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Daniel Craig: An Alien-Fighting Cowboy

Daniel Craig: An Alien-Fighting Cowboy

Daniel Craig has been confirmed to star in Cowboys and Aliens for Dreamworks and Universal.

The 41-year-old James Bond will star in the adaptation of Fred Van Lente‘s graphic novel according to Deadline.

Craig will play Zeke Jackson, a cowboy who unites with Native Americans to help fight off an invasion of aliens in the 1800s. Iron Man director Jon Favreau has also been linked to the film.

As for the English actor busy since the next 007 installment is currently going through unexpected delays due to MGM’s sale.

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  • Belinda

    Daniel Craig looks so much better in person than in his photos. I saw him in his play in New York, A Steady Rain. He was great as was Hugh Jackman. They ran an auction after the play to raise money for charity. He was so charming and engaging. I’m a fan for life.

  • karen

    This film sounds familiar.. were there other actors previously attached to this film then dropped out..

  • DTM
  • DTM
  • DTM

    Mean and moody, although not technically a cowboy

  • DTM

    To Karen…..Robert Downey Jr dropped out due to scheduling difficulties with the next Sherlock Holmes flick.
    Daniel can step in beacuase of the delays in production of Bond 23

  • equestrianlovematch

    I love Bond

  • karen


    THANKS I knew I remembered reading someone was attached

  • pout

    Hi DTM

    thx for the pics. I think he will be a great cowboy. Thx to yr pics, it is easy to visualize. I love his pout in #5

  • Aliens etal


    Si he was a handsome cowboy in 1999. Now he looks like this!

    Hardly a cowboy. He is like Bigbird.

  • Rina

    He will surely become a sexy cowboy.GO! Daniel!!!

  • another bad choice

    He is spreading himself too thin, he is trying all genres and it will backfire.

    That does not result in an Oscar only shakes of the heads by appearing desperate.

  • another bad choice

    The word within H/Wood is just that, many people are just amazed at this man’s inability to look at his talent and what he can do and can’t do. They realize he is Oscar hungry.
    It’s not appealing to the people in the studios. He is slowly becoming a “joke”.

  • Motives

    Maybe he has other motives. Money, travel etc. He likes the perks of being an actor and now feels he does not have to rely on his talent. It is all about $$$$$ for him now.

  • megik

    JJ, Thank you new thread!
    If filming starts in this summer, he must take hard riding training after the Dream House.
    I hope he good luck!

  • to DTM

    Is it true Bond is delayed?I read an article that it will be released in 2011.

  • james

    I think Cowboys is a good move for Daniel. And I wouldn’t fault him if he simply wants to make some cash at this time in his life while he is a “hot” commodity and then can afford to do the smaller, oscar-worthy films later in life when he will be cast for his acting abilities and not just action hero looks. I just hope he has enough sense to know that if he wants to keep going that long he needs to make more of an effort to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • guinness

    thank you dtm… you caught what i was trying to do. will you be my valentine i ask again? thank you for being intuitive. we should be on his pr team–i am telling ya. He is bankable, he is reliable, he is a professional and he is successful. People come to see him and will continue to see him in different genres. Shall I post my article for the cowboy again?

    ok, now on a lustier side, jessus i would love to lasso and ride the stallion that he is until the aliens took over. sats is a lucky, smart girl. not too chic, but damn, she saw potential ya gotta hand her that. she gonna hang on for dear life. i would. just get some heels christ.

    hi mendel… i am staying overnight. you got a designated driver? mmmm. i said driver in a daniel post.

    james–kudos. what do you think about his health? what is bringing him down? what info do you have that we can’t see? he has allergies? he travels ALOT, can’t drink–we have been thru that conversation. does he have a long term illness? just askin. he gots to get some vitamins. and stop the fake tanning… and eat some cheeseburgers. whtever.

