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Gerard Butler Talks Romance Rumors

Gerard Butler Talks Romance Rumors

Gerard Butler chats away on his phone while waiting around on Monday (February 1) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 40-year-old Scottish hunk recently told the UK’s Daily Record that he’s well aware of the rumors that he and his co-stars are romantically linked.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if I was linked to Craig [Ferguson, his How To Train Your Dragon co-star],” Gerry laughed.

“But maybe they’ll come up with a way to say I had an affair with the dragon. Or that I had sex with all of them.”

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler in Beverly Hills…

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712 Responses to “Gerard Butler Talks Romance Rumors”

  1. 1
    JewelryMaker Says:

    Well, hello there Gerry.

  2. 2
    JewelryMaker Says:

    Looks like he is growing out a beard instead of just scruff. Looks good.

  3. 3
    hairy Says:

    Shave your neck, Gerry!

  4. 4
    haha Says:

    Well, he’s letting people know he didn’t hook up with desperate Jennifer Aniston.

  5. 5
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Love the longer beard. Keep growing it. And the hair too. :-)

  6. 6
    gossiphound Says:

    Is he talking to a phone sex line?

  7. 7
    carrie Says:

    someone can explain me why JustJared has a big crush with the guy?
    i see here every 2 days!!

  8. 8
    wow Says:

    a famous person is standing around

  9. 9
    Cora Says:

    I definitely like him the hairier the better. He’s also looking leaner and less mooby.

  10. 10
    notcharming Says:

    @gossiphound: I like the look.
    His phone is a sex line. Man/fame ***** and all.

    what he really wanted to say to the UK paper ” Yes, keep talking about me. Everybody wants me. I am such a stud.”

  11. 11
    Chucky Says:

    I guess he will be wearing those jeans for the next 2 weeks.

  12. 12
    JewelryMaker Says:

    He really looks good without his d-bag ‘friends’.

  13. 13
    Lisa Says:

    Good God he’s gorgeous!!! Love the beard, he doesn’t have to shave his neck or anything else … he’s just gorgeous. <3

  14. 14
    sugar Says:

    He looks great, love the shirt.

  15. 15
    Wishdone Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he had sex with the dragon either.
    But then again, I would hope the dragon would have more common sense then that.

  16. 16
    KyrieM Says:

    Yeah, he is gorgeous. I hope he lets his beard growing longer, definitively sexier than the light scruff. Come on Gerry, you can survive Maniston.

  17. 17
    Jaxx Says:

    I never believed he had anything going with Aniston. Craig Ferguson I will definitely believe. I saw him on Craig’s show and I thought they were going to go at it right on the TV. They were flirting so hard it was embarrassing. Looks like he’s preparing us to hear about on set shennannigans.

  18. 18
    notcharming Says:

    @Wishdone: The donkey didn’t.

    KyrieM : she survived him.

    Hot man. No class.

  19. 19
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    From your mouth to God’s ears. :-)

  20. 20
    KyrieM Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: From your mouth to God’s ears. :-)
    It’s not over yet, he has to survive Huvane ’till the end of March. In that case, I don’t envy him.
    @notcharming: douchebag or not, IMO he’s still more gorgeous than the average looking 40-year-old guy. As I said, just my opinion.. of course.

  21. 21
    Lina Says:

    Gerry, keep doing your thing… you’ll be free soon. Next time, be smarter.

  22. 22
    gossiphound Says:

    Young female blogger reports from Post Grammy Party, funny.


    Around 12:15 am Gaga has left. Gerard Butler has used a lame line on me. James Marsden still hasn’t left his wife for me. I’m getting bored. ABro is swaying and offending even more guys. The veggie hot dogs are gone. We decide it’s time to call it a night.

  23. 23
    notcharming Says:

    @KyrieM: I agree he is beautiful. I just wish there was character that came with it. I hoped to see both inside and out. I know…I’m too idealistic.

  24. 24
    gossiphound Says:

    Did you see that Sandler has cast Aniston in his next movie? Doesn’t everything Sandler touch turn to gold?

  25. 25
    AGA Says:

    Better to have sex with a dragon rather than Aniston!!! BLAH!!!!

  26. 26
    itwasboundtohappen Says:

    @gossiphound: Male ego is even bothering the males.

  27. 27
    jules Says:

    LOVE him…

  28. 28
    AGA Says:

    NO WAY Sandler has had some stinkers in his time–Google to remind yourself of some of his clunkers. And NOBOBY can make JA a decent actress,that’s why she still travel’s with an acting coach after acting in the biz for 20 years!!

  29. 29
    justsayin' Says:

    When does Butler leave for the Ralph Fiennes movie?

  30. 30
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Not soon enough.

  31. 31
    Lina Says:

    Ralph, rescue Gerry from this mess. The boy and his fans need it. thanks.

  32. 32
    ok... when Says:

    OK guys need information..

    When does the press start for The Bounty
    Has anyone heard of any mag interviews he has done or will do other then W.

    Does his next movie have a start day..

    OH and who wants to make a bet on how many times Aniston touches my boo during interviews.. It could be a drinking game. lol

  33. 33
    bla85 Says:

    Maybe if he didn’t make out on corners with strangers or at bars or parties then we wouldn’t have to think he would try and screw a cartoon dragon! Actually it is scary to think of him near children since he apparently has no self control. He’s 40 acting as if he is 19 – and not all 19 year olds have no discretion – some don’t want cold sores, hepitatis or even a cold from some strange person – no matter how hot.

  34. 34
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @ok… when:
    Sorry – I’m in denial. It never happened. It never happened.
    Corniolanus looks to have a start date in March but I couldn’t find a definite date.
    Gerry is supposed to be at stick bug week in NYC and is planning on Rio for Carnivale. Hopefully we will have all sorts of images of him with women so the Nippy crap will die a quick death.

  35. 35
    Annabelle Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Denial’s good, makes everything better.

  36. 36
    gossiphound Says:

    IMDB Pro does not have more up to date information on a start date for Coriolanus. Just says Spring 2010. Interesting under the IMDB Star Meter system GB is a 15 and Ralph is 142 which means GB is bigger on the Star Meter. Shut up.

    Same producers who made the movie the Duchess with Fiennes and Knightley. Love that movie myself but I am a sucker for a good period drama.

  37. 37
    Altec Says:

    Looks like he shaved his neck.. looks hot Ger. I tried to read Coriolanus but it is kinda boring… I hope the adaptation will have more dynamics in it. I just can’t see how it can be adapted into something happened in the 30s without a total remake. Wait and see.

  38. 38
    gossiphound Says:

    Release Date Bounty Hunter is March 19, 2009.

    Oddly enough I found today an LA Production Listing that indicated Aniston is supposed to start filming a movie with Sandler called the Pretend Wife some time in March 2010.

  39. 39
    Cora Says:

    You’re right, Altec, he shaved his neck. I like this look for him. You can also see the salt and pepper on top — always a plus.

  40. 40
    Altec Says:

    I thought Knightly is so overrated. She has only that many facial expressions at her disposal and I didn’t like her in the Duchess. I hope Coriolanus will do better than the Duchess which only has a u.s. box office of under 14 mil. Got to see Fiennes nekked in it.

  41. 41
    leah Says:

    @gossiphound: Their website is 9021hos and Gerry hit on them with a lame line? Nothing new there.

  42. 42
    leah Says:

    He’s always on the phone. I wonder if he has a support group. Is there a “Talkers Anonymous?”

  43. 43
    leah Says:

    He has been wearing that silver cuff bracelet regularly. It looks like he’s been banded like a pelican so his migration can be tracked. I hope a fan didn’t give it to him. They might have embedded a lojack.

  44. 44
    KyrieM Says:

    @leah: yeah, he’s cellphone addicted.

  45. 45
    leah Says:

    @Altec: “Got to see Fiennes nekked in it.”

    Is that watched it?

  46. 46
    eliott Says:

    I love Craig Fergusen. Now, Butler and Fergusen are a couple I could get behind. Umm, so to speak.

  47. 47
    KyrieM Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Sorry – I’m in denial. It never happened. It never happened.
    Denial is good but it won’t ever change the fact he has the Bounty stinker on his CV. Let’s burn Alan on a bonfire.
    @leah: He has been wearing that silver cuff bracelet regularly. It looks like he’s been banded like a pelican so his migration can be tracked. I hope a fan didn’t give it to him. They might have embedded a lojack.
    So you don’t know about the GerryTomTom? ;-)

  48. 48
    Trying to figure it out Says:

    So how many weeks do we have to endure hearing about Gerry having sex with a dragon? Then it’s on to TBH. I lent my son the TUT DVD. I think I’m going to live to regret that.

    Hi to the usual crowd.

  49. 49
    KyrieM Says:

    @Trying to figure it out: So how many weeks do we have to endure hearing about Gerry having sex with a dragon? Then it’s on to TBH.
    Are we counting the days like the convicts?

  50. 50
    gossiphound Says:


    True about the box office, but I like that movie anyway.

    Looking over the box office numbers for those films that are more straight ahead adaptions, Hamlet (1990) with Mel Gibson and Much Do About Nothing (1993) Branagh et al both made 20 million or thereabouts and that I believe is considered a success in terms of Shakespearian films.

    Henry V with Branagh made around 10 million.

  51. 51
    gossiphound Says:

    Gerry using his new phone he picked up at Sundance, LOL. Has he never heard of Bluetooth? No Bluetooth swag about?

  52. 52
    gossiphound Says:


    LMAO . That part of his community service?

  53. 53
    Stinkylouise Says:

    There’s a new trailer up for Clash Of The Titans,which opens a week after The Bimbo Hunter. I think this film deserves all our support.

  54. 54
    leah Says:

    I’m ready to ditch Blackberry myself. If he got a new phone and chose Blackberry again, he’s patient.

    Each time I get on JJ, it seems to delete part of what I type or my entire comment before sending.

    To clarify my last comment I asked if that’s why you saw The Dutchess – because Fiennes had a nude scene?

  55. 55
    KyrieM Says:

    @Stinkylouise: I’ve seen the trailer in the theather, I like a lot Sam Worthington, I’ll definitively see that movie.

  56. 56
    stranger in paradise Says:

    “He really looks good without his d-bag ‘friends’.”
    They’re taking the pictures?

  57. 57
    KyrieM Says:

    I liked the Duchess but I don’t remember Fiennes being naked in it… he was? Ralph was a lot hotter in Strange Days.

  58. 58
    Stinkylouise Says:

    @KyrieM: Have you seen the Alice In Wonderland trailer? The film looks amazing.

  59. 59
    gossiphound Says:


    Sorry leah that was not why I watched it, it was a bonus, I love the fact that Ralph played a right nasty shite characterwise though.

  60. 60
    KyrieM Says:

    @Stinkylouise: Yeah, I’ve seen it but I’m not a fan of the story at all. I’ll probably won’t see that one, even if I like Depp as an actor; I’m going to wait until the dvd.
    I won’t sure miss Robin Hood (I adore Russell Crowe) and Iron Man 2, I’m looking forward to seeing them.

  61. 61
    cubedweller Says:

    Dear Butler
    You are looking good today. The Enforcer must have confiscated your cupcakes.
    One tiny thing … please remember you are promoting a kid’s movie. So kindly refrain from talk about having s.e.x. with the dragon. It bewilders the kids and repulses the parents. Please keep your d!ck out of the conversation for a few bloody weeks – ok? Thanks ever so.
    Your pal, Cube

  62. 62
    cubedweller Says:

    Count me in for Alice in Wonderland – can’t wait.
    Hi to the regulars – waves.

  63. 63
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    ITAWY. :-)

  64. 64
    hhmmmmmmmmmmm Says:

    Ever notice how he is always on mock phone calls all the time??? Must be calling his PR people and saying…yeah….they showed up again let me pose for a minute and then be on my way. YAWN!!!!

  65. 65
    No Cupcakes! Says:

    He is looking just AMAZING. The man is a gem!

  66. 66
    sugar Says:


    lol, it’s true, it’s a kid’s movie. He should watch what he is saying :) But sometimes I think if Gerry starts editing his words, life will be really really boring for all of us :)

  67. 67
    KyrieM Says:

    @cubedweller: Dear Butler
    You are looking good today. The Enforcer must have confiscated your cupcakes.
    One tiny thing … please remember you are promoting a kid’s movie. So kindly refrain from talk about having s.e.x. with the dragon. It bewilders the kids and repulses the parents. Please keep your d!ck out of the conversation for a few bloody weeks – ok? Thanks ever so.
    Your pal, Cube
    - – - – - – -
    It’s a waste of time to tell him to refrain from talking about sex. Now, you know he’s childish right? As all the kids, he’ll talk about it even more… ;-)

  68. 68
    Daisy Says:

    Looks like the duck is giving him the bird.
    Way to go duck!

  69. 69
    Acting Actor Says:

    Gerry doesnt get around as much as you think he does. Its all an ACT.
    He’s a theater geek. Have you ever seen the guy in action??

  70. 70
    downlowinfo50 Says:

    I like the salt and pepper, and I like scruff, just not on the neck! So, he’s looking to me right about now. cubbie, you always make me giggle!

    *hey to the regs*

  71. 71
    LAILA Says:


  72. 72
    gossiphound Says:


    Memo From: Dreamworks
    cc: cubedweller

    Dear Gerry we would concur with the excellent advice of Ms. Cubedweller. Can you behave for a few more weeks and remember, pissing off Steven Spielberg is never a good career move.

  73. 73
    cubedweller Says:

    So peeps, who’s he taking to Rio? I’m thinking Fry Guy, Apple Core Guy, Freddie Whats-his-name, and Ariel. He’ll leave Grope Girl at home, playing a squeaky chorus of “Return to Me”.

  74. 74
    Daisy Says:

    Looks like the duck is giving him – he bird.
    Way to go duckie!

  75. 75
    gossiphound Says:

    Well he didn’t appear to get lucky last night, he was seen at 3:00 am at Fred62, a 24 hour diner in Los Feliz.

    How come he is always spotted right at 3:00 am?

    However he does look like he needs a belt to keep those pants up……..pants on the ground, pants on the ground, oh sorry I had a brain ****.

  76. 76
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    P.S. Maybe you should let Tim the Stuntman do the interviews instead. ;-)

  77. 77
    cubedweller Says:

    @KyrieM: Probably right. Just to show me, he’ll schedule a promo interview with that potty-mouth Carrie Keene go into detail about dragon depravity.

  78. 78
    cubedweller Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Here’s hoping!

  79. 79
    gossiphound Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    LOL..We are presuming Tim is far more uh disciplined at this point.

  80. 80
    its her Says:

    its not a “cuff” but ur right, it is silver. its a band that fastens at the wrist with a snap type buckle. Not too fancy but what do you expect…
    Ger is an ok guy. He works hard.

  81. 81
    ??? Says:

    does this guy just stand around on the street like a hooker waiting for someone to pick him up?

  82. 82
    KyrieM Says:

    @cubedweller: So peeps, who’s he taking to Rio? I’m thinking Fry Guy, Apple Core Guy, Freddie Whats-his-name, and Ariel. He’ll leave Grope Girl at home, playing a squeaky chorus of “Return to Me
    - – - – - –

    Just 4? not too many…

    Probably right. Just to show me, he’ll schedule a promo interview with that potty-mouth Carrie Keene go into detail about dragon depravity.
    - – - – -
    I’d bet he complained about the dragon being a too oldfashioned creature for his taste… By the way, the dragon is a male or a female?

  83. 83
    24hour delis??? Says:


    Why is he always at 24hr diners??
    Fred62 and then that Jerry’s Deli must have a booth reserved for him at all times lol
    Or if he feels like splurging on a date…lol

  84. 84
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    I’ll be honest, totally stumped as to why this pap photo op. No new rumors with Nippy…backlash for violin girl has died down…no Haiti PR opp…
    Why the pics? We got walking Lolita photos to offset the violin girl snog. Why these and now? *shaking head in confusion*
    Why is he still hanging around in LA? Doesn’t he have like 14,000 stops he has to make in the next two weeks? Maybe he is planning to make things tight so he doesn’t have to hit the Nippy Pay For Your Friends To Be There birthday bash. hmmmm. Crazy like a fox Butler.
    I hope he skips Haiti. As a regular pointed out, if you are not skilled to help at this time, stay out of the way. Taking away from desperately needed supplies, security, etc. is not being helpful. JMO.

  85. 85
    cubedweller Says:

    Kyrie “By the way, the dragon is a male or a female?”
    I believe it’s male. Ha, there’s the answer to that lingering question.

  86. 86
    KyrieM Says:

    He skydives on Haiti while on his way to Nippy’s birthday party.

