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Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel: Timbaland Twosome

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel: Timbaland Twosome

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel head to a Timbaland concert at the House of Blues in Hollywood on Friday (January 29).

The 28-year-old entertainer and his 27-year-old sweetheart took Jess‘ parents to the concert!

It was announced late this week that the performances from Hope For Haiti Now, including Justin‘s duet with Matt Morris on “Hallelujah,” raised more than $3 million for Haiti relief!

In a statement, iTunes said that the performance compilation was the downloading service’s largest one-day pre-order in history.

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Credit: Coqueran; Photos: Famepictures
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  • lisa

    Thats his parents not hers

  • SNJP

    Jessica Biel is HOT. I Desire to look like her and have her Booty.

  • lida

    Hope for the reunion at the Grammys!

  • Kate Bosselin

    wow her mom looks like a white trash trailer park queen

  • dundies

    i don’t understand why not wearing makeup would make you look older

  • S3WA

    If I were JT I would close the deal right now, there’s no way he can ever do better than Jessica Biel. Come on, put a ring on it! She’s one of the coolest actresses out there and beautiful too. She could do better so… maybe it’s a good thing he hasn’t proposed yet?

  • mariah

    he CAN DO better!! her not so much her entire career depends on him thats why she wont let him go so easily. She is such a bore and terrible actress. Plus some praise the body she had 2 years ago now she is just bones she lost the curves that made her famous.

  • GssWho

    what’s wrong with those lips Jessica?? Plump!

  • CanadaGirl

    Jessica’s lip-plumping is getting out of hand.

  • Jen

    @S3WA: OHAI Jessica Biel! Or her assistant :) Nice to see you commenting your own pictures!!! How nice of you. God bless you SISTA

  • Jen

    oh and i almost forgot, screams NOSE JOB!!!!
    it’s funny to me that some call her “hot”, cause i really don’t find her “hot” at all, but again that’s just my opinion so…

  • yo sista

    Hmmmm OH GOOD LORD have some Mercy!!!! Hunney where should Yo Sista start?
    This b!tch is so fugl! Why does this b!tch be wearing leather trousers? No HUNNEY just no. Um Um
    Timberlame lookslike he’s having the time of his life LawL *sarcasm*
    Why is Timberlame be taking his Daddy to a Timbaland concert? LawL p!mp Daddy is gone get some houchy ass b!tches.

  • Pat

    she’ just average
    not ugly for sure.. but nothing special

  • yo sista

    @S3WA: lol well hunney she ain’t all that! sorry but u must be the only one to think she’s that way. She’s not attractive in my opinion and so is Timberlame too, they both deserve each other. As a matter of fact he can’t do better than BRITNEY! That’s the IDEAL woman for any man. That’s why he’s so miserable in all the relationships he’s been ever since she dumped his lame ass.

  • may


    I think Jessica has some new lips again.

  • Norma Stitz

    How fierce does Justin looks with his f@g bag? Major Douche.

  • lexy

    Why is it some of you are so obsessed with marriage? Then once they get married you’ll claim he’s cheating on her or if she gets knocked up you’ll claim she did it for money. There’s nothing wrong with dating and getting to know some one before you get married or knocked up.
    Jessica looks fine. They’ve seen each other first thing in the morning so he knows what she looks like without make-up and still wants to be with her!

  • lisa

    Jessica looks fine. They’ve seen each other first thing in the morning so he knows what she looks like without make-up and still wants to be with her!

    How do you know he sees her in the morning? Also are you sure he still wants to be with her? Nobody knows what goes on behind close doors!

  • anonymous

    Biel has the most digusted look on her face I,ve ever seen
    even her posture you can tell there’s alot of tension
    between her and Justin parents and Justin doesn’t look to thrilled either
    wonder if Biel will go with Justin to the Grammys or his mom
    and it happens to be his Birthday also

  • Lena

    Love Justin he is adorable and very talented.


    jealous ass hater’s.Justin timberlake and Jessica Biel know’s who the hell they want to be with,and that’s each other.Jessica Biel said in vogue interview that she doesn’t need to clear up anything. Justin is the most precious thing in her life.She doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

  • Marcy

    A douche is John Mayer not Justin.

