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Ke$ha Hits The Pages of Rolling Stone

Ke$ha Hits The Pages of Rolling Stone

Check out this new shot of Ke$ha from the new issue of Rolling Stone.

K$, 22, opened up about her favorite tracks on Animal, hoping people connect with her album and what’s in store in the future. Check it:

On her favorite tracks: “The song ‘Stephen’ is one of my favorites on the record – it’s this guy I’ve been stalking since I was 15. I wrote the song when I was 16 with my mom!”

On hoping people connect: “People that do like my record are going to because they can tell 100 percent of this is honest. I think some people are scared to be honest or some people just sing other people’s songs and don’t really make them personal, but my record’s so personal and so is my live show, and so is the way I f—ing look. Whether you like it or not, it’s honest.”

On 2010 being a huge year for her: “I hope so. Let’s just pretend the world ends in 2012, I want people to live as if it’s 2011 in December. I try not to think too far ahead, because I also feel like I’m trying to do as much as I can to set myself up properly. I put on the best live show, the absolute best live show I can possibly can.”

For more from Ke$ha, check out Rolling Stone!

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  • Jake

    She’s actually a really nice girl and f—n FUNNY in person. Really fun and genuinely a little off her head which I like.
    BUT she can’t sing to save her life!

  • Asha

    This girl always looks dirty. She needs a shower, a brush, and to lay off that glitter.

  • true

    @Jake: it’s weird cos when i first heard her voice on flo rida’s right round, i didn’t know who it was but i loved the voice. thought it was a black chick even. then i heard her live and was like whaaaaaat girl can’t sing. it’s mainly to do with breathing though. she needs to control it. it affects your voals BIG TIME. the best live vocalists are the ones who have full control of their breathing which just takes practice. unless nerves and adreneline hit you then you can’t really do much

  • Chelsea

    “It’s a recession….dancing is free”

    I love the new age hippie positive energy revolution thing. Wish more people adopted that mindset, it would be so nice to bring that back a bit.

    Just a general thought, I’m indifferent to this girl.

  • dirt

    @Asha: Um. Why should or would she alter herself to please you lol? She’s a trashy hot mess and she knows it. And glitter is yummy.

  • JL1J

    she slurs too much when she speaks omg

  • oh

    I did not know she studied “Comparative Religion and Psychology”.

  • lol

    whatever who cares about her ONE HIT WONDER

  • Pocahontas

    I will never comment again on this trashy and dirty-looking untalented ONE hit-made “thing” since I seem to be helping her rise and that’s exactly what I do not want to. So yeah, FAREWELL

  • Jesse

    She’s a pretty smart party girl. you don’t see that often. Plus she doesn’t have that “artsy” bullsh!t, unlike Lady Gaga.

  • ka-blamo


    You can’t even compare her to Gaga. That’s like comparing a Hugo to a Beamer.

  • cougarsdatingsite

    She is so cool

  • Nadia

    i wish you haters wouldn’t comment, like seriously, if you don’t like her, than don’t bother to even look at her news.

    Ke$ha is amazing, her live preformances are always fun, and keep you interested. She’s got amazing style and she’s just really cool seems like. She might slur, and act drunk all the time, but thats what makes her f_ckin amazing.

    visit if your a Ke$ha fan! ♥

  • cassandra

    I adore that photo of her :)

  • Katie

    She looks dirty and needs a shower

  • marriage-mindedsingles

    She is so hot!

  • amy

    First she rips off Uffie and Chrissys music and style now people think she is the queen of pop ! lol you’ve got to be kidding me. She’s makes up these crazy stories that she broke into Princes house and threw up in Paris Hiltons closet oh and pissed in a london pub sink. Anyone can rap thank you. I swear in her live performances it sounds exactly like she’s just lip synching to a recording. Then i read that Kesha is changing the face of rap. What has this world come to? You know Salt and Pepper were rappers and Queen Latifah Lil Kim these were women that changed rap but yet this twit comes along and boy she must have some connections cause she is no queen of pop. She had help writing those songs. This is why the music business pisses me off.