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LeAnn Rimes Debuts New Song at Sundance

LeAnn Rimes Debuts New Song at Sundance

LeAnn Rimes belts it out as she performs live at the ASCAP Music Cafe at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah on Monday (January 25).

The 27-year-old singer sang a new and untitled song, which she introduced by saying, “This song is going to make me cry!” (via Us Weekly).

The lyrics of the untitled song included the lines, “What have I done? I broke the heart of the sweetest man. What have I done? I broke the heart of the only man who’s ever loved me. Who have I become? I hope you find someone new, someone who deserves you.”

The jury’s out on this one – one source told Us Weekly that the song referred to LeAnn‘s ex-husband, Dean, while another insists it was written several years ago before any marital problems arose.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes performing at Sundance…

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leann rimes ascap cafe 2010 sundance film festival 01
leann rimes ascap cafe 2010 sundance film festival 02
leann rimes ascap cafe 2010 sundance film festival 03
leann rimes ascap cafe 2010 sundance film festival 04
leann rimes ascap cafe 2010 sundance film festival 05
leann rimes ascap cafe 2010 sundance film festival 06
leann rimes ascap cafe 2010 sundance film festival 07
leann rimes ascap cafe 2010 sundance film festival 08
leann rimes ascap cafe 2010 sundance film festival 09
leann rimes ascap cafe 2010 sundance film festival 10
leann rimes ascap cafe 2010 sundance film festival 11
leann rimes ascap cafe 2010 sundance film festival 12
leann rimes ascap cafe 2010 sundance film festival 13
leann rimes ascap cafe 2010 sundance film festival 14
leann rimes ascap cafe 2010 sundance film festival 15
leann rimes ascap cafe 2010 sundance film festival 16
leann rimes ascap cafe 2010 sundance film festival 17

Photos: GSI Media
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  • michaela

    Thank you Just Jared. Can you get us some sound from the event?

  • Prettigurlz

    Wow must have been awsome to b there at Sundance!!!

  • Shaz

    homewrecker. LeAnn, Eddie, Angelina and Brad should start a “Homewreckers Club”

  • Elin

    Writing a sound about cheating on your husband doesn’t make it ok. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t appreciate being embarrassed all over again in song and reminded she cheated on him. All I can say is karma, it’s a matter of time before Eddie cheats on her.

  • Marieme

    To hell with her and her dumb song. Wet gopher, skaaank.


    Sociopathic Homewrecking Slut

  • michaela

    @ KARMA……I guess you would have to apply that same harsh yardstick to the ex as well. In your way of thinking Brandi must have done something to deserve a stroke of unwelcome karma? Is that what you mean by KARMA?

  • Elin

    @michaela: Bad stuff happens to good people, too unfortunately. But when you cheat with some else’s husband or wife, it will definitely come back to haunt you. I think Brandi will come out the winner in all this and Eddie and Lee Ann the losers, they already are in the eyes of many people. And I don’t get the argument, are you actually defending her?

  • michaela


    It does seem that bad stuff happens to good people and good stuff happens to people who have done evil deeds. Maybe we have too short a perspective on this subject. Multiple lifetimes would explain my first sentence. Food for thought!

  • Elin

    @michaela: LOL, you got a point. C’est la vie!

  • slambang

    Dang, she’s ugly. An ugly adulteress.

  • Ms Anonymous

    She is not ugly, you people are pathetic. She has ALWAYS been gorgeous.

  • Ms Anonymous

    How about we talk about the mistakes her haters have made, huh? LAY OFF HER.

  • Ms Anonymous

    Nobody is perfect, and neither are you guys. Get off your high horses.

  • Ms Anonymous


    Well I’m sure Brandi must have done something to make Eddie leave, it takes two to tango and Brandi is not blameless.

  • cbme

    I feel that something is not right with LeAnn right now. I don’t see a happy look – I see a strained look. I wish her peace.

  • jamie

    i am so happy for her. so what if she’s made a mistake, look at brandy (the singer) she killed someone with her car. and she wasnt even high or drunk so you know she just a terrible driver, but anyways you go LeAnn you are so talented and gorgeous and do not listen to the haters.

