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Bar Refaeli Goes On A Rampage -- ROAR!

Bar Refaeli Goes On A Rampage -- ROAR!

Check out these sexy shots of Bar Refaeli from her second season as the face of Rampage!

The 24-year-old Israeli model posed in Rampage gear for world renowned photographer Gilles Bensimon in Paris Hilton‘s former home in Los Angeles.

“Rampage’s spring collection is amazing,” Bar said. “The flirty dresses, fabulous swimwear and great shorts are perfect for warm weather, parties and weekends. I can’t wait to wear all of the new styles!”

Check out five ads set to run in national magazines and ten behind the scenes pics inside…

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bar refaeli rampage ads 01
bar refaeli rampage ads 02
bar refaeli rampage ads 03
bar refaeli rampage ads 04
bar refaeli rampage ads 05
bar refaeli rampage ads 06
bar refaeli rampage ads 07
bar refaeli rampage ads 08
bar refaeli rampage ads 09
bar refaeli rampage ads 10
bar refaeli rampage ads 11
bar refaeli rampage ads 12
bar refaeli rampage ads 13
bar refaeli rampage ads 14
bar refaeli rampage ads 15

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  • CanadaGirl

    This news will not inspire me to buy these clothes.

  • thats_right

    Angelinaaaaa I love you, you are the best :)
    I will miss Angie and Brad not been in Oscars :( I guess i won’t be watching Oscar’s without Angie and Brad in it.

  • Pandora

    She looks great — so fresh and pretty. So are the clothes.

  • jeimy

    photoshop, you can tell in the bikini pictures

  • doctorsfriends

    Wow she looks great

  • wrong, not Angelina, either

    she has great face bone structure …. pretty

  • chipasssssssss

    i am tired of people making her seem like a High end Supermodel. shes freaking average thanks to photoshop.

  • veryls

    Photoshop much.

  • ka-blamo

    Ok. We know she’s beautiful. But its irritating when photoshop is so dang obvious.

  • melonie

    Why is she even posted in this page. People only know her as Leo girlfriend, what else is new. JJ…. Photoshop in her resume

  • sffffffffffffffffffff

    This girl career is all about photoshop. i am sickening by gossip sites writing about her. what so extrodinary has she done, walk Versace catwalk oh wait noooooooo cause, well we know………….

  • LuckyL

    She’s so average in face and body. I mean, have none of you seen tall, pretty girls?

  • LuckyL

    I guess she exotic for Israel.

  • LadyB

    I’m sorry, but I am more impressed with the pictures of Emily Blunt right below her. Emily looks pretty.

  • Abbie

    Thanks JARED for sharing these new fabulous pictures of the beautiful Bar Refaeli in the new Rampage campaign! What a body!

  • http://JustJared Kem

    Trashy. Pic #5 is terrible. Great photographer, horrible model. Sad. She has the job because she is back with Leo.

  • annab

    She is looking really good. I love the second row, third picture of her smiling. Very beautiful.

  • riri

    She’s hot. Probably the prettiest model today, not to mention the smoking body.
    I don’t know why most of the models these days are not even pretty and are flat-chested.

  • ivanka

    @thats_right: lol a typical brangelina hardcore fan

  • Too much photoshopping but boy she NEEDS it!!! But she needs Leo even more! And what`s with the constipated look on her face? Not impressed at all!
    E! didn`t even bother to write her name:
    ` The model Leonardo DiCaprio dates is modeling bikinis again, in case you haven’t figured what’s so great about her.` LOL!

  • M M

    Pretty girl, but way too much Photoshop!

  • fat GAY queenie

    Short, freckled, thick body, chunky arms/legs, yellow teeth, tiny rodent eyes, bleached damaged hair, trout pout. This pushy Israeli needs to get back on the plane already – more tacky 4th tier modeling jobs. At least I have heard of Rampage but it’s no high fashion outfit. Being Leo’s sometime f*ck buddy/prost*itute can only get you so far.
    She looks much older than early 20s. Zac Efron is early 20s and she looks like she could be his mom. I think she was early/mid twenties like ten years ago.

  • ally

    Roar? Seriously? This is off topic Jared, but you can be extremely cheesy with your headlines sometimes.