  • pout

    I agree with #17. This is the time to try your hand at many kinds of roles. Why stick to a formula? People put him down before he became bond but he delivered a great performance. As he is a talented actor and a hard worker he will once again deliver. Go Daniel!

  • schoomze

    Daniel Craig is hardly a “hot commodity” in today’s competitive market. Few people have even heard of him unless they follow Bond. He is secretive, seclusive and shuns his fans. He keeps his distance from publicity.

    Tell me, is he married or is that another secret?

    What is this man hiding???

  • to james 17

    You are so correct. This is exactly the right time for him to continue to ‘clean up’ at the box office. And with this Cowboys and Aliens film franchise heating up…Daniel is securing his film future for the long haul by being involved with two non-competing franchises where he can exercise his various and intense acting talents . plus , Cowboys and Aliens is backed by the biggest and most powerful players in the entertainment industry, Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard and Brian Grazier! All three are the winning Trifecta in a winning combination! The films I am sure will get spectacular reviews…and hopefully gigantic Boffo Box office too! GO DANIEL! All the cards are stacked in favor of Daniel scoring more record breaking box office.

  • Zeke

    I do not know this comics. Is this left man Zeke Jackson?
    If it is so, Zeke Jackson is a role to suit Daniel.

  • re: 17


    That is call “selling out”. Plain and simple.
    As for H/Wood, his name is mud.

  • to DTM

    thanks for the pics. dan’s cowboy is sooooo manlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

  • 2 steps forward

    Daniel is nothing without Barbara.

  • re: 20

    He didn’t want the marriage news to overshadow his donation, his Haiti effort and this film news.
    He also doesn’t want it to overshadow his filming.

    Kind of got his way as no-one is interested.

  • james

    to Guinness
    I have no information on his health specifically, it is just plain to see by the pictures that he is not healthy. If Daniel were to start living a healthy lifestyle, eat a healthy diet, quit drinking and doing whatever else he (and she) may do (at least limit to wine and beer and only occasionally), it would renew him 100%, face, body and mind!

  • Sissy

    Before, I saw poster said that Jon Favreau was watching a Layer Cake in twitter.I am interested what kind of Zeke Jackson Daniel becomes.

  • campbell on Bond

    Two-time James Bond director Martin Campbell, who ushered in both the Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig eras, has spoken about the rumours of British helmer Sam Mendes taking on Bond 23.

    “Sam will do a splendid job”, Campbell said. “I felt ‘Quantum of Solace’ completely lost its way. We were lucky on ‘Casino Royale’, it was the origin story of Bond. Bond had the one and only affair that meant anything to him, and affected him throughout the rest of the series.”

    “I had sympathy for the writers after Casino Royale because clearly the guy can’t have another meaningful relationship, he’s been **** over by the last one. But you’ve got to do something with the character, he’s got to go somewhere.”

    “I’m sure Sam and Peter Morgan will come up with something. The secret to Bond is to remember it’s Bond. It’s been successful for 22 incarnations. There are a lot of elements that work, so don’t **** with them.”

  • DH

    I think Daniel likes challenging .
    He broke existing Bond…He broke a tough impression in A STEADY RAIN…
    The next challenge is to play a gunslinger of some cynics.

  • memories

    “He didn’t want the marriage news to overshadow his donation, his Haiti effort and this film news.
    He also doesn’t want it to overshadow his filming.

    Kind of got his way as no-one is interested.”

    I guess he doesn’t feel his new wife Satsuki is a priority. . . Whatever hit when the iron is hot. F*ck family.

  • delay

    after all , MGM is f**king s**t!!!

  • to 23

    the same silly argument like when he took over Bond.
    He’s selling out!
    So all actors who take over a role in a popcorn movie are selling out or what? bloody stupid thinking.

  • two month reprieve

    MGM studio gets extension on interest payments

    James Bond studio given two month reprieve on debt payments

    Business Week – Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc., the struggling Hollywood studio with the roaring lion as its logo, said Friday it can go two months longer without having to pay interest on its debt as it sells itself to the highest bidder.

