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Leonardo DiCaprio: This Is Our Moment!

Leonardo DiCaprio: This Is Our Moment!

Celebs including Leonardo DiCaprio, Chace Crawford, Jason Bateman, Justin Long and Emmy Rossum are coming together for the environment!

The stars are asking you to email your senators about voting for the Clean Energy Jobs & American Power Act and supporting a move toward clean energy!

Other celebs in support of the act include Felicity Huffman, Edward Norton and Forest Whitaker.

Check out for more information and to learn how you can help!

Leonardo DiCaprio – This Is Our Moment
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  • lb

    aww they seem genuine

  • rhonda

    don’t fall for it kids! It will cost your mom and dad at least $3000 a year in order to heat and cool your home. Many of your parents can’t afford this! Al Gore left the WH with 2 million dollars he is worth over a billion dollars now pushing this stuff. You will get poorer and they will get richer and have more control over you and your family. You gotta keep your eyes open.

  • to rhonda

    i never thought i would say this, but for once you have said something that i agree with. all i see is higher taxes, loss of many more american jobs, and people like al gore getting richer. this from a democrat.

  • anne

    i knew there was a reason we voted for a republican to take over the late senator kennedy’s seat in the senate. someone has got to stop these hollywood types from trying to tax us to death and take away american jobs.

  • coco

    Leo is so handsome!!! I will do anything he tells me to.

  • Mari

    According to every reputable scientist, global warming is real and it’s a crisis. Green jobs are the wave of the future and, in addition to saving the planet for future generations, could help stimulate the economy and get people back to work like the wpa did after the great depression.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..i like leo with a gat pulled down over his face, mouth shut, and acting like a douchebag. he should continue to be quiet like he’s been for the past… his whole career. douche

  • Katelyn

    @Mari and to the rest of you who are reading this comment, it is NOT TRUE that there is a consensus that human caused global warming is real, they would only like for you to believe that in order to make way for global government (the new world order) and the carbon tax. Don’t believe me? Do some actual research especially on Climate Gate. I bet most of you can’t even describe global warming, you just believe whatever you hear on the TV. Brainwashing is so easy when people don’t think for themselves anymore. Also, note that there are thousands and thousands of scientists who have stated that this human-induced global warming is a farce. Al Gore is even being sued by the guy who started the weather channel. It’s all lies, lies, lies. You want to know why our Earth is periodically warming (natural phenomenon, may i add), look to the Sun!

  • Sandra

    Another Rich Celebrity promoting something that will cost Americans that are struggling to make it $$$$$$$ Thousands of dollars more per year in utility bills.

    Now is not the time for this PERIOD!!! I recommend to Leo that he get together with all of his friends in the $50Million dollar club and get them to give 25% of their money toward this objective. That will cover America for quite a few years and until the economy is strong enough to consider this burden that at this time is not a proven threat.

  • carrie

    i ‘ll listen him when he would like to fly with commercial, not in private jet?

  • Katelyn

    Also, its not about democrats or republicans. Stop thinking that way. Dems and Reps follow the same agenda, the agenda of the Bilderbergs.

  • ka-blamo

    Hello, I’m Leotardo DiCrapio!

  • firemendating

    I don’t believe in global warming

  • Frankie

    Ed Norton looks like a crackhead let out on a day pass. The dude with the fro and suit looks outta place – I have no idea who he is. Maybe Leo met him at Starbucks. Leo looks gorgeous, so that’s all that matters. Random group of people Leo organized here.

  • Wake Up

    Regardless of whether or not you believe in global warming, are you actually against a healthier environment? I mean, have you never seen the smog hovering over Los Angeles or a red tide along the Atlantic coast of Florida? There is obviously a problem. Use your senses.

    Republican, Democrat, or otherwise…please stop just saying NO to everything your rival asks of you simply because you are not generally of the same persuasion. A cleaner and healthier Earth is a benefit to all; it’s a win/win situation.

    And by the way, why is it that excessive military spending is acceptable, but good health, good education, and a clean environment is always allowed to be held on the back-burner?

    I beg of you…Stop being so short-sighted, selfish, and unsympathetic.

  • malinda

    This website should be called Just Leonardo because lately he is on here every day! More Leo please! All day 24/7. Loves it. Thanks JJ.