  87. 87
    Fritz Says:



  88. 88
    Beelzubub Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:
    Why is he still hanging around in LA? ————————————————-

    As is always the reason, a certain piece of **** asked him to “stay”. No surprise. Pretend it’s Nick. lol

  89. 89
    Gabriella Gomez Says:


    How ridiculous men are!!!!! ugh!

  90. 90
    KyrieM Says:

    No, Cube!!! I’m so disappointed… At least he could choose a female to try the transgender sex with another animal race … Gerard you’re such a perv… “sigh”.

  91. 91
    gossiphound Says:

    Very simple the new strategy is Gerry is “seen” at least once every 48 hours until?

  92. 92
    cubedweller Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: No idea, ManLESS – maybe he wanted you to see his hair growing out. LOL
    If he goes to the birthday bash, it will only fuel the rumors which he claims to be trying to squash. He’d be defeating his own purpose, plus it would be quite awkward.
    I’m convinced there’s a pap-summoning device, like a dog-whistle, in that silver bracelet.

  93. 93
    KyrieM Says:

    @gossiphound: Very simple the new strategy is Gerry is “seen” at least once every 48 hours until?
    - – - – -
    It seems so. I have to admit that strategy allows us to have always new brand threads but I don’t think his PR are bothering to give us something to talk about. For sure, as long as he appears online and on the rags, people are not going to forget The Bounty stinker…

  94. 94
    ?????? Says:

    Which Jerry’s Deli does he frequent? There are a few.

  95. 95
    Adam's aura is fading Says:


    You must not have heard about Adam’s last film bombing BIG TIME? Adam needs a hit, badly. Like most funny men in films his act is not so funny anymore. Like EddieM and WillF their acts get stale. Adam tried drama and no go. Pretend Wife with Aniston is back to his funny act. Adam’s type cast as an aging funnyman in cruel filmdom, sigh. He really has some talent but audiences only see him one way.

    Aniston is free for the Sandler film because Goree Girls can’t get financed (greenlit) and Disney jettisoned The Baster with the rest of Miramax films. Aniston exproduced The Baster through her production company Echo, even put in some of her own $$$ and took a reduced fee (she is not making her once $8 mil/film these days), and Disney is now shopping the film around hoping to get a buyer for it and 4 other completed Miramax films. So far no buyers.

    Aniston has a lot riding on The Bounty in March, she is going all out with PR for the film because of her last 2 films bombing. Word around town is that she can’t open a film on her own. She has hit 41 without her films with her as the lead becoming a major draw.

  96. 96
    KyrieM Says:

    @cubedweller: If he goes to the birthday bash, it will only fuel the rumors which he claims to be trying to squash. He’d be defeating his own purpose, plus it would be quite awkward.
    He declared Maniston is his friend, even a dear one; and usually friends are invited to birthday’s parties, right?? I don’t think there wouldn’t be anything strange if he accepted the invitation, unless they both think to transform the whole thing in another photoshoot…

  97. 97
    Stinkylouise Says:

    I don’t think there will be any photo-ops in Serbia,so he’s probably trying to squeeze in as many as possible before he leaves.

  98. 98
    KyrieM Says:

    @Stinkylouise: Never say never. Paps are in Serbia too.

  99. 99
    cubedweller Says:

    @KyrieM: You are right, of course, that if they are indeed friends he would attend the party. Something tells me the whole thing will be a photo shoot, for a lot of people.

  100. 100
    KyrieM Says:

    @Adam’s aura is fading: Adam’s needs a hit and chooses Aniston as a costar? He’s mad. Everybody knows that Maniston has the inversed Mida’s touch.

  101. 101
    gossiphound Says:

    @Adam’s aura is fading:

    I hear ya, I forgot about Funny People as did many people. So Apatow bombed. But Bedtime Stories did very well, I liked it myself, sometimes you just need the silly.

    Sandler probably has a better batting average than most so the casting of Aniston is curious. If you look at his imdb listings, wow does he have a lot of films in preproduction and in development. Probably more than just about anyone in town. And who’d have thunk it watching him on SNL.

  102. 102
    gossiphound Says:

    Well bomb is relative, it has made worldwide just under what the budget was, not great but it could always be worse and I wonder how much Sandler makes up on the DVD end.

  103. 103
    Stinkylouise Says:

    “Paps are in Serbia too”.

    Yes,but unless he can be linked romantically to one of his female co-stars,I don’t think they’d be interested.LOL!

  104. 104
    KyrieM Says:

    @cubedweller: That’s the scaring part, Cube. If she wanted to keep it secret, we won’t ever hear about it, especially here at JJ.
    If I think that nobody down under knows a damn thing about Gerard and now he’s all over the place because he’s Maniston boyfriend, I wanna choke instantly.

  105. 105
    KyrieM Says:

    @Stinkylouise: They were interested in showing him making out with a violinist… Serbian pianists are different maybe?? I just hope that Fiennes will put a stop to all that mess and throw paps away from the set.

  106. 106
    Stinkylouise Says:

    @KyrieM: Apparently Serbia is known for it’s hookers,so we could actually be getting alot of photos.LOL.

  107. 107
    KyrieM Says:

    @Stinkylouise: You read my mind, LOL!!!

  108. 108
    sugar Says:

    Serbia has some of the most beautiful women ever. Gerry will go mad :)

  109. 109
    low rent Says:

    @Stinkylouise: The hookers are cheaper there. He’ll love that.

  110. 110
    notcharming Says:

    @Stinkylouise: Maybe he will come back with a winning performance. ;-)

  111. 111
    Fritz Says:

    The W photos will fuel the rumors again big time.

  112. 112
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @low rent:
    He is a frugal Scot after all…

  113. 113
    Adam's aura is fading Says:


    Well I like Adam’s films. I also like that he produces most of his films through his Happy Madison Production Co and has much control over his career.

    And I think Aniston was cast due to her agent pulling in some major favors to get her in a film as quickly as possible with a good chance of being a hit after the failure of The Goree film to get off the ground and her last 2 films being complete duds. Seems to me that there is not much faith in either The Baster or The Bounty.

    And Gerry is doing a serious role in his next film after a string of $$ making light weight comedies. He is moving on.

    I don’t know that Aniston will play well off Adam, he has a physical type humor while she is mostly passive in her roles. They are both repped (managed) by Brillstein Entertainment Partners so this was benefical for their joint clients.

    A huge part of Aniston’s problem to me is that she just plays a variation of her Rachel Green character from Friends over and over, she just walks thru films looking much the same with the same mannerisms and acting style. She just does not get out of her comfort zone and that indicates to me that she has limited ability. I may be wrong but there is no cinematic proof that I am. The one film people point to as her best role “The Good Girl” was made years ago and nothing since. Just a blur of films with her playing herself over and over.

  114. 114
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Agree Fritz. This sh!t is gonna stink until it is dropped from the theaters. Sux to be a Gerry fan with Nippy in the mix.

  115. 115
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Adam’s aura is fading:
    I agree with your assessment of Nippy’s lack of acting skills. When we saw Derailed in the theater, the audience actually laughed when she was killed off.

  116. 116
    leah Says:

    @gossiphound: Spotted, but was he alone? Probably not.

  117. 117
    KyrieM Says:

    @Fritz: the rumors or our nightmares?? I’m not looking forward to seeing Maniston in sexy lingerie!!! Especially because I’ll have to cut all the pics to see only Gerard ;-)

  118. 118
    oy Says:

    A duck and a d/ck go shopping in Beverly Hills…

    Guess which one got stuck with the bill?

  119. 119
    KyrieM Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: This sh!t is gonna stink until it is dropped from the theaters. Sux to be a Gerry fan with Nippy in the mix.
    You’re so right. I’ll never forgive him that. But do we have to stand the promotion until the DVD comes out? I hope not.

    Concerning Derailed, I’m so happy I didn’t see it; poor Clive Owen.

  120. 120
    notcharming Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:
    As you pointed out
    “I hope he skips Haiti. As a regular pointed out, if you are not skilled to help at this time, stay out of the way. Taking away from desperately needed supplies, security, etc. is not being helpful.”

    He could get a crash course and at least look the part by reading
    “creating a world without poverty”. (HINT)

  121. 121
    curious cat Says:

    Yes, I am sure there are paps in Serbia, and lest we forget, GB is from Europe so I would expect plenty of interest from them.
    Hi to all you regulars.
    Maybe he likes diners at 3 a.m. so he can eat the junk food he craves unobserved by his dietmeister!
    We know he isn’t allowed to keep anything in his fridge except carrot sticks, right? ;)

  122. 122
    leah Says:

    I wonder which college student is looking at those photos and saying, “That’s where my shirt went. That b-stard stole it before I woke up!”

    He’s 40. Isn’t he a little old to be sporting shirts for colleges when he isn’t at a sporting event especially for a school he didn’t attend?

  123. 123
    KyrieM Says:

    @curious cat:
    He’s not really known in Europe though. Most of the passersbies won’t even know who the heck he is.

  124. 124
    KyrieM Says:

    @leah: Actually, he seems better dressed than the usual outfit with the holes in it. I can’t say anything about it, my ex used to wear the same things as Gerry and he’s 51. Yeah, I know… he didn’t want to grow either.. ;-)

  125. 125
    Old Mia Says:

    Late to the party as usual.

    But, I have a few comments. First, these pictures take me back a few years. Whatever he’s doing, he should keep it up. He’s just gorgeous. The face, the body etc. NOW I remember why I’m here.

    Maybe he’s waiting for a friend for lunch and has his music on? Wonder what the woman with her back to the camera is saying to him. Might be a phannie!

    To me it looks like he’s had some more taken off the top. I wish he’d let his hair grow, but I suppose that would be for Burns, not Coriolanus.

    I hope there are paps in Serbia, or it will be a dry spell here.

    The last Adam Sandler movie I saw was Funny People, which I hated. Adam and Jen in a movie together? About as interesting as watching paint dry.

    Does anyone know when the W issue with JA and GB is due out?

    Well, that about catches me up for the night.

  126. 126
    curious cat Says:

    Oops I just looked at all the pics finally. Who’s the blonde? She looks to be a passerby but someone will soon be saying he’s having an affair with HER!

    @ Kyrie. I suspect he IS known well enough in Europe. There were candid pap shots of him there before he made it in HW. I suspect also that Serbian paps know what sells in America and that the money is mighty good here. We’ll see, we’ll see.

  127. 127
    oy Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: I beg your pardon. These photos are news. Gerry is wearing clothing.

    Stinky, there will be pap shots from Serbia. Some of them might come from Alan, but there will be photos. Gerry can’t go that long without nursing on a zoom lens. It’s mother’s milk to him.

  128. 128
    Adam's aura is fading Says:


    Well compared to Adam’s previous films it was a bust. And that is a shame because it was a good film, somber, not funny, but people did not accept Adam as they have in previous films. So he is back to what makes him money.

    Gerry kissed that street musician to demonstrate he is not a completely bought man, LOL. That W spread will bind him to Aniston for weeks in the tabloids no matter what he says re lack of a romance.

  129. 129
    oy Says:

    @KyrieM: He is your ex now. Shocking.

  130. 130
    Adam's aura is fading Says:


    Pretend Wife to shoot in Hawaii. Lots of bikini pics to come.

  131. 131
    notcharming Says:

    Crazy. Everybody keeps saying he is over exposed yet there is a demand for a “gerry fix” in Serbia. I need to take a break. I can’t stand my curiosity of this man. . . . .

  132. 132
    oy Says:

    @Adam’s aura is fading: He kissed a complete stranger to demonstrate he isn’t a bought man? Silly me. I thought it was because he was horny.

  133. 133
    KyrieM Says:

    @curious cat: Not really. He’s sometimes on the gossip rags (my mom just recognises him as Aniston’s boyfriend, period) but usually his movies go out in theathers six months after Us release. Not an A-list in Europe, just an actor. Apart from the UK, few people could recognise him in other countries.
    @oy: Gosh, that’s shocking yes. I’m not worried, he doesn’t even remember my name.. ;)

  134. 134
    oy Says:

    @notcharming: Hasn’t Serbia suffered enough?

  135. 135
    oy Says:

    @KyrieM: This is why bad dressers must be stopped. He can’t remember your name, but you can’t forget his bad wardrobe. The victim’s suffering always continues.

  136. 136
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    ………….The hookers are cheaper there. He’ll love that……………
    Maybe they’ll run a Two For The Price of One special !!!!!

  137. 137
    '69 Says:

    This guy is just it. The most beautiful man ever. Any language. Any country. Those recent photographs. You would have to be dead to not see it.

  138. 138
    KyrieM Says:

    @oy: LOL!!
    @‘69: Not blind??

  139. 139
    oy Says:

    @‘69: Not everyone who is living shares your opinion.

    He still looks like he needs a bath and he is far from the most beautiful man ever. He has ears that poke out, a large nose, is pigeon toed, and talks out of the side of his mouth. We won’t even get into the Barbados Belly and the cellulite.

    If he’s your cup of tea, drink up. Other prefer clean dishes.

  140. 140
    Old Mia Says:

    Ok. I see IT. LOL. I’m off. On the ‘morrow.

  141. 141
    TUT Sucked Says:

    @KyrieM: I lent my son the TUT DVD. I think I’m going to live to regret that.

    Read more:

    Probably not as much as he will regret it. it was awful.

  142. 142
    oy Says:

    @TUT Sucked: Really? The fans seem to think it’s the next Citizen Kane. I saw the salsa scene in the commercial, but I’ve already seen Dances With Wolves.

  143. 143
    helping haiti Says:

    hes helping haiti by donating to a school

  144. 144
    Poor Jen Says:

    Jen was good in Friends with Money.

  145. 145
    oy Says:

    @helping haiti: Old news. It’s not a new donation.

  146. 146
    A Jew you'd screw Says:

    @Adam’s aura is fading:

    The only Jennifer Aniston movies I’ve ever went to see on purpose was Along Came Polly(I went to see it for the ferret)and Marley and Me, which I went to see because of the dog. Adam is a spontaneously funny man but like anyone he has his good days and bad days…if you ever watch him do the late night circuit he can be very softspoken as well. You are correct about his schtick getting repetitive, and his humor is a bit juvenile, in truth. I’ll always love him, though. He’s adorable and i have a thing for jewish guys.

  147. 147
    toyota- spanky Says:

    Nice posing GB in front of a kiddie store. Now that”s cheap publicity for your Dragon movie, maybe practice talking to a few kids while your there!

  148. 148
    toyota- spanky Says:

    No on second thought, put on a trench coat and try selling a few more Gamer Cd’s.

  149. 149
    well Says:

    They are gonna start promoting the “Bounty” soon but Gerard is already making it clear that he is not romantically involved with Aniston. Just loves his honesty. ha

  150. 150
    CJ Says:

    Hi Oy..I see you managed to make it out alive yesterday morning..before the blind day crew came on have to leave before the sun comes up and they crawl out of their burrows..

    It went into the psychic network for a while there..I blame myself because many, many post ago I mentioned the Aesop fable the scorpion and the frog to make a point and I forgot G’s sign was scorpio. Anyway, another day for G to photo wh*re himself out..
    I’m beginning to think he’s a homeless person, between always hanging around on the streets and the apparent clothing he wears..

  151. 151
    oy Says:

    @toyota- spanky: Gerry in a trenchcoat outside a children’s toy store. Do you think this is a good combination?

  152. 152
    CJ Says:

    @toyota- spanky:

    Maybe they cannot afford the cardboard Gerry for advertising and he needs money so?

  153. 153
    toyota- spanky Says:

    Just accusing him of being a shameless pr *****…I hope he would dawn the trench coat for the women walking by only.

  154. 154
    toyota- spanky Says:

    I mean who just stands there, its like he is looking for cameras….he sees one and starts walking.ugh

  155. 155
    CJ Says:

    I was just wondering what so called celebrities or those who think they are celebrities did before cell phones and ipods to make themselves look busy and a way to avoid the must have been a bit*h…

  156. 156
    jenardison Says:

    The problem with Gerard, he does everything to make people believe it is just a lover Aniston; Most telling the Golden Globes, it was he who clings Aniston pretending having an affair, why he did not with another? because he wanted a photo of couple with <> is he who clings to her and lays his head on it, and there he is watching or photographed? to a toy store, again, is calculated!, and this blonde who goes at that time, with his hood on his head!, Aniston does not contribute to stories, but gerard to talk to him, why? is the question

  157. 157
    toyota- spanky Says:

    @CJ: maybe because i am older, i think the movie stars of old had some class. I don’t think Audrey hepburn , Grace kelly would romp around like this lot today, trying to be seen. Can’t find those classier people anymore. maybe bcz they didn’t have celss and ipods. JMO

  158. 158
    CJ Says:

    @toyota- spanky:

    Exactly, I know if I’m waiting for a friend I either wait in my vehicle or go inside somewhere..he’s doing what is called photo-who*ing..