  • jamie

    one more thing, this is directed to the haters, if you dont like her do not comment. A normal, sensible and intelligent individual does not give people they dont like the time of day. and they certainly do not bash someone they do not know for no reason. so no more negative comments please.

  • shortpeopledate

    She is such a homewrecker

  • gwen

    michaela (aka jamie, miss anon, cbme)

    I see that you are at it again. Posting under different names to make it look like LR has support. Is this what LR future hinges on, a pr person who has to pose as many fans because LR fanbase is just that low?

    So LR thinks that performing at Sundance will redeem her reputation and make it okay for her to stage photo-ops with EC and taunt BG and her kids. LR is going to get be very disappointed when she learns that even this event won’t make the public turn a blind eye or even beleive that EC loves her.

    By that same logic, if you do not like the fact that other posters comment on LR, then don’t read it. This is a message board, not a fansite, so posters are not obligated to post fluff pieces. So if you are normal, sensible, and intellent person, why do you give the posters who comment on LR and EC the time of day? Because you are not normal, sensible, or intellegent.

    What do you call writing a post to tell other posters that they are bad people for not patting EC and LR on the back is? It’s bashing.

    As long as EC and LR continue to act disrespectful they are going to receive negative comments. The public doesn’t owe EC and LR a thing.If EC and LR continue on with their “We are in love because … stunts, they are going to receive the same responses from the public.

    Why do you insist on blaming BG for EC cheating? So what did LR do to make EC cheat on her with her friend, SMJ, and all those other women on the set of CSI? EC cheated because he is selfish and immature. I get it, you blame BG for EC affair because you want everyone to believe that EC is a new and improved man now that he is sleeping with LR. Well the fact that he won’t even keep the promise that he made on RR says that EC hasn’t changed and he doesn’t love LR. When EC plays the “devoted lover” it means that EC is cheating on LR.

    Of course LR doesn’t look happy, the fact that LR takes so much pleasure in the pain that she causesd DS and BG is proof enough that LR is upset.

    Pathetic is sleeping with a married man, taunting his wife, and then paying the media/press to hide EC affairs.

    What mistakes have “haters” made? Oh I get it? Anyone who doesn’t condone EC and LR bad behavior is “evil”, right?

    Tha major flaw in your “no body is perfect” card is that LR and EC have not shown any remorse for their actions and continue to be disrespectful. So now she wants to sing a song about how she hurt DS? Where was this song when she was sticking her finger in EC pants.

    Being talented doesn’t excuse LR from her wrong doing. Of course LR is going to listen to what people are saying about her farce. Why do you think she pays these tabloids for such much positive press?

  • cbme

    Jamie, I like your comments. The only people who post on here are righteous people who never committed a sin or thought a bad thought ; they just have nasty mouths and play in the mud here. I hope everything is well with LeAnn. I

  • gwen

    LR is on another “Save my ***” tour. The song was just another attempt to whitewash her image. LR knows that the public is against her and she thinks that she can get them on her side by singing a song about how remorseful she is for hurting DS. And who said that LR doesn’t care what the public thinks? Everyone has been pointing out how EC and LR have not shown any remorse, so what does LR do? She goes and sings a song thinking that the song is enough to make up for all the wrong that she did to DS and BG. NOTE TO LEANN: If you want people to believe that you are trully sorry foe what you did to DS, then stop GLOATING and staging “EC loves me because… ” photo-ops. It’s all in the actions, if after this event LR is spotted yet again trying to convince us that EC loves her because he holds her hand, then we will know that LR was not sincere.
    Where was LR tears when she told In Touch that she is more sexual with EC than she ever was with DS or kissed EC at that game? So now LR has managed to dig herself even deeper.

  • gwen


    michaela (aka jamie, miss anon, cbme)

    1)”Jamie, I like your comments.”

    Of course you like Jamie’s comments, YOU wrote it. You do this in EVERY thread and on every site, why do you act like no one knows that it’s you? How interesting that a “different” posters shows up writing shame on you posts to all those other posters who won’t write nice things about EC and LR. You have done this too many times before.

    There you go again, patting yourself on the back because no one else will agree with you.

    2)”The only people who post on here are righteous people who never committed a sin or thought a bad thought ;”

    Boo hoo. Everybody is picking on EC and LR for no apparant, right. It’s has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that EC and LR have been disrespectful and insensitive, right? It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that EC makes promises to his kids and then breaks them, right? It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that LR keeps taunting the married man’s wife and kids, right?