  • to mari

    could help stimulate the economy and get people back to work like the wpa did after the great depression.

    yes, tell me. are you going to buy my shark infested swimming pool? the reason i ask i because, well, you’re so gullible.

  • lexy

    I think it’s great that he’s speaking out and truly cares about this cause. He’s been doing this for years.
    I do think it’s funny how so many people think global warming is a joke. I see some comments about heating bills and Americans losing jobs but no comments about how we’re continuing to make the Arab nations rich and they aren’t exactly keeping Americans in jobs – unless you count the military services we provide for them.

  • to lexy

    get real! heating bills and american losing jobs is the point; idiot. and always will be the point. it’s all well and good except that people like leo want me to pay 100 percent more in taxes than i already do. sorry, not this person.

  • to wake up

    guarantee me in writing that my taxes will not increased by thousands of dollars each year. guarantee me in writing that my heating bills will not be increased by thousands of dollars each year. guarantee me in writing that NONE of the freedoms, including the freedom to travel by what ever means we choose when/where we choose to, that i and other americans currently enjoy will not be taken away from us. after you do that, then maybe we will have something to talk about.

  • Mari

    @ “toMari” – - – what is it that you don’t understand about jobs, including green jobs, stimulating the economy? That’s economics 101, sweetie. Learn your history.

  • Lenny

    With China and India laughing all the way to the bank give up your jobs for a theory so a very few can get rich. Hollywood has never had the smartest people working there just the most leftist people work there. Global warming now is global cooling and no one will talk about that with the worst winter in years. Rhonda is correct and Lexy is just one of those who believe people like Leonardo DiCaprio who knows nothing about the environment.

  • Catalina

    My electric rates went up 30% the first of this year. And this is before any bill is passed. I can’t imagine what my bill will be like if this bill passes.

  • to mari

    i’ll tell you what i understand, sweetie. my heating bill has gone up 35 percent as of the first of this year. then there’s the rising cost of food for myself and my children. then the taxes that left wing liberals like yourself are forcing on middle income americans. i can just imagine what will happen if republicans aren’t able to stop this bill from passing. you want to create “green jobs” then do it without putting anymore taxes on americans. we are taxed enough!!

  • to lenny

    the thing to do is to make sure some of these democrats are voted out of the congress and the senate. then these hollywood types like leo etc will have no choice but to back down.

  • lexy

    I think YOU’RE the idiot – again, are the arabs giving jobs to Americans? Is Opec running a not for profit and GIVING away oil? You saw what they did a while back when gas was over $4 a gallon. And if you paid attention you’d notice gas prices have been slowly creeping up again so it will be interesting to see how much it will cost by summer. If it’s ALWAYS going to be about Americans losing jobs and heating costs then at least have an intelligent comment or 2 about these topics. Leo’s talking about the environment, not the economy.
    Americans are losing jobs b/c companies can get cheap labor in China and India. They don’t have to worry about unions making crazy demands. What exactly does that have to do with what’s going on with the environment?? The Republicans were in the house for 8 years and instead of spending your tax dollars on the Americans – Bush and his friends helped Opec and Haliburton get richer. How exactly did that help YOUR heating bill? What jobs did he create – new positions in the military so you could go fight for oil?
    At the end of the day it’s about greed. I don’t think McCain would have had any better solutions to corporate greed. How many Americans would have been out of work had GM and AIG and the other financial institutions gone under?? Or are you going to blame the environment and the democrats for that too??

  • to lexy

    please get this straight! it is about money. if this Clean Energy Jobs & American Power Act passes it will affect the economy; whether you choose to believe it or not. where do you suppose leo and friends are going to use to pay for this. i know, thin air. and how does the government get money it needs? through the tax dollar.

    my tax dollars. you want something as radical as this act then put it to the vote. allow the american people, at the poll, to decide whether this should be pased. if the american people vote in favor; fine. however, if the american people vote against then this clean energy jobs & american power act then it is finished; end of discussion.

    as for GM, AIG, and the other financial institutions i am one of the people who is still furious that they got those billions in bail out. they got themselves in that mess then they should have been forced to deal with it. for the record, i think you’re going to find a lot of people who voted for the democrats are so angry that they are now working for the republicans.

