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Miranda Kerr: Super Sexy GQ Outtakes!

Miranda Kerr: Super Sexy GQ Outtakes!

Check out these steamy shots from Miranda Kerr‘s recent photoshoot for GQ!

The 26-year-old Aussie modeled a tank top from The Row in one shot and a Calvin Klein denim jacket in the other…and not much else. Hot!!

Earlier this week, Miranda was spotted in St. Bart’s posing for the newest Victoria’s Secret catalog.

For more sexy outtakes from Miranda‘s shoot, visit!

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Photos: Alexi Lubomirski/
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  • ivanka

    idk but there’s something about her face, maybe her cheeks or something

  • xxx

    This girl has everything.. looks, money, close to her family, orlando.

  • Coolia

    This big headed twat tries too hard.

  • JMO

    ^^ LOL Orlando is NOT desirable or sexy or anything of the sort.

  • c0c0nina

    oh Jared. It is so obvious you are nursing a crush on thegirl. Take heart. One day Orlando and Miranda will break-up and she can be all yours.

  • @4

    Uhmmm, speak for yourself dear.
    There are a heck of a lot of people that find him amazingly hot.
    This one included.

  • yes!

    She’s so gorgeous!

  • Ms Anonymous


    Orli is one of the hottest guys out there, TYVM.

  • Ella

    Miranda’s boobs are flat,do they airbrush or photoshop that cleavage ?

  • Frequent Hater Miles

    I’m going to go out of my norm here and say that she needs to hire whoever did her hair and makeup here to do her hair and makeup all the time – or learn those tricks for herself.. It looks good and suits her face. As for the pics, why doesn’t she just do Playboy? It kinda seems that is what she really wants with how willing she is to bare it all so often. I understand she is a model so DONT FREAK OUT, but she appears semi-naked it seems more than not.

    I agree that Jared must have some kind of woody for her. He seems to put up a thread of her every other day. I pass them by these days, but this one was still on the front page.

  • ANON 100

    in what world is Orlando Bloom hot? Idk, but he must have this girl under hypnosis because he’s a washed up actor…but then again many beautiful girls have such low self esteem, and settle for crappy dudes.

    kate moss was head over heels for that druggie Pete Doherty.

  • WOW…

    Miranda Kerr is stunningly beautiful and has a killer body,
    she has the unique ability to look so sexy and sweet at the same
    time…..lucky Orlando!!!

  • meetpetlovers

    I love her body

  • @11

    I AGREE!!!
    I mean, just because Orlando has enough money for the rest of his life, and can spend the rest of his life working on the indies that he has always loved, doesn’t mean that he isn’t a loser. I mean, so what if he is CONSTANTLY listed in the hot men polls. So what if millions of women around the globe consider him to be handsome? So what if he is dating one of the hottest models around? So what if everyone who he has ever worked with adores him?
    So what????
    Never mind.

  • @10

    Since when do tasteful n*des = Playboy?
    I think that you need to get out more.

  • http://@11 @10

    “in what world is Orlando Bloom hot?”
    Well, let’s see…..
    This one.

  • Britt

    Miranda is stunning. Regardless what the haters say. Keep doing what you do best Miranda, looking perfect!

  • tiki


  • ++Logan++

    does she ever not take her clothes off, what a cheap girl

  • http://@11 @19

    Top ten highest paid models don’t equal cheap.
    Poor haters.
    Such sad, pitiful, hate filled lives.

  • Here we go again

    Anyone seen Adriana’s GQ pics? Anyone seen any models pics? Anyone know anything about models and not just the whole disney crap?
    She’s a model. This shoot is done very tastefully. You think this is playboy? I would hate to know what you would think about a lot of models. You think this is cheap? You obviously have your head stuck to far up disney’s crap.
    Just jared is just for haters. Haters. Haters. Can’t appreciate beauty, can you all?

  • D.

    Adorable girl.

  • Natural

    She’s not “flat” – she’s a fairly average size, a B cup. Guess you’ve never actually seen a ‘flat-chested’ (as opposed to small busted) woman. I admire her for resisting ‘popular’ pressure to go the implants route. She has a lissome natural beauty and the kind of toned and well-proportioned figure that’s earned with consistent effort and hard work.

  • ick_factor

    ewww she has the body of a pubescent 13 year old girl just starting to develop her boobs

  • riles

    She’s very beautiful.

  • ?

    This has nothing to do with Playboy and anyone who says that doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

  • yo sista

    UMGzzz she so pretty, she lyke so purrrrrty! Love her.

  • Mousse

    Stunning.. yeah in a way.
    AND walking the very thin line between art pics and senseless n*de pics.
    Makes me wonder what the next step in her carreer will be….