  • nina

    Can’t believe that this prostitute is still living, her parents must be so proud of her

  • nUR

    He must be so in love with himself and in his prostitute. He isn’t realize what he is doing

  • Twinkle

    He’s Justin Timberlake. He has girls throwing themselves at him all the time. She’s done something to her face. More specifically her lips. They look super inflated. Ewww.

  • muri

    He should better pay up, he can’t fight against the whole world. We don’t give up. He can’t abuse unguilty children and live in a luxury world.

  • nela

    Her lips are so disgusting, never seen lips like that before

  • yo sista

    @Marcy: well hunney BOTH are douche bags!

  • Chunky y’all

    omg i’m sick of these two b;tches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go away timberpu:ss!!!!!!!! NBDY CURRRRRRRRRRRRRRR about u & ur big-ass-lips fug gurrfran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GTFO TIMBERP,u,SS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alexa

    Did she needs his money to pump her lips?

  • Jen

    UMGZZZZZ DUE PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TIMBERLAME GTFO GTFO GTFO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEAVE US ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andrea

    she has the ugliest mouth in hollywood, it must be very disgusting for the other actors to kiss her

  • andrea

    He is the biggest narcissistic animal in this planet. shame on you. Your career is over! stupid stature. The whole world is sick of seeing you and your prostitute dog

  • christine (WeHo & NYC)

    Is she starving herself like Jolie?

  • gamerdatingsite

    He never cheats on her

  • christine (WeHo & NYC)

    Biel has beautiful lips tho. More beautiful than Jolie’s.

  • Twinkle

    Check it out. Her lips just keep growing and growing. Kinda like JLo’s ass.

  • manuela

    Her lips are so FAKE, nobody in her family has similar lips, so they can’t be natural — joile’s lips are really NATURAL!. END OF DISCUSSION

  • blah

    They both are ugly

  • claudia


  • lexy

    They are together – get over your teen queen dream of marrying Justin. Why would she need his money to pay for her a lip job – she’s not Rachel Bilson – Jessica actually gets acting jobs on her own. Her new movie Valentine’s Day should be out in theaters soon!! Obviously Justin is working on raising money for Haiti, he’s singing duets on everyone’s albums and he’s done some small acting roles. He works hard, let him enjoy some time off with the woman he loves…

  • crt

    Can’t see her gypsy family anywhere here

  • Ugly people

    He is a dream-girl and she is a undercover-prostitute.

  • lisa


    You get over !

  • marissa


    and they mock people like you because of your naiveness

    I feel sorry for her girlfriend.
    the truth will come out about them one day.

  • lakers fan in boston

    cant believe these 2 are still trying
    both of them always look miserable, especially him, at least she occasionally shows some display of affection
    whatever, we’ll see how far it goes, i think she’s just holding on for a ring, silly silly girl =p


    @lexy – he don’t love her, he is just a very liar and can’t take any responsibility for all his mistakes he has done. LIVE IS NOT SO EASY WHICH HE THINKS. HE HAS MAKE TO MANY MISTAKES IS STILL DOING. every one has to ensure resposibility for mistakes they do!

  • nicole

    the only reason why she is with him together are diamonds and he wants marry. so i ask myself what her plan is, will she manipulate him to marry her so she can take his money. I really don’t understand this girl timberdouch, he is not so stupid just blind!

  • S3WA

    Well… I think Jessica Biel is awesome! She’s a really cool gal, great sense of humour and unpretentious. Okay, so some of you don’t find her so hot, I think she’s gorgeous! (Hotter than JT, IMO)

  • Armond

    i think i saw her out on my street corner, she was charging $5 for whatever you want