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Gerard Butler is an Artist for Peace and Justice

Gerard Butler is an Artist for Peace and Justice

Gerard Butler comes out for a good cause at the Artists for Peace and Justice Haiti Benefit held at Bergamot Station on Thursday (January 28) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 40-year-old Scottish actor attended the event and continued to support Haiti relief – he attended an APJ event over the weekend and answered phones for Hope For Haiti Now!

Last night’s event featured a silent artwork auction, photographs of Haiti and music from both a band and a DJ!

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler continuing to help Haiti…

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gerard butler artists for peace and justice 01
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 02
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 03
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 04
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 05
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 06
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 07
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 08
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 09
gerard butler artists for peace and justice 10

Photos: FayesVision/WENN
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  • Carrie

    He is such a creepy, sleazy old man.

    The kind who sits at the back of the bus and stares at you, rubbing his legs and god knows what else …

  • Gerry the Creeper

    You know, I might be able to find Gerard Butler attractive if it weren’t for the fact that he looks and acts like my skeezy professor in college who took great joy in checking out his female students and tried to get them to go to his house to “play with his dog” all the time. Prof was a creeper…and my insticts tell me, so is Gerry.

  • April88

    Stay away from box-office poison J.Aniston and you would’ve have to deny that you are dating you co-star at least 5768947858 times. Maybe you should take out a massive billboard in HW….”.I’m NOT dating Rachel from Friends”& I’ve got a new agent to!!!

  • LeviKlein

    Drunk ass douche bag. Nothing more to say.
    I used to like him, specially after 300. And then BANG! the douchebag came out to play.

  • Ladida

    If he’s doing that all just for puplicity…I lose my last respect for him…and theres not much left after this stupid competition for that dinner with him….

  • Lisa

    I’m so proud that he’s continuing his support of the Haitian relief effort and not just throwing money at them. He’s an incredible man. And he looks amazing!! Love him.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    From last thread…
    Stinkylouise @ 01/29/2010 at 10:27 am
    She broke up with this musician a while ago, and pretends that it is friendly. However, our jilted actress is still very hurt over how things turned out. Whenever she hears or reads about the musician in the news and his latest relationship or fling, she is infuriated. She has demanded that her agent start arranging more events where the two will be able to meet up or run into one another. She is said to be slowly developing an obsession with keeping tabs on her ex and wants to sabotage any new love he might have. If she can’t be happy, no one will! Not Cameron Diaz. (BuzzFoto)
    Blind Item from D-Listed.Interesting….no….?
    Hey guys! How’s everyone doing?
    So now Mayer has a five year target on his back now?
    Brad Pitt must be jumping for joy or having hot sex in the grotto with Angie. he he
    Love ya Stinky. Stinky for Royal Consort….

  • don’t care

    Maybe if he shaved he wouldn’t look so creepy. There is just something that isn’t right. I think he has a split personality.

  • don’t know why

    He makes poor script choices and his personal escapades are crazy. I don’t watch many of his films. Dear Frankie was good. But he is one smokin man when he turns it on.

    I am hopeful Haiti will give him some direction. I don’t know why I am captivated by him. Maybe because he is fearless and then he is a PR nightmare.

  • Polly

    I love him!!! He is such a nice man!

  • Shell~Shocked

    @Ladida: Of course it’s for publicity. He doesn’t give a **** about anyone but himself . He is the biggest douchebag on the planet.

  • nn

    Who THE HELL is Behind “iamamiwhoami” Clips on YouTube?

  • He’s hott

    why do people hate on him so much here?

  • Polly

    I know what is happening… Angelina Jolie’s fans extremely hate jennifer Aniston AND EVERYONE that is around her! They are a plague that go around handing out their hatred and anger… Now they are doing this to Gerard Butler… So sad… They need help…

  • eliott


    Nah. I, for one, find Butler’s refusal to play Huvaniston’s p.r. games hilarious.

  • Catalina

    @Polly…Like you don’t slam Angie and Brad. You must be a democrat. What’s good for you is not good for everybody else.

  • Polly

    Leave him alone, please! Go to Aniston’s and Jolie’s threads to spread your hatred and leave Gerard Butler alone!

  • eliott

    Calm down Polly. It’s all good.

  • New light

    Why are some men creeps and some aren’t? What makes a man turn into a creep? Starvation for women or what?

