from the Eastern Bloc.

  • rocky

    Both Drew Barrymore and Katie have that lip stretch on the side which just annoys the he– out of me! It’s not pretty and not attractive.

  • rocky


    If you don’t like her, you can say so without being so down and dirty about it. Hate cats, hope yours die!!!

    That wasn’t nice of me to say was it? Now you know how you come off when you say such mean things! I’m not a Katie fan, but I sure am not going to say such horrible things about her.


    Hellooooo KATIE !!!
    The lopsided smile was cute when u were a teenager but now ur a grown-up gold digger so please STOP !!!!!!!!!!
    It makes u so incredibly puncheable !!!!

  • KMcG

    What always surprises me about her when I see pictures is just how plain she is. That, and the fact that she looks so much older than she is. The boots are cute enough, but the scarf and hat are not flattering. And I agree with the comments that she doesn’t appear to be showered.

  • tidbit

    Jared you are too funny–Sexy smile? Puh-leeze–she looks like someone is coaching her and saying “Now Katie, it is time to smile.” Ms. Robot indeed.

  • elle

    she looks great! perfect for sundance!

  • she’s a doll

    Beautiful Katie! NORMAL Katie, No Skulls, Tattoos, and 24/7 black clothing. Love you, and Tom!! And to the haters, so much for THIS union splitting up. Tom still looks fantastic too. Brad? poor Brad, can’t say the same.

  • Ivy


  • she’s sure better then AJ


    Really? Maybe she should do the Angeline fake phony red carpet Pose with hands on hips and pursed lips and that look that says “im above you all” LOL! Moron, Katie isn’t a bi Sexual, didn’t carry blood around her neck (and on a tee when marrying someone!!!) she is a normal, everyday girl who married Tom Cruise. and her innocence still shines thru. you better believe she CAN look sexy too. but she never has the “im better then u look” ala Angie, the Gothic Queen. LOL.
    No skeltons in HER closet!

  • http://google toni

    The hat need to be remove, where is Suri?She’ll was always out with lovely Suri. I missed adorable Suri.

  • she’s sure better then AJ


    Elle YOU have a BRAIN!! Maybe she’s supposed to wear ‘sexy’ clothes in Sandance? the idiots on here (and boy, they are worse then Loons) think only their Queen Ange can look sexy! Bull S**T. katie on that cover recently in a short dress blew many away, made up , sexy as all out. Angie is a bag of damn bones. A pretty face goes so far. she’s over.
    Just read Anistons movie Marley and Me grossed over 140 million! And Angies??? LOL dead, like SALT will be. Who wants to see her as a Russian woman in a serious roll? She hasn’t had a hit since Mr and Mrs Smith, a “big” hit. Yet the LOONS on this board continue to berate Jen’s movie rolls, and she’s laughing all the way to the bank.
    Salt will bomb, Just Watch.
    RETAKES???? LOL Yep Retakes, and she looks like Joan Collins in them! People flock to see Aniston , they seemed to stop flocking to see AJ. no matter WHAT the JJ LOONS say. They are beyond crazed, so ignore, ignore!

  • ew!

    her shaved brows gross me out

  • Disgusting

    Is she mocking homeless people?

  • Pooter


    Katie does NOT have a inch of “sexy” !

    She can’t even stand up straight and is always pigeon-toed.

    She is “scowling” more….probably with silly advise from Victoria Beckham.

    It’s all gone to Katie’s bimbo head.

    Tiresome boring woman!

  • Lowest denominator

    No one looks “dressed” for this red carpet, so I fault ALL of them for looking like they’re waiting for a Greyhound bus.

    But that “half-smile” that she seems so fond of makes her look a little drunk to me. Same with Barrymore as som else pointed out…

    And “SEXY?” More like “…Sundance Sensible,” “…Sundance So-So.”

  • http://justjared deke

    Not a good look for her. She needs to wear makeup and look decent for a change. Why is she standing pigeon-toed?

  • Peach

    Where was the kid and the midget? I didn’t think she was allowed out without one of them.

    And Sexy – I don’t think so!!!!