  • sam

    Talk about Orwellian “Clean Energy Jobs & American Power Act ”
    also known as “Cap and Trade” , until it polled badly,

    That’s all Obama and democrats do, they think Americans are stupid, fool them with some bullsh@t sounding name, the opposite of what it will do,

    ( like the ‘ Stimulus’ and anything to do with jobs and stimulating the economy and not about a bunch of left wing projects and paying back the unions that got Obama into the White House)

    slap it on the bill, get a couple of stupid liberal celebrities to shill for it, presto! the ignorant pubic will be all for it, even if it will cost Americans thousands in higher taxes and jobs going China/ India/ Brazil .

    at least the mega rich, living the good life Leo and friends will be happy, who will not be effected one bit , while millions of struggling Americans will have one more load placed on them.

  • AVA

    what do you know about jobs, obviously nothing, governments don’t create jobs or wealth, that was tried and failed, maybe you should read your history if was the chapter on ” Communism “, you don’t even have go back that far, Obama’s failed Presidency is enough of an education, $800 billion dollar ‘ stimulus’, that’s more then what has been spent in Iraq in 8 years, $533 billion, or the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe after WW2, $200 billion in today dollars, and what did it get us unemployment went from 7% to 10%. No country has done or spent more money on green jobs then Spain, their unemployment is officially at 18%…..

    Putting more burdens with regulations and taxes on the private sector, the sector that actually creates jobs, well only make America a less desirable place for business and capital to invest, and with the rise of Asian powers, business and capital have somewhere else to go, where they will be appreciated and will be able to make money on the capital, not be punished for it..

    the people who will suffer is the American public who will find it harder to keep a job, find a job and support their families with all the new taxes coming their way along with the higher energy bills, gas prices, grocery bills.

  • rhonda

    @to lexy:

    I hope you will study the issue a little more. It is estimated that America will lose up to 21/2 million jobs with cap and trade. The government is making it to hard to do business here in America.

    All these celebrites get on their golfstream jets and want YOU to drive a clown car or better yet a bike or public transportation. I hope you can see that America is being SLOWED down, while China and India are gearing up. Unless you want to be
    the future basket weavers of the world, you had better wake up and fast.

  • doctordatingsite

    Its all fake

  • ingo

    Leo looks hot here. VERY HOT!!!! He is creating global warming all by himself!

  • lexy

    I think some of you Democrat haters are forgetting the key thing here – Obama hasn’t been in the White House long enough to have caused all these economic problems. They were there LONG before he got the job as President. Do you REALLY think if McCain had won things would be better?? The government isn’t the only one making it hard for businesses to do business here in America – unions do there part and greedy executives are doing their share too.
    I’m angry about the bailout too but you have to look at the big picture here. Who do you think would have lost their jobs if these companies had to clean up their own messes?? Do you think the CEO and CFOs and people responsible for these problems would have lost THEIR jobs??? I doubt it. They would have fired all the OTHER people – secretaries, factory workers, lower levels of management, those “regular” employees. Like many companies they would have cut back on healthcare and retirement plan contributions – which would have hurt all those other employees with families to support.
    So if the government floated some of these companies some money and it helped save some jobs for regular Americans then it was worth it. And besides, once Obama and his team put “strings” on the money notice how quickly many of the financial companies paid the money back or suddenly didn’t take any money!

  • Lenny

    By the way, what is a green job? Does anyone really know what it is? Sounds like government welfare to me. Why isn’t any other country talking about green jobs?

  • ohiowed

    Leo looks VERY HOT!!!! – Sure wears this BLUE shirt Many times. Everytime he promotes Eco-Issues… Must save $$ on clothes, instead he Fly Private Jets. Hey Leo, do You Fly to Dayton?

  • ohiowed

    Fly to DAYTON…Lots of Wheat Fields for us to turn ECO-GREEN. :)


  • cowboysdatingsite

    He should buy homes for the homeless, loser

  • ageless

    F^^^ Off DiCrapio, you and your UN climate liar need to go away.

  • caliente

    He wears blue to bring out his pretty eyes. Love u Leo!

  • No SI cover for Barf!
  • Che LIBotomy

    Hoax and Blame. The global warming hoax is falling like a deck of cards. It will take at least a decade before we see the far reaching, illegitimate agenda of Al Gore and his hapless Hollywood disciples begin to cool down their influence. Try thinking for yourself if you want REAL change.

  • ash


  • BeeJ

    Well said Sandra!