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Rihanna & Justin Bieber Kiss... Again!

Rihanna & Justin Bieber Kiss... Again!

Pop sensations Rihanna and Justin Bieber pile up the swag at one of the gifting lounges backstage at the 2010 Grammys held at Staples Center on Friday (January 29) in Los Angeles.

Not too long ago, Rihanna kissed Justin on the cheek. Justin explained, “Just got to my first Grammy Radio Forum… maybe I can get another kiss from Rihanna while we’re here. Still haven’t washed my face [from last time]. Seriously.”

Turns out Justin was once again successful: “Thanks for refreshing the lipstick mark @rihanna.” Get it, Justin!

FYI: RiRi‘s jeans are made by Anoname.

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101 Responses to “Rihanna & Justin Bieber Kiss... Again!”

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  1. 51
    Marcy Says:

    Lol to the jealous coment. Always a child in the group to use it. Riri tried to get Justin, glad he wanted no part of that ****. Justin knows Jessica’s way more sane than this disgusting ho. Good job Justin you don’t to want to get slap and beat side the head by this heifer.

  2. 52
    gamerdatingsite Says:

    What a nice couple

  3. 53
    Alex Says:

    Rihanna is a real sweetheart. I think she’s hot!

  4. 54
    Angel Says:

    For those saying she bleaches her skin…you must be white. Black people get lighter in the winter time…DUH! Sounds like you’re jealous that the little white boy and Ke$ha have a crush on her. lol

  5. 55
    christine (WeHo & NYC) Says:

    He looks like he wants 2fok her.
    NEway, to chnge the sbject…. I wonder after being punched in the face by CB so mny times….
    if she cud evr b in2 S&M?

  6. 56
    p Says:

    rihanna is so FAKE and not original at all!
    she sings what she is given
    like songs such as ‘ hard’ only months after she is beaten. how ironic.
    she needs others like jay-z to build her up.
    without them she would never have made it ! no talent whatsoever. and there are many pretty people in the world.

  7. 57
    retrobanana Says:

    i like rihanna and i think she is a great singer but i thnk she is wicked conceited, an attention seeker (getting beat up by her boyfriend is a legitimate reason to be in the media and i am not counting that . that is definately an issue that needed to be adressed and i totoally understood the media going on about that) and then she went back out with the kid and (on a side note her hair looks redic), she looks like prince half the time, i think deep inside she does have a great heart, i enjoy her music and think she is a good entertainer but i pretty much see a lot of the peoples reason for bashing her….she loves the spotlight. i think if she laid low more..she would have twice teh fans she has. but yo know what it doesnt matter because she must be doing something right because she has a huge paycheck at the end of the day and her albums sell. the girl is a beauty…..

  8. 58
    riheber Says:

    cute couple

  9. 59
    Alex Says:

    I like Rihanna

    But this outfit & the hair don’t work for me

    Justin looks fine & Hot

  10. 60
    Nelle Says:

    @H.: I like Rihanna a little bit but your comment made laugh MDR

  11. 61
    floridagirlz Says:


    i agree her team played on the incident to sell albums that’s why she waited to do her interview a few weeks before her album dropped she will fade soon…they all do at some point

  12. 62
    someone Says:

    come on there is no need to do this, these are there lives so i think they can do what they want do you really think they will listen to you. anwayz thats what i think so dont get angry at me you should be angry at yourselves for being stupid and pethicted

  13. 63
    jolie Says:

    justin bieber can’t sing….if this is music, the music industry is doomed. listen to more david cook, david.a, beatles, abba, bsb, westlife/…

  14. 64
    7sainoo Says:

    rihanna is the best and i love her she is the best and her songs are amazing so stop calling her names u know she is amzaing

  15. 65
    Celebwatcher Says:

    When I first saw Justin’s video on mtv I thought he was a gay young teenage girl and I was so glad b/c I was like wow he’ll be a great role model for gay teens. Then a few weeks later I found out she was actually a him…anyway

    Read it then weep!

  16. 66
    twpumpkin Says:


  17. 67
    MissD Says:


  18. 68
    malibumom Says:

    If given the chance to be her agent, she would look very elegant with upswept hair, a-line one color dress (plain-simple) , pumps, pearls, simple pearl bracelet, feminine watch-simple make-up. She would have never ever have spoken on the CB incident-she would have never ever went back to him-her attire on the run this town tonight would have consisted of more than a glorified leotard-She would have been taught to be fluent in both french and spanish-She would be a mystery to her public-charming, discreet-elegant-
    Just me

  19. 69
    candace Says:

    rihana loves the haters and i love rihana

  20. 70
    SugarPuff Says:

    Look behind Rihanna’s finger!!! LOL! WOOOOWW, CHRIS BROWN JUST GOT LITERALLY DUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 71
    hoty Says:

    your a hoty don’t cut the hiar

  22. 72
    alexis Says:

    wow you got a really ugly girlfriend your ugly to moreon justin weiber dww your sossososososo dum eaw you love girls so so grose i saw picturse of girls kissing you and you kiss them you so grose poop bag bich im a feamail you are a dirt bag ugly pig you areim telling all the girls bye bichy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  23. 73
    Stylila Says:

    Anoname jeans are cool. They are cheap and modern.

  24. 74
    Stylila Says:

    Fashionable anoname jeans find here

  25. 75
    lisa bieber Says:

    he is so cute and i think that rihanna is a little freak but justin is my idol i love him.

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