  • um

    The pics make you wonder about her next step?
    No one was wondering when she was featured in Vmag, Vogue Russia, Vogue Nippon, walking Balenciaga, and scoring FIVE magazine covers already this year. (The year has just began…)
    But just because she poses in GQ (like most VS & SI models do..) you wonder if she’s heading for a downfall? Hmmm….

  • @29

    That couldnt be more true. If anything she has no where to go except up. She’s just recently jumped on the radar. So people should be expecting more.
    AND wtf? Playboy?
    Alot of youse don’t have a clue about models at all.

  • Kris

    Are you sure she is Miranda Kerr?? I thought she was Jenna Haze…

  • Mousse

    The funny thing is that modelling was meant to be done to show clothes, no?
    Maybe the word “model” should be rephrased then.

  • @32

    Do you not understand the fact that a models business centers around her face and body? Not just clothes.
    Why don’t you search models up. High fashion models especially. I will bet more then half there photos include nudity of some sort.
    Why don’t you guys just get over and stick to safe actresses or better yet, Disney stars! And leave models alone.

  • Anne Wintour

    Some models just take their clothers off, other ones, get the Blumarine 2010 campaign….life!!

  • @34

    Sigh…You don’t have a clue about models? I can tell you all models take there clothes off…. life!! *rolls eyes*
    LOL. Huh. Didn’t Miranda get the blugirl (A brunch of blumarine) campaign in 2006?

  • @35

    Good morning! It’s 2010!

  • @36

    My point was work is work. Who cares? It’s GQ not playboy. (For people who don’t have a clue Adriana posed more raunchy for GQ last year…)
    As long as a model is getting decent work, then who cares what mode scores what campaign?

  • @37

    That’s right! Work is work and the only work this girl has are VS and DJ…not that much compared to other models and VS angels!

  • Mad Hatter

    Since when Jenna Haze has become a model???

  • @38

    LMAO. I can’t believe you just said that.
    So far this year, Miranda has:
    *Five covers.
    *over 5 editorials.
    *Shot by Vanderperre. (huge establishment. His a very respected and wonderful photographer in the HF business)
    *Had an ed in Vogue Russia
    *Working frequently in VS and DJ’s
    *Gaining extreme hype from the industry so get ready for a lot of new stuff.

    Please, tell me how is this less work then the other VS models? -_-
    Just because you don’t like her, doesn’t mean she’s not successful.

  • Lollllllllllll

    People are saying this girl is everywhere and a lot of blogs are bragging about her becoming America’s latest obsession (check for yourself!). And you think she’s not getting work at all?

  • @40

    Other angels had the same covers, but just this girl is constantly on JJ…doutzen has VS, Blumarine campaign with pics from patrick demarchelier, other HF gigs, vogue mexico, marie claure usa and upcoming covers….rosie and alessandta shot for DT magazine and bar refaeli for rampage….she does nothing more than the others…

  • @42

    I was talking about what JJ posts about. I’m saying that Miranda has been doing well so far. She has recently stepped into the radar of Balenciaga’s head designer (After seeing a photo of her without makeup, he called her agency demanding for her. Don’t see him doing that to the other angels)
    She has stepped into the radar of Willy Vanderperre. Photographing her twice in a row, with fashion fans calling Miranda Vanderperre’s latest obsession.

    She IS just getting starting. The industry is taking notice. This isn’t about other models. You want to talk about other models or angels, go to a post/thread about them. You don’t see Miranda fans going into other models threads bragging about her. Do you?

  • brightside

    10 out of 10. A beautiful woman with a beautiful body.

  • @43

    She is just getting started? At 26, alomost 27?? Oh gosh! Better later than ever I guess…

  • @43

    You’re right. Her sudden profile rise is going to be getting her a lot of notice. I do think Willy and Nicolas were only truly the start. This girl is rising. The only thing she needs to do is get rid of that VS contract ASAP!

  • Mia

    Other models threads? what other models?? She is the one constantly on JJ….he must be on her payroll….

  • @45 & 47

    You just won’t quit will you?
    Just getting started as in her NAME is getting out there, designers are getting familiar. It doesn’t matter whether she is 26 or 35. if she was a newbie with not a recongisable name, then I agree. But she’s not.
    Look at Angela L she is almost 30 and her career is on fire!
    Then don’t post on JJ if his the only one that posts about her. Go to fashion forums/other blogs. Is it that hard, really?

  • @mia

    JJ makes more Miranda threads because you prefer to comment about her than the other models.

  • @49

    Go to other sites/blogs and comment on your fave models (even though lately everyone seems to be posting about Miranda. Boooo hoooooo)