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Tyra Banks Announces Plus-Sized Teen Model Competition

Tyra Banks Announces Plus-Sized Teen Model Competition

Tyra Banks is kicking off the first ever plus-sized modeling competition!

Applicants must be between the ages of 13 and 19, a size 12-20 and 5’9″ or taller. Enter here if you fit the bill!

The winner will receive a one-year modeling contract with Wilhemina, a fashion spread and cover shoot with Tyra on her Magaline and a spread in a major fashion magazine.

“I’ve always felt it was my mission to expand the narrow perceptions of beauty,” Ty said, “and I hope this contest helps teen girls discover their own beauty from the inside out.”

Finalists will be introduced on the show on Tuesday, March 2 and the winner will be crowned the following day on the show!

The Tyra Show airs at 4 PM on the CW!

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  • gamerdatingsite

    Tyra is so skinny!

  • Neorules2112

    That forehead is just sooo HUGE !!

  • Jules

    5’9″??? bloody hell! Not even the plus size hobbits have a chance.

  • Truth

    just what we need, a show that glamourizes fat teenage girls.
    being fat is not healthy or sexy, it’s disgusting and a sure way to die quick and young

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Size 12 is a plus size?!?!? Anyone 5′ 9′ that wears a size 12 would be very thin.

  • Ana

    WHATTTT? Well, I’m about 5’9′ and of course i wear a size 14 and i’m not fat at all. I’m just really tall and nothing fits me.This not plus size. 12 and 14 are only normal sizes for very tall women!

  • pretty young girl


  • miki

    The photo of Tyra is her looking really skinny…
    Why don’t they do a show with AVERAGE people…….kids who are 5’8″ and are size 8-12. That is normal. Plus size in the model industry is a size 10+ for a 5’9″ person…………sad as that sounds. They are just normal people sizes……..and the industry calls them Plus size.
    Now if they got 16+ 1-3X then that would be oversized gals.
    Oh well, we all have to accept that the fashion industry is all messed up.
    Kinda like the ballet world. A 5’8″ dancer would be on the tall end of the scale, and would need to weigh about 110-115 lbs. That is skinny.
    the low end is about 5’3″………weighing about 80-95 pounds..can get away with 101 lbs. Why do we accept this???

  • Marie



  • luisaonline

    this was not necessary

  • Shaz

    instead of plus sized or anorexic, why don’t they have girls in between which are perhaps the most beautiful, healthy and athletic girls.

  • Marie

    I’m a teen and I’m 5’9”, 125 pounds, and a size 2-4, run track and field as well as snowboard. Let me tell you, any girl who is over 5’9” and over a size 10 is considered HUGE by most standards, especially in NYC. So to the previous girls who think they are thin or average being a size 14 are seriously delusional.

  • Marie


    Nothin fits you because you are fat, not tall. I’m the same height as you and wear a size 2 or 4 depending on the brand. Stop kidding yourself and get on the treadmill. I say this with the utmost sincerity and good intentions. Much love.

  • emele

    being 5’9″ and size 14 is not thin. its not hugely fat but i wouldn’t call that thin for example taylor swift is over 5’9″ and is quite a small size, i would call that thin.

  • pottersfield

    She is such a hypocrite. She is going down the tubes and needs publicity.

  • cougarsdatingsite

    I love Tyra! She is the new oprah

  • Mareike

    Love her but, she should go back to the “normal” America’s Next Top Model, because most designers don’t choose plus-size or “small” models for their campaigns and stuff, so I think the “normal” ANTM actually puts models out there, those that could book a lot of jobs :/

  • goo

    They should name the show “Normal Sized Teen Model Competition” and not Plus-sized if this is to be the opposite of America’s Next Top Model. Size 0 is not normal.

    In summer 2009, the average size woman was a “14″.

  • Heather

    @Marie: Body structure also has a lot to do with size. Very rude of you to flat out call someone fat. Says a lot about your poor personality.

  • lakers fan in boston

    yawn who gives an eff
    all this crazy ass woman is going to do is exploit them
    cant stand her, she makes any subject about her
    i honestly didnt even no there was a size 20, that sounds humongous, lol

  • Loneiceska

    Im 23 and beautiful

  • Loneiceska
  • Loneiceska
  • Nicole


    Wow your either a troll or just a childish moron How dare you call someone fat because you CLAIM to a be a size 2 or 4!!

    Im glad you feel your size is acceptable but surely others look upon you as skinny or boyish? thats also consider unnatractive by many people too.

    Maybe when you grow up a little you will realise we are all different and thats a good thing.

  • PoeticlyUrz

    It’s a shame that we have these pre-set standards and notions about how big or small you should be. If you enjoy modeling, do it! Big small short tall, do what makes you happy. No two people are the same, so just do away with ‘normal’. we are all unique! As long as your healthy and happy why does size specifications matter?

  • israel

    Hey Tyra, my name is Israel. I am a huge fan of yours and of America’s Next Top Model. I am actually watching it right now :) It would be extremely awesome if you did an ANTM teen edition for ALL shapes and sizes!! :) that would be a dream come true.

  • selfconciousflame

    what’s with the height?? i mean i’m shorter than most and people still say something about me being pretty or whatever?? its not like height matters?? i’m a size 17…..

  • selfconciousflame

    @Shaz: amen to that!

  • Amber

    i think its pretty cool that their having a plus size modeling competion but im 5’2 and i think its about ime there should be a smaller modeling competition.