  159. 159
    littleliar Says:

    Sydney21 wrote:
    I was in school with him and oh how much has he changed!! Paisley was never as bad as he is making out.
    He lived in a really nice bit of Paisley so he has no complaints – by the sounds of it an over active imagination.
    8/10/2009 10:20 PM BST on

    Cazzie wrote:
    I went to school with Gerry and don’t remember it being as bad as he’s making out.
    8/10/2009 2:44 PM BST on

    These are funny.

    Scottydog1407 wrote:
    Is it just me or does anyone else find GB’s Transatlantic/American accent totally ridiculous, cringeworthy and embarrassing?

    Another Sheena Easton is on the way.

    Gerard, be Scottish, be Proud. You tool.
    2/12/2009 10:17 AM GMT on

    AScotAbroad wrote:
    Can appreciate he may have to mellow the tones but heard him talking about his new release and I had to rub my eyes and ears to make sure I was seeing & hearing Gerry Butler that I was in school with.

    It is pretty cringeworthy. PS The yanks love Scots accents – play to your strengths.
    2/12/2009 12:35 PM GMT on

    Of course his fans invaded those sites too to defend their man. Is there any site they have left untrampled?

    Best part? When looking at one page at the newspaper’s site, Ispotted “Ads by Google” which included an ad/link for the “Win a Dinner with Gerry” contest. Obviously Gerard is paying to advertise his act of “charity.”

    Sponsored Links
    Ads by Google

    Dinner with Gerard Butler
    Enjoy dinner with Gerard Butler and support Kids Kicking Cancer

  160. 160
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    Celebs before cell phones ……. ?????
    Well….. Jackie tried to hide behind her hair
    My favorite pic of Ms. O

  161. 161
    toyota- spanky Says:

    @Mr. Giggles: she wore the big ol glasses too. …. nice pic….i am a nostalgia freak.

  162. 162
    oy Says:

    @toyota- spanky: Even Paris Hilton doesn’t have to stoop to that anymore.

    @jenardison: I don’t think it is Jennifer Aniston who is behind the Gerry hookup rumors. He attached himself to her for photos at the prior Golden Globes. He has more to gain from the photos than she does.

    @CJ: Really? I strip and throw money until everyone takes my picture. Doesn’t everyone?

  163. 163
    curious cat Says:

    J the fake press was always there in fake technology.
    Oy, you are hilarious.You should get a late night talk show spot or do you already have one and we don’t know you are craig?
    Too much about too little, as always. For the record, I am all for male facial hair. It’s natural. I think most look better with it.. IMO.

  164. 164
    oy Says:

    @littleliar: Well isn’t this DEEELiCIOUS!

  165. 165
    curious cat Says:

    Forgot to say how stars look regarding hair always has something to do with the next role they are gearing up for, I think.

  166. 166
    jenardison Says:

    oy @
    is my opinion yes I agree with you is gerard fueling rumors; Butler manipulates the media

  167. 167
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    @toyota- spanky: Jackie in her big sungogs ……. still recognizable….. but at least she tried to hide in plain sight !!!!

  168. 168
    oy Says:

    @curious cat: I’ve wanted to do a show. Between torturing Gerry’s fans here, my nights as a high priced escort and my days as a debonnaire international fashion terrorist, who has the time?

  169. 169
    CJ Says:

    Ah, so thats where the feather boa comes in..I knew we didn’t name you Queen for nothing…

  170. 170
    toyota- spanky Says:

    @Mr. Giggles: thanks giggles, i think i’ll go to bed now with happy thoughts of days gone by….before Oy burns my retinas out again….no mints tonight …have a goodnight everyone.

  171. 171
    oy Says:

    Spanky, it’s a tradition that anything involving Gerry’s Grotto leaves a burning sensation.

  172. 172
    oy Says:

    @CJ: I promise to keep my tiara level.

  173. 173
    oy Says:

    I want to learn more about Gerry’s Google ads for his charity date. That can get very pricey. Doesn’t it cost him money for each click? I think I know what I’ll be doing until the 14th. I hope carpotunnel doesn’t set in.

  174. 174
    oy Says:

    @jenardison: Isn’t it a pity he hasn’t mastered the same skill with cellulite?

  175. 175
    jenardison Says:

    oy @
    ah it harder.

  176. 176
    Rudy Says:

    Darlings, Ralph Fiennes is an admitted sex addict. Whip the Butler into line you say? Perhaps they will whip each other before they go fishing.

  177. 177
    KyrieM Says:

    Yes, he sayd he had to change his accent to play American characters; he forgot to tell he has to change it in movies, not for real. The result of that is an incredible messy accent, and sometimes it sounds terrible. Almost like mine!! But I don’t have to act in movies though.. ;)
    So now Gerard’s accent is nor Scottish or not American either… What a pity, I liked his old accent.

  178. 178
    oy Says:

    It seems Ralph is faster than Gerry was with the violinist.

    Gerry will get some schooling on the set. Maybe they’ll share women to save time.

    How long before this link results in a diatribe about ana/l r/pe?

  179. 179
    jenardison Says:

    me what I want to understand is why the pictures to a toy store for children and why was this just a blonde moment passes and made the gesture of removing his hair to show us her earrings? weird I just said congratulations gerard for rumors again; it’s time to go to work and it’s not a rumor

  180. 180
    sharing puzzy Says:

    @oy: wouldn’t be the first time

  181. 181
    oy Says:

    @KyrieM: The loss of his accent is the least intriguing part of those comments. Paying to advertise that he is auctioning himself off is such a sad bid for attention, I don’t know whether to laugh or laugh until I pee.

    His schoolmates don’t share the same recollection of their neighborhood that he does. The man embellishes more than Liberace.

  182. 182
    oy Says:

    @sharing puzzy: Please tell me what the thrill is for women to even allow him to kiss them. His lips have been firmly planted on so many l/abia that it might qualify the kissees as l/esbians by default. He probably smells from all that bean nuzzling.

    He wants a cologne, but one shudders to think of Eau du Chlamydia being sprayed on them at the local mall.

  183. 183
    KyrieM Says:

    @oy: Paying to advertise that he is auctioning himself off is such a sad bid for attention, I don’t know whether to laugh or laugh until I pee.

    His schoolmates don’t share the same recollection of their neighborhood that he does. The man embellishes more than Liberace.
    - – - –
    oh well Oy, is he not advertising himself in the pics of the day?? that’s not news, and don’t laugh until you pee in your pants otherwise you’ll need later some cologne too. Of course he embellishes his stories about his neighbourhood, he wasn’t born in Rio De janeiro or Caracas, where people can kill you for a piece of bread. Then, in an old interview (probably he was more sincere back then) he said he wasn’t poor at all, his family was kind of middle class.
    If he was so poor as he wants us believe today, I wonder how he could graduate. Enrolling in an university is expensive.

  184. 184
    Kulu Says:

    How do you know that he goes to Rio? What did i miss?

  185. 185
    KyrieM Says:

    @Kulu: He said that, confirmed by someone in Brazil. By the way, it’s the only rumor I can truly believe right now.

  186. 186
    Happenstance Says:

    “I saw the salsa scene in the commercial, but I’ve already seen Dances With Wolves.” @Oy LMFAO!!!!
    Whatever happened to Gerry going to Haiti?? Wasnt that supposed to be this week?
    And jaysus he just needs some grooming that he doesnt do himself. He looks like it-shay.

  187. 187
    Benie Says:

    He still looks overweight generally and his cheeks look too full of fat. One can notice from his cheeks, if he manages to reach the normal weight one day.

    Gerry, keep on diet and have plenty of sleep to look handsome in your next movie!

  188. 188
    Framo Says:

    Will you hags hush it? What ‘dietmaster’?

  189. 189
    Moira Says:

    Has Gerry hired someone to help him lose weight? Sorry but you can guarantee that I’d know if this information was pubic.

  190. 190
    Happenstance Says:


  191. 191
    Cora Says:

    Wow, oy, interesting story about Ralph.
    In all fairness I’m not sure how credible I find that flight attendant. It looks like she’s got her own “issues” and financial motives so I’m not sure I’d treat every detail as gospel. However, since a formal complaint was filed with the airline by the flight crew then something stupid and sleazy obviously happened between these two. Sad.
    I especially liked this part: “According to the actor’s schedule, he had to set off the next morning for engagements in Indian villages, which included “preaching” about the dangers of Aids and the need to engage in safe sex.” *sigh, puts head in hands*
    It looks like the Coriolanus shoot is going to be a lot more eventful than I anticipated. I still think Ralph is giving Butler a professional opportunity that could be very good for him, but anyone thinking GB’s ho-bagging will subside as a result of working with Fiennes is likely in for an unpleasant surprise.

  192. 192
    Kulu Says:

    Thank you.

  193. 193
    KyrieM Says:

    Wow, another wave of fake Framos/Moiras….
    His cheeks always were puffy in the last 2 years, I don’t think it has anything to do with his yo-yo weight.

  194. 194
    Kate Hudson Says:

    I thought Kate Hudson was after Gerard now. True, not true???

  195. 195
    KyrieM Says:

    I forgot if Kate Hudson was fauxromance number 113 or 114.. Well, I don’t know, whatever… ;-)

  196. 196
    Cora Says:

    @ Moira:
    Gerry has said that Tim helps him with diet and exercise when he needs to lose weight and get fit for a film. I believe Alicia also works in the same profession – giving personalised diet and fitness advice to private clients. She seems to be a friend of Gerry’s so perhaps she’s giving him some new ideas and approaches in this arena. Pure speculation of course, but certainly not beyond the bounds of possibility. If Alicia was my friend I would be picking her brains for health tips too, why wouldn’t anyone?

  197. 197
    sugar Says:

    I never thought much of the salsa seen in TUT and I didn’t get all the oohing and ahhing over it. It was cute, but nothing more.

  198. 198
    Moira Says:

    Oh ok thanks Cora.
    To other poster, I’m not a fake but thanks for asking?? Why would someone be a fake me? lol

  199. 199
    Hate Kudson Says:

    Ewwwwww she is sloppier than Gerard is as far as getting around goes.
    She was with Alex Rodriguez who like our Gerry “modelizes” like it’s his job.
    Kate needs to stop acting like she’s 22 and start acting like a mother and an adult.

  200. 200
    KyrieM Says:

    Because the real name of Framo is Moira, and it doesn’t make any sense to post 2 comments together with 2 different monikers. Well, Sorry… maybe you’re another one.

  201. 201
    Moira Says:

    I have to agree on that one…I still thought he wasnt that into Izzy. lol

  202. 202
    Happenstance Says:

    Personally…anything GB does from now until March is “whatever.”
    I’m just waiting to see if he does press for the shiitter Bounty. JA will want him to hang all over and try and make us believe he is attracted to her when he is more attracted to a glazed donut

  203. 203
    KyrieM Says:

    I don’t remember the poster who posted the link to the new TBH poster but if you have a look at the pics in the same album.. maybe you notice that Gerry is wearing the same shirt….

    Is the t-shirt part of the TBH promotion?

  204. 204
    oy Says:

    @Cora: Gerry has a diet battalion. Cupcake keepers. Cupcake hiders. Cupcake co-conspirators. Cellulite shifters. He’s a Cupcake Cuckold.

    Little Debbie has made him her b/tch.

    We need not speak of the hot mess that is Kate Hudson. Her career has become keeping men satiated in between wives. Poor girl can’t upgrade from interim puzee status.

    @KyrieM: I believe the rumor that he’s such a ho-bag, his cond/oms are imprinted with “Thank you for your business. Cu/m again.”

  205. 205
    oy Says:

    @Moira: Or why would they be you at all?

  206. 206
    oy Says:

    @Moira: He can’t help his pen/is size.

  207. 207
    oy Says:

    @Happenstance: Do you blame him? The holes are tighter.

  208. 208
    oy Says:

    @KyrieM: Was the production so short of budget they resorted to shopping at Goodwill for Gerry’s wardrobe?

  209. 209
    KyrieM Says:

    @oy: Do you blame him? The holes are tighter.

    LOL!!! By the way, I thought Gerry had used donuts in another way…

  210. 210
    oy Says:

    @KyrieM: …and we return to the Gerry Grotto. Lolita must have chased him around his home for days. Or weeks. Or however long he goes in between showers.

  211. 211
    KyrieM Says:

    @oy: Was the production so short of budget they resorted to shopping at Goodwill for Gerry’s wardrobe?
    Probably!! You know that Maniston is a demanding actress, right? They spent all the budget on her, especially the haidresser bill should have been quite expensive. In any case, it seems Gerard grew so fond of that shirt that he decided to keep it and wear it again 6 months later. Before the beginning of the promotion, of course.. ;-)

  212. 212
    Moira Says:

    Haha OY Moira is as common here as Jennifer or Kelly is over there I guess…
    Is Gerry the one who joked about putting a donut in his bum for fun?
    I remember reading that awhile back.
    Is he really a pastry type?

  213. 213
    Happenstance Says:

    If Gerry had his way with a donut or any baked good, and they auctioned it on Ebay…can you IMAGINE the money that thing would pull?
    Date with him be damned! The donut would be all theyd need!!!

  214. 214
    KyrieM Says:

    @oy: …and we return to the Gerry Grotto. Lolita must have chased him around his home for days. Or weeks. Or however long he goes in between showers.
    - – - – -
    I didn’t know that Gerry had a grotto….
    So do you think that Gerry hid in his grotto for weeks, not having showers and sticking donuts up his butt instead of eating them?? (He probably can’t, given that he seems to be on a diet)… and Lolita chasing him around home… it could make a good script!!! Maybe better than the Bounty stinker…. ;)

  215. 215
    KyrieM Says:

    @Happenstance: I’m not so sure about it. Maybe some rabid weirdos could buy them, but the whole “beautiful soul thing” works a lot better with the romantic date. Oh wait, the fake romantic date.

  216. 216
    oy Says:

    @KyrieM: A hairdresser is responsible for that coiffure? It looks like one of Cher’s old wigs.

    @Moira: I believe he claimed it was more than one donut. I instantly knew he was lying and he used crullers instead.

    No wonder the man has trouble sitting still.

  217. 217
    oy Says:

    @Happenstance: Like they wouldn’t line up to bid on donuts anyhow.

  218. 218
    Hate Kudson Says:

    Do you think a patch of Gerry’s pubic hair would fetch a couple hundred quid on Ebay?

  219. 219
    oy Says:

    @Moira: Pastry? Yes. Pasty? No.

  220. 220
    KyrieM Says:

    Maniston’s hairdresser is her BFF, but I guess he wants to be paid too… and I’d bet his services are not cheap at all. Actually, Aniston wore a wig in some movies to avoid her hair being cut for the roles.

  221. 221
    oy Says:

    @KyrieM: I wonder what price they’ve paid for their dream chance of riding the Gerry-Go-Round.

  222. 222
    oy Says:

    @Hate Kudson: I think it would crash the server.

  223. 223
    oy Says:

    @KyrieM: That’s not a BFF, that’s a frenemy.

  224. 224
    KyrieM Says:

    I wonder what price they’ve paid for their dream chance of riding the Gerry-Go-Round.
    - – - – -
    A lot IMHO. I’m happy that, at least, all the money is going to a charity who helps children with cancer. I heard they raised quite a lot of money.

  225. 225
    oy Says:

    Wasn’t his tuxedo auctioned for Haiti? Will they be able to put all the Haitian children through college with the winning bid?

  226. 226
    KyrieM Says:

    That’s not a BFF, that’s a frenemy.
    sshhhh…;-) she doesn’t know, she’s convinced he’s her BFF!! For Aniston, haidressers are a girl’s best friend…

  227. 227
    oy Says:

    @KyrieM: Happy for the kiddies, but I’d rather hear what the Google Adwords bill cost.

  228. 228
    Light it up Says:

    @oy: We need not speak of the hot mess that is Kate Hudson. Her career has become keeping men satiated in between wives. Poor girl can’t upgrade from interim puzee status.

    Read more:

    Just wow, Oy. For the purpose of softening Oy’s blow, Kate is a very beautiful girl with a nice figure, lovely smile and bright eyes but evidently something else is missing, and at least one of those missing things would seem to be an interest in good parenting.
    Kate is a Libra and considering the Scorpio-Libra (i.e. Mars-Venus connection) duo is the most powerful sexual duo in the Zodiac and are therefore naturally drawn to each other sexually…she and the right Scorpio would light it up in the bedroom. This could explain why Ger noticed Kate despite the lack of her meeting the “exotic” requirement.