    MGM, wallowing in about $4 billion in debt, said its lenders agreed to forego interest payments through March 31. The current agreement was to expire Sunday.

    The studio is in the process of being sold, and several companies submitted nonbinding bids earlier this month.

    Interested parties include Time Warner Inc., News Corp., Lions Gate Entertainment Corp., Relativity Media, Elliott Management and Summit Entertainment.

    The studio said it has begun the second phase of its bidding process and “is conducting due diligence with select parties who have submitted bids.”

    It said the second phase of the process is expected to run for several weeks.

    The eventual winner would gain the right to make new James Bond movies, win half of the rights to the next two “Lord of the Rings” movies based on “The Hobbit” and possibly avert bankruptcy for a studio with some 4,000 movie and TV show titles in its library.

    In 2005, a consortium of private equity groups including Providence Equity Partners and Texas Pacific Group joined with Sony Corp. and Comcast Corp. to buy MGM for $5 billion, but its value is estimated to be less than half that now.

  • from Singapore

    umm…MGM so procrastinate!
    The issue of MGM is in the dark that even Barbara and Michael do not expect. I wish for this issue solves without the trouble, but I understand there is a possibility of the change. In fact, I thought Daniel did it very well. Daniel picked up the thing Robert Downey Jr. had thrown away while not made clear when Bond start. It is not garbage but shining gold ! Ron Howard, Steven Spielberg, Jon Favreau…Damon Lindelof,Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci who wrote the screenplay. They did not the foolish choice for big project. I wish he success.

  • DTM

    To another bad choice, Schmooze and #23…what makes you think you that DC is desperate for an oscar? and if he was considered a joke in Hollywood, Jon Favreau and Steven spielberg would certainly not even entertain casting him! Cowboy and Aliens is being made by the same team as Ironman, and therefore an awful lot of money will be pumped into it. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be as successful as Ironman. If successful, and it does become a franchise, then it would be a lucrative option for Daniel to take, not oscar material, but he knows that! Oscars are generally won by the the smaller independent films which are struggling to receive financial backing and distribution in the current climate. It may not have been his usual choice but with Bond being up in the air and Robert Downey Jr dropping out, with time on his hands, he would have been stupid not to go for it!

  • guiness

    boobface never stops

  • animated


    It’s an animated movie. No live horses involved.

  • DTM

    To #38 why do you think it’s animated?

  • countess von zinzendorf

    it sounds really cheesy. Cowboys, indians and aliens??????

  • to 38

    def. no animation, it’s a live-action film like Iron Man

  • seth298

    Is it 3D not a animation?

  • olgi

    fits all of daniel and sats
    The founding principle is that all moderately famous people are gay. They become gay due to a pact with their agents, if they weren’t gaying it up already before they had careers. But with JRM, the most interesting thing about Jonathan is the technique he’s employing to remain in the closet. Let’s call it the, “I simply act too gay to actually be gay, because if I’m going to be this flamboyant there is no way I would not go that last step and just come out of the closet; therefore I must be straight” technique.

    First step: gay acting roles. Take as many as you can and always proclaim your desire to do more. Second step: fashion. Don’t be afraid to wear Juicy sweats and carry a pleather bag to the gym. And always work the blouses and jewelry required for your roles. Finally, remember, A.B.G. or Always Be Gay. Tell Out magazine that “No one’s ever accused me of being straight before.” Say borderline homosexual things in all your interviews and make sure your co-stars are doing the same. Of course, to make this technique 100% successful one must simultaneously maintain a girlfriend and always be seen making-out with her in public.

    We so admire all this. It’s smart and it’s working. In these internet-y times, speculating about the sexuality of actors has become something of a sport— and yet absolutely no one ever says that they suspect that JRM is gay. Never! We can’t imagine why. Well-played, you creepy-beautiful Irish minx.