    3)”they just have nasty mouths and play in the mud here.”

    WRONG. YOU have the nasty mouth. So is that what it is called when you post under different names, you are playing in the mud?

    4)” I hope everything is well with LeAnn. I”

    Nothing will ever be well for LR because LR just won’t do the right thing by DS and BG. Everyone knows that after this little stunt LR is going to stage another pda photo-op with EC or pay People magazine to write a nice little fluff piece about her weekend with EC. EC and LR are their own worst enemies.

    PS-I thought that you didn’t read my posts?

  • idontknow

    le ann+pathetic

  • ldian

    I think she is a very pretty lady and a very good singer

  • idontknow

    oops imeant
    le ann =pathetic

  • haha

    Yes, I’m a hater, hater of liars, cheaters, and homewreckers. hope she’s taken some singing lessons since her last album like a decade ago.

  • gwen

    LR just can’t leave well enough alone. Not only did she dedicate a song to DS, but other sites are reporting that once again she gets on a stage talking about God and then indirectly makes a reference to EC wife with her second song. Great job Leann, so now she thinks that BG doesn’t have a right to be mad. With immature actions like this, now you know why LR will never ever have happiness. Who was it that wondered why LR doesn’t look so happy, well now you know why.

    Now since LR is sleeping with a married man and taunting the married man’s wife constantly, what exactly does she think that God will do to her? Does LR think that she is immune from God’s punishment? And you wonder why thinks do not work out for Leann. It’s because of behavior like this. Just when you think that LR can not stoop any lower, she pulls a stunt like this.

    The only one trying to get revenge is LR, why else would she still be so obsessed with the married mans’ wife that she uses any opportunity to taunt her? Instead of worrying about BG, LR needs to focus more on EC and his othee women so that she doesn’t have to take out her anger about EC lack of love for her on his wife and kids. Poor Leann, so how many times has LR sat around drinking wine and talking about EC affairs?

  • jamie

    like i said earlier haters (gwen) need to stay off if they hate leann rimes. who the hell cares about your opinion. oh and FYI I’ve never written anything under the names of Miss Anon, cbme, or michaela. So maybe you should stop spreading hate under all your aliases (haha, idontknow, and slambang). no one cares that you have no life and hate everything, so just get over yourself.

  • Go Ask Alice

    I think it is not classy or taking the high road to write and sing a song about Dean Sheremet. Why rub his facein it AGAIN/ I am sure he signed a STFU divorce and cannot speak of her and Eddie.
    It would have been best to leave him be.
    It would have been best to leave her personal life out of it.
    A song with all of those nice compliments islike, you know,when someone gives you a compliment and an insult at the same time.

    Ex. Oh you so pretty in that dress, that syle, because of you a plus size girl.

    The next song, about Eddie, how sweet….following the song about Dean. It would have been best for her to leave that out to.
    It was a bitter divorce that is processing between Eddie and Brandi. Dean and LeAnn ,divorce is processing too.
    All of the media about all 4 people,nah, she should have left these out. Write and give to someone else.
    She is keeping the thing, the whole mess going .
    If what she says is true, about hurt, why sing publically these 2 songs to keep that going.

    It would have been best for her leave it all be.

    The CountryMusic World is forgiving and her fans are and time is and ,like I have said before,the took Garth and Trisha, Amy and Vince, Reba and Narvel, ..they’ll take LeAnn and Eddie.

    WTF do I care?
    These rich , successful people aren’t living my pitiful life.

  • cbme

    I don’t care if you are rich, poor, pitiful, etc., everybody has feelings. Maybe LeAnn is sorry that her ex was hurt but she loved someone else and there is no easy way to say that.

  • Mer

    Wish I could have seen her perform; guess Eddie had to leave Sunday night to be back at work.

  • gwen

    michela (aka jamie, mer, cbme)

    Is it really necessary to post under so many different names? Is LR fanbase lacking that much that you have to keep pulling these “different” poster acts?

    1) “like i said earlier haters (gwen) need to stay off if they hate leann rimes.”

