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Rachel Bilson: Red Boot Beautiful!

Rachel Bilson: Red Boot Beautiful!

Former OC star Rachel Bilson heads to a meeting in some knee-high red boots and a Bird by Juicy Couture cardigan in Los Angeles on Thursday (January 28).

New York, I Love You, a romance film containing eleven short films is set to be released on DVD this Tuesday, February 2nd. Rachel and boyfriend Hayden Christensen both star in the film. Other notable actors in the film include: Natalie Portman, Orlando Bloom, Blake Lively, Shia LaBeouf and Bradley Cooper.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson looking red boot beautiful…

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rachel bilson red boot beautiful 01
rachel bilson red boot beautiful 02
rachel bilson red boot beautiful 03
rachel bilson red boot beautiful 04
rachel bilson red boot beautiful 05
rachel bilson red boot beautiful 06
rachel bilson red boot beautiful 07
rachel bilson red boot beautiful 08
rachel bilson red boot beautiful 09
rachel bilson red boot beautiful 10

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  • meetpetlovers

    Is she getting married?

  • jill

    shes soo pretty :)

  • jill

    @meetpetlovers: yeah but they say boyfriend…weird…he is soooo hot :)

  • hah

    The most overexposed unemployed actress on the planet

  • iamBW-BWis me

    She looks so adorable! love her :D

  • geeksdatingsite

    I hope she comes back to tv

  • brightside

    JJ I agree – the other actors/esses ARE notable – just not this untalented, unwatchable hack. Can’t say I’m liking the boots, either.


    the boots are attractive only because they are on someone famous. otherwise, not so much.

  • tennille

    ALWAYS attending a so-called meeting but STILL & FOREVER an “unemployable” tart!

  • jeezzum

    @ NYLY
    Hail for these consistently hacktor & hacktress as their their segment is just the “worst” among the bad – shame…
    Christensen’s character tries to pick up on Bilson’s; the dialogue is choppy and the acting is subpar (from Christensen). The saving grace is an intimidating Andy Garcia, who shows up in the latter half of the segment to show what “real” acting is all about, stealing both the scene and Bilson’s character.

  • rebecca

    straight to dvd? uh oh.

  • aberfitch

    RaTchel’s blog thread stink’s more than last day’s garbage. She reeks of the garbage that JJ writes about her regularly. She tries way too hard to get notice and would just die to get out of nothing, but I guess that’s what you have to do when this squirrel faced idiot continuously to have zero talent & zero career prospects.

  • rc

    @rebecca: It was in independent theaters in big cities.

  • kaleigh

    The emaciated twin sister of “Khloe Kardasskank” strikes again – but still hitting nothing & nowhere…

    Two crusty sand crabs like them who sucks together in acting & everything, (must/should) stay stuck & sic together LOL

  • brightside

    @kaleigh: She’s not emaciated. Her bottom looks very well padded. Have to say I do like the grey top.
    @jeezzum: Christensen’s lack of acting ability is par for the course – when has he ever acted in anything!

  • Armond

    more of has been, Mischa gets more work than her and she is druggie and more terrible at acting…hahahaha life must suck for her

  • drewlard

    Even in DVD, it would still bomb – and as there goes RB’s wildest HW dream as it continues to fly away…

  • whodie

    There is no redeeming talent in her nor even that she got some radiant looks and nothing “news or even gossip worthy” and yet she keeps making it onto sites like JJ. That’s because she’s a talentless wannabe and her pr gurus are scrambling to get her name out there as much as they can. With all the money & time they’ve wasted trying to advertise RB, they could probably “”hire/find a new successful talent already”"!

  • lexy

    LOL! JJ please – let’s not talk about Rachel in NYILY – while the other STARS in the movie were too busy with other projects to attend the movie Rachel wasn’t – she was just shopping in LA. Guess she knows how bad her acting is and didn’t want to waste Hayden’s money on airfare to the premiere.
    I’m always amazed at how JJ “finds” Rachel at this off beat locations. I mean it’s like she calls them to let them know where she’s going to be so the cameras will be there – since she’s no Angelina, Jen or Britney.
    PLEASE STOP COMPARING HER TO KHLOE! If you don’t like Khloe Kardashian fine but Khloe’s got a job – she’s got 2 jobs in fact. Even before the show she was a business owner with Dash (which she and her sisters have expanded).

