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Orlando Bloom & Agyness Deyn: Me & City Ads!

Orlando Bloom & Agyness Deyn: Me & City Ads!

Scope out British celebs Orlando Bloom and Agyness Deyn portraying a young Hollywood couple in the Spring 2010 campaign for the quirky Chinese label Me & City.

The ads were captured by famed celeb photographer Terry Richardson.

DO YOU THINK Orlando and Agyness pull off being a couple in these new ads — YAY or NAY?

15+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Agyness Deyn‘s ads for Me & City

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orlando bloom agyness deyn me and city ads 01
orlando bloom agyness deyn me and city ads 02
orlando bloom agyness deyn me and city ads 03
orlando bloom agyness deyn me and city ads 04
orlando bloom agyness deyn me and city ads 05
orlando bloom agyness deyn me and city ads 06
orlando bloom agyness deyn me and city ads 07
orlando bloom agyness deyn me and city ads 08
orlando bloom agyness deyn me and city ads 09
orlando bloom agyness deyn me and city ads 10
orlando bloom agyness deyn me and city ads 11
orlando bloom agyness deyn me and city ads 12
orlando bloom agyness deyn me and city ads 13
orlando bloom agyness deyn me and city ads 14
orlando bloom agyness deyn me and city ads 15
orlando bloom agyness deyn me and city ads 16
orlando bloom agyness deyn me and city ads 17
orlando bloom agyness deyn me and city ads 18
orlando bloom agyness deyn me and city ads 19

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  • joey

    omg, who shoot these crap????? HORRIBLE

  • GoodGirl

    Wentworth Miller was better than them!!

  • Kate

    No, they don’t really fit as a couple but good pics

  • hi

    photography not that good.
    but he’s still adorable =]

  • Oh

    I could make better pictures with my point-and-shoot. Horrible amateur photography.

    BUT Orlando and Agness are really cute together, they have a lot of chemistry.

  • lame

    LOL You must be hard up for news. These pics. have been around for ages! Orlando looks great, but I’m not too keen on the clothes themselves.

  • YES!

    Love the man.
    Indifferent about the girl.
    Meh about the photog.
    Hate the clothes.

    But he does look extremely sexy in the suit. Cheekbones!!
    And the pic with the dogs is too cute for words.

  • FroFro

    I think the composition of the photos, in most of them is really cool. Maybe stop looking at just the people and look at the whole picture.

  • S3WA

    Such nice doggies! Only time Orlando Bloom impressed me was in his appearance on Ricky Gervais’ “Extras”. He was hilarious!! I’m laughing out loud just thinking about it. Apart from that, I’m pretty indifferent, neiher like nor dislike him. He does have a sweet gf though.

  • sara

    Orlando looks so handsome!

    Sympathy for Delicious just won the Special Jury prize for drama at Sundance!
    Congratulations to mark Ruffalo and Christopher Thornton,
    And Orlando is getting mostly great reviews for his role in the film. Even critics who didn’t like the film are praising his performance. You can’t please everyone, but he sure seemed to please a lot of people with his turn as BA rock star.

    Gosh I hope that this movie gets picked up. I want to see it so bad!

  • emmaa


  • ummahyk

    nice style:D

  • mera

    @GoodGirl: i think u r right wentworth is hot & sexy & t hey both are not a couple ….. they r horrible


    Love them both but no chemistry together. Still, lovely to see two people I like in a single photo!

  • mia

    These pics don’t make them justice…in the ads video of the campaign they have much more chemistry together.

  • queeny

    They have more chemistry together as Orlando and Miranda.

  • Sady

    @WICKED WENCH: Agree :)

  • me me me

    love the clothes. they don’t look like a couple, hardly any chemistry. there are a few good shots, but there are others where the light is awful, composition very questionable, and and a lot of side stuff that takes away from the motif (orlando in this case).

  • k

    They commercial was so much better than the still shots.
    Some of the shots show chemistry, while others make them look like strangers. But they were adorable together in motion.
    But Orlando is gorgeous either way, so I’m happy.

  • citylove

    I love the commercial ! Orlando to of course xD I don’t think they look like a couple because him and Miranda all ready make a beautiful couple :P Angyness and Orlando look like very good friend and having a lot of fun ! :D

  • Questionable?

    Isn’t that what Orlando and Miranda do anyway?

    I guess that Orlando finally got tired of doing photo shoots without getting paid for it.

  • @21

    Well said!

  • @21

    Oh yeah, we forgot!
    How dare we not apply the hater double standards…
    Orlando and Miranda sighted together, but no photographs = not together.
    Orlando and Miranda photographed together for over TWO YEARS = set ups.
    Silly me.

  • @21

    Isn’t that what only 4 people still believe by this point?