  • maiahDollFashion

    i think this is great opportunityl for young plus size teen girls, because now of days in this modeling industry they want you to be a certain size , but being big but healtly is Beautufil , look at Toccra she was plus sized and loom how far she made it. so i think Tyra is making a Great Choice by this and people like ! Marie ! make big girls feels bad about them selves, and being any size makes you a strong confident woman , so stop hating on Plus Size Teen Models , i feell skinny girls are mad because we about TAKE OVER this Model Industry with BIG AND BEAUTIFUL

  • maiahDollFashion

    think this is great opportunityl for young plus size teen girls, because now of days in this modeling industry they want you to be a certain size , but being big but healtly is Beautiful , look at Toccra she was plus sized and lool how far she made it. so i think Tyra is making a Great Choice by this and people like ! Marie ! make big girls feels bad about them selves, and being any size makes you a strong confident woman , so stop hating on Plus Size Teen Models , i feel skinny girls are mad because we about TAKE OVER this Model Industry with BIG AND BEAUTIFUL ! lol
    and if you dont like what i have to say well then ONE MIDDLE FINGER UP TO AND A SMILE . .

  • Chantelle


    How dare you call someone fat for being a bigger size then you.

    What most people need to see is that everyone is built differently, you could weigh less then someone and look heavier.

    Of course there is over weight people, but take into consideration that not everyone is built the same. Some girls of broader shoulders, or wider hips. Some have long torso’s some have shorter. There are longer legs and shorter legs.

    I think what most people need is to see and appreciate the differences we have, that is what makes us unique, it’s what makes us ultimately stand out.

  • WOW

    A post earlier thinks being 5’9 and a size 2 is normal?? To most people that looks sick. Not everyone thinks skinny is attractive. Most teens who are this thin are that way naturally. Can you imagine being 13 yrs old and never being able to eat junk , ice cream etc. like most teens do?? My poor daughter has to watch every morsel she puts in her mouth (due to genetics) and is a 9/10, but is considered “fat”. It disgusts me. Not everyone is genetically meant to be skinny. This worshiping of the very thin has to STOP. I can remember I starved myself as a teen to be 95 lbs. lost my period, yet everyone thought looked good, but was very SICK.

    To the skinny bashers on this board, get off your high horse, a size 2 and 4 is NOT NORMAL

  • http://MsOliviaa MissOlivia

    5″9′?! reallllyy ? -__-

  • http://MsOliviaa MissOlivia

    5″9′?!! reaallllly ? -__-

  • Ashley

    I know, I totally agree, I’m 5’6 and I could be a model, i’ve got the walk and everything. =(

  • Ashley

    I know, I totally agree, I’m 5’6 and I could be a model, i’ve got the walk and everything. =(

  • http://yahoo alanis giuinn

    This is really discouraging I almost had this one but I’m 5’4 just my luck

  • Stilladsudlejning

    Thank you for this webpage. Thats all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something speciel. You clearly know what you are doing, youve covered so many bases.thanks

  • jonny

    I thought miss plus teen usa was a joke at first.Just what we need in the usa,more fat woman who think they are princesses,truly freaking sad-

  • LaurennSarahh

    It really doesn’t matter what size you are. You don’t have to be skinny to be beautiful that’s not right. I think plus sized modelling is great it give people who are not ”skinny” a chance to be confident in themselves and have some self esteem. I think Tyra’s a great woman who accept’s people any size. I think people are saying for them to loose weight and things is harsh and uncalled for. Yeah i’m thirteen an size 10-12 im not really confident in my self but i wouldn’t mind doing plus sized ,modelling. Everyone a different shape or size there’s not a perfect size or being. your all built and made differently and i think all you who think plus sized modelling is wrong are a bit mean and are hypocritical.

  • Ivy


    You’re calling HER out for being a troll?

    How dare you assume that someone within her size range is considered “boyish.”

    I’m 18, 5’2 and 94 pounds, size 0 with a size 32D chest. I love my body and wouldn’t gain or lose a pound for anything. I am far from unhealthy, and definitely far from “boyish.”

    “Real women have curves” is one of the most secretly offensive things I have ever heard in my life. A “real woman” is any woman. Not everyone is born with curves, yet these women with flat chests are made to feel as though they are inadequate.

    Don’t ever assume that size 0 = unhealthy. I am at a healthy weight for my age, considering my height and proportions, because I have a very small waist, but a large bust.

    As long as someone is healthy, that is all that matters. If a girl is eating right, and getting some exercise, then that’s it. If whatever “size” she is is healthy for her, then she is a “real woman” and beautiful.

  • JJ

    @Truth: Except “plus-size” in the modeling world is a lot different any regular person’s perception of plus-size. They’re really looking for normal-sized girls.

    Take note that the girls have to be 5’9″… size 12 isn’t fat when you’re that tall.

  • plusegirlifyouno

    I am a pluse and dont like being called fat i no i should have tooken more car of myself but really fat? Well im not short but im not tall im normal and i wont make it because that height is too tall. Well for me. im going to try to lose weight and gain height (if possible lmbo)

  • cutiexx

    i know init

  • couragely

    i alwayss wanted to do modeling and i found this page and thought maybe i can do it I’m a size 12 but I’m 5’8 not 5’9 i really thought i had a shot ):


    heyy tyra im blessing i want to be in ur modeling contest.why? because everybody say i look like a model and i take gorgeous pictures like a model, so i want to try my best to be the america’s nxt top model even to im not tall like the rest thank you


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