  • chauncey

    @10 & 18
    This All-Time D-Lister (RB) will probably become a “brain surgeon” before she becomes a Hollywood movie actress LOL

  • brightside

    @lexy: Of course she does! It’s the only thing that makes any sense – anywhere else in the world and she flies so far under the radar that no one, bar a few, lonely, obsessed fans, spots her and no one cares. Sightings outside of LA and airports are so rare because there’s very little interest in her. But she needs to generate some kind of public image – enter JJ – so embarks on a new round of pap calling and so-called faux charity work. Still feel Daniel Radcliffe said it best – if they (the paps) don’t know where you are then they’re not there.

  • sloane

    Both of those OC tarts got NO talent nor even star-charisma. Further, Barton cant jumpstart a career coz she’s a crackhead & a brat… while Bilson who’s always see to it doing the opposite as being the so-called goody-two-shoes type (?!) but still not getting anything to further her career than being a tabloid pet; must have been simply just becoz she’s “ret@rded”.

  • jess

    **** media is back! wait, who she is???? LOL

  • brightside

    I’m going to have to say it because it’s been driving me nuts. I don’t like this girl much, she’s far too overrated to qualify for celebrity status and she’s just not beautiful (cute I’ll agree with), just not beautiful. She can’t act, she’s no designer, she has no talent that merits any attention whatsoever so her ‘fame’ baffles me. All because of some garbage tv show. But what the heck is wrong with her neck! Is it me, is it my eyes? Her neck is just so ugly – it appears swollen with these weird lines across it and I have noticed that, when she laughs or talks, her adam’s apple (which seems far too broad and quite prominent at times) wobbbles up and down and the base of her neck swells in two places. It’s creepy. So what’s going on?. I have never noticed this with anyone else. If no one believes me then check it out on the Craig Ferguson show. It freaks me out!

  • zzzzzzz
  • brightside

    @zzzzzzz: Glad I’m not the only one confused as to why she is….

  • the truth

    Why not tell the true she is not beautiful at all. She always with different guys and we don’t know who they are.JJ should tell the true she is with a guy friend are something.Is she allowed to date other guys too? That is what is look like to me.So i guess Hayden is one are her boyfriends when she wants him to give her something.Noone talks about the guys she be with.I don’t agree with no.23 Mischa has her down fall but she do not beg people for nothing are have the paz following her around like she does.Rachel loves to show off who she’s with so the engagement is off then. Noone is saying anything. Her movie didn’t make it sundance.Its going straight to dvd.

  • @ 28

    No one is saying anything about them because there is nothing to say!They are engaged, she is wearing the ring in the picture above, if she does not wear it, they are still engaged. If they were not engaged, it would be all over the internet, like it was when they got engaged. You have been saying for over a year that they are not going to be seen together, that they are not together, and they still are. A year ago you were ranting the same stuff! Its time to stop denying reality! So what if they are engaged, or if they break up! You don’t know them, get over it, its a much healthier attitude.

  • Khristi

    Her boots are to die for. Anywhoo, what do you guys have against people who are doing good for themselves? It’s not like she done something to you personally.

  • blairite

    Hey Jared, when Rashchel PR firm sends you their check every month, do they also send you a list of adjectives, adverbs and sentences to use when you post about her?! The only thing she rocks is her normal stupid faces / smirks that she makes for her pre-arranged photo ops to where she “fails” to look like she is a (genuinely) popular & working HW star!

    Such a realistic & biting comment about Raschel… most esp the one that goes ” Quite honestly, I’m confused as to who Rachel Bilson is!” – that was like a “Biblical Passage”…

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    Its long-been & highly recommended that Mr. Cringetensen should retire from the acting profession and found something far more suited to his wooden expressions, utterly flat line delivery, unconvincing attempts at characterization and lack of charisma – and taking along his so-called non-entity fiance (aka Ms. Barkson) is a must &or an obligatory bonus.