    This is not a fansite, so posters are not obliagted to right fluff pieces about LR. If you do not lilke what others are saying, then do yourself a favor and don’t read it.

    You are the hater because everytime you post under a different name or make a “different” poster show up, you are telling everyone that you doubt that LR will ever have the support to clean up her reputation.

    2)” who the hell cares about your opinion. ”

    Obvious you and Leann care about our opinions because you wouldn’t even take the time and energy to lecture people about being “unfair” to LR for no apparant reason. How many times are you going to pull this “We do not care” card? If you don’t care, then you wouldn’t me posting in this thread.

    3)”oh and FYI I’ve never written anything under the names of Miss Anon, cbme, or michaela.”

    Sure, and up is down and down is up, right?

    4)” So maybe you should stop spreading hate under all your aliases (haha, idontknow, and slambang).”

    Alias? Who do we know that uses this term all the time? Michela. So thanks for giving yourself away. Just because you post under different names, it doesn’t mean that everyone else does the same.

    So anyone who doesn’t jump on your “LR is a good person” bandwagon is spreading hate? How much hate did you spread against DS and BG ?

    5)” no one cares that you have no life and hate everything, so just get over yourself.”

    What did I say? When a “different” shows up saying that other posters don’t have a life, chances are it’s just michela/cbme posting under a different name. So how many “different” posters are going to join this thread tonight michela?

    Since you are taking the time and energy to write apost just to tell other posters that they do not have a life, then doesn’t that mean that you do not have a life?

    Perhaps you should get over the fact that you can not save LR by posting under all of these different names.

    6) I”don’t care if you are rich, poor, pitiful, etc., everybody has feelings.”

    Don’t expect people to care about EC and LR feelings, when they didn’t and still don’t care about BG, DS, and the kids feelings. Don’t lecture anyone on compassion when you won’t even show an ounce of it to the real victims, BG and DS.

    LR really messed up and now you are just upset because everyone is calling on her on it. She cares about DS enought to write a song about him, but not enough to stop the WEEKLY photo-ops? Why does LR keep taking out her anger towards EC and his other mistresses on BG. LR seriously thinks that God is going to punish BG because BG just so happened to be the woman who is married to EC. LR is sick and it’s these games that make the public dislike.

    7) Maybe LeAnn is sorry that her ex was hurt but she loved someone else and there is no easy way to say that.

    If LR was sorry she would have expressed this so called remorse a long time ago (instead of staging gloating photo-ops) and not when the backlash against her is building up to the point where she can not control the public through the media/press.

    Why are you so convinced that what EC and LR have is love? Because that is what LR pays you say? If LR is capable of love then the gloating photo-ops and “Hey BG I’m in Calabasas” photo-ops will stop, right?If LR was capable of love, she would not have done what she did with that second song.

    What? Are you serioulsy making excuses for EC and LR actions? You think that publicly humiliating their spouses was a lot less painful than being honest with them and telling them the truth up front?

    8) Be honest, EC was only there to get the FREE PUBLICITY. We all know what is going to happen next. Seeing that everyone is talking about how EC is using her publicity for her show, she will stage a photo-op with EC during the middle of the week.

  • mihay

    What’s her song called? “I’m a homewreckin’ wh ore”??

  • gwen

    Did anyone catch this line of the song?: “I broke the heart of the only man who’s ever loved me. ”

    The only man who’s ever loved her? So Eddie doesn’t love her.

    See we called it, Eddie doesn’t love LR. Now that people have drawn attention to this line, watch People magazine/In Touch write a fluff piece and say that the song was about EC.

  • umm

    Brandy didn’t kill anyone, know the justice system before throwing around accusations.

  • ++Logan++

    What did Eddie leave her too?

    I always hope and pray that i am never stupid enough to cheat on a person who loves me so much.

  • jj

    What’s up with her hair and clothes? Looks like she’s put on a few pounds and the hair…just awful.

  • anonymous


    No,Eddie didn’t leave her. He was there with her during the weekend but had to leave Sunday night.

    Clearly the lyrics to that song is gonna lead to endless discussions.