  • to 43

    Say borderline homosexual things in all your interviews and make sure your co-stars are doing the same. Of course, to make this technique 100% successful one must simultaneously maintain a girlfriend and always be seen making-out with her in public.


    Interesting concept and undoubtedly true in the PR world especially when the g/ is so butch anyway but, unless he has a male lover that he has had for years and they have signed an agreement and Satsuki has, then I can’t see this working.

    Although if Heike knew of his “preferences” then what would she look like coming out with that story? It wouldn’t make her look good.

    I guess it’s possible though, anything goes in that world and I’m sure it wouldn’t be the last time a false facade was put on for a public image.

    Still think he’s more of bi than full homosexual.

  • guinness

    You spelled guinness wrong boobface dufus. Knock it off.

    Great. They used the flamboyant pic of DC from the Oscars where he gloats for the Cowboy movie. WHO chooses the shots for the thread?? funny. But jj didn’t start a new thread for his ring… love it. I will ignore it as much as he does and everyone else. oh, they moderated me last night–dont like my comments about sats. oh well.

    dtm—- awesome choices–showing his talent as a gallant, hot, cowboy already.

    i thought Bond 23 was going to be in 3d, not his cowboy movie. and if you want to discuss his sexual pre-ferances—go visit the other thread cuz its dead. (the discussion).

    well, i was safe last night and slept on girlfriends’ couch. NUICE. how about my other peeps? I have to get up to be a responsible adult–you guys still sleeping?

    oooo I missed the article on the reprieve… gotto go back and read it…. ~g

  • to 45

    …and if you want to discuss his sexual pre-ferances—go visit the other thread cuz its dead. (the discussion).

    Who are you exactly to dictate what people can and cannot talk about on here? Sorry did I miss your importance on here?

  • mendel

    Thanks DTM for those rockin’ cowboy pictures! Wonderful!

    I think Dan is fullfilling a boyhood dream here. Which little boy of his generation didn’t want to be a cowboy or comic book hero! And if they do it right, the film sounds like a near guaranteed success to me. Graphic novels are HUGE these days, so it will draw lots of people to the cinema.

    Guinness, sounds like you had a good night with the gurls! Did that make you lustier???

    “jessus i would love to lasso and ride the stallion that he is until the aliens took over”

    (I think I answered my own question, lol)

    James, you are right about his health – I suspect too much partying when he’s not filming. Apparently when he is filming, he’s super disciplined and very healthy, so I’d say, he’ll be looking a lot better once he’s on the set of Dream House. Also, Bond 23 will not be filming until the end of the year, or even at the beginning of 2011, so after he gets fit to be a cowboy, he can keep up the level for Bond. So he might just automatically cut down on the partying…

    Ride on, Dan :)

  • olgi

    heike is also very mannish, also in her voice. maybe dan just likes it

  • guinness

    ooo, I like that sound bite! “ride on, dan”. ride on me dan. or ride dan, me. or well, riding and Dan in the same sentence can not be overlooked for some mixing!!

    The disciplined, even consuming way I have seen his schedule for ASR, I would be partying for weeks to catch up on the life I missed whilst working… so he does step up, I agree, when he is under contract.

    damn, i need a power nap. cheers mendel–i was a good girl and safe last night, and lustier-hell yeah. now to my home-made mac and cheese & tomatoes. need sustenance. –anyone wanna come over and hang out? i got the hangover movie.

    i gots to check the news today… anything in Canada? Is he getting anything else checked… i am sure we have some volunteers to assist here.

  • mendel

    to Guinness

    “ride on me dan. or ride dan, me”


    “now to my home-made mac and cheese & tomatoes. need sustenance. –anyone wanna come over and hang out? i got the hangover movie”

    Would love to come over – what movie have you got?

    “Is he getting anything else checked… i am sure we have some volunteers to assist here.”

    *hand goes up really quickly*

    I volunteer to give him a health check any time :)