  • zzzzzzz

    This wedding will really happen?? They are never together! LOL

  • Geko

    Rachel and Hayden are perfect for each other because they are EXACTLY ALIKE IN EVERY WAY. Both brain-damaged and unintelligent, both untalented, both obsessed with themselves, both aging rapidly and looking scraggly, both liars and manipulative press bitches although Hayden is more subtle about it. Thank God they found each other and I hope they get married tomorrow, because then we will see far less of her pressing out her unemployed and unemployable self on the back of Hayden’s SW fame, and she will destroy any credibilty he may have in the industry. Everyone knows she will DO ANYTHING TO GET WORK. The worst kept secret in this town is that she screwed Liman to get the part in Jumper and every other project she ever got since has been given to her on the casting couch. She’s so self-promoting that she pays papparazzi to come and follow her wherever she goes in LA, as often as she can convince them to take her picture, and pays JJ to run the photos so she appears to be popular. She isn’t. Her career is deader than yesterday’s roadkill. She’s so stupid she doesn’t realize that promoting a bracelet that she claims to have designed (she didn’t; someone at Macy’s did the real work, she just tweaked one aspect and that’s it) that sells for $100 and only $20 goes to charity, is a slap in the face and an insult to everyone that wants to help in a distressed area. Why not donate the $20 directly to the charity? It’s cheaper and the bracelet is not worth $100. This is a self-promoting scam by the girl that lives for the limelight and for cameras taking her picture and interviews gushing about her style and beauty. Everyone knows that if she weren’t related to several power players in the publishing industry and in film (her dad is a screenwriter and an uncle is the editor of InStyle) she would be flipping burgers at McDonalds on the night shift.

    So, how much a month does she pay you to run her photos, Jared?

  • omg

    OC actress? geez the show ended 4 yrs ago!

  • S

    If she is really nothing, then you would not spend your time here bashing about her.

  • me

    It is beyond despicable the degree to which some will go to promote their talentless self. I can see why Bilson is hated so much.

  • June

    What’s wrong with you ?
    Have you ever seen Eddie Rose her collection for DKNY ? Tell me after that’s she’s not a designer.
    Have your seen her movies ? Not Jumper or New York i love you ; but Unbroken ?

    You’re like a child who dislike someone ; ” AAAAH she’s ugly, aaaah she’s untalented ” BLABLABLA.
    And what’s about you ? Are you beautiful ?
    May you prefer one person hates you like you hate her ? Let me laugh… It’s easy to talk when you’re doing nothing.

    So you know nothing about her ; it’s like the haters here.

  • @june

    Learn to spell her copycat design was Edie Rose and it was already established as a copycat design. She isn’t any designer and never will be.

    Why are you getting psycho hyper over if someone hates this woman or loves her. Does it effect you that greatly if ppl give an option. Ppl hate her and very few love her get over yourself please.

  • brightside

    @June: I don’t know that I would call myself beautiful – that’s for other people to decide, I’m taller, slimmer and much darker skinned. More talented than Rachel – yes of course in certain areas (I’m working towards an art degree). Will I be famous? Probably not! Do I want to be? No. But talent, any talent, is earned through hard work, study and dedication. I’m not a fashion designer but I don’t need to be to recognise the fact that neither is Rachel. Nor is she an actress. She’s famous for a show that ended four years ago and only became famous because it appealed to a certain narrow viewer base. It was garbage – but tweenies and housewives got hooked on that kind of soap drama – like they do on others. As a creative person myself I can see that Rachel’s creative ability is zero, zip, completely zilch. She just did what a lot of other empty headed famous-for-being-famous young women did, climbed on her limited success as an ‘actress’ to ‘design’ a collection. Which is pretty sucky when you consider how hard and long real designers have had to work to achieve the same recognition. Seriously she is a fake. She’s not the real deal and I doubt if she ever will be.

