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Katie Holmes Loves Longchamp - And Shimmying!

Katie Holmes Loves Longchamp - And Shimmying!

Just Jared here, reporting from inside the Bath & Body Works anti-bacterial van at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival!

Katie Holmes, wearing her favorite long wool Longchamp coat and H&M denim shirt, cracks a smile as she leaves a screening of The Romantics at the Library Centre in Park City, Utah on Wednesday (January 27).

The 31-year-old actress and her fellow cast members recently shared with MTV that they spent their downtime together dancing!

“I’ll never forget that dance party we had at that lunch hour,” Romantics actor Elijah Wood said. “Oh my God, it was so fun. Instead of trailers on the film – we were in a relatively rural, small area – we ended up having holding houses.

“One lunch break, instead of going to lunch, we decided to have a party at one of the holding houses,” Elijah shared. “There was a little iPod dock, and we played very loud music and danced. And the girls were amazing.”

Katie shared that her favorite dance move to do is shimmying! “I like to shimmy,” she said. “It’s when you move your shoulders. It all goes back to the basic, and then you expand from there.”

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  • Tandy

    Is that Michael Jackson….????

  • Tandy

    Is that MJ……??

  • Tandy

    Her jaws & neck is so manly.

  • gross

    This bit*ch is fugly!!!

    Has she had a sex change for tom?

  • Fug

    Man. She’s demented.

  • kk

    Does Steven Tyler have a younger brother?

  • rainbow

    She looks great; love the coat and bag, and she’s getting good reviews for “The Romantics” Just keep living your life Katie, and ignore the haters!

  • ivanka

    she looks beautiful:)

  • OMG!

    She looks so ugly! And yes to #3, so manly!

    Also, review of “The Extra Man”-
    Easily the weakest part of this film is Katie Holmes. She strides through the scenes looking more gaunt than gorgeous, and doesn’t seem to understand her characters role in the film. She applies the same amount of affectation to her character as the other actors, even though she is meant to play the closest thing to a normal person in the film. She is meant to be the straight-man, but ends up coming off as childish. She delivers her lines with a bizarre, wide-eyed quality that seems to suggest she was learning them up until the directors yelled “Action!” Luckily, Mr. Dano has the presence to mask this and keep the scenes moving along.

  • LuckyL

    I’m getting used to her hobo chic.

  • To rainbow #8

    who is simonette alanes with comments # 8 9 : where is she getting good reviews? You’re really desperate, aren’t you simonette?

  • Katie will always be C-list

    Scarlett Johansson on Broadway: “Better Than Katie Holmes”

  • jimbo

    Michael Jackson has risen from the dead.

  • bella

    What happen with her eyes, because only this bimbo who used sun glasses

  • http://justjared mjlover

    that can’t be mj because he was still kinda good looking.

    by calling her mj u r insulting him.

  • Tandy

    #16 mjlover – sorry i’m not meaning to insult MJ, because i love him too.
    but this goldiger face really so manly & ugly.

  • Kate

    All of these mean comments show whats wrong with the world

  • Tandy

    i saw the clip of extra man, when homely came and speak wow… incredible, her voice really like a child.

  • http://justjared mjlover

    i mean 2 say u r insulting him by comparing him with a douchbag.

  • Pac Man

    She’s not a C lister and it’s ridiculous to compare these two unrelated actors and performances, #14.

  • looika

    Show me Suriiii….., Katie……

  • Tandy

    #20 mjlover – sorry again, i really have respect to MJ, he is my idol.

  • http://justjared rick

    omg!!! it’ ozzy osbourne!!!!!!!!
    long time no see.

  • riri

    This gold-digger aged so much. She talks like a little girl but looks like she is pushing 40 y.o.
    How was marrying for money and fame, Katie? was it worth it?

  • Bo Peep

    Pac Man- you’re seriously delusional !

    You seem so obsessed….you can’t even see reality anymore!

    Just read the board- 98.5 % think Katie is hilarious!

    That should tell you!

  • @pacman

    You r right, she is not a C lister-she is a D lister married to an A lister. Without his name and fame, she’d be gone from the scene.

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  • kizbit

    So lonely. You never see her out with friends just having coffee and hanging out. She’s always alone (with her bodyguard watching her every move). What a sad, lonely way to live.

  • ellie’

    Katie is a beautiful woman… I love her and Tom…such a nice couple… .

  • chaos

    She’s beautiful! I love her outfit!
    And I highly doubt you guys look better than her. She’s lovely, and its wrong to be so mean.

  • longchamp

    haha, love longchamp too!

  • brightside

    Who was she, exactly, before she married Tom Cruise?

  • HoHI

    Who was she?

    LOL….a bimbo of course!

  • abcdefg

    I think she is pregnant …

  • zzzz

    I’d rather not visualize her “shimmying” beacause I hate throwing up in my mouth.

  • Pac Man

    She’s an A lister where she earned that title herself or not, #26.

    You don’t know her life, #28. You’re just making judgments based on paparazzi photos or a lack there-of.

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    Imo, the Hideous, Homely, talent-chalenged, Cankle Queen would be d-lister without Tommygurl or the lipstick wearing, high heeled pr chi*mp.

  • rainbow

    @To rainbow #8:

    No, I’m not Simonette Alanes. Just because I’m not a hater, doesn’t mean I’m that sock puppet. You can read reviews for “the Romantics” here. While the film is getting mixed reviews, everyone agrees that Katie did a good job.

  • Homely is a sh*tty

    The ugly smirk face must call the paps! Homely smirks because her teeth are crooked and yellow. Can’t stand the d-list stinker.

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    That ugly giant troll is wearing a nice coat. Btw, poor poor Adam Brody. Signed up to act with the gorgeous Liv Tyler, but got stuck with a cankled Troll.

  • TomKat is sending JJ cupcakes!

    Kate Winslet: gorgeous Oscar winning actress with endless talent
    Kate Moss: crazy petite super model
    Kate Beckingsale: gorgeous actress with hottie hubby and normal daughter
    Katie Homely: talent and fashion challenged hack, ginormously ugly classless troll, clueless mother of basted imp.

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    TomKat fans are low brow, delusional, pinhead trolls!
    TomKat critics are patriotic, equipped with supreme stellar taste, and are all around classy peeps!

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    I forgot to add that TomKat critics are blessed with eternal great karma and blessed eternally by G.O.D.

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    Sorry for the dupe posts, JJ moderates like crazy for his darling sweets bribing TomKat duo.

  • It’s Robo-Bride

    She is fug. Dirty lank hair, looks like she hasn’t washed. wrinkled clothes.

  • emma#2

    Katie got a good write up for her role in The Romantics by New York P ost and L A Times.

  • Mousse

    WHY is she not wearing a summer dress without sleeves??!!
    WHY doesn’t she have bare legs???

  • ayrin

    @Pac Man:
    A-lister? No way!!
    just a wife of a famous and rich actor who is an A-lister (not because I pay to go see his movies anymore, too crazy for my liking, thanks)

  • CJC

    HATE HER!!!! Gross giraffe body pig. UGLY!! And her so-called marriage is a sham all for publicity and money. She has an ugly soul.