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Jennifer Garner is Pastry Pretty

Jennifer Garner is Pastry Pretty

Jennifer Garner picks up pastries for her family from Rockenwagner Bakery on Thursday (January 28) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old actress, who had her eye on some loaves of bread, picked out baked goods to take home for her little ones!

On Wednesday, Jen and daughter Violet went to Disneyland and rode on the spinning teacups – whee!

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner picking up pastries…

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jennifer garner rockenwagner pastries 01
jennifer garner rockenwagner pastries 02
jennifer garner rockenwagner pastries 03
jennifer garner rockenwagner pastries 04
jennifer garner rockenwagner pastries 05
jennifer garner rockenwagner pastries 06
jennifer garner rockenwagner pastries 07
jennifer garner rockenwagner pastries 08
jennifer garner rockenwagner pastries 09
jennifer garner rockenwagner pastries 10
jennifer garner rockenwagner pastries 11
jennifer garner rockenwagner pastries 12
jennifer garner rockenwagner pastries 13
jennifer garner rockenwagner pastries 14
jennifer garner rockenwagner pastries 15
jennifer garner rockenwagner pastries 16
jennifer garner rockenwagner pastries 17
jennifer garner rockenwagner pastries 18
jennifer garner rockenwagner pastries 19
jennifer garner rockenwagner pastries 20

Photos: GSI Media
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  • CanadaGirl

    Here’s Jennifer not “posing” for her almost daily photo-op.

  • why?

    Why Iis this woman photographed every day? It’s not like she’s promoting a movie or attending any event. And yet, we see her almost every day. Do paps stalk her?

  • You2

    The paps don’t stalk her, they photograph her everyday because she wants to be photopgraphed every day. Her assistants call up the paps and let them know where she will be, she’s a big publicity ho you don’t see britney or brangelina half as much as you do jen garner.

  • lulu

    what is this ? A REALITY SHOW. ? we have been seeing her daily , every day 24/7. if not a pubicity stunt, then what is she selling us ?.

    There are tons of HW A list living in the vicinity of LA, but were hardly seen, and here she is – B to C listed Jen Garner with kids in the market place on Monday , Tuesday strolling at the park with her kids, Wed., lunch with Ben and the kids, Thursday , Market with her kids, Friday shopping with Violet, Sat, Disneyland with Violet. Gosh, I think one of the razzie must living with them.

    Rarely seeing her husband with her, Are they separating ?

  • smile

    She loves taking care of her family.

  • Ms Anonymous


    JJ shoves Dita von Teese down our throats daily, yet she’s not plugging anything either.

  • Pippi

    LOL! They post her pic everyday to irritate all you whiners. Or should I say the people who change their name and post one comment after another. They know more about her than her fans. She owns them.

  • Pippi

    Watch that twit who hijacks my user name come on this thread and post a stupid hateful comment about Jen and her family. Anybody with half a brain knows it not me cause everybody know I am her number one fan. Love her. She is so cute.

  • riri

    Jen is very masculine, tall, big and homely woman.
    Ben is a vert masculine and tall guy.
    He should have went for a more petite and feminine woman like Kerri Russel (not to mention beautiful).
    Now he is going to have daughters that will have to suffer from such masculine and tall genes.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    jenn seems like an amazing person, mother and actress

  • D-9

    Once again we see this woman walking around!
    Does she have a personal photographer who follows her around snapping pictures of her and then sends them all to individual websites?

  • stop

    yep she is manly alright
    see just looks genetically malformed her face…inbred?

  • Violets Auntie

    Love her jeans! She looks great!

  • hong kong

    she is so pretty and down to earth. She will be in MArie claire in march :) She is fabulous!!!

  • Inaru

    Pastry yes, pretty no.

  • Tazina

    Same old boring hate posts from the same boring person. Yes, we know you change your name for each dumb comment you make. Borrrrinnng……nothing wrong with Jen. She doesn’t phone anyone to come and take her picture. Get a life, loser. You need one.

  • Kaily

    If you don’t like her – its easy to remedy her not being shown everyday—just skip the post. JJ (and all the other celeb gossip sites) post whoever gets the most hits – and she always does. Pippi is right – all the haters know all the intimate details (or so they think) of her life. They are obviously an obssessed bunch.

  • Liv

    She’s fugly.

  • ?

    Pippi, I thought Jen´s number one fan is her husband. You know, that Big Ben man who ´s married to her and “loves” her. Guess I was wrong.

  • sally

    Oh my, I quickly scanned the title and thought it said “PASTY pretty”. lol. I’ve lived in Brentwood and it’s a filthy rich, exclusive town but quiet too. There are NO paps just hanging around unless someone calls them which is usually the celebs assistant/pr crew to help the celeb stay relevant and in the blogs/news. The deadliest thing for a celeb is to NOT be in the news/blogs. She seems insecure without her usual blackberry on her ear or children.