    I think too much or too strict religious upbringing turns men to creeps like some priests in the Catholic church. They are locked perpetually in the struggle between flesh and soul. To be creepy is a way to compromise or compensate for their urge for flesh and yet not being offensive to the religious teaching.

    Flirting, playing and dabbling are not hard-core sex per se therefore they don’t cause a sense of guilt like sex does and there is no need to answer to one’s moral authority. There is no moral consequences or burden for being a flirt.

    This sense of guilt for wanting flesh when you are told flesh is evil can wreck havoc to one’s inner well-beings. GB was brought up a Catholic and I wonder if this Catholic upbringing has some effect on his attitude towards male and female relationship and sex.

    Anyone cares to shed some light? BWT I am not anti Catholic by any means. Just some thinking on my part since some posters call him a “creep” and I like to find out the inner making of a creep. GB certainly has no shortage of supply of women to bang but why people call him a creep. Baffling.

  • http://Ana Ana

    Hello, I’m from Brazil and I’m a Gerry’s fan. I always follow the comments and really enjoy.

    Kisses to all.

  • Jenna

    Looking old and tired. Even with all the efforts to cover the gray which actually looks good when left alone. What a letdown he turned out to be.

  • Gerry, please spare Haiti

    Oh noe! he’s visiting. I feel sorry for the people of Haiti. They can’t even lock up their daughters because there are no buildings left. This is terrible.

  • eliott

    Geez. Where are the FUN posters?

  • http://justjared LillyB

    I wonder if he needs a mother for his future children…if so, i am available.

  • Jenna

    @New light: He was raised without a dad and a mom that he has called a “diva”. That says a lot. He’s 40 without a live-in girlfriend ever, jumping from conquest to conquest, always hanging out at clubs trying to pick up young chicks or kissing and groping girls on street corners from New York to LA. Flirts with everyone, even married ladies, and has no shame. I think that might explain the “creep” label. JMO, although douchebag seems more appropriate at times.

  • Eve

    Gerry has always been a great humanitarian but prefers to keep it anonymous. I’m happy to see his involvement in the Haiti disaster has been acknowledged.

    He’s always been an actor who does his own thing, followed the beat of his own drum and doesn’t fall in to the typical Hollywood stereotype. His star is on the rise and will only continue.

    And a pearl of wisdom to all the grammatically challenged here that like to use the term “douchbag”. A wise Cherokee chief once said, “Ha wa, na tu la, key yo to da.” Translation, “He who talk out of a”"hole, just stink up air.”

  • TheFrenchWalk

    Gerard ! Gerard! Such a fun guy

  • Nic

    He looks good and handsome .People here are like kids (stupid ones) just because he is a friend of Jennifer and has a movie with her , you start to bash him oh God you realllllly need a therapy .They said like hundred times WE ARE NOT DATING .

  • http://;;;; ;;;;

    he look happier, I think Gerry is in love, is he going to surprise us? hihihihi !!!!!, I hope you will respect his choice hahahaha

  • Jenna

    @Eve: I think you meant spelling and not grammar. But then again, it does not look like you can spell, so it’s OK. Douchebag is the proper spelling, comes from a French word. Thank you for showing your lack of wisdom. It’s always the ones that have none that try to teach the others. Case in point.

  • eliott

    Jebus, the only thing worse than arriving too late to the party is arriving too early.

  • Jenna

    Just one question: is this still part of the community service? Because if GB was a humanitarian before, he was never public about it. Seems he got quite public about it after the pap scuffle, so just wondering.

  • African Girl

    @Gerry, please spare Haiti:
    I know it’s wrong to laugh but man that was funny. Lmao!

  • @Jenna

    How about ‘aging’ in front of douchebag? I think the aging part really adds to the “creep” factor, IMO

  • African Girl


  • Cora

    @ Eve:
    “followed the beat of his own drum and doesn’t fall in to the typical Hollywood stereotype”
    Oh dear lord, Gerry is a walking Hollywood cliche! Johnny Depp, Viggo Mortensen, now these are men that have shunned the Hollywood scene and are well respected for it.

  • New light

    Jenna, thanks for the response. What you described certainly are some of the symptoms of a creep. What is the root cause of a Lothario? Broken family, single parent may have some to do with it but the cause seems to go deeper. It could be pathological and social and religious upbringing also come into play. Some may be predisposed to such predilection due to inherited genes. My last post only pointed to the possible influence of one’s religious upbringing. It’s interesting to know why we are what we are.