  229. 229
    Moira Says:


    I just don’t see how they are going to engineer this with Gerry being such a flake?? What will it be a thirty minute meet and greet? The entire crew will be along you can guarantee, so for the winner/stalker it is more like getting to meet Gerry which might be fun in any case.
    Lol imagine someone posting a plain ol box of Entemenn’s donuts on Ebay and the bids going insane. For no reason.

  230. 230
    Gag Says:

    @Happenstance: If Gerry had his way with a donut or any baked good, and they auctioned it on Ebay…can you IMAGINE the money that thing would pull?
    Date with him be damned! The donut would be all theyd need!!!

    Read more:

    LOL…that is just so gross. Almost too gross to laugh. Almost.

  231. 231
    oy Says:

    @Light it up: Pretty girl, yes. She has the requisite a/sscastle Gerry likes, but she is porcelain. The only thing in her favor is it is the closest Gerry will ever get to bang/ng Alex Rodriguez.

    I thought Mars and Venus didn’t get along. I didn’t read the book. Not my thing.

    @Moira: Don’t tempt me, Moira. I can be easily led to the Dark Side. Who am I kidding? I own a flashlight and can find it on my own.

  232. 232
    KyrieM Says:

    @Moira: I just don’t see how they are going to engineer this with Gerry being such a flake?? What will it be a thirty minute meet and greet? The entire crew will be along you can guarantee, so for the winner/stalker it is more like getting to meet Gerry which might be fun in any case.

    - – - – - – -
    You’d bet he’s going to be surrounded by his people. I don’t know how some people were so deluded to hope it could be something different. Sure, if the winner isn’t a crazy stalker and behaves normally, only meeting him will be fun for sure. I think Gerard is quite funny and… man, he knows how to entertain people.

  233. 233
    Lights, camera, action Says:

    @Moira: I just don’t see how they are going to engineer this with Gerry being such a flake?? What will it be a thirty minute meet and greet? The entire crew will be along you can guarantee, so for the winner/stalker it is more like getting to meet Gerry which might be fun in any case.

    Read more:

    If you are just going to end up on JJ being ridiculed then I would advise that upon recieving the happy phone call the “winner” needs to be like, “click”. Srsly, one would be better off winning the prize which allows for a day spent on set during filming; at least then you could learn something about the movie making business.

  234. 234
    As if Says:

    @oy: Don’t tempt me, Moira. I can be easily led to the Dark Side. Who am I kidding? I own a flashlight and can find it on my own.

    Read more:

    As if you ever left the dark side, son.

  235. 235
    KyrieM Says:

    @Lights, camera, action: I agree but you don’t choose what to win. Sure it would be more interesting to visit a set than an embarassing “date” with 10 people…

  236. 236
    oy Says:

    @As if: Shhh. Don’t tell.

  237. 237
    oy Says:

    @KyrieM: Maybe they could go to a Chinese restaurant where Gerry could stand on the Lazy Susan on the center of the table. They could spin him around and let the winner oggle him and poke him with their chopsticks.

  238. 238
    Maria Says:

    There will be pap shots from Serbia. You can be sure of that. But there will be pap shots from Romania too. Gerald won’t miss the chance to meet some of the most beautiful girls in the world. There are only 279 miles between Belgrade and Bucharest. We’ll talk about this later this year.

  239. 239
    To boot Says:

    @KyrieM: Sure it would be more interesting to visit a set than an embarassing “date” with 10 people…

    Read more:

    And a “date” with 10 people you don’t know, to boot. F*ck that.

  240. 240
    oy Says:

    @Maria: With the exchange rate, he should be able to score a truckload of teenager hookers.

  241. 241
    Polly Says:

    He is gorgeous! And funny! I love him!

  242. 242
    ;;;; Says:

    damage if it’s true, because they were a beautiful couple, but hey if they want to be friends and not as a lover, it is their right, but I am waiting for the newspapers say anything and everything

  243. 243
    gossiphound Says:


    Hmmm Vanessa and Gerard, that could be hot.

  244. 244
    gossiphound Says:


    Apparently Gerry is sponsoring a school in Haiti and said again he was going to visit that school – probably a school for girls, LOL .

  245. 245
    ;;;; Says:

    they are together or they were together, watch this video you feel that jen is not far in the studio.

  246. 246
    notcharming Says:

    Chivalry of speech as increase and deed is disappearing.

    The rich who share their, money, power,fame and themselves for the less needy are great attributes. The ones who hoard are not. I find many people consider themselves martyrs/elitists for helping poor black babies. I do not know where GB lands in all that. Choice of friends and insensitivity to women is disturbing. I do not know if he is capable of love/compassion without a reason.

    At least lots of people will be helped. Haitians are beautiful, proud and strong. Maybe they will help him.

  247. 247
    Stinkylouise Says:

    Anyone need a good laugh this morning?

    As long as Aniston keeps getting humiliated,this works for me.LOL!

  248. 248
    Oink Says:

    Lainey’s the one who is vile and a pig. She’s got some serious problem to keep this up. Only her shrink knows for sure.

  249. 249
    Lansing Says:

    Lainey’s strategy is working miracles… keep it up spraying the “Spittle” stories and your readership sure will be mouthwatering lucrative. More hits equal more $ ka’chins. Lainey’s rise to fame on the spittling shower of GB…no brainer on this one.

  250. 250
    coward Says:

    GB toots his horn that he is donating for a school. Lousy display . But help is on the way.

  251. 251
    gossiphound Says:

    Stunning though, now they are just pulling names out of a hat. Has Gerry even ventured within miles of the frigidsphere that is Reese Witherspoon.

    So let’s do a pool. Who is next?

    Charlize Theron?
    Nicole Scherzinger? She fits the Gerry List of Desirable Attributes..

    Do I get paid by PR for coming up with good ideas?

  252. 252
    gossiphound Says:

    Will Gerry be here?

    Aniston will host a benefit screening later this month of The Last Station, the Sony Pictures Classic drama that snagged Oscar nominations this morning for Helen Mirren and Christopher Plummer. Proceeds will be donated to AmeriCares, one of the three nonprofits Aniston gave money to last moonth.

    “AmeriCares delivered nearly $10 million in lifesaving medical aid for earthquake survivors in Haiti,” reads a quote from Aniston on the invite. “They have a longstanding commitment to the people of Haiti and will continue to send relief in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.”

    I guess a screening of the Bounty Hunter just wasn’t considered?

  253. 253
    coward Says:

    @gossiphound: spreading the gerry love bug to all the starletts. One big disease-fest. He says “I’m hot. Your hot. Why not.”

  254. 254
    allisgood Says:

    Bad or Good. Keep posting. That’s what he wants.

  255. 255
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    KyrieM take a f*cking breath. Sh!t that is why nobody goes to IMDb anymore. You guys are the spamming queens. When almost 1/5 of all the posts on a thread are you, you really should step away and re-evaluate your contributions. I know now I am skipping your posts because I don’t feel the need to listen to you respond to every f*cking opinion shared on this thread. Trust me, a little restraint would make you a more credible poster, at least for me. Sheeeesh
    gossiphound – So Nippy is hosting another event, is she donating this time or will she have to be embarrassed into it again like the Haiti telethon? This may be Nippy’s ploy to get an invite to the Oscars too. How predictable.
    oy and others – As for Gerry’s Win A Date, are you sure Gerry is paying for the ad space are are the phannies? I can’t see Gerry using any of his money for minimal promotion for a phannie site contest even if it is for KKC. Doesn’t make sense. IMO.

  256. 256
    Things that make you go mmmmm Says:


    I doubt he is sponsoring the school himself. He is probably one of the sponsors via the organization for Artists for Peace and Justice.

  257. 257
    Stinkylouise Says:

    “I guess a screening of the Bounty Hunter just wasn’t considered?”

    Who would show up to see it?

  258. 258
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    I don’t think they are even previewing that crapfest. I haven’t seen any press on early screenings before the premiere. The studio is hoping to capitalize on the public being stupid enough to go see it before word gets out how bad it really is.

  259. 259
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    BTW – has anyone heard if they are screening it for critics prior to opening? That is also a big tell in the studio’s perception of marketability of the film.

  260. 260
    coward Says:

    @Things that make you go mmmmm: Yes, but during the interview he did not state that. It’s all about him.

  261. 261
    perfect Says:

    Gerry would be perfect for the Bachelor. Hot, successful man who will kiss and paw everyone yet never commit.

  262. 262
    G Says:

    Like a true IMDbs Kyrie is here to show how clever and witty she is….NOT. She is here mainly during the night (U.S.) so her audience is small….mostly keep the tag going backnforth for oy.

    I think Gerry should definitely keeps out of the administration side of the Win a Date contest by not giving any $ to the fan site for ad expense. He is the prize not the promoter. If he feels charitable he will donate to KCC himself but not through the fan site.

  263. 263
    McK Says:

    Why is JA hosting a screening for a movie she has nothing to do with? Is that as close as she will ever get to an Oscar worthy film?

  264. 264
    Moira Says:

    LOL You guys are funnier than IMDb!!!

  265. 265
    justsayin' Says:

    Oy- Yes, he is pigeon-toed and glad I’m not the only one that sees it. I had a boyfriend that walked just like him years ago. I’m surprised it’s not more noticible in his movies, but I guess editing takes care of it.

  266. 266
    Foggers Says:

    Moira@gossiphound: What PR says to JA and GB.

    “Dish out a lot for Haiti. Tell everyone you did. People will think you are Brad and Angie and they are seeing Mr. and Mr. Smith when they watch the Bounty .”

    Great game plan.

  267. 267
    gossiphound Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    People have been twittering about going to advance screenings and in fact someone just posted a photo of her and Gerry, she ran into him at the screening. Is that usual? Is that why Gerry was skulking about?

    Must have been last night, he’s got the Gray T shirt on and is that the **** hat?

  268. 268
    gossiphound Says:


    Just imagine Fantasy Date night – meet the parents would be a hoot. But ABC is too cheap, they would never pay him enough. And The Bachelor seems averse to contestants who aren’t lily white, another minus.

  269. 269
    perfect Says:

    @gossiphound: I forgot. gerry likes dark skinned women also. . .no chance of that happening on the Bachelor. . . maybe they would bypass the “token rule”.

  270. 270
    cece Says:

    Gotta love Lainey. She tells it like it is.

    @allisgood: Of course he does. He’s an attentionwh-re.He probably has the 300 poster on his bedroom ceiling.

    @perfect: And he’s happy to do it on camera.

    Have any of the fansites admitted to the Google ad thing? That is expensive. Where would they get that kind of money? If they’re taking it out of the funds raised, then that would be less going to the charity. So who is paying, Gerry or the fundraisers?

    If the fansites came up with the idea, they’re making him look desperate. If he came up with it, then he already is.

  271. 271
    cece Says:

    @perfect: They could have dates with token white women. Gerry does.

  272. 272
    Stinkylouise Says:

    @gossiphound: I can’t imagine they wouldn’t have an advanced screening.Any objective opinions on what the film is like?

  273. 273
    cece Says:

    @Stinkylouise: Didn’t some Gerry fan/blogger see a screening a while back and say the men in the audience laughed more than the women?

  274. 274
    lisa Says:

    I guess because he sleeps around so much, they’re pairing him with everyone in Hollywood. He’s the generic gigolo that goes with anyone. Gerard Butler is “the other white meat.”

  275. 275
    willah Says:

    Has any one wondered why he is standing around and drinking coffee. Here he is at that location. He is just standing aound and waiting while someone takes a bunch of pictures of him. weird. Seems Gerry likes being in the lymelight alot.

  276. 276
    Stinkylouise Says:

    @cece:Well that’s not good.

  277. 277
    adman Says:

    Adwords fees vary. It’s a very complicated system that Google seems to like keeping complicated. Whatever you think you’ll end up paying, it’s always much more.

    There’s a small fee to start an account. The minimum is 25 cents per click, but $10-$15 per click adwords aren’t uncommon. I work for a very small entertainment company and we pay between $15K-$25K per month for our adwords.

    Here’s an article to help explain it (at little):

  278. 278
    lLimme Says:

    How or where to get advance screening tickets?

  279. 279
    sugar Says:

    Gerry and Reese? My god how random!!! But very unlikely. Reese seems like a very homely family oriented girl and Gerry is so not :)

  280. 280
    notcharming Says:

    @lisa: So true.
    I almost spit out my tea reading your line:

    “Gerard Butler is “the other white meat.”

    LOL!!! Thanks for making my day.

  281. 281
    cece Says:

    He’s not with Reese. She’s small and has had childen. Gerard doesn’t think women who have had children are attractive and Reese has two. I guess Angelina doesn’t do it for him anymore. ;P

    Reese should’ve stuck with Jake. She was an idiot letting go of that.

  282. 282
    KyrieM Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: I took your advice before you suggested it. I’m sorry if I was so bored yesterday.
    By the way, didn’t you say you only barked? It seemed an attempt to bite, that one. ;)

  283. 283
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    oy is much better when bouncing with CJ IMO.

  284. 284
    BetterActors Says:

    The Bounty screening. . .it looks annoying.
    Sam Worthington, Hugh Jackman and Russel Crowe seem to get the roles Gerry wants. They do not go looking for their leading lady first. You know the ones who Gerry wants – the ones who looks good next to him or who can give him Oscar glory. They look at the project and scripts.

  285. 285
    cece Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Agreed. Oy is fun, but CJ and Oy is like peanut butter and jelly. They belong together and make so many people happy.

  286. 286
    sugar Says:

    I think he is always being randomly paired with different women because the media can’t swallow the fact that he is perpetually single. And now that he has moved to the A list it will become harder and harder for him to play that game.

  287. 287
    cece Says:

    @BetterActors: Not one of Gerry’s films so far had a prayer of Oscar glory.

  288. 288
    KyrieM Says:

    Nobody posts on a board to show how witty and clever he/she is. By the way, I don’t live in the US. I guess we’re here only to post opinions about an actor, and posters are free to agree or to disagree with them. And I don’t understand why you have this kind of rivalry with IMDB or why people shouldn’t post anywhere.
    @gossiphound: Charlize Theron is single now, maybe next week she’ll be the next Gerard’s fake girlfriend?

  289. 289
    JustAsking Says:


    Don’t prepare for glory.

  290. 290
    jenardison Says:

    I see that the witches are still around to spit their slaver again, you are pathetic and stupid. My god you really are the dregs of society, why such hatred and malice? what’s wrong with your head?, you have done wrong? you insulted?

  291. 291
    cece Says:

    @sugar: A list? Most people still don’t know his name and couldn’t pick him out of a lineup. I think in Gerry’s fandom, he’s an A-lister. Most people still know him as the guy from 300.

  292. 292
    KyrieM Says:

    @sugar: I don’t think so. Many A-list actors are not randomly paired with every single lady in town. IMO it has more to do with his reputation than his career status.

  293. 293
    gossiphound Says:


    As best as I can recall, no one trashed it, a few thought it was really funny but you never know if people are paid to twitter this stuff. Who goes to these things, people who are fans already? Do they just hand out free tickets to people on the street?

  294. 294
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Like I said Kyrie, you were almost 1/5 of the posts on the thread. Kind of smacks of a lonely poster with nothing else to do which is sad. Some of us watched you fools kill IMDb and now everyone here is getting a front row seat of the spamming technique used over there.
    You kind of sucked the fun out of oy’s posts trying to outwit oy. Talk about cumbersome. You don’t bounce, you land with a thud. Then when oy retreated you just kept spamming away.
    CJ bounces better with oy and knows when enough is enough. Something you still need to learn. Remember the old QUALITY is better than quantity thing? Sheeeesh Sh!t I wish we had ignore buttons here…
    BTW this a yawn – I’m not even showing my teeth yet.

  295. 295
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    They handed out tickets for Sh!t Happens Nippy’s last bomb at the box office. When we were there to see another show they were handing out free passes on opening day. Anything to get an @ss in the seat. Funny thing is, no one would take the free movie. Everyone wanted to pay to see anything else.
    That could have been a test screening with exit polls. I wouldn’t take anything seriously on Twitter. PR firms have employees use it to generate talk about movies – unless you know the owner of the Tweet, I wouldn’t trust it. JMO.

  296. 296
    Confused Says:

    Great the cynics are out. Big deal.

    Do me a favor. Please write in complete sentences. I can’t make heads or tails out of your thoughts. Other than Astrology (your strange knowledge of Scorpios) , I get so confused as to your point.

