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Suri Cruise Matches with Mom

Suri Cruise Matches with Mom

Katie Holmes carries her daughter, Suri Cruise, out of a dance studio on Wednesday (January 28) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old actress and Suri, 3, wore matching outfits while out on the town together. Suri looked like she was sad to leave dance!

Katie just returned home after a trip to Utah for the Sundance Film Festival, where she premiered The Romantics.

Suri‘s proud papa, Tom Cruise, was spotted filming action sequences for his forthcoming film, Knight and Day, in Long Beach, Calif.

10+ pictures of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise leaving dance class…

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katie holmes suri cruise crying dance studio 01
katie holmes suri cruise crying dance studio 02
katie holmes suri cruise crying dance studio 03
katie holmes suri cruise crying dance studio 04
katie holmes suri cruise crying dance studio 05
katie holmes suri cruise crying dance studio 06
katie holmes suri cruise crying dance studio 07
katie holmes suri cruise crying dance studio 08
katie holmes suri cruise crying dance studio 09
katie holmes suri cruise crying dance studio 10

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  • dbear

    Actually, it looks to me like Suri was pissed off at being subjected to being snapped by the damned idiot photographer.

  • Pandora

    Les Misérables.

  • get real

    Who writes this bullshit?Jared? Always writing this crap in a favorable light for the cult crazies. Is JJ a scientologist too?

    Of course Suri is crying because of the paparazzi. NOT because she’s sad to leave dance class. Get real JJ! This kid is abused because she is subjected to this cruelty on a daily basis. If that’s not enough, she has idiots for parents who dress her in inappropriate clothes. Some days she looks like little Miss Hooker. Other days, she’s in a sun dress with bare legs while her “rocks for brains” parents are all bundled up.

    Katie Holmes is a nasty, golddigger, mean mommie dearest!

  • get real

    Also, I might add, if they treat this child like this in publicly, can you imagine what could go on behind closed doors?

  • haha

    Is Katie Holmes trying to prove that it’s warm enough to wear a short sleeve dress by wearing a match dress with Suri? I guess she knows how people talk about Suri’s lack of jacket/coat/sweater.

  • chaos

    They both look adorable!

  • red

    Looks like their dance uniform.

  • chaos

    I think it is their dance uniforms.

  • to get real

    well, katie is not the brightest on the block when it comes to dressing her kid. having said that; neither your opinion nor mine is worth much. we have no say here. this is not your child, this is not my child.
    however, the person i wonder about here is you. you seem to have invested so much energy in worrying about a child that is not yours; a child that you have to legal say in how she is raised.

  • Jean

    who cares

  • poor Suri

    to #1, I don’t think so. Suri was already very much in tears right from the first pic, when they were just becoming visible to the photo-og, passing the corner of a wall which was hiding them to the pap’s view.

  • http://justjared rick


  • LuckyL

    God help me, should I be loling?

  • sarah

    Aw! Poor Suri. It’s heartbreaking to see her crying in these pics. :(

  • http://justjared XOXO

    Eww please
    Violet Affleck is 10 times more cuter than this ugly brat!

  • ivanka

    aw poor suri, maybe something went wrong in her classes. i dont think katie has anything to do with this

  • slambang

    That kid always looks miserable.

  • Cristobal

    @to get real: Thank you

  • sniffles

    They both look so happy, yeah right.

  • poor Suri

    maybe Suri had a fight with another kid?
    They are cute in their red dresses.

  • tidbit

    Katie has the WORST fashion sense around. She looks like she is hatching another spawn.

  • to get real

    @get real: Suri does NOT cry because of the paps. She was already bawling right when the first pic was taken. Suri could not see the paps before that moment.

  • NOT ME


  • ellie’

    Katie is a wonderful hands on Mom and Tom is a great dad to all his children.. Suri is gorgeous Katie looks nice too….That’s there parents and may dress Suri as she pleases…

  • Tootsie

    the brat has another temper tantrum.

    what’s new and who cares?

    Katie and Tom have their hands full that’s for sure.

    When a mom is a clueless bimbo- it results usually in brats.

  • meetpetlovers

    Suri is so cute

  • moi

    Suri is very cute but I think she has some developmental issues particularly with socializing and she will be taking the short bus in 3-4 years.

  • Anon

    Cute pictures of Kate and Suri but frankly, the little girl is sick of having her pictures taken…can’t your paps take the hint?