  • just me

    How about the timing? Getting back with Leo, public appearances together, cheap underwear ad photos and the SI swimsuit issue is coming out soon. Apparently someone desperate wants the cover again! Keep up the good work… Leo!

  • momo

    She looks like my hamster from 3rd grade except he was better looking and her teeth are yellower. RIP Hammy I love you man!

  • Bea

    Honestly… she looks cheap, very tranny. I wouldn´t buy those clothes because she doesn´t look good in them. Not a nice publicity. It´s not the clothes that are the problem, it´s her. Too much photoshop and not a classy model.

  • Lovely

    Her body is much better than Miranda Kerr’s.

  • @29

    After all the photoshopping of course it seems like it! LOL!
    @28 Very well said! Rampage never seemed high quality and she managed to turn it even crappier! I wonder why people ( Leo, Rampage or SI ) stick with this cheap and low class girl?

  • Pat

    She’s gorgeous.

  • ellie’

    Bar is smoking hot .. shes gorgeous and what a great body.. now that a tall sexy woman..

  • twizzler

    HAHAHAHA! She is a really bad model. This looks like an ad for party line or escort service. Leo always looks so embarrassed & depressed to be with her. Get it together boy! Move the eff on!!!!!

  • Candycotton

    Barf is a plain faced,ratty haired,man shouldered fish eyed low class wh*re..No personality no charisma.Just a fake smile..

  • tal

    stuning !!!

  • Tazina

    ha ha – sooooo many jealous comments….guess these posters aren’t too attractive…

  • Jokergurl

    She looks very photoshopped here for some reason or airbrushed at least.

  • happy girl

    She is hot but she has my man so I don’t like her! Ha!

  • french

    It’s always after to have been seen with Leo (photos or rumors) that her works are released (for example her fox campaign was release some days after the stupid and made up story about them in the Bahamas) .
    She looks so ugly even with photoshop.

  • french

    The pics are worst than the firsts

  • newgirl

    CRAPTASTIC. She always poses with her mouth open like she is trying to catch a fly. It makes her look stupid and brainless. She also is good at sitting with her legs spread open. Sh&tty model!
    Could Leo look any more miserable with her?
    CRICKETS. No conversation or interaction. He looked happier at the telethon for Haiti talking to strangers on the phone. Gorgeous Leo needs to move on. Way over due.

  • BARF

    what the hell happen to her!?!?!?
    she look very old,and not fresh at all!!!!!!
    bad photos ever!!!!!!!!

  • eee

    Too much fotoshop. By the way, nodody noticed that she has an ugly mouth line) always facing down, like this :-( Once you notice you can’t stop seeing it!
    I think she is pretty compared to people we normaly see walking down the street but not compared to other models.

  • french

    Is she really 24-year-old? because she always looked older than her age, even Leo looks younger than her.
    More i see her ads, more i think you can’t call her a model ( always the same poses, always the same face, and she even doesn’t know how to pose when she is not naked)

  • SouthAfricanGirl

    Whoa, Leo is one lucky dude!

  • just me

    These photos scream PHOTOSHOP!!! They made her body look great but her face… Most of the photos are hideous when it comes to her face. I really don`t see what`s the big deal about these she looks just as fake as Heidi Montag. LOL!

  • tal

    she looks great!!

  • Faith87

    Don’t get me wrong. I think she is a very pretty girl, but I see alot of girls who like this by where I live.

    It’s kind of confusing as to how she managed to get so famous

  • luks

    #24#37 you are so right…
    now people finaly realise she has no talent, call her supermodel is an offense to real model, she looks old, has no pose even w photoshop she looks weirdoo and i dont believe anyone here is jealousy of her lack of talent and stupidity, the comment saying that she is gorgeous are from people related to her just looking to photos you realize that she is weak model…its funny the timing reconciliation w leo followed some swim work and she looks like she have leo age…

  • @46

    There`s no confusion here. She is a famewh*re and her mother is the same. She pushed her ever since she was a little girl then Barf managed somehow ( it`s still beyond my understanding how ) to hook up with Leo and the rest is history…
    Gosh, on (small) picture #10 she looks at least 45.

  • dude

    a lot of photoshop involves in this, but she’s still very beatiful. If she was american you would say that she’s very hot.

  • sohuh

    Love Rampage fashions especially their cute underwear!