  297. 297
    JustAsking Says:


  298. 298
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    That is guido in one of it’s many manifestations. Been around for a while now. Uses some sort of translation tool which sux. Guido honestly believes the crap in the tabloids and thinks that Nippy and Gerry live together. Oh yeah, and Nippy is not a PR ***** like Gerry. GMAFB.
    I wouldn’t bother trying to figure out guido. Kind of not worth the effort.

  299. 299
    moral police spanky Says:

    CeCe and Manless….. i think Oy can talk to ever he /she chooses…quit picking on the new people….you have your opinion so do many others…you have a private chat room …i think you should leave some of you bitchy comments there. N’est pa.

  300. 300
    Confused Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Thanks. I will ignore his comments like I did before.

  301. 301
    lLimme Says:

    I read a travelog about the Balkan countries sometime ago…One chapter was about Belgrade and the author was shocked to find so many prostitutes hanging around in the hotel lobby he was staying. This sting in Belgrade would be a test of Gerry’s will power against the temptations.

  302. 302
    gossiphound Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    PR firms own people everywhere apparently.

    I had a thought, you think the Butler sat in on the screening to gauge the reaction? He’s done that before. Can’t imagine he would enjoy seeing himself in this one, but then again?

  303. 303
    KyrieM Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: I don’t understand why you keep on saying that IMDB is a dead board, given that dozens of posters keep on posting there every minute. A bit unusual for a board you think it’s dead.
    I never tried to outwit Oy, and it’s kind of funny you thought that. I just replied to his/her posts and that doesn’t imply an attempt to outwit someone. For many obvious reasons, I couldn’t keep the pace with all of you even if I tried. Manless, you’re not forced to read everybody’s posts anyway, just skip them. Quality is better than quantity, but…ehm… you think there’s quality here at JJ?
    Don’t yawn too much or you’re going to kill JJ too, show your teeth more often, it’s fun.

  304. 304
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @moral police spanky:
    Please tell me that is not you Spanky…that would break my heart.
    If it is, damn did I misread you. Never pegged you for a wagging finger type.
    Gee cece – we’ve been naughty… *high fives*

  305. 305
    sugar Says:


    I knew I was going to get called on calling him an A lister, but I really think he has become one in the past year. Winning the award in Dubai, making movies with Katherine Heigl and Jamie Foxx all pushed him into the public sphere. Also whether it is good for his career or not, being linked with Jen made him a household name, because everyone knows who she is.

  306. 306
    Stinkylouise Says:

    @gossiphound:I don’t know how you get passes to an advanced screening.But don’t viewers fill out a questionnaire later?

    You’re right about the tweets though.The studio may be trying to generate positive buzz,especially because of the negative reaction to the trailer.

  307. 307
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Anytime. ;-)

  308. 308
    gossiphound Says:


    I just remember reading about the very seedy night life in the Balkans during and after the conflicts in the 1990s and how authorities were trying to impose bans on UN peacekeepers and soldiers from frequenting the bars especially because of the huge trafficking in sex workers in this area. Doesn’t reflect well back on the UN.

  309. 309
    notcharming Says:

    @lLimme: And you think he will resist?!!! A dog is a dog is a dog. Ok he is a Hot dog.

    All right I better stop being silly stupid now.

  310. 310
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    He could have gossip. He certainly did for 300 and several times if I remember his interviews correctly. Maybe he got a real dose of reality. Who knows.

  311. 311
    moral police spanky Says:

    yep, its me…and proud of it, bullies suck, In all forms. I don’t know what’s sadder, someone who posts alot or those that count other posters, have private chats and high five each other when they can dump all over some one….not cool…now I ‘m yawning.

  312. 312
    jenardison Says:

    I mean, that hatred stifles the intelligence of the person.
    Je veux dire, que la haine étouffe l’intelligence de la personne et l’a rend bête “c’est un proverbe”

  313. 313
    KyrieM Says:

    @moral police spanky: Spanky, those that count the posts of other posters. Someone who posts a lot is usually making a bad use of a boring day. That doesn’t mean he/she’s sad, but just being lazy. ;-)
    God, now I’m yawning too.

  314. 314
    Jury is still out Says:

    I don’t post often, mostly read. As I can agree with a lot of you, others not so much, it seems some of the “regulars” do tend to give off an aura of ownership on these threads. If you post too often or too long, you are called to task for it. Something they themselves have done on occasion. If someone’s opinion irks them, they have no problem letting said poster know about it. It is a public board after all, not the “regulars” hierarchy. So if you are relatively new here, the chain of command does not rule or have an inside connection to the powers that be. You can voice your opinions as you wish, while still respecting the opinions of others. Now watch someone jump on my case for having an opinion.

  315. 315
    hellotheregb Says:

    Hey, I thought the Phoenix video was pretty entertaining but now I is not available. Does anyone have access to it otherwise?

    Sorry to admit this but I love G’s nose I think it is great, straight, lovely and cool. I guess I am the only one with this opinion.

  316. 316
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    You are tiresome I will give you that.
    I used to love to go and read IMDb – never posted there and never will. And you’re right they have a good DOZEN posters that say the same sh!t every damn day. The one-up-manship over there is a bore and has sent many away me included.
    I never implied you could outwit oy…you can’t.
    I said you were CUMBERSOME and sucked the fun out of oy’s bounce. Go back and read…..
    As for the moral police, you are on the wrong site. Frammie might get her a$$ handed to her soon and there might be an opening for a moderator at the mothership. … And you didn’t notice posts from the same poster after every single post from anyone else? Every other post? What are you blind?
    As for the chat room, glad we (the regulars) have a place to go and really discuss Gerry and all his flaws without having spammers around. Can’t blame the regulars for wanting to escape…the moral police. ;-)

  317. 317
    sugar Says:

    @moral police spanky: @Jury is still out:

    Don’t worry about BRAINlesston, she’s always picking on people. And then when she annoys someone so much and they turn on her, she goes and cries to the “regulars” about how she is being bullied.

    So, write what you want. BRAINLESS does not own the board.

  318. 318
    notcharming Says:

    @hellotheregb: I agree. We all know he is smokin fine (most of the time). His looks and his behavior are at polar ends.

  319. 319
    Old Mia Says:

    I think IMDb is going thru a slow period. It picked up again for awhile but the old guard just pulled the same thing, ganging up in one way or another on anyone with a differing opinion. It’s OK for awhile, but after you’ve read the same thing – and I mean the very same remarks – 100 times in two months it gets deadly dull. I don’t know how the usual suspects can stand to keep repeating the same old, same old in the exact same words. All the while telling each other how ‘fun’ they are. And some of them have been doing this literally for years.

  320. 320
    newhour Says:

    Every hour a new woman??? His *** hasn’t fallin off. This is absurd. He probably is trying to recruit his new leading lady for another movie.

    funny article

  321. 321
    funny Says:

    “shocked to find so many prostitutes hanging around in the hotel lobby he was staying.”
    it would be a great story if gerry got arrested for being with a hooker. his fan sites would implode

  322. 322
    Canread Says:

    Probably hopes Reese can decipher good scripts since he can’t.

  323. 323
    UGH! Says:

    ManLESSton, I likely, you are the biggest Arrogant twit! Kyrie hasn’t done anything to hurt anyone here, except bore you. You, however feel it’s your duty to monitor everyone here that doesn’t jive with your opinions or your way of posting. Get a grip, girl! You deserve to be yawned at and Ignored big time. There I said it! I feel better now. All those yawning as well, YAWN!!!!!!

  324. 324
    @315 Says:

    Sorry to admit this but I love G’s nose I think it is great, straight, lovely and cool. I guess I am the only one with this opinion.

    Read more:

    No, you are not alone in finding GB’s nose very appealing. I personally like a man with a meat long nose, sort of a reflection of what is hiding in his pants. I definitely find GB’s nose very very sexy, esp. when he is kissing someone and his nose forms such a masculline profile. The reason I don’t find Brad Pitt goodlooking is because of his nose and the area around his nose, kind of like a monkey.

  325. 325
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Jury is still out:
    Not jumping on your case. Been here a long time and seen it all. Am I the only noticing this spamming? Doesn’t anyone else think it is tiresome and a thread killer? Yeah I skip, but pages and pages of it?
    I enjoy coming here because it has a light feeling and the repartee has a healthy bounce. When someone camps here and says inane things just to be saying them, well I guess I have as much right as anyone else to say something about it, which I did.
    The IMDb threads are a real drag. Of course I don’t want that same burden here. If I wanted non-stop spamming I would go there. :-)

  326. 326
    leah Says:

    @Old Mia: IMDB hasn’t been fun in at least a year, if not two. A few people thought they ruled it and their ego stroking made it boring and monotonous for everyone else. Little by little the entertaining and interesting people jumped ship. Even the trolls were funny back then. They don’t go there anymore either. When the trolls don’t think it’s worth stirring things up, it’s a sign to move on.

  327. 327
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Old Mia:
    Exactly my point Mia. Thanks!
    As for sugar, your nose if so far up Anustain’s a$$ do you think we give you any credibility? Brainlesston, that’s the best you can do? Thanks for proving my point again. *winking at the regulars – you’re were so right – he he*

  328. 328
    spanky Says:

    Sorry Manless, I think this is a great site,and I ‘m not going anywhere. I enjoy the humour, the GB updates, the clips and photos…and I know you helped make it what it is today, and I thank the regulars for the entertainment. But I have respect for all super fans and haters. Like i said and joked about before i lean towardsthe more jaded fan.

  329. 329
    KyrieM Says:

    @Old Mia: I could quote every word you said. IMDB is not a dead board though, but regulars should have a chat like they have here, because it’s boring for the others to skip dozens of posts about their dogs or complimenting each other about their wits.
    @manless: spammers can be fun and sometimes they add something smart to the conversation. You’re obviously free to enclose yourself in your circle of regulars all the time, but after a while you ‘ll find that you talk always about the same things, just like they do on IMDB.
    Every now and then I think it’s refreshing to talk with someone who’s not in your group. JMO, of course.

  330. 330
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Hey spanky, no harm no foul. I have an opinion like everyone else. I was expressing mine.
    I enjoy you. I enjoy Kyrie, but not every other damn post. Does that make sense? Then if Kyrie has anything of value to say, how many will skip because they think it is the same sh!t for the umpteenth time. I don’t think she wants to be ignored, do you?
    Part of what makes it fun here is everyone contributes. When a monopoly starts happening I say something. So shoot me. Sometimes posters don’t even realize they are doing it. And some do it intentionally to try and fit in. When it gets cumbersome the fun leaves. The fun left IMDb many moons ago. Call me a snob, I don’t want that to happen here. One site is enough for those bores.

  331. 331
    shortpeopledate Says:

    I hope Jennifer Marries him!

  332. 332
    KyrieM Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:
    Not jumping on your case. Been here a long time and seen it all. Am I the only noticing this spamming? Doesn’t anyone else think it is tiresome and a thread killer? Yeah I skip, but pages and pages of it?
    - – - – -
    The other posters didn’t complain about it yesterday. So I don’t understand why you feel necessary to speak for others.
    The IMDb threads are a real drag. Of course I don’t want that same burden here. If I wanted non-stop spamming I would go there. :-)
    That’s funny because that’s what IMDBers think of JJ. Non-stop spamming is easier here, you don’t need to even have an account. Yes, I’m tiresome about my clearing things up but you’re not either.
    Give the rest of us a break, you’re funnier when you pick on Nippy.

  333. 333
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Never told you to leave. Just breathe. Others have things to say too. You are not the only opinion here. You were monopolizing. You killed the bounce.
    BTW spammers are never fun. They are redundant and boring. And how would you know if they are saying anything smart if they take 50 posts to get to say it? You should know this from IMDb.

  334. 334
    Emma Says:

    Is it safe to come out?Geez….
    Hello to all the regulars!
    Manny, you’re on a roll tonight lol
    Ok to lighten up the mood here.. I have a question… who thinks Gerry will make an oscar debut appearance this year?

  335. 335
    JewelryMaker Says:

    What bugs me about IMDB are the off topic posts. Some are daily. Most are disguised to look like they are on topic. I got tired of reading junk trying to find something worthwhile. I don’t go there much any more.

  336. 336
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Emma – you’re back. Emma’s in the house!!! he he
    Unless Gerry can weedle an invitation to present I don’t see him being there. Nippy is throwing a party for Helen Mirren’s film to try to get her invite. Neither deserve to be there IMO.
    Jewelry – ITAWY.

  337. 337
    KyrieM Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Sometimes posters don’t even realize they are doing it. And some do it intentionally to try and fit in.
    - – - –
    Frankly, I didn’t realize it at all, it was basically fun and even an honor to exchange posts with Oy yesterday, and he/she didn’t complain at all, something I frankly expected more of him/her than of you.
    You’ll find out that I’m rarely here because I’ve kind of job that leaves me free 2-3 days in a row and then I reappear one week later.
    By the way, I can understand why you’re so defensive but let people post their opinions for a while before expressing any kind of judgements about them. Otherwise, you just behave as another IMDBer, something you seem to despise.

  338. 338
    Get your facts straight Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: The only annoying spammer I see here is you and your trying to control who posts and how many times. Who are you to decide what is spam or not? I haven’t posted here many times. I mostly come on to read because I find the comments funny and witty… sometimes I do believe some of you make up sh!t just for the sake of stirring things up, but it’s ok when it’s done in a humourous manner. Let’s not forget the celebs we gossip about are human beings with feelings too and have relatives and friends who are most likely reading what we post on forums about them. Does it excuse their own behavior, absolutely not, but I also think we shouldn’t believe everything written in gossip rags either. They do love to make up stories for the purpose of selling copies.

    I don’t think KyrieM’s posts are useless spam. Her opinion is as valuable as the next poster on this forum. Manlesston, I like how you make sure to “wink” at the regulars in order to make sure others will know there is a clique in here the newbies are not welcomed to. I think you need to losen up. This is a public forum, it’s meant to be fun and people are free to post as much as they want wether you like it or not.

  339. 339
    Emma Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: YO!
    Oh, I don’t think either of them have reason to attend I was just wondering tho… didn’t Heigl present 2 years ago or something? I think it was the year she had a hit film or something… anyway, we’ll be fun to see.
    Why the hell is X hosting that screening? Oh, cause she’s so giving.. ok. I get it. Go X. barf

  340. 340
    Hechizera Says:

    Star magazine is going to run a story tomorrow saying that Gerry Butler is hooking up with Reese Witherspoon. I don’t believe a word of it.

  341. 341
    sugar Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    BRAINLESS please please do NOT give me any credibility. i would worry about myself if a hateful person like you gives me credit. It’s the same of being told you’re nice by Hitler or something. And no I never considered myself a Jen fan. I like her and will defend her against your bile, but I wouldn’t consider myself a fan. I’ve only seen a handful of her movies and only post in her threads if it includes Gerry. But you are obviously the kind of chick who likes to put people in a box, it’s either all blind love or blind hate for you. What a freak.

    PS: I love how you used the word “we” when talking about giving me credibility. Who are “we” sweets? The members of JJ? Man you take this forum wayyyyy too seriously if you think that people care what JJers think of them. But you are a sad f/ck with no life, so it is expected. Your whole social life probably revolves around this place. Whereas for the rest of us, it is just a place to post in and move on.

  342. 342
    Emma Says:

    @Hechizera: I don’t think a lot of people do either but it’s funny that all of these new hook up rumours are coming in the midst of the BH PR… Huvane, you’ve been better.. seriously mate, you disappoint me.

  343. 343
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    …….who thinks Gerry will make an oscar debut appearance this year?….
    G will be there only if he’s guaranteed a threesome with 2 of the Oscar hand-out girls

  344. 344
    Emma Says:

    @Mr. Giggles: FryGuy can make it happen. word.

  345. 345
    onewhoknows Says:

    @Hechizera: Joy must be exhausted from typing all those press releases.

  346. 346
    foodiedatingsite Says:

    I wonder if Gerard has ever met Angie?

  347. 347
    Street corner Says:

    Doesn’t gerry look like a modern day young Marlon Brando in A Streetcar named Desire in this thread?

    Or as we can say A ” Streetcorner Named Desire” (and hooking up as we speak)

  348. 348
    duh Says:

    @foodiedatingsite: well given the fact that they worked in a movie together (tomb raider 2) I think it’s safe to say they have.

  349. 349
    Confused Says:

    @foodiedatingsite: Angie who?

  350. 350
    Old Mia Says:

    GB will likely be at a few of the parties, but not the ceremony. That’s my guess. By the way, when is the big shindig? The date will likely impact whether he’s around or not.

