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Beyonce to Appear on '60 Minutes' Before Sunday's Grammys

Beyonce to Appear on '60 Minutes' Before Sunday's Grammys

Check out this clip from Beyonce‘s upcoming interview with TV news program 60 Minutes this Sunday (January 31)!

CBS’ Steve Kroft will go behind the scenes with Bey, 28, and learn just why she’s become one of the world’s most popular singers.

The 60 Minutes episode featuring Beyonce‘s interview will air at 7/6c this Sunday on CBS (right before the Grammy Awards!) – don’t miss it!

Beyonce Knowles on 60 Minutes
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  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..most people will miss it because they’ll be watching the red carpet. i feel bad for whoever hates beyonce. they might not wanna watch the show cause she’s um.. gonna win a shiit more grammys. ahahahahahahahaha..

  • deejaybaps

    BEYONCE I HEART YOU!!! cannot for the whole interview

  • well

    she was at the Haiti telethon, with her sister Solanges, will be singing at the grammys,and now on 60 minutes. All within 5 days. She’s the queen of overexposure. Unless you are doing something new or looking different stay away and leave the public wanting more. When they say oh no not her again, you gotta problem. He “husband” gay z is worse. Talking to anyone like they really care what you have to say.

  • chunky y’all


  • yo sista

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: Oh hunney please don’t feel bad for me! I hate her & i know i have every reason to feel that way for a fake-phony-lying hoe like her!!! Oh & what Grammys? the ones her father bought right? yes can’t wait to see that *sarcasm*
    Can’t believe she won more Grammys than Mariah, Celine & Whitney combined!!!!!!! Smells like somethin is wrong!!!

  • juner

    can’t wait for this girl to take six months off!!!

  • kiki

    beyonce is not looking her best in this interview.i’m not sure what it is ..if it’s the hair,the make-up,or she just not aging well. i use to think she was so pretty expecially during her crazy in love days now i just don’t know what happened.

  • Lasse

    Well just regarding this picture I must say that she was a bit cuter in the past ;D but well, the is still adorable.

  • Nessa

    well many people would think that she’s not that eligible for being one of the top singers
    but i think she has tried really hard to be like that right
    but i think her voice is a bit weird in this interview

  • lisa

    I never really thought she looked much like her sister.. but in that clip and pic..she is looking more and more like her..

    And I don’t know if that is a good thing or not..

  • Ashley

    Yall hating as bitches make me sick…..only insecure chicks hate on other chicks

  • chunky y’all

    @Ashley: saying them truths is NOT hating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she a pony, oh i mean a phony lol
    she fake NOBDY Currrrrrrrrrrrrr about this dumb hoe!
    she soooo dumb, all she can say is “OH OK, I TAKE THAT HAHAHAHA”
    Bi/ch please!

  • Troy

    I must say that this lying bitch keeps saying she’s going to take some time off, and not do anything, yet she’s popping up everywhere, “AGAIN”…I am so sick of seeing her, hearing her name that it’s pathetic. She is one person that I hope will fade away and we never hear or see her again. And yes, Oh yes, her daddy paid for her success, because she can’t act, she yodels when she sings, fake hair, bleached skin, booty pads and just given acting gigs because of her daddy’s sinister ways. I hope that this phoney b*tch doesn’t win not one Grammy Sunday because she doesn’t deserve one. That sickening cd, doesn’t hold a candle to Lady GaGa nor Taylor Swift. In fact Taylor’s Swifts cd is way more mature than that piece of trash cd Sasha Fierce with those tired childish songs she’s promoting “Video Phone” she’d damn near 35 and singing about a videophone. For all those who thinks or that she has believing she’s 28, guess again, it shows in her face that she’s older. I’m rooting for Lady GaGa and Taylor Swift, album and song of the year.

  • haha

    Love Beyonce as a singer, but she’s horrible at interviews. She sounds like a middle school drop-out whenever she talks. At first I thought it was her southern accent, but someone told me it was her ignorance that makes her sound like a dim-wit.

  • http://justjared CJ

    Yall haters make me sick no body is putting a gun to your head making you watch her videos etc and how you gonna call her fake when u don’t her on a personal level!!! DUMB FOOLS!!!

  • Cammie

    She looks older then 28 and that weave is bad

  • Neorules2112

    annoying and a horrible weave job = Beyonce

  • Khristi

    Someone said it above me….Only insecure little twats can expend the amount of energy it takes to hate on another female and for what? The fact that that she is beautiful, talented, and also down to earth? If you don’t like her and think that she is overexposed, then why do you waste your time to comment on someone who is overexposed? Jealous much? “You should be inspired by someone else’s greatness beacause it makes you strive for the betterment of yourself” God Bless.