  • Self-Important Mess


    Katie Holmes Lurks, ‘Animal Kingdom’ Rules
    By: Roger Friedman // Tuesday January 26, 2010

    Here are some Sundance notes from the last 24 hours:

    Katie Holmes arrived early last night for a private dinner at Greenhouse (this is a New York nightclub that’s taken over a beautiful Park City home for events) for a film she’s in called “The Extra Man.” I happened to be walking up the driveway as she came by in a window-darkened Escalade, stayed for a few minutes, and then retreated. By the time dinner was served, Holmes was gone. Nevertheless, stars Kevin Kline, Paul Dano, and John C. Reilly mixed and mingled with directors Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini (”American Splendor“)…If Katie had come into the dinner that was going on when she did arrive, she’d have met Naomi Watts, Kerry Washington and Samuel L. Jackson, who were promoting “Mother and Child,” which Rodrigo Garcia directed, Lisa Falcone produced and Sony Pictures Classics is releasing this spring… Annette Bening wound up missing Sundance despite two hits — “Mother and Child” and “The Kids Are All Right.” Well, she has four kids, and at least one of them needed her attention. Too bad, she would have been mobbed with well wishers…Naomi Watts was happy, too. Her husband, Liev Schreiber, got raves on Broadway over the weekend opening in Arthur Miller’s “A View from the Bridge.” Watts told me Liev is very excited because co-star Scarlett Johansson, also widely praised by critics back home, is great to work with…Sam Jackson took pictures with a couple of fans, who said the photos were for friends. Said Sam: “Why do people always say that? You know it’s for themselves!”…

    Meanwhile: another big Sundance hit is the Quentin Tarantino-esque “Animal Kingdom” from Australia. A crime family led by a cunning and evil mother/grandmother (a knockout Jacki Weaver) who has her four sons killing and stealing all over Melbourne. Joel Edgerton (who just played opposite Cate Blanchett in “A Streetcar Named Desire” in Brooklyn, Luke Ford and Ben Mendelsohn are the terrifying sons. Eighteen-year-old James Frecheville, the Australian Channing Tatum, is the grandson who could be the family’s undoing. Director David Michod said his favorite movie was “The Godfather Part 2″ and it shows. He’s done a great job of delivering a film that’s as if Francis Ford Coppola had made “The Krays.” This is one Sundance film I can’t wait to see in theaters this year. And Jacki Weaver has to get some attention. I’m not sure if she’s even five feet tall. She told me she always gets Sally Field-type parts at home and almost never plays a villian. Wait til she’s seen as Janine, one of the most diabolical mothers in cinematic history. She’s going to have cult following!…

    P.S. to all this: says Katie went to dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Park City while the rest of her movie crew was at Greenhouse. There are several well known restaurants in Park City. That’s not one of them. She couldn’t have had much time, and it doesn’t seem possible that Kerry Washington and Samuel L. Jackson time traveled, and had two dinners at two different places simultaneously during a two hour period. But, hey, whatever…

  • UGH!!

    Cat sh*t on a plate.

  • amber

    She does look healthier. The outfit is too heavy, perhaps she’s preggo? Which would explain the glow and covering up clothes…if not, she needs to use a stylist or get a new one.

  • tidbit

    @she’s sure better then AJ

    But this isn’t an AJ thread is it? It is a Holmes thread. You rabid Holmes fans always have to bring someone else into the thread to draw attention from the mess she is.

  • dani

    Does this woman wear like false teeth or something? Her teeth are horrible in these pictures, but if you go back to other pictures they seem much better. Here they are yellow, crooked and one of her front ones is slightly bucked.
    Just askin?

  • kim

    She IS Michael Jackson (sorry MJ).

  • kit

    The others look like they were caught on the fly too.

    My only beef is she gets paid more money to do one film than the average Joe gets paid in a lifetime. Act like you care, Katie.

  • Kate’s Crappy REVIEW!!!
  • pr person

    Craptastic as usual!!!

  • foodiedatingsite

    She is so pretty, like an alien

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She has the prettiest face. Nice choice in clothes too!!

  • @!!!!!

    Nice choice is clothes? She looks like an unkempt bag lady in riding boots.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she scares me when she smiles, it looks like she forces herself 2 smile, like if she can barely hold it lol
    she looks alright 2 her standards, at least she doesnt look like a mess like she has been for the past year or so
    so far this year she’s been looking decent, maybe she decided 2 take showers now =]

  • sped

    I love Katie, but she looks horrible in these shots. The woman should at least dress like she cares. She’s a beautiful woman, why not dress like one?!

  • sped

    I love Katie, but she looks horrible in these shots. The woman should at least dress like she cares. She’s a beautiful woman, why not dress like one?!

  • neo8087

    Katie has no fashion taste at all!
    What she wears looks terrible and funny!
    She is fake and totally joke!

  • Non factor

    She is a NOTHING! A pigeon-toed pig who married a gay midget for money. Oh, and her movies SUCK!