  351. 351
    Emma Says:

    @Old Mia: the Oscars will be on the 7th of march. He’ll definitely hit the parties, no doubt. He’s been doing it for quite some time now. I’m not sure he’ll get an invite to the cerimony this year either but I thought I’d ask u guys ;)

  352. 352
    Oldiesgoodies Says:

    it’s amazing Gerry gets almost as many posts as Jolie/Pitt or Aniston these days on JJ. Sadly not all for good reasons.

  353. 353
    Old Mia Says:

    Thanks, Emma. Maybe since it’s in March, he’ll already be in Serbia?

    Street Corner: Just so he doesn’t end up looking like old Marlon!

    Catch all this later … the NCISs are on tonight.

  354. 354
    UGH! Says:

    ManLESSton, I likely #330 When a monopoly starts happening I say something. So shoot me. Sometimes posters don’t even realize they are doing it. And some do it intentionally to try and fit in. When it gets cumbersome the fun leaves.

    Read more:

    This very statement speaks owner ship on your part. I don’t want this to happen here, you say. A monopoly is what you and your “regulars” have here isn’t it. It’s well known that bullies need their posse around to give them a sense of authority. Well you and your “regulars” don’t own JJ”s so back off the self-righteous attitude toward anybody different. I have more respect for oy and her raunchy humor than someone who dictates how it should flow around here. I’ve been here a long time too and have listened to you throw your opinions around as if they were the only ones that count. equal opportunity for all, right?

  355. 355
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    sugar, you are fodder for ridicule in the chat. It’s that simple.

  356. 356
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    It’s my opinion. So what. Tell it to someone who cares. he he

  357. 357
    Helikesitlikethis Says:

    Hey its news. It doesn’t have to be good. His PR firm probably thinks it is fine also.

  358. 358
    firemandatingsite Says:

    Did he date both Angie and Jennifer, wonder who is the better lover?

  359. 359
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    ….Did he date both Angie and Jennifer, wonder who is the better lover?..
    G’s hand

  360. 360
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Mr. Giggles:
    Bingo, we have a winner!

  361. 361
    cougarslover Says:

    @Confused: Everyone who is friends with her calls her Angie. If you don’t know Angie then you are unedumacated. She is the greatest human being alive!

  362. 362
    sioux Says:

    I don’t get Gerard’s appeal at all. He looks like something that grows on the side of a tree trunk.

  363. 363
    leah Says:

    @sioux: Post of the day!

  364. 364
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    ……..He looks like something that grows on the side of a tree trunk…….
    G would like everyone to believe this ……

  365. 365
    sugar Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    BRAINLESSton, here’s an Egyptian saying for you sweets, “life is like a cucumber one day in your hands and one day in your a/rse.” In your case it is obviously in the latter, what else would be the reason beyond your endless hate and bullying?

    I am glad several people are finally bringing up your bullying on this thread. You totally deserve it with the way you treat people. It’s “that simple” lol

  366. 366
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Mr. Giggles:
    If only Gerry were really hung that well…he he

  367. 367
    The Doctor Is In Says:

    Been lurking on this site for some time and generally speaking enjoy the banter and wit, especially from Oy. As the moniker implies, I find that Manlesston demonstrates definite signs of borderline personality based on her pervasive instability in moods, interpersonal relationships, and behavior. Please STFU and talk about Butler — no one gives a rat’s a$$ about you! You’re a nurse, right — you’re showing your blue collar or $8 an hour power as I like to call it. What are you, the freaking shop steward for this site?


    (If you think this is harsh, just try me. This is just the tip of my spear.)

  368. 368
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @The Doctor Is In:
    wow impressed with your powers of deduction. *snort*
    maybe I’m sugar arguing with myself. Or maybe you are sugar and that makes you one of my personalities. or maybe you are nigel from IMDb and don’t like being called out for being a bore. Or maybe I am all the posters here but you.
    So who are you talking to then?
    Tip of my spear? Are you what 72 years old? A gun would seem more threatening. GMAFB.

  369. 369
    facebook9 Says:

    I am on a commercial break watching Tomb Raider II on AMC. Hot smouldering Gerry…not much chemistry between him and Jolie.

  370. 370
    facebook9 Says:

    FINALLY more people speak up about ManLESS’s obnoxious behavior on this public forum. She is a fake and a bully and a paronoid freak with a blown up doll of a husband to boot. Go back to your chat with your henchmen and see if anyone give a shiit about your existence here.

  371. 371
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Back with the blow up dolls again. Sheesh. No original material. Here let me remind you of all your other jabs and save you sometime. I’m ugly, I’m fat, I’m a phannie, I’m on welfare, I’m brainless, I’m a loser, eat sh!t, and I have a cucumber up my a$$. Oh I may just cry. BWAHAHA
    Obnoxious behavior. Sh!t I’m loving the attention. BTW I have a right to post too…..remember….. my opinion…… just like yours…..
    Hey regulars, you are my henchmen. Lucky me. Not only am I the princess I get to have you all for henchmen. Watch out Giggles and oy, I may try and take the kingdom. *wink*

  372. 372
    Fritz Says:

    *trying to spout street language while driving a cadillac covertible…pointing and yelling….bass on the stereo thumping….*
    Yo! ManLESSton’s my guuuurl! Back off, b*itches!
    (lol, well, that failed miserably).

    Hey, look….I’m a newbie and I was welcomed warmly by some of the veteran posters here. JJ (G threads) is a fun place to hang around and it’s perfectly normal to click with a few “regulars’ and get annoyed with some others. I admire the wit and intelligence of what I read here.
    Where I see red is when someone tries to lay their morals on me…or reports other posters because they don’t like what they wrote. As far as the chatroom goes…and this is the last time I’ll bring it up…it’s merely a forum for some of us to talk about other stuff besides Gerry….although sometimes he’s a big part of our conversation, too. What started out as a temporary meeting place for the Golden Globes viewing party has turned into a den to shoot the breeze and relax. Nothing wrong with that. Not to mention nearly getting a hernia from laughing so damm much. The posters I chat with are warm, wonderful people.
    And one more thing……when ManLESS isn’t around her for even a day, a lot of us miss her. I recall not too long ago some lurkers coming out of hiding to ask where she was. She and a few others are like coming home after a long day at work to a favorite meal and dessert. How many of us log on to JJ wondering what she and oy and CJ posted since last seen?
    I know I have.
    Not everyone is going to get along…that’s a given…but I truly enjoy coming in here and viewing differering opinions and engaging personalities.
    When real life is a b*itch, these threads can be a a great stress reliever! XO

  373. 373
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    gee thanks Fritz * blushing*
    Just saw confirmation on the story Star is running on Gerry and Reese Witherspoon. Boy is this gonna be fun. I wonder what Huvaniston will do to combat this latest diss of Nippy? It may turn out, much to our delight, the PR for The Bounty may be better than the actual movie. Oops I guess that is a given considering the movie. ;-)

  374. 374
    Stinkylouise Says:

    @facebook9: I’m watching TRII as well.D*mn he’s hot in this film You’re right about Jolie though.

  375. 375
    sugar Says:

    Fritz, my dear that are no ‘veteran” posters. This is a gossip forum. I am sick of this regulars vs newbies mambo jambo. And no not a lot of people miss BRAINLESS. She needs to let people be and maybe she won’t be picked on./

  376. 376
    cbinparadise Says:

    Watching TRII also. No chemistry between those 2 for sure.
    AJ= fake = fake lips, fake hair, fake boobs, fake accent = yuck
    Gerry looks gooooood though.

  377. 377
    twitterfiles Says:

    LisaDuncan66: RT @joysomerville: – OMG!! Just saw a screening to the Bounty Hunter w/ Gerard Butler @vmschlick
    about 22 hours ago from TwitPic

  378. 378
    twitterfiles Says:

    Does this mean the fan sites realize most people know him as “the guy from 300?”

    MrGerardButler: News: The guy from 300 and his little dog – 25th January 2010 Visit for more details!
    2 days ago from web
    ReplyRetweet MrGerardButler: Gerard Butler News : The guy from 300 and his little dog. Visit for the report and pictures!
    2 days ago from web

  379. 379
    justsayin Says:

  380. 380
    Fritz Says:

    Well, I guess by “veteran” I mean long time posters, which you are as well. Live and learn. *shrugs*

    Stinky, I love Terry Sheridan. He is one hot and nasty mofo.

  381. 381
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    OMG that is pathetic. He went to his own screening. I wonder if he filled out the exit poll too. Sh!t Gerry, that is a new low…
    So the “We Are The World” song for Haiti was rerecorded yesterday. I saw lots of pics of movie stars along with the singers. From the pics I have seen no Gerry. Vince Vaughn, Jeff Bridges, Jamie Foxx, Harry Connick Jr. and many singers. I guess Phantom of the Opera didn’t give Gerry enough singing credit to make the cut. Oh well…
    sugar tuck your bottom lip in. Your pout is starting to show. Your quarrel was and always is with me. I hate Nippy and you can’t stand that. I donate to charity & am proud of it and you can’t stand that either. If you’ve got a problem, bring it to me. Picking fights with others over your disagreement with me is just childish.
    Kyrie has let it drop. *salute to Kyrie* I let it drop. Apparently you haven’t finished your tantrum yet. Go ahead and get it out of your system. Maybe if you whine long enough you will feel better. . BTW – you are on ignore. Jump up and down and shout all you want. I don’t give a sh!t. I stated my opinion. It was a valid opinion…just ask me. he he

  382. 382
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Great. Now we are all depressed. :-0

  383. 383
    downlowinfo50 Says:

    I didn’t know Manless went into chat and talked about being bullied. I’ve chatted with her….she’s never said that in the time that I talked with her. *shrugs* I’ve spent a little time in Bucharest, and Serbia and a few other places and I agree with the entire prostitution things. The girls are hella fine, and cheap. It’s the same sh*it in Cyprus, Budapest and a few other places in the East. I’m sure Gerry and Ralph will probably drown themselves in tight puzzy’s as much as time allows. All I can say to that is I hope they both strap up!

  384. 384
    sugar Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    Get the cucumber out of your behind BRAINLESS. It is uncomfortable I know :)

  385. 385
    justsayin Says:

    @downlowinfo50: I hope they can live with themselves after sc-rewing underage, often kidnapped girls who were forced into the sex trade and are being passed off as legal.

    Then again the age of consent in Serbia and Romania might be the low teens and that should make them both happy.

  386. 386
    Stinkylouise Says:

    @Fritz:Terry should have taken the box and just shot Lara.Preferably in her D-cups.

  387. 387
    An observer Says:

    @sugar: sh!t you’re annoying

  388. 388
    CJ Says:

    My,…I got my pail and shovel and came to the sandbox and reading the posts I hear moaning and groaning and nashing of teeth..Gee if I wanted that I could have stayed married..

    Ladies, gentlemen, dogs, cats, vegetables, minerals lets all try to get along..I may not like your comments, I may not agree with your comments and you may not agree with mine but I will defend your right to love/hate G. B. and say what you want..

    Ahhhhhhh, warm sand beneath my feet..sooooooo good…..

    Reese Witherspoon and G.B…run girl run….I would take Jake anyday over G…and G.B. might take Jake too.

  389. 389
    lisa Says:

    I just checked. It’s 18 in both countries. Poor Gerry and Ralph. They’ll have to settle for the 15 year olds who are being passed off as 18.

    They’ll have a great future as syphilis poster boys.

  390. 390
    CJ Says:


    Yea, what a waste..back in them days I would have shagged Terry, shot him and then took the box..

  391. 391
    downlowinfo50 Says:

    Sugar you do realize that you’re a veteran poster don’t you, LOL! You post here all the time. I don’t know why you and Manny don’t get a long, but I’ve enjoyed your posts as well as hers.
    @385: ITAWY! I’ve heard human traficking is ridiculous in that part of the world, but it’s just as bad in some countries in the Gulf region. I’m all for people getting lai*d and having a great time, but young teenagers like that it makes me hurt for them. Of course some of those young beauties are also working at legal brothels in Germany. They maybe of the legal age of consent, or at least whatever falsified papers they may have will say they’re legal.

  392. 392
    CJ Says:


    As long as girls are poor and downtrodden they will go the route of sex for money…most of the time the families steer them in that direction because money is needed to survive…Five or six year old children, boys/girls selling themselves…its a tragedy worldwide , even in the United States…it breaks my heart …they will never have a childhood or any kind of life of value..

  393. 393
    justsayin Says:

    If you frequent those brothels, then you know the selection isn’t always there by choice and isn’t always legal. You’re supporting the illegal sex trade, which is usually run by the Russian mob.

  394. 394
    lisa Says:

    @justsayin: Maybe Gerry hopes the Russian mob will finance Burns and he will patronize their prostitutes as a form of networking. They could be poetry fans for all we know.

    See phannies? I’m trying to help you rationalize in advance…just in case.

  395. 395
    lisa Says:

    @CJ: Not always. Many of them come from loving families and were in college, but got kidnapped or tricked into thinking they had a job in another country. Then they found out they weren’t going to escape and the job was being a stripper or prostitute not a secretary, model or waitress.

    We’re in agreement on the sandbox thing. The sand kicking in each other’s faces here is childish and tedious.

  396. 396
    justsayin Says:


  397. 397
    Fritz Says:


    Actually, Terry didn’t die! He escaped and boarded the Accra to Scotland….and met Lizzie and Frankie! He’s now known as the Stranger.

    (that’s my belief and I’m sticking to it! )

  398. 398
    lisa Says:

    @Fritz: Does the Stranger live in an underground tunnel and compose music too?

  399. 399
    downlowinfo50 Says:

    Lisa’s correct! There are some gorgeous girls there that were at Uni until they wound up in some seedy ‘strip’ club or what have you. Then as CJ said there are others who know it’s the quickest and easiest way to make a buck. I”ve heard some sick sh*it going on out of Thailand the PHilipines and I’m not talking on Dateline, but from friends who’ve been to both places. The worst trangessors, and best customers of the sex trade are Americans and Europeaners. We’ve got some sick f*ucks floating amongst our ranks. I’d love to believe that they walk away, but men have an uncanny ability to put things on the back burner. Some of them can look at a ten year old, know she’s ten, and then listen to her tell them she’s eighteen and still f*uck her.

  400. 400
    cubedweller Says:

    RE: The Sandbox:
    I feel quite badly that people have felt excluded and unwelcome here, just because some of us have given each other shout-outs. That is simply not the case. No one runs this site except JJ. It would be dull indeed if we all agreed all the time. It’s also not a contest to see who can be the funniest, the meanest, the most clever. There are so many hilarious and thoughtful people here – both new and vintage. Speaking for myself, I didn’t enjoy middle school very much, and right now this place feels like I’ve gone back in time. I’m especting the mean gym teacher to walk in any moment to measure the length of my hem to the floor.
    I’ll check back in when Butler does something interesting again, like dangling Reese Witherspoon out of a window, wrapped in a towel. Cheers peeps.

  401. 401
    sad Says:

    Sad and very angry posts on this thread. It is not about Gerry anymore. Just banter. Take care all.

  402. 402
    CJ Says:

    @downlowinfo50: @downlowinfo50:

    The Pen*s is more powerful than the conscious mind.

  403. 403
    sugar Says:


    Yes I do realise that I’ve been posting here for a long time. What is bothering me is the whole veteran vs new posters. Seriously who cares who has been posting here and for how long? And why do old posters have to tell new posters what and when to post? This is not high school.

    Interesting discussion about the sex industry. I think the movie “Taken” with Liam Neeson sums it up.

  404. 404
    CJ Says:


    Ya know sugar honestly I don’t even know how long I’ve been seems like I don’t know how people keep track of that sort of thing..

    All are welcome in the sandbox..but no pooing or peeing please!
    Thats only for Puzzy..

  405. 405
    hellotheregb Says:

    geeez since the sandbox kicking started up JA has slunk by and is not hosting a charity party! How could you all let that happen!! Not that a haiti charity party should not happen but really can’t she just donate with friends now the parties seem to be getting a little pathetic.

    TR11 yikes what is with this guy yummy. But so sad about his polar personality as noted earlier. The sex traffixing is terrible I hate to think of all those who perpetuate it. GB? Uhg the ugly truth?

  406. 406
    justsayin Says:


  407. 407
    Old Mia Says:

    There is too much stuff for me here tonight.

    I just want to comment on him going to a screening. Why not? It’s his work. It’s his bread and butter. Why not see how the public is viewing his work? Some make it seem like some vanity thing. I so disagree with that. Whatever you do for a living, you want to see the good and the bad about it. Especially when it can still be changed.

  408. 408
    hellotheregb Says:

    @justsaying I am well aware of the problem and work in a profession that helps those so vulnuerable and in need of safety.