  • Go Ask Alice


    I like Beyonce.She has the real chops to sing….has done well in acting roles.

    Go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No interviews. No press. No talk show. Nothing explaining why you are getting of the radar.
    I tink her mother has class, smarts, is a fine person.
    Her father is business savvy. Was bus. exc. at IBM before music business with management of Destiny’s Child,etc.

    Beyonce does not come from the ghetto. Poverty. She grew up upper middle class and then middle class when her dad invest too much and all the way in and quit his job, bankrolled DC ,etc.

    With her parents guidance, a good staff , she does done pretty well pr wise.

    Marrying Jay-Z,hmmm,well, he grew upopposite of her. He is worth around 300 million so,ok.

    Her sister, no-talent Slonage needs to quit and enjoy the rewards from Beyonce and their mother-House of Deron, and father -music pr/management.
    She should go to college. Become an agent, something of her own.

    Her father-pr team-staff, did wonderful at MTV’s with Taylor Swift.

    Her father and his affair and a baby coming-bad news. Bad.So if her parents had an open relationship as rumored is one thing, but siring a child is another. He should had his thing clipped. vescetonmy to protect your fortune is the only way to go.
    It is time for Beyonce to take off 6-12 months. Leave the scene.

    Her father signing her to perform for private concert for Lybia=Gaddafi=Gaddafi’s son=Terriost=Wrong, all the same thing was bad. Poor choice. Bad idea.
    Beyonce’s statement of who in audience-Lohan, BonJovi,etc., was bad idea.That did not explain her actions. She was wrong there and not them or anyone else.
    2 million fee she got for this private concert was peanuts.Nothing. 2 million for her does not show a profit when she is worth what , 100 million and add Jay-Z’ 300 million.

    She should donate that 2 million blood money to Vets. Hopsitals, or Disabled Vets. of America, something Vets.

    Beyonce would be Beyonce Fierce then!!

  • Kamo

    She looks so pretty in this interview. I live in the UK so I probably won’t be able to see it as I don’t think 60 Minutes airs here. Hopefully it’ll be on YouTube.

  • yo sista

    Amen!! I couldn’t say it better myself, totally agree.

  • chunky y’all

    DA PHUCK??????? O-o

  • Dani

    ooooooooo Bey you got these haters MAD!!!!!
    Can’t wait for Grammy Night and The Next album and Tour and Perfume. DAMN she’s a busy bee; lol.
    Keep it up Bey I’ll always support the REAL QUEEN B!!

  • Tealeaf

    She looks older then her age, I don’t care if you call me “Hater” or NOT IT’s a fact that she looks older then 28 and her hair looks like a worn Willona from Good Times Wig…Sorry

  • Sweetness

    She’s not one for reinventing herself..she is pretty much the same, year in year out which makes her boring now..a cliche of herself…

  • AVA

    what a difference when she puts on one of her wigs….. the day with her sister her hair wig was M.I.A,

  • bajan


  • firemenfriends

    She is so llovely

  • Big Pimpin’

    @chunky y’all: pssssst. stop being jealous

  • Big Pimpin’

    1. her legs in the beginning. DAMN! b u need to stay that size. she looks so sexy there!

    2. she’s adorable in how she answered that question. can’t wait to see this interview!

    3. a LOT of jealous losers on here. ashley is totally correct.

    4. if she said “yes i know i’m a seductress” to his answer, then ya’ll bit**es would say, oh she’s so arrogant.
    face it, she can’t do anything right when it comes to the haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she’s sexy and beaitful, and does sexy in an artistic way, not a sl**ty way. if i was a performer, i’d be working it just like her on stage.

  • Meela

    OMG! Say it isn’t so, I have always found it painful to watch her interviewing she is not well spoken at all. With all the money she has she simply cannot get that Texas hood speak from her voice. I would rather hear her sing instead of speaking!

    Bit of advice to her, stay away from all big words!

  • lakers fan in boston

    meh who cares
    i find her overrated as a singer sometimes
    she does make a lot of good songs but sometimes i think she’s meh
    i kinda think her ego as gotten 2 her

  • http://e fatu sankoh

    hate mongers live beyonce alone we her fans and god loves yes i watch 60 minute show just for our bey and she and yes bey looks beautiful and young you hatters are just mad you wish you will be smart beautiful like our bey god bless our bey from you hate mongers

  • Crack Helen

    Are you have an account in twitter? Write it here, please and I will follow you.