  • don’t care

    He needs to be called out on his creepiness. Some of these women will rationalize anything he does, just like they do their spoiled sons. He can do no wrong. Well, there is something amiss about him. But that is fine. Let him live his life, but when these women act like he is God’s gift to women, you are only fooling yourselves. His acting in his movies have been substandard. He was good in a few, but I think he needs to take a few acting lessons to push him to a better acting level. I was not impressed with Gamer or Law Abiding Citizen. Very disappointing.

  • Ick

    It seems to me that the only creep around is the person who sits around the computer 24/7 waiting for JJ to post a new GB thread so she/he can jump on first with a couple of negative posts. And, then come back on with new names posting the same stuff. Get a life. You are getting too predictable.

    GB looks great in these photos. Love him.

  • Cora

    @ eliott
    The start of Gerry threads are always wonky. Hang in there. The tone of the thread will inevitably change as it winds and twists along. It always does. :)

  • Q

    @Eve: He is in the tabloids every single day for his shenanigans like every other z list, talentless reality star/has been,. Fans were hoping he would not succumb to the temptations of Hollywood and just concentrate on starring in good movies, but I am afraid he has failed. There is not much talk about his career whenever his name is mentioned which is a shame. He is usually in the media for all the wrong reasons. With this charity work maybe he is trying to change his image. Who knows? I really hope he is doing it because he has a heart and not because he wants publicity like some have suggested..

    There is a reason posters here are so cynical. He is the resident party boy in the industry, and not considered a real actor.

  • suspect

    To ;;;. I suspect the same

  • Jenna

    @New light: Agreed. I think the upbringing has a lot to do with it though. The lack of the father figure in the home and the father’s absence in general is a huge reason why men become lotharios. I don’t know about the religious aspect, never thought of it though. I would normally assume that it might prevent it more than it would encourage it (as in providing some moral boundaries) but in this case I doubt GB is religious or goes to church often. From a social standpoint, yes. Countries that have a “macho” attitude where the males are praised and put ahead of the women (Italy comes to mind) seem to breed womanizers and “cheating” on your spouse is almost an accepted thing. But generally I would say the family unit is number one in the reason. Interesting discussion, are you doing research?

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Check back later today. They tend to stay away initially on new threads and let the crazy die down a little. Hang in there….


    Why would the jolie-pitt fans hate Butler.. that makes no sense.. Direct your comment to the Aniston fans.

    I am a Jolie-Pitt fan that actually LOVE MY BOO GERRY.. so please.. stop grouping everyone under one umbrella.

    I will admit I would scream is my boo was with Aniston.. more because of her loser fans..

    Go Gerry.

  • Ladida

    Why do these JA Angie Brad fans think it depends on them…? Hello? Its a GB thread. Go over to your playground and for being snippy and “offending” …..lmao….We do respect – wait I do respect your opinion and you should mine too. give and take, huh?

    So when I am thinking better said when I say I lose my last respect for him, then it’s my thing, you dont have to care a sh!t about it. BEcause I think it’s just not right to make a competition out of a good thing -> doanting for kids kicking cancer.

    For the haiti thing: Yes, hes great that he helps BUT if its for publicity, what we don’t know-or does anyone for sure here? NO? okay, then its just don’t right too.

    So Polly or any other phannie, me is a fan of GB but I don’t wear pink glasses…

    LOL wait a minute…did anyone said something against me? Ewww sorry me very hot blooded LMAO

  • Yesheis

    I agree with :::. I suspect he is happier and it could be love.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Cora @ 01/29/2010 at 11:43 am

    @ Eve:
    “followed the beat of his own drum and doesn’t fall in to the typical Hollywood stereotype”
    Oh dear lord, Gerry is a walking Hollywood cliche! Johnny Depp, Viggo Mortensen, now these are men that have shunned the Hollywood scene and are well respected for it.
    You are totally right Cora. Gerry has turned into THE Hollywood stereotype. But I guess he figures any press is good press. *shaking head*

  • Ladida

    Forgot to add:
    Damn ya he is hot and his beard is great too and for the violingirl …okay two opinions: 1: YAAAY go GERRY! 2: grow up and care about your health

  • Jenna

    @Ladida: OH WELL SAID. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I don’t like everyone’s either but hey, it’s a free country and we can all speak our minds and we should be tolerant enough to let other speak.