  • paps out there every day

    Please we see more of Katie Holmes and her homey sloppy Suri
    every day.. going to the car to some where so give it up…she is not
    out there every day where was she yesterday eh and the day before..
    Nada day goes by when we have to see Suri and her mother getting
    out of a car and into a building…so give it up..
    DO THEY HAVE THE PAPS ON SPEED DIAL..the deadliest thing
    for a celebrity is that they do not call the paps.. but the paps are
    there have you ever seen the paps shows ..telling you how they
    got the shot never do they tell you that they called them up if
    it were up to them they would rather not be photographed

  • Gil

    She resembles Matt Dillon so much, any relation?

  • Pap

    I’d recognize that lizzard face amongst a million people

  • hong kong

    @Pap: Lizzard face? Her face is stunning she is so pretty!

  • Pippi

    The Jen Garner haters are who keep her so popular with the websites. That’s how gossip sites make money from hits. So unless you don’t want to see her as you claim, don’t post a lot of envious and hateful comments and maybe the paps won’t hound her and her family so much. You know in you hearts that the paps would not follow a celeb unless in was something in it for them. Elementary my dear Watson.

    BTW, she is gorgeous and that is what makes you idiots so mean and hate the fact that she has what you don’t have. She is the best and amazing person with talent that she hasn’t even show yet. So glad she ditched Vartan. Has she not hooked up with Ben, we would not have Violet and Sera to gush over.

  • hong kong

    @Pippi: yeah Pippi, but my friend i dont think she really did that to Vartan, besides is a good and cute actor. But u r right about Sera and violet :)

  • ?

    So glad she ditched Vartan.

    Pippi, Vartan broke up with her because he doesn´t want marriage and children. She rushed then to him from Vancouver Elektra set to get him back but he said no. Poor girl. Seems all her men are douches incl. her current husband who forbids her to talk about her private life.

  • seniordatematch

    What a good mom

  • lakers fan in boston

    meh, not her best pics
    she looks really plain in these pics, horrible jeans as well
    some1 really needs 2 tell her those glasses look stupid on her!
    cant look good all the time =\

  • e

    Good point #7. I liked JG in Alias I think she is a good actress for TV series, I like to see pics of Vi and Sera, they are cute like any other kids at that age!

    M.Vartan seems to be a nice guy, gentleman, genuine, as far as most of the fans/ non fans concerned, I think it is unfair for MV he deserved something better than that ,leave MV out of this
    Think harder, if without Vi, JG would not have been mrs.Afflect or she might have become mrs unknown in Hollywood, the truth is sad but it is the reality

  • nowhere

    They eat too many pastries.

  • hong kong

    Yeah Vartan is very cute. Please dont bash him.

  • fortune cookie

    Jennifer too skinny she got gay man body, but jennifer nicelady.

  • Kendra

    For heaven’s sake, why keep dredging up the whole Vartan fiasco?? It was years ago, she dumped him (not the other way around) after he asked her to marry him. She wanted Ben all along. Let it go, kids!

  • belinda

    yup i agree…some people sounds so angry and jealous. if she wouldnt bring in the hits jj wouldnt post her!!

  • Pippi

    To #30 *e* being Mrs. Affleck has not helped Jen’s career at all. If anything it has caused her to lose some of her fans. They don’t like her because of the split with Vartan. That why a lot of people don’t like her because they blame her for the breakup. She lost a lot of fans when she and Affleck got together. She was more doing fine on her own and had more fans before Affleck.

    Because I have respect and support Jen I accept any guy she chooses. That is only fair. She was meant to be a mom and Ben also for ready to be a dad so I think its great they found each other at just the right time. People can’t help who they fall for and I think life is too short to be with one person when your heart belongs to someone else. I have nothing against Michael Vartan ( I actually like him) but I think people should be with the ones they love rather than with the one fans would have them with. This also include Brad and Angie. Some people don’t want those two together together either but they chose to be with each other. We the fans should butt out of their personal lives.

  • Pippi

    To lakers fan in boston (#29) I don’t think Jen is concerned in the least about looking good when she is running errands and out and about with her kids and hubby. She is so far removed from shallow crap like that. Unless she is working, that is the last thing on her mind. Give her credit for daring to be different from your everyday run of the mill celebrity.

    That is one of the things I find so refresing about her. Btw, I like those glasses on her. Much better than the the ones she sometimes wear that wrap around her face and make her look like SJP. Sunglasses for the most part are meant to protect your eyes from UV rays that cause cataracts later in life. The full coverage ones also prove protection in the prevention of wrinkles and crows’s feet.