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Zachary Quinto: 'Hearts On Fire' Tonight!

Zachary Quinto: 'Hearts On Fire' Tonight!

Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto lands at LAX Airport on Friday (January 29) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old actor headed home after a trip to New York City, where he checked out opening night of a play and shopped around the city!

TONIGHT, Zach will take the stage at Ojai’s Matilija Auditorium for Hearts on Fire with actors Sally Field, Ted Danson, Noah Wyle and more! The group will honor renowned playwright Terrence McNally.

The evening’s performance will be followed by a celebratory dinner, according to

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Credit: GVK; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • yo sista

    He looks gay! Is he gay? Gurrrrrrrrrrrr you better say yes!

  • l

    @yo sista: Well he’s often hanging out with other gay guys. and he attends a lot of gay rights events. so i think, yesss

  • matt

    Hes not a good looking gay though…
    Well better than the fat p hilton but,stil….

  • amy

    zaquary is hot i love him as sylar

  • yo sista

    @l: Ah ok! But he’s kinda not-so-good-looking so i’m glad he doesn’t like girls! lol

  • Marie

    There is NO proof that he is gay. Until he says so, stop assuming.

    Regardless, the guy is sex on legs.

  • Stacie

    I agree with Marie. Zach is Totally Hot Sex. Love him !!!!

  • Karolina

    Srsly, when this stupid questions about celebrities sexuality will end? Even his a gay in my dirty thoughts he’s soooo straight.

  • gamerdatingsite

    He is so cute

  • jessica

    he is freakin sexy!!!

  • jenny

    Zach is one of the most charismatic, talented actors around. There is no question that he is also sexy so I guess that accounts for the perennial sexual orientation question. But really guys, isn’t that still considered rude?

  • Hmmm…

    you know…i don’t really understand where all the gay stuff came from. is he really gay or is it just what people think? and how has people come to the conclusion that he likes men? do we even have proof? if there is proof out there please share because i’m kind of tired of hearing about his sexuality.

  • amtj2008

    @Hmmm…: The gay stuff started because someone on perez staff saw him at a popular gay bar, called Akbar in LA. It snowball because he will not talk about his personal life. There is no truth, other then he has gay friends and supports gay rights, nothing but opinions. I am amazed by the ignorance of some individuals. I have gay friends and support gay rights and I am not really feminine, that does not make me gay. Also he does not hang around a lot of gay guys, all those people who are suppose to be his bf, are straight. His sexuality is his business. but I am amazed how close-minded people are to dissect his manners and clothing choices as gay.

  • amtj2008

    *side note I lived in La for 5 years and the only bars my friends and I went to were gay. Most of the other clubs are full of skanky, druged-out, wannabe famous tools. Lots of straight men go to gay bars in LA/NY/Chi because gay guys have hot women that hang out with them.

  • Anna

    people will talk about his personal life, its part of being a celeb!!!
    calm the hell down.
    ps. Johnny Wujek was rumored to be dating him. and he is gay.

  • Anna

    @amtj2008: pps. its not like somebody thinks he’s a racist or something!!! just some think he’s gay! no need to be so offended.

  • trick

    If you really want to kill this argument, dont feed into it by responding and stoking the fires of this neverending debate.

  • Hmmm…

    @amtj2008: i know what you mean about going to gay bars. many straight men and even straight women goes to gay bars because they have friends that are gay which they support the gay community and they know that other straight people will be there to mingle with as well. i’m not gay but i’ve been to gay bars before and they’re so much fun. but about zach’s orientation seems like nonsense because no one has seen him lip locking or just being intimate with another male or even female in public besides on screen and i totally understand that he wants his personal life to be private. just because a celebrity puts himself/herself out there doesn’t mean they owe any of their personal life to anyone.

  • amtj2008

    @Anna: I can be as offended as I want. The people on here, that constantly speculate for weird reason that he is gay, act like racist. I would not like him any less if he was gay, but they way people put it like its fact because this and this, is wrong. People come on here and make the decision for him every time, whenever a picture posted, screaming he is gay. Then people get mad at me for stating we do not know for sure, which is logical.There is nothing wrong with having an opinion and people can speculate all they want. Just like I have the option of saying their logic is wrong.

  • lassandra

    He always looks great. But he often gives the impression that he did not even try : )

  • Olivia

    He is awesome!! Thx 4 the pics JJ!

  • jess

    zach in home thank god.

  • nursedatingsite

    I love him!

  • Dee

    Yeah! Amazing ZQ!!!!

  • Heather

    The play was EXCELLENT! Zach was very good, but he did not come to the dinner after, which disappointed many since he was the only actor who cut out right after the play. He could have been sick or something, or feeling overwhelmed by all the fans perhaps, who knows? I did not get to meet him BUT he was very good in all of the scenes that he performed in. The night was really fantastic.

  • Domino

    I think many of us think he’s gay because he’s a bit too flaming, have you watched his interviews? Some of us straight girls have fantasies with gay men too. It’s not like any of us will marry him you know. I don’t think anyone is calling him gay to offend. I’m a big supporter of gay rights, and back in my clubbing days I never once went to a straight club. You forget the people at his university said he always dated men in his time there. I think he’s gay, completely, regardless of any rumors. And that doesn’t make him any less wonderful. On the contrary, he’s just more charming.

  • stalkerette


    Well, he’d just returned from NYC where he did that other play, so I don’t blame him for skipping that dinner. Important thing is the play was good!

    To the other people who keep having discussions on the same topic: Sorry guys, but looks like you’re arguing just for the sake of having an argument. Everything that could be said was already said a hundred times over. So please, no more.

  • amtj2008

    @Heather: I have to say ,I perfer him in plays. You can always tell that a person has talent when you see them in a play and they are good. I actually think that i would not like heroes or star trek (plot was horrible) if he was not in it. I can imagine since he was just in NY and flew back that he was super tired. Plus with all the pap attention, he probably just wanted to go home to Noah.

  • angeles


    I’m glad you enjoyed the show, from what I’ve been hearing it was a really good performance.

  • Marie

    There are rumours that his university colleagues were saying he dated men while attending school, but they have no proof to back up those claims. People can say anything they want, but until solid evidence (which is the words from his mouth) then we should stop making claims of his sexual orientation.

    At the Golden Globes he DID say something pro-het. When Adam Lambert made the joke “Who doesn’t?” (like d!ck) Zach said to Chris: (not exact) “Not all of us…”

    Like I said, not solid evidence. But if he were gay why make such a statement? Regardless, arguing achieves nothing. Love live the sexiness of ZQ!

  • Heather

    I hear you, I was slightly disappointed but I understand. I think it was still awesome he came for the play being so spent, and he did SO good as did all the other actors. It was such a pleasure to see him perform on stage! He truly seems so happy and honored. When Terrence McNally came on stage he was beaming! He was happy, it was very cool.

  • amber

    hes a real man
    u blind people
    sex on legs♥

  • Domino

    @Marie: He didn0t say “Not all of us…” he said “Not everyone…” and it could have been a sarcastic joke.