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Ginnifer Goodwin is Embracing Veganism

Ginnifer Goodwin is Embracing Veganism

Ginnifer Goodwin arrives at the Calvin Klein Men’s and Women’s Spring 2010 Collections Preview Benefit on Thursday (January 28) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old He’s Just Not That Into You actress was joined by boyfriend and actor Joey Kern at the charity event.

Ginnifer, who became a vegan a year and half ago, shared why she changed her eating habits.

“For most of my life I naively lived on cheeseburgers, macaroni and cheese, and chicken nuggets; a family dinner always meant steak,” Ginnifer told “Then one day a year and a half ago, it hit me over the head while I was making a hearty breakfast that it wasn’t, in the grand scheme of earthly things, intended for me.”

15+ pictures inside of Ginnifer Goodwin at the Calvin Klein event…

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34 Responses to “Ginnifer Goodwin is Embracing Veganism”

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  1. 1
    Shanice Says:

    She’s goregous. If that’s what a vegan diet does for your skin & body, imma consider!!

  2. 2
    Carrie Says:

    Veganism isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. My friend has been vegan her whole life (her entire family are) and they eat COMPLETELY the wrong things. Because they can’t get energy from protein they just eat carbohydrates all the time and they are all overweight and look terrible.

    It may work for some, but you have to know how to get your nutrients from the right, healthy things.

    Anyways, more steak for me …

  3. 3
    MADONNA Says:

    She looks like a little boy

  4. 4
    sp Says:

    duh. anyone can have bad eating habits. vegans should eat a lot of dark green vegetables for protein.

  5. 5
    Anna Says:

    I didn’t know she was a vegan, that’s great!
    @#2: As a vegan myself, I find that a little hard to believe. I just can’t imagine how someone could be a vegan and eat just junk, especially at this diet, “nutritional mistakes” become immediately noticeable (having little energy,…). If done responsibly (vegetables, fruit, protein (soy) and also carbs) it’s great for your body, your health and especially for animals and our environment.

  6. 6
    Anna Says:

    Yes, I just totally called you a liar, thank God you understood and I don’t have to explain myself. I also think you probably have to go to hell, for all your mean lies about veganism on a celebrity blog. Yeah, thats right, hell. Seriously. Oh, by the way: I’d never be on a horse, even if it would be super high, I’m a Vegan, if you haven’t heard.

  7. 7
    cutie Says:

    She is adorable. :-)

  8. 8
    Whit Says:

    Humans = Animals
    Animals eat other animals.
    It is natural.
    Are you going to go talk a bear into not eating meat anymore?

  9. 9
    appena Says:

    love the outfit, the shoes and the make up.
    @WHIT They way you put it it’s a little harsh but you’re right.
    It’s the way nature works. Especially for kids, being vegan is wrong for many reasons.

  10. 10
    Marissa Says:

    It’s quite a difference, if a bear lives in harmony with nature or if humans decide to rule the world, overpopulate it and slaughter BILLIONS of animals. The numbers for 2008 just for the US:

    USDA slaughter stats 2008

    Cattle: 35,507,500
    Pigs: 116,558,900
    Chickens: 9,075,261,000
    Layer hens: 69,683,000
    Broiler chickens: 9,005,578,000
    Turkeys: 271,245,000

    It’s one thing for an animal with wild instincts to kill in the nature, it’s another thing to kill animals as a human, who doesn’t need meat to survive, with industrial and systematic methods of killing.

    If you want to wrestle down a cow or have the “courage” to slaughter a chicken with your own hands, go ahead. Or, for starters: visit a slaughterhouse. If you think it’s our right as a “superior” living being to kill defenseless animals, just we invented the methods to do so, then that’s no difference from actions of men who enslaved other people, just because they have the guns and can do so.

  11. 11
    Marissa Says:

    Why exactly is it wrong to raise children as vegans? And before you reply stuff like “it’s a health risk because they lack vitamins and protein” inform yourself. Meat, loaded with hormones, and fat, is one of the main reasons for health problems in the US.

  12. 12
    well Says:

    @Whit: are you going to talk an elephant into eating meat? Or is grass considered an animal?

  13. 13
    Jaliah Says:

    Other animals don’t practise intensive farm methods they kill and eat to survive. We no longer do that. We farm animals in the most horrendous ways and if their meat isn’t cheap enough and it gets left on the shelf we dump their bodies into an incinerator while other of our species die of hunger and malnutrition on the same planet.

  14. 14
    Whit Says:


    That was exactly my point Omnivores are Omnivore, Herbivores are Herbivores, Carnivores are Carnivores that is nature

    I never said anything about being superior. I was talking about is the fact that eating meat is part of nature

  15. 15
    Marissa Says:

    But the WAY humans eat meat and consume animal products is not a part of nature, it couldn’t be more unnatural.

  16. 16
    callmewhatever Says:

    She looks cute. I prefer this hair cut to her normal one.

  17. 17
    JULIA Says:

    shes adorable! love the dress and the shoes! but I prefer her long hair…

  18. 18
    barbie Says:

    She looks like a beautiful, healthy young woman (actually, pretty fantastic for 31 years old, I thought she was in her late teens)! I hope however, she doesn’t go the way like Natalie Portman, also another vegan. Natalie used to be look healthy, but now looks all skin and bones, and at least 10 years older than her real age.

  19. 19
    china man Says:

    Beauty. This is a beautiful woman and seksilna

  20. 20
    Jane Says:

    First off, I’m not a vegan, I do eat dairy and eggs, and occasionally meat, but it’s not something I feel particularly great about and I would love to one day cut it completely out of my diet. Maybe 100 or 200 years ago the way humans ate meat was natural, but it is the furthest thing from it now. The animals in slaughterhouses are more often than not pumped full of chemicals to make them bigger, so they’ll produce more meat, and those are chemicals that we eat when we eat that product. And a lot of the methods used to kill the animals are not foolproof – to kill the animals properly can take time, and time is money, so often the animals aren’t even dead, and still conscious when they have the skin cut off their faces, or are put in boiling water. There is nothing natural about that.

    If it’s done right, as it looks like Ginnifer is, it can be a great lifestyle. She looks absolutely beautiful and I love her shorter hair.

  21. 21
    Donknottz Says:

    @Whit: Um animals eat animals raw, catch them with their bare hands/paws, have very small intestines so meat doesnt stay in their bodies like in a humans it does for three days causing it to stay and clog arteries and leave fat deposits, they also have enzymes in their stomach to process raw/dead corpses and thats why roadkill actually smells good to them as oppose to a human its smells awful, and carnivores have long jaws with sharp canine teeth as oppose to leaf eaters who have rounded jaws and flat teeth for munching on greens etc. You’re silly animals eat animals holds no water with human beings.

  22. 22
    eibhinn Says:

    @whit : Bears’ diets are 80 to 90% vegetarian (except polar bears). With the exception of carniverous predators like big cats (who incidentally need to sleep the majority of the time in order to DIGEST all that meat), most animals don’t rely on animal products nearly as much as human beings in industrialized nations. And they are much healthier for it.

  23. 23
    beth Says:

    I’ve been vegetarian for 7 years, but have yet to go vegan. Looking at Ginnifer makes me think I should give it a try.

  24. 24
    gamerdatingsite Says:

    She is so pretty!

  25. 25
    christine (WeHo & NYC) Says:

    That’s all she said?
    Wow… groundbreaking.
    Can she sound nemore stupid than Kate Hudson.

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