  • Anon

    and ellie’ sounds like a robot

  • vwoman

    I have to agree this child never looks happy.

  • Naima


    Lol at short bus.

    Suri is crying because she tried to escape and got caught. Now she is forced to return to the circus life her parents subject her to.

    I’m sure this couple loves their child but Katie married a closeted Scientologist, how well do you think her life is going to play out? This marriage is a sham, Katie Homes turned 75 in a matter of a few years, look at her, she looks awful, there is no spark in that woman. The poor child is dressed in weird clothing and paraded around like those beauty pageant kids.

    These people are a mess, money can’t buy happiness or a piece of mind but it can sure help when the therapy and rehab bills start racking up.

  • pr person

    Hmmm…. where is her wedding ring?

  • geeksdatingsite

    what a good mom

  • its robo-bride

    74. BLIND GOSSIP 01/25
    All the talk this week will be about Goat and Pillow, but as they weren’t married, this is just a breakup and division of assets, both live and inanimate. Far more complex and interesting is the ongoing saga of Chip and Grin, who are now living completely apart with a new agreement signed and sealed. She has the kid/s full time, which was a major triumph for her. Where did she get so much leverage? She found out that her marriage isn’t valid in the US and that Grin is planning on abetting a criminal pal (and alleged lover) of his out of the country and into a private love shack.
    Chip: Tom Cruise
    Grin: Katie Holmes
    criminal pal: David Miscavige. Current head of Scientology


    Katie Holmes, YOU’RE OUT!!!!

    Ms. Holmes homeade dresses are awful, she should hire a persnoal shopper.

    Definately, not a designer, awful.

  • ++Logan++


    looks so classy, like the real katie we used to know.

  • Pac Man

    They’re not doing anything, #3. Blame the paparazzi. They have a right to be in public.

    Quit taking credit for what she does all the time, #5. It’s egotistical. Why did it take so many YEARS then for her to do this?

    Right, #9.

    Why do you say such sick things, #15?

    Quit talking about things you know nothing about, #25.

    And you know all this how, #27?

  • Go Ask Alice

    I agree wioth Naima.


    The childis angry…angry because ,most likley she had to leave dance class.You should see me tell my neice, aged 3, playskate time at the mall is over.
    I sometimes have to leave and it ain’t a pretty sight. Sometimes She leaves freely. SometimesI make a deal and it works. it isthe times that she simply refuses to leave. It is normal.

    For this kid’s sake, Tom and Kaite need to stop parading her out. Yeah, it is normal and ok to take their kid to the park, leave dance class,etc. Sometimes they parade her around or take her pic for press as in with the play visit.
    The paps always take pics.
    Maybe Tom Kaite should have her nanny and bodyguard pick her up.

    Something has to stop. The kid is paraded by her parents. The paps take pics at parade times and non-parade times.

  • cinda

    Stop using Suri for publicity!!! She hates the paps and these two dimwits TomKat continue to do so. Continuing to expose Suri to them is child abuse, IMO.

  • zzzz

    Suri is crying because she got spanked for telling the girls in dance class that daddy likes to dress up like a ballerina at home.

  • zzzz

    …and has a red dress just like hers and mommy’s.

  • elsa

    i bet this guy is gonna get fired by Tom Cruise . . . tooo cozy with Holmes.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love ya Katie, love the hair!!

  • Angel_Eyes

    three years old child making a scene about something she was not allowed to do, that is something… ODD??? Are you people kidding me??? Kids scream and have tantrums all the time before they learn that they can’t always have their way

    And BTW, is this pic taken in LA? Isn’t it WARM weather there these days?

  • Jolla

    Both ladies with long hair and dressed in red. Cute!

  • regina

    They both look stupid!! The kid should be in school, not running around thinking she´s made of gold!!!!!!

  • Bob

    1-45 is ALL the same poster…PACMAN

    PACMAN, MR HORSE, ivana, whatever….

    you r 2 transparent, you run this blog

  • http://SURI Alex

    I have to agree with 1!!! its the damn photographers:(
    poor darling!!

  • Oh please

    Rule number one. Adults should NOT dress like there 3 year old children!!!. She looks ridiculous.

  • RITA

    Where is Katie’s wedding rings? Are they on the right hand? Tom did not have his on at the Aviation Award ceremony. What:s up?