  409. 409
    CJ Says:

    @Old Mia:

    Actors sit in theaters when their movies are playing, they like to see the patrons reactions….I’m sure it boosts their egos when the movie goers cheer or cry at their work..actors are vain and need to have their egos stroked..its just how the game is played..most actors do it..
    Its like a painter..he/she likes to know if people like their work..

  410. 410
    lawyersdatingsite Says:

    Its so sad that all of Angies money couldn’t cure cancer!

  411. 411
    Tracey in Tulsa Says:

    Geez Louise I like sugar when she isnt trying to bring up that arcade fake chick. she was just another violin girl.
    i happen to think gerard is very sexy and very attractive and although I am a married 39 year old mother of one lovely newborn alarm clock (and very happy) I am afraid to say if I had the chance I definitely…WOULD. He is on my freebie list !!
    The husband gets JLo – I get GB ;)
    Hey I should probably save this for the GALS site but I wrote to AM on her fb asking about my sugar addiction and she wrote me back :)
    See, all of Gerry’s friends aren’t completely useless losers. LOLOLOL
    I will say that the day I see her handling a camera filming GB making out with a DOT bus driver I will go back to hater on Alicia mode. LOL

  412. 412
    Moira Says:

    I’m back bc I couldnt stay away!
    What’s the latest Gerard mess up?? lmao

  413. 413
    Old Mia Says:

    CJ: Exactly. That’s why I don’t get the negative about him going to a screening. They all do it.

    No one should ever think GB doesn’t have a healthy ego. That’s why I think he got into showbiz in the first place. (That and the lifestyle = money. He thinks he’s got the right stuff.) You have to be very thick-skinned and ambitious – almost ruthlessly so – to be a successful actor. You can be a good actor, but not be a success. There are really good actors in our community theaters. But they don’t go on to any fame. My banker down the street has been totally great in roles locally. One of my past co-workers was just brilliant in comedy roles locally.

    But most of those who make it to the top in the profession on a world-wide level have more than acting abilities. They have a drive and enough ego to push through. Again, very thick-skinned.

  414. 414
    The Jury's still out Says:

    Apologizes to all. My comment was not meant to start a range war. I stay silent most of the time and just read everyone comments. I don’t have a problem with Manlesston as a whole, just as she stands up to defend her gang of regulars, I felt Kyrie should have a friend in the house. Manlesston, you may not intend to come off as a hard *ss (or maybe you do) but, as much as you post here, I’d say you shouldn’t do the kettle and the pot thing with others who want to be part of the conversation, however tedious you may find them at times.

    That being said, I will agree that if Manlesston left, or even sugar for that matter, I’d miss them both. Hang loose ladies. GB is far better fodder for discussion any day of the week.

    As far as comments regarding how much slimmer, less moobs etc. he looks in these pics, could it be just a matter of what tee shirt he’s wearing? The tighter they are, the more heavier and the looser, the more leaner he looks? Just a thought.

  415. 415
    Moira Says:

    Noooo I just got here – no one can leave yet lol
    I am actually getting caught up on all the older threads too LOL
    IMDb was such a bore that I left -

  416. 416
    Oink Says:

    I agree, Old. A few years ago we went to a community production of Reservoir Dogs. The main characters were as good or maybe better than the stars of the movie.

    Hey, ManLESS is OK. Everyone has a right to post. You don’t have to agree or even comment. Let it be. Have your say and move on.

  417. 417
    oy Says:

    @CJ: Arsonists do the same thing.

    What’s all this talk about veterans? Aren’t we still under the ‘Dont’ ask, don’t tell” rule? Gerry and his shagcrumpets are.

    Was Gerry’s pen/s at a pep rally that teen poo/n came up? That thing must be full of energizer batteries. It keeps going and going. When it pauses, you have to give it a good shake to get it going again.

    CJ, I missed some of your comments last night. There I was sniffling because you had disappeared but for some reason, JJ wasn’t loading your comments properly for me and I didn’t see several of them until today. JJ needs a new interface. It was internet interruptus. I missed our typing tango last evening, my little habenero (RRRrrrrrrrrr). So sorry.

    Back out the door ladybugs. Play nice with each other. Kiss kiss!

  418. 418
    Cuinn Says:

    @Confused:Do me a favor. Please write in complete sentences. I can’t make heads or tails out of your thoughts. Other than Astrology (your strange knowledge of Scorpios) , I get so confused as to your point.

    Read more:

    I’m the one with the knowledge of Scorpios and Libras and Virgos NOT jenardison. Jenardison gets so much sh*t because of the language barrier. His native language appears to be french.

  419. 419
    lisa Says:

    @Old Mia: Some act purely for the love of it. They’re not in it for fame or money. There are musicians and fine artists who are like that too. If you asked most musicians, they’d play at a bus stop just to play vs. not getting to play their music.

  420. 420
    Over it Says:

    As a former lurker on IMDb, I can say that KyrieM came on there with guns blazing. She picked a fight with everyone and then disappeared.

    People who comment on obvious BS as if it’s real are my main concern. How can people believe all the assinine gossip posts? How stupid are you?

  421. 421
    Cuinn Says:

    @KyrieM: I could quote every word you said. IMDB is not a dead board though, but regulars should have a chat like they have here, because it’s boring for the others to skip dozens of posts about their dogs or complimenting each other about their wits.

    Read more:

    I still read some zingers there from time to time. Empress of Evil mongering is pretty damn funny.

  422. 422
    lisa Says:

    @Cuinn: Why is astrology brought up in every thread? The buffalo on Gerry’s shirt isn’t part of the zodiac.

  423. 423
    Moira Says:


    Jenardison gets so much sh*t because of the language barrier. His native language appears to be baboon.

  424. 424
    CJ Says:

    Really, I feel a conspiracy and a blocking of free speech…post should show up right away…did you do something to pi*s off your subjects and the massess..
    Glad your here..there was talk of Reese Witherspoon…G and Ralphy boy and ho’s.

  425. 425
    lisa Says:

    @justsayin: Those are very sad videos. They should shoot all the perps involved. The pimps and the johns. It’s too bad the authorities and government officials are probably in on it or it would stop.

  426. 426
    lisa Says:

    @Cuinn: Cunin I liked her too and envy her screen name.

    Over it didn’t you just blaze your guns with that comment?

  427. 427
    Cuinn Says:

    @JewelryMaker: What bugs me about IMDB are the off topic posts. Some are daily. Most are disguised to look like they are on topic. I got tired of reading junk trying to find something worthwhile. I don’t go there much any more.

    Read more:

    Agreed. That is EXACTLY what the problem over there is. Perhaps this can be attributed to the way the threads are formatted. We can get OT here as well, but it’s not annoying when we do it and perhaps it’s because there is more of a flow in the format here.

    By the way, I really appreciated your post about now not being the time For Gerry or ANY celeb using Haiti for a photo op and how people need to stay out of the way and allow the experienced emergency/rescue personnel to do their jobs.

  428. 428
    Gail's Rules for GALS URGENT Says:

    @Tracey in Tulsa:

    Do yourself and everyone else a favor and DON’T MENTION Gerry’s friends male or female on GALS. You will be crucified: stoned, tarred, beaten, drawn and quartered.
    Remember these things at ALL times when posting on GALS:
    -Gerry has NO – I repeat – NO FRIENDS;
    -Gerry only likes pasty short women who are old
    -Gerry has never ever had s-e-x
    -Gerry has never drunk anything after saying he hasnt even if he looks drunk 24/7
    -Gerry means every single thing he says.
    -Gerry does not like any exotic women for any reason
    -Gerry does not F-A-R-T
    -Gerry does not know anything about group s-e-x
    -Gerry is the second coming
    -Gerry is not G-A-Y and doesnt even know anyone who is G-A-Y
    -Bianca, Jasmine were/are BEARDS. Alicia Marie is his demon CUPCAKE HIDER, Violin/Arcade never even happened, he doesnt even look at women like sexual objects EVER
    -Gerry loves SCOTLAND
    -Gerry loves his mother
    -Gerry only drinks water
    -Gerry hates nightclubs and only goes bc Alan (the ANTICHRIST) drags him
    -It is always Nick’s fault
    -It is NEVER Gerry’s fault
    -Gerry donates money all the time, public record be damned
    -Gerry is waiting for the right woman to have s-e-x
    -Gerry has a beautiful SOUL

    Got it?

  429. 429
    CJ Says:


    Please don’t pick on anyone because of a language barrier..if you are educated enough you can read between the lines and if you can’t then leave it to those who can..some people are still learning the english language and after all it is one of the hardest in the world to learn..
    I only have fault with those who post and absolutely make no sense..and the sad part is they think they are.

  430. 430
    Cuinn Says:

    @Get your facts straight: Let’s not forget the celebs we gossip about are human beings with feelings too and have relatives and friends who are most likely reading what we post on forums about them. Does it excuse their own behavior, absolutely not, but I also think we shouldn’t believe everything written in gossip rags either. They do love to make up stories for the purpose of selling copies.

    Read more:

    Thank you for bringing this point up as it is good for people to be reminded of this from time to time.

  431. 431
    Over it Says:

    Checked out IMDb lately? The old peeps, including and maybe most of all, Evil, have pushed out so many people that there are only a few left to talk among themselves. You can just read a moniker and know what the post will be. They’ve said it 10,000 times before. Boring old hags. Maybe when they’ve killed each other off, the public can go back again and rebuild.

  432. 432
    CJ Says:

    @Over it:
    I am all alone in the Kingdom…all the subjects have gone I know not where..My King, my Queen..Princess…

    So pray tell..where is G going next…Haiti, Brazil, Prague, starbucks, dunkin donuts, kispy kreme, the corner of hollywood and vine?

  433. 433
    Moira Says:


    Yawn. When “it” can talk about anything other than GB hooking up with the wicked witch of the west I will play nice. lol

  434. 434
    GerryGutler Says:

    Holy Cow, ladies! We’ve made medical HISTORY

    This thread has just proven the LONG suspected theory that women who live in close quarters together, end up on the same menstrual cycle. !

    I am a paramedic and let me assure you, dying people don’t whine as much as some of you.

    Everyone.. Take a breath, take a Xanax, Go to Bed and save your venom for the next installment of “The Real Housewives of Just Jared”.
    *wink to the regulars” HA, sorry , just kidding, couldn’t resist. I’m not singling anyone out, so don’t sink your teeth into me. It’s only fun to watch you guys bash famous, stupid celebrities. Not each other.
    Good Night!

  435. 435
    CJ Says:

    Ok, I’ll bite..who’s the wicked witch of the west?

  436. 436
    Cuinn Says:

    @sugar: BRAINLESSton, here’s an Egyptian saying for you sweets, “life is like a cucumber one day in your hands and one day in your a/rse.”

    Read more:

    Wow. Egyptians say stuff like that? LOL.

    Sugar are you Muslim? I believe you said you have a degree in developmental psychology are married and have children? Please, correct me if I’m wrong. Not trying to pry but it’s nice to talk to Mideasterners if only to find out what they feel about the USA and why they feel that way.

  437. 437
    Thy kingdom come Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Watch out Giggles and oy, I may try and take the kingdom. *wink*

    Read more:


  438. 438
    lisa Says:

    @CJ: Well we know he’ll be going down on something. Whether it’s a donut or a damsel we won’t know.

    Gail, you got one wrong. He “didn’t mean it” when he said he had a recent threesome. A+ otherwise.

    @Cuinn: Maybe their family, if not their friends should stop enjoying the perks and money and help their loved one/pal be a better human being or at least stop spreading communicable diseases.

    @Over it: Evil was the least of IMDb’s problems. She was often quite entertaining.

  439. 439
    CJ Says:

    @Thy kingdom come:

    You can never take over the is well guarded..many have tried..many have died..

  440. 440
    Moira Says:


    JENNIFER ANISTON! lol come on CJ…jenardison is GUIDO in disguise!!
    he/she/it has posted on countless threads in the past I am seeing/reading….

  441. 441
    CJ Says:


    Oh my god Jen again..
    Ok, Peeps listen up..Gerard Butler has never shagged, dated, married or is never going to shag, date or marry Aniston..ok..they might have felt each other up on set once or twice but hey they are both single and sometimes it gets boring between takes..but she is not his type.
    I don’t think G pees where he plays..its a lot like the rules we have in the sandbox here..

  442. 442
    CJ Says:


    I don’t really pay attention to names unless they are a part of the Kingdom I live in…if people want to use different names on this board so be it..I personally don’t care..I can read between the lines and know who is semi-friend or foe..and I don’t really care if anyone is friend or foe, I treat the all the same..

  443. 443
    lisa Says:

    @Cuinn: I hope you didn’t mean this senence the way it sounds.

    “Not trying to pry but it’s nice to talk to Mideasterners if only to find out what they feel about the USA and why they feel that way.”

    @CJ: CJ, thank you for that statement. I’d love it if JA’s name was never mentioned or hinted at here again. It’s as repetitive and stupid as it gets. There is no question that they’re not an item and never will be.

  444. 444
    downlowinfo50 Says:

    @428: That was f*ucking hilarious! They’ll be over here soon to defend GALS!

  445. 445
    lisa Says:

    @downlowinfo50: Then it’s time to leave.

  446. 446
    Cuinn Says:

    @lisa: Maybe their family, if not their friends should stop enjoying the perks and money and help their loved one/pal be a better human being or at least stop spreading communicable diseases.

    Read more:

    True, true. But they are Europeans and aren’t we constantly being told that Euros are so much more “sexually sophisticated and open minded” about sex than we beastly, ghastly americans? Srsly, I was essentially told this by a Philadelphian here at JJ.

    I’m still with you, though, as in, I think he needs to massively grow the f*ck up.

  447. 447
    CJ Says:

    Sexually sophisticated and open minded..
    They all feel the need to spread their seed because war and stupidity have wiped out the masses in Europe through the ages..
    I mean I’m Irish but half the country starved to death because of the potato famine and all they had to do is look north, south, east and west..they are surrounded by water…ever try casting your line in the water..duh!

  448. 448
    lisa Says:

    @Cuinn: Being a ***** with no respect for women is universally repugnant. He doesn’t slide because he’s European. There’s nothing sophisticated about screw/ng anything that moves and picking up strangers on the street. That’s a disease looking for a room.

    Who was the Philadelphian and have they ever BEEN to Europe?

  449. 449
    CJ Says:

    Ah, Gerry..round and round he goes…who he lays nobody knows!

  450. 450
    CJ Says:

    I am leaving the sandbox…..My Queen Oy I beleive has been blocked again from sitting on her throne..
    My Queen… please get the King to gather the Knights at the is time to seek out the enemy and lead them to the nearest geek tech…

  451. 451
    lisa Says:

    @CJ: LOL!

    Step right up. Step right up. Ladies, gentlemen, camels, chickens! Thousands have experienced it and were left screaming. Get your chance to ride the Gerry go round. Line up. Two at a time.

  452. 452
    Equally douchey Says:

    @lisa: Being a ***** with no respect for women is universally repugnant. He doesn’t slide because he’s European. There’s nothing sophisticated about screw/ng anything that moves and picking up strangers on the street. That’s a disease looking for a room.

    Who was the Philadelphian and have they ever BEEN to Europe?

    Read more:

    Hey, I’m with you on this but when I balked at the idea of a 3somes and anal sex with people you don’t know, that’s the line I got. To me, when a guy asks for a 3some, it is essentially telling you that you aren’t special to him, and yet there are women that will go along with it because they are too stupid to see how demeaning it really is. There have been women on here that suggest that when a woman behaves like Gerard then it’s “empowering” “liberating” and indicates “equality”. Yeah, as in, equally diseased and gross. For someone to actually suggest it is a virtue to behave in such a manner is appalling and yet there it was.

    Gerard knows how to zone in on just the same kind of sleaze that he is. It’s like violin girl, it took him what 20 minutes to figure out that she was just like him, the kind of girl that would let him grope her and stick his tongue down her throat without hardly knowing him. And his douchey friends filmed it all for everyone to see.

    Bottom line: The human race is a plague and I don’t think we are going to make it…and maybe we shouldn’t.

  453. 453
    THINKER Says:

    he is very attractive.. he has something …charm.. ;-)

  454. 454
    lisa Says:

    @THINKER: He has a lot of things. You might not want some of them.