  • callmewhatever

    Everytime she’s posted I see all the hate for this girl and I can never figure out why. She hasnt done much for people to hate or love her if you ask me and I personally like her style. She always looks cute. Love the outfit and the boots. Cant believe there was even someone critiquing her neck and adams apple! geez get a life

  • lexy

    @ that link – I must admit I have new respect for Rachel’s PR folks. The fact that her name and picture came up in the same vein as A listers like is amazing!!! Rachel – go to the bank and take Hayden’s money and give these people some extra cash for a job well done!!! Her PR people probably had to do a lot of a$$ kissing to get her picture slipped in with those A listers!!
    @June/42 – I can’t figure out all the hate for Angelina, Jen Aniston, Jen Garner, Reese Witherspoon, Fergie…and the list goes on – EVERY celeb on this CELEBRITY site has people who don’t like them and knock them. So why are you so surprised about Rachel??? I admit she’s not in the same league as any of the actors I mentioned but for some reason (like $$) JJ seems to like her so she has to take her hits like everyone else. If you want to discuss Rachel’s “career” or “talent” perhaps you should find a RB FAN board.
    Why are people always asking if she’s getting married – trust me – when she gets married we WILL know AND she WILL marry Hayden. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t together all the time – the girl is no fool. Him and his money are the only thing keeping this girl in HW and she’s NOT going to lose that. She’s probably hoping to generate some buzz for herself and play the “ring game” so she can get her own reality TV show about the stress of planning the perfect celebrity wedding! LOL! Another reason for her to WISH she was Khloe Kardashian!!

  • brightside

    @callmewhatever: Yes, that was me, and her neck is ugly. I don’t hate her – hate is too strong a word – I dislike her – in the same way I dislike empty hype, hypocritical politicians and people who usurp someone elses’ ideas and pass them off as their own. I have never said Rachel is ugly, her face is cute and I’ve said that often enough in the past. Her face is cute – it’s just her neck that is ugly. She has achieved nothing in her life to warrant the hype of Rachel Bilson. Though why you would want to pick up on my comments rather than those of other posters who use far stronger words to describe her baffles me. Unless you are afraid of the truth.

    You know, with regards to her fashion ‘style’, ok so you like it – but it’s nothing special, really. Go to your local mall and you will see so many beautiful young women wearing more or less the same. It’s pretty generic.

  • cowboysdatingsite

    She has a nice smile

  • Gasol16


    This woman has no right to be giving out my name like that! She is a racist and hates Bilson. Please delete her garbage!

  • Gasol16

    Boy Nila!!
    For busy having having twins and, being so stupid. Your a fat racist! You hate white woman and, pretty one’s like Rachel and, Pau’s ex. I doubt you had twins. Shame on you for being a mother of newborn twins and, they are not getting attention why mamma is bragging on the computer all the time. Your bulls*tten about the All Stars too. GO TO HELL B*TCH RACIST!! GOLD DIGGER!

  • Gasol16


    For the record I’m not old and, she is creepy stalking me. Disgusting troll and, has made racial comments on the sports talk board.

  • Gasol16

    Get a life NILA! Go breast feed your twins already. You idiotic parasite! I thought you b*tches wanted no drama. Oh SURE!!! NILA LIKES TO WRITE IN CAPITOLS LIKE THIS ON THE BOARD AND SAY’S GANNA insteading of going to. Makes comments like white woman are ugly and, NBA stars should always go for black and, shaply. White woman and, trashy and ugly. She is an ugly racist that needs to STFU! She wears a heafty size 9 jeans too! Yeah….I bet wanted to vomit seeing you big A$$ walking away like that. Lose some pounds and, maybe Pau may give your ugly fat a|$$ a second glance. Take some diet tips from Rachel okay? Oh! Your married with twins right? Why you drooling over a man you never will get. Pau likes them tall and skinny hon! That is the way it is! Go cry on Rachel’s ning board now. Disgusting troll!

  • ATLQueen

    Yep! That’s definitely not Gasol16. LOL! She wouldn’t post like that.

  • aberfitch

    @ 38 – Have you ever seen Eddie Rose her collection for DKNY? Tell me after that’s she’s not a designer.

    Yeah we all seen it all – how RaTchel’s surviving HW mantra (“I’m now a (wannabe) fashion icon and I’m also a designer YO!) “magically & shamelessly” stated that she “originally” owns this…

  • voice of reason

    Yes that is the Gasol we know and love LOL, for what it’s worth Gasol I thought Nila’s post was uncalled for, I guess she is the one you told me about from the sport board?
    Anyway just to make this on topic-not liking the boots Rachel is wearing but I do like the cardigan.