  • @24

    Oh no, there may be as many as five. *snerk*
    I went over to their cesspool of a site, thinking that they should be very happy to have an Orlando movie to talk about. They are always complaining thatthey are sick of just having relationship gossip to talk about, and wish that they could talk about his career.
    But I noticed that with every other Orlando centric site buzzing with news from Sundance, they had very little to say. They would still rather talk about the girlfriend, while moaning that she is all that they had to talk about. They did mention Sympathy, only to talk about the brutal review that one person posted. They, of course, ignored ALL of the positive reviews, because that’s just how they are. They are happy to talk dirt, but they ignore the positive news about the supposed focus of their site. Orlando has received mostly rave reviews for his role. Did they mention that? No, of course not. They have immediate news of Miranda, yet they ignore the fact that Sympathy won the Special Jury Prize last night at Sundance.
    Hypocrites? Absolutely!

  • Kris

    Yes, and after 2 years he said they are ‘hanging out’…cool!!!

  • Looks fantastic

    Orlando always looks good in a suit. I like him a lot better ‘dressed up’ than the sloppy, slovenly way he usually dresses. Yes, the girl is cute, but she’s no Miranda Kerr. No special chemistry here – just business friendly.

  • Kate

    Yay! Adorable.

  • @26

    He also said that he was “very happy”, and that he was “so lucky”, and that “she is wonderful”.
    I guess that youare ignoring those statements like you are ignoring his good reviews.
    Right, got it.

  • Kris

    No, I am not ignoring it, but it sounded srange to me that he explined their situation sayin ‘we are hangin out’, it made it sound very casual…you can also hang out with mates…

  • casey

    He also said Kate was ‘wonderful and he was lucky to have her in his life’…sounds like a history repeating…!

  • Jules

    Great pics but bad clothes…

  • @@@@@@@@@@@@

    Isn’t he dating that girl who looks like Jenna Haze??

  • @31

    Well, he and Kate were together for four years, so I guess that happiness is an important part of the relationship.

  • @33

    Don’t know who Jenna is, but he has been dating Miranda Kerr for over two years.

  • Adam

    Yeah, my f***buddy is wonderful too…!

  • nursedatingsite

    I hope they get married

  • @Kris

    But you always say that they only meet for staged set ups and that pretty much everything Orlando says is a lie so why do you give any credit to that? You’re a little confused

  • LA

    The guy hangs out with lots of people in LA….!

  • @30

    He also said that she held his heart in his hands.
    Oh wait, that’s right. I forgot to apply the hater double standard.
    If he says that he loves her, it’s only to promote their “showmance”, but if he doesn’t say that he loves her in every intrusive interview, it’s ‘proof’ that their relationship is only for show. You know, the way that they fly around the world to be together is just for show, since it’s so obvious that neither one of them has anything to offer a REAL partner.
    So sorry. My bad.

  • BC2DR

    The images aren’t that great, but his outfit isn’t to bad, thought not the best either.

  • @40

    that’s true…he said she holds his heart in her hands, that’s why this ‘hanging out’ thing is weird…he made a few steps back it seems…

  • @42

    Aren’t you reading too much into it? He goes everywhere with her, took her to Cannes, spent Christmas with her for the last two years, etc.
    Actions speak louder than what anyone may want to interpret from these words.

  • Misdemeanor

    Yes, indeed….and he went clubbing when she had her VSFS…that action of his spoke too…

  • @44

    Why? One thing would’ve been that he had promised to go to her show and instead of that he had gone clubbing.
    But it seems she was aware that he wouldn’t go and as a free adult he can go clubbing whenever he wants. I don’t see what’s so terrible about that and it seems that neither does she.

  • Kim

    DO YOU THINK Orlando and Agyness pull off being a couple in these new ads — YAY or NAY?

    NAY they look like relatives or friends not a couple.

  • lakers fan in boston

    the pictures look really low quality
    they dont do agyness any justice, she’s a pretty girl and she looks plain in these pics
    they do make a weird couple lol

  • sunnie

    ME&CITY is not a quirky brand,ok? it’s just like Gap of American and already has more than 80 stores in China. It invited Wentworth Miller as spokeperson last year .
    you could check for more details

  • LOL!

    Oh the delphidiots are so darn funny.
    They call themselves an Orlando Bloom discussion forum, yet rarely do they ‘discuss’ Orlando. They condem him, criticize him and vilify him, but they don’t ‘discuss’ him.
    They complain about there only being news about his personal life, then completely ignore his professional life.
    They report news on Miranda before even the Miranda fan sites, yet lag on reporting news on Orlando.
    It was only after someone pointed this out on this site, that one of the idiots FINALLY posted the rather significant news, that Sympathy for Delicious had won the Special Jury Prize at Sundance. They posted this A FULL 24 HOURS after every other Orlando site had posted it. Do they care about Orlando’s professional career? Evidently not. They are much too busy scouring the net for information on Miranda.
    H Y P O C R I T E S !

  • true

    I still want them to admit that Orlando got great reviews from most critics for this movie.
    The delphites hate to admit that they are wrong.