    It would totally make sense that she wrote this while she was having the affair,but before Eddie and his wife split.With her pursuing him, but getting the sense he didn’t feel the same way seeing as he wasn’t leaving his wife for her. She probably had an “OMG what I have I done” epiphany at that moment.
    But as for those who speculate that LeAnn is having second thoughs about leaving her husband?No chance in h***. Dean has always seemed to be willing to forgive and forget what she did and would probably even take her back if she came running. However she on the other hand hasn’t shown anything that would suggest she regrets leaving him for Eddie Cibrian.Not to mention the super fast divorce settlement between them.So I can’t see how the lyrics would be about her current life/situation.

  • anonymous

    I’m kind of confused,though. Some say LeAnn wrote this song about Dean while she was cheating with Eddie,while others say the song is called “What Have I Done” and is written by Darrell Brown and David Baerwald.If the latter is correct,then how would it really be about Dean?Seems weird that LeAnn would be “feeding” them the lines/her thoughts to a song they’re writing and not be credited for it herself.

  • K

    The song is actually written by all three(Rimes,Brown and Baerwald) according to and is in fact titled “What Have I Done”. It may very well be about Dean,but IMO the song doesn’t really become all that personal when several people are involved in writing it. Whatever message she’s sending, if it’s about him, is clearly an “I’m sorry I hurt you,but I hope you’re able to move on and find happiness”, not ” I truly regret leaving you,and I wish you would take me back” kind of song.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s see.She’s been with Eddie for like 14 months and it’s been 6 months since her and Dean split. Not once has she shown that she regrets what she’s done to him. I can’t take this attempt at an apology as anything more that just that. They have remained civil after their split and she knows there’s no need to suck up to him or smooth things over in any way. So she sings a song that may or may not be about him.Big deal. She’s clearly moved on and will probably show up to the Grammy’s with Eddie on Sunday with a huge smile on her face(I’ll actually be very suprised if she doesn’t).

  • Denise

    I have always enjoyed her music – and noone is perfect. She may not end up with Eddie in the end, but there are other marriages (such as Paul Newmans and Tom Hanks) that started out as affairs but have produced long-lasting and happy unions. That doesn’t make them right, but it does happen.

  • amy

    You just know she’s gonna write another song about how much she loved Eddie if they ever split up. It’s like therapy. Just like JT writing about Britney or Nick Lachey about Jessica.

  • lisali

    She is very unique looking, but her voice is amazing. Whatever issues she has, bottom line is, the chick can sing!

  • anonymous

    Dean may be the only guy who’s ever loved her,but that’s not enough to make a relationship work if she loves someone else.Although it seemed more like he loved her as his best friend, rather than the “I’m head over heels in love” kind of way.Which may explain why he was able to put up with her cheating for so long and letting him get humiliated in the process.Either that or things really must have been over between them for a long time.I’m positive I heard someone say she felt they had been divorced for years?And apparently they hadn’t been intimate for a long time either. Her ending up in bed with somebody else just seemed to have been inevitable in this case.Unfortunately it had to be with a guy who was married and had children.As for Cibrian,nobody knows how he feels about her except him and the people he choose to tell, which is obviously none of us.

  • cbme

    I hope everything here turns out well for LeAnn. I believe that she loves Eddie. She is still young and doesn’t know much about love (neither do most of us). Maybe things will go well for LeAnn and Eddie but if they don’t, she surely knows what it is like to be pulled through the mud.

  • kerri

    She is the ugliest woman I have ever seen. She is beyond plain jane. There is NOTHING attractive about her. Anyone that thinks she is attractive needs to give their head a shake.

  • gwen

    Wow, staging photo-ops at the airports? Who else resorted to staging photo-ops at the airports give the impression that she is popular?Yeap LR, nothing says popularity like staging “Look at me” photo-ops at an airport. Sienna Miller. Leann is just another Sienna Miller. So I guess this means that we will be bombared by more photo-ops of Sienna Jr trying to convince everone that EC loves her. Now shouldn’t Leann follow her own advice? Instead of getting revenge at Life and Style for exposing EC affair with SMJ, shouldn’t Leann let go and let God handle it? Or does that only apply to the people that Leann and Eddie throw under the bus?

  • gwen

    I forgot to add, the thread about Leann vising EC on the set didn’t even make it into the feature tab. But a story about Dean and Leann does? So Leann can only make it into the searches only when her name is attached to Deans. Go figure.