  455. 455
    KyrieM Says:

    @The Jury’s still out: Apologizes to all. My comment was not meant to start a range war. I stay silent most of the time and just read everyone comments. I don’t have a problem with Manlesston as a whole, just as she stands up to defend her gang of regulars, I felt Kyrie should have a friend in the house. Manlesston, you may not intend to come off as a hard *ss (or maybe you do) but, as much as you post here, I’d say you shouldn’t do the kettle and the pot thing with others who want to be part of the conversation, however tedious you may find them at times.
    - – - –
    Thanks. By the way, I don’t have a problem either with the regulars here as long as everyone express their opinions civilly, and Manless didn’t offend me at all. Manless, CJ, Cube, and Oy’s entertaining posts were the reason I decided to post here after lurking around for a long time.
    @Over it: As a former lurker on IMDb, I can say that KyrieM came on there with guns blazing. She picked a fight with everyone and then disappeared.
    – – - –
    It’s evident you didn’t lurk enough long, otherwise you should know it was quite the opposite. Or is it so unusual for you to see people fighting back? I’m sorry if I still have the terrible attitude to defend my opinions. Anyway, I still have the account there, I just don’t post on Gerard’s board because there’s anything interesting going on there, nearly all threads are off topic.
    I still have the hots for that “sleazy” hunk at the top of this page, sorry.. ;-)
    P.S: “salute back to Manless”.

  456. 456
    Moira Says:

    @Gail’s Rules for GALS URGENT:

    “-Gerry does not F-A-R-T”
    I have no idea why this line made me LMAO

  457. 457
    WTF??! Says:


  458. 458
    ButtFukk Says:

    I definitelt do him if i had the chance – sorry.
    He’s hot, famous and the rest of the world would be jealous.
    Can you say bragging rights???
    Delicious man….

  459. 459
    IMDb Says:

    It;s our posting here every now and again that have woken this piece of sh*t board back the fcuk up.
    Our posts, our “witticisms” and our THOUGHTFULNESS.
    Its our sh** that you second rate DIMWITS over here are laughing your asses off at – so don’t try and front.

  460. 460
    KyrieM Says:

    @Cuinn: True, true. But they are Europeans and aren’t we constantly being told that Euros are so much more “sexually sophisticated and open minded” about sex than we beastly, ghastly americans? Srsly, I was essentially told this by a Philadelphian here at JJ.
    I’m still with you, though, as in, I think he needs to massively grow the f*ck up.
    - – - –
    Presently I don’t live in Europe but my passport says I’m European.. so that implies I should shàg everything that moves? I lived in USA for some time and I can say many Americans are a bit puritan, but I don’t feel to generalize or to summon again the same old recycled stereotypes, so… I guess it makes no difference where you live or you come from.. I’m European but a slùt is a slùt everywhere, period.

  461. 461
    philly grrl knows gerry Says:

    he’s cheap @ 10/23/2009 at 2:31 am #145 Does he at least use condoms with these girls????
    Yeah most of the time.
    He also pulls out. Likes the backdoor. All reduce the chance of preggs but not disease.

    Read more:

  462. 462
    Welcome Says:

    @KyrieM: lived in USA for some time and I can say many Americans are a bit puritan, but I don’t feel to generalize or to summon again the same old recycled stereotypes, so…

    Read more:

    Could you define what you think makes us “puritan”. I’m so glad you are willing to discuss this. I don’t necessarily think that Euros shag everything by the way I’m just tired of euros telling us that we aren’t “open-minded” enough about sex.

  463. 463
    KyrieM Says:

    @IMDb: Another fake lurker/poster from IMDB? If you really post there, you also should know that many JJ posts are regularly quoted in the threads. So.. Why did you waste so much internet space on IMDB for silly stuff posted by dimwitted JJers?
    I’m going to quote what Gerard said funnily in his Phoenix interview: “Is that me?” (…who brought all the IMDB nutters here today?)

  464. 464
    video Says:

    of gerry talking about haiti

  465. 465
    KyrieM Says:

    @Welcome: Hi Welcome, this could be a good discussion but I lack probably the necessary English language skills to express my opinion correctly. Trying to be clear and brief as possible, most Americans I met were unusually scandalized about sex stuff we don’t even take notice of. (Puritan meaning “one who practices or preaches a more rigorous or professedly purer moral code than that which prevails”). I should give you an example, I know.. sex and politics being one? It’s rare our politicians resign after a sex scandal, for example. Or on the web I read endless disgusted posts about Gerard and the infamous threesome interview, I didn’t feel there was anything weird at all, I’m very well aware that a lot of people are involved in orgies and sex group, and I think it’s even worse in the entertainment business.

  466. 466
    Garfunkel Says:

    @philly grrl knows gerry:
    yes he uses condoms

  467. 467
    Thanks for playing Says:

    Hello and thank you for replying. So you think it’s the reaction to sexual scandalization that indicates puritanism in America. Have you taken notice that it’s the U.S. MEDIA that feels the need to air the sex scandals in the first place? As for group sex, while americans are no doubt aware it occurs, many don’t care if it’s kept DISCRETE and personal we just have a problem with it being MAINSTREAMED like they are trying to do with everything else under the sun. One could argue that sex for strictly entertainment value is about as valuable as say violence in film which many would argue leads to desensitization and devaluation.

    I think Europeans believe the U.S. media and Hollywood is the american people, in general. It isn’t. Nor do they accurately represent this nation as a whole, you just assume they do.

  468. 468
    KyrieM Says:

    @Thanks for playing:
    I didn’t assume anything given that my experience has been direct and not filtered by US media or HW, because I lived enough time in the US to meet quite a number of people. Maybe I lived in a neighbourhood populated by bigots or maybe in the Old Continent we got used to any kind of perversion since Romans time and we don’t pay attention anymore. Don’t think Europeans are so easily deceived by medias, most of us don’t believe anymore what’s written or showed by any papers or TV channels.
    Thanks for the chat anyway.

  469. 469
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    Garfunkel @ 02/03/2010 at 5:38 am
    yes he uses condoms
    GARFUNKEL !! …… is G ******** Art ????
    Oh never mind …… G’s been ******** up art for awhile now……

  470. 470
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    Damn …… can’t believe scr*wing would be censored….

  471. 471
    someone who knows Says:

    @Gail’s Rules for GALS URGENT:
    He F-A-R-T-S. Trust me.

  472. 472
    Thanks again Says:

    @KyrieM: Maybe I lived in a neighbourhood populated by bigots or maybe in the Old Continent we got used to any kind of perversion since Romans time and we don’t pay attention anymore. Don’t think Europeans are so easily deceived by medias, most of us don’t believe anymore what’s written or showed by any papers or TV channels.

    Read more:

    Your touching upon “Old Continent exposure to perversion since Roman times” would seem to be an admission that it’s possible that europeans have been more than adequately desensitized to perversion overall. So any suggestion that americans need to become as desensitized to perversion as europeans currently are, would be troubling. I find it telling that Euros are not nearly as hard on the mideast for their brand of “puritanism” as they are on the USA, where we are far more tolerant of, but simply do not believe in, mainstreaming sexual perversion; we will make judgements on perversion but we do TOLERATE it.

    I’m sorry I didn’t address where you stated that you actually lived here, in the USA, at one time. I’m at work and am trying to multi task so I had to reply rather quickly. Where are you from in Europe specifically and where did you stay while in the USA?

    I apologize if I don’t understand how it is “bigoted” to make honest evaluations about a destructive lifestyle that puts one at risk for STDs, unwanted pregnancies, constant emotional detachment and sexual devaluation not to mention the public health issue. One would think even a psychologist would show concern for one who regularly engages in any risky behavior at the expense of one’s emotional, mental and physical health.

    I share your skepticism of the media. One would do well to take the U.S. media, or the MSM, with a grain of salt, as they are grossly compromised and have become more infotainment than anything. The networks many times will lead off the national news with a story about a celebrity when there are far more pressing stories on both the national AND international front. Unfortunately, G.K. Chesterton’s assertions about the USA’s “celebrity” culture are spot on. I think many americans have become ignorant, hedonistic and decadent and I feel that alot of it can be blamed on the USA’s TV culture. Rather than seek out books or printed media for alternatives many Americans rely solely on TV for their information.

  473. 473
    SoTrue Says:

    @Equally douchey: “To me, when a guy asks for a 3some, it is essentially telling you that you aren’t special to him, and yet there are women that will go along with it because they are too stupid to see how demeaning it really is. There have been women on here that suggest that when a woman behaves like Gerard then it’s “empowering” “liberating” and indicates “equality”. Yeah, as in, equally diseased and gross.
    Thank You! And love his “friends” that occasionally post here spitting out that Gerry has the right to do whatever he wants and we should all think its ok. They think that to make themselves feel better of his and their own actions. It will catch up to them. It will catch up to all of us.

  474. 474
    gossiphound Says:


    What is this Phoenix interview? Can someone post a link?

  475. 475
    mali Says:

    i dated him for a milli second a while back and he during the same time he was dating Jasmine ( who he called his girlfriend after we stopped dating. poor girl!!! ), never had sex with him, but he would constantly bring up the threesome thing with me, always asked if i liked women. Huge turn off, thank god i didnt have sex with him, looks like i would caught something for sure!!!

  476. 476
    Stinkylouise Says:

    @gossiphound: It was on youtube,but has been removed.

  477. 477
    SoTrue Says:

    @mali: Show his mindset well. Speaks volumes about Jasmine, unless he kept his girlfriend clueless. Maybe he dwells in all.

    girlfriends – sleep and pretend to respect them as long as they are easier than most

    and everyone else who are extremely carefree.

    Anyone with true morals are not contenders. It might form attachments he can’t handle because he is shallow.

  478. 478
    Sow Oats Says:


    If you never had sex with him, you never “dated”.
    Maybe you went on a “night out” with him – but you never dated him unless you guys were in the second grade.
    Try again, Philly trash!

  479. 479
    Sow Oats Says:

    If Jasmine was his girlfriend – you can rest assure she was a little “freaky.”

  480. 480
    she Says:

    @Mr. Giggles: my new love

  481. 481
    Fritz Says:


    Uhhh, where have you been? I was about ready to send out the hounds! WB.

  482. 482
    FreakyFriends Says:

    @Mali: please speak your mind. These words that define relationships are just stupid now. I see dating as people getting to know each other to be potential mates or are mates. Sow Oats is just irritated since she is so refined. Maybe the name calling was what she felt for herself. Some previous thread stated:

    “Friends with benefit” mean they are friends who have sex. People who think sex is a sporting event would understand these things”

  483. 483
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @The Jury’s still out:
    Thanks Jury. Sorry my expressing an opinion and defending that opinion ended in a “range war.” Great description BTW.
    To the other posters, excluding artificial sweetener, I apologize. Especially to the regulars, I am sorry I actually helped push the thread sideways. I did the thing that I hate the most.
    You can’t change the fact that some of us have been here forever, years to the few months others have been here and seem to want to be recognized for that. We just know each other well. Being offended by that is ridiculous. You can’t change that fact. Some just want to be offended.
    For some reason my zealous opinions seem to be taken as a sign of ownership. I’m just expressing my opinion.
    I will admit, I started reading this JJ thread as a whole from the beginning yesterday afternoon when I noticed the quantity posted by one poster. I then noticed that others were trying to input and were being ignored, even those asking pointed questions. I guess I am guilty of wanting everyone to have a chance to speak without being run over by a non-stop poster which I call a spammer. That was my opinion and I expressed it. I never told anyone to leave just to breathe and let someone get a word in. Other just wanted an excuse to fight. That was not my intention.
    I hate the sh!t that happened yesterday and I was a big part of it. Excuses aside (all night **** and no sleep) I should not have done that. I retreated last night to bring peace. Sorry I failed.
    Again, I enjoy the light bounce here. Want to contribute not take away from the spirit of fun.
    BTW sugar, do you want your cucumber back?
    Group hug? :-)

  484. 484
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Moira @ 02/03/2010 at 1:07 am

    Noooo I just got here – no one can leave yet lol
    I am actually getting caught up on all the older threads too LOL
    IMDb was such a bore that I left -
    No one is leaving Moira, just a family quarrel. Welcome little refuge. I have walked your path too. :-)

  485. 485
    OK F-U Magazine Says:


    Stop making excuses for people who kiss and tell. Mali is just trying to get attention for something and she deserves no such thing.

  486. 486
    Emma Says:

    Hello everyone!
    I guess things were a bit weird last night and it really is a shame when it happens as so many of us come here to decompress and just basically have a laugh. I haven’t posted often as I mostly like to keep the subject on Gerry and he hasn’t really done anything lately I felt I had a strong opinion on or found remotely interesting. To be honest I’ve been pretty bored since this whole BH PR shenanigans started. I guess I still have hope for better things to the great scot. Time will tell.
    Manlesston, you’re a very opinionated and passionate person and therefore it’s only natural you get picked on every now and then and as yourself noted, you weren’t having the best day and things got weird. I think most of us have been around long enough to know you and appreciate your input, regardless of what some might think. This board wouldn’t be the same without you. fact. XXXX
    I think a group hug would do us all good. lol
    peace out folks. xx

  487. 487
    Respect Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Thanks. I think wisdom is putting freedom first. Freedom of expression.

    On another thought. I respect Gerry. Not for his greatness (or lack of). He shows his charm, honesty, insecurities and fearlessness. Yes honesty with his preferences (ah..hem) seem to take center stage. But I see the price of how his tenacity and love for himself can consume someone. I see his charity. Even if he is loving the spotlight. He is pretty vulnerable every time he opens his mouth in an interview.

    What do you think about respect for people we differ with? It teaches me patience.

  488. 488
    FreakyFriends Says:

    @OK F-U Magazine: She voiced her experience. Get over it. You must care a lot about Gerry’s rep.

  489. 489
    ThoughtWordsAction Says:

    Sorry if someone already posted this. When I saw the reports about Haiti, I thought this natural disaster did not destroy a part of the country. It destroyed everything. Glad to know people caught on that we are all one world.

  490. 490
    hellotheregb Says:

    @gossiphound: G in the Phoenix video is just giving a brief kudos to the film company they worked with on LAC. It is in a seminar room with professionals in the film industry in Phoenix. No stars etc. He does this little impersonation of penguins from the movie March of Penguins and it just cracks me up! Here he is at a professional seminar quacking like a penguin! just makes me giggle, so I was looking for it again. Not much else there in the video, just cute. He is so strange, one polar opposite to the other.

  491. 491
    gossiphound Says:

    So here is the Star silliness Lainey referred to:

    Home > News Reese & Gerard’s Secret Hookups!
    February 3, 2010
    Digg It RSS print email

    Reese Witherspoon has been having a little fun with Hollywood’s playboy du jour, Gerard Butler.

    “Reese’s friends are giggling about her secretly meeting up with Gerard. She thinks he’s superhot!” a friend of the actress told Star. “Reese is just having a good time with him. They’ve hung out a few times, mostly at his place in L.A.”

    The two showed an interest in each other after producers at New Line Cinema
    approached them a few months ago to read scripts together for a new movie. “New Line thought Reese and Gerard would make a hot on-screen couple,” said the friend.

    “They got very chatty while reading the scripts, and there was noticeable chemistry. After that reading, they started talking and hanging out.”

    They most recently met up on Jan. 22 at an after party for the Hope for Haiti Now fund-raiser at L.A.’s Sunset Tower Hotel. But the friend says that Reese, 33, isn’t looking for anything serious with the 40-year-old actor, especially since she still cares for ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal.

    “Reese doesn’t want to hurt Jake’s feelings and doesn’t want him to know about her and Gerard. She’s not interested in taking it a step further with Gerard — and that’s how she wants to keep it.”

    Gee I think I need to get “friends”who tell better whoppers. Only thing I’d like to know, which film did someone think Reese and GB would be good together. I look forward to the gang’s thorough and hilarious debunking of this item.

  492. 492
    beingGB Says:

    @Respect: I believe GB understands that being smart is to put his freedom first not always seeking others respect for him. But his chosen trade is all about allusion.

  493. 493
    SoTrue Says:

    And the formula begins:

    Romantic Comedy? for GB+ Oscar winner in cast (leading lady) = maybe GB can get his award also.

    I hope someone picks a good script this time.

  494. 494
    gossiphound Says:

    Duh I just figured it out – last week there was an item about Jake and Jennifer being an item. Is this Reese’s little payback? Is this like Hollywood High School?

  495. 495
    gossiphound Says:


    Thanks Hello There, now I know what people are talking about, I had a brain blip.

  496. 496
    Silverbrook Says:

    The fact that he has been linked to Reese W. by the tabs shows how ridiculous his reputation has become. He’s become the go to guy, the laughingstock, the butt of the joke kind of person everyone is randomly linked to. To me it’s not funny at all. It’s the direct result of his indiscreet public behavior and his PR team’s overdrive of pushing this “sexy hunk” image to the public. People are so innundated by his poor behavior, true or perceived, that they are willing to overlook his charitable contributions, e.g. his help in the Haiti disaster. Wake up Gerry. Doing whatever to sell your movies is important but longevity in Hollywood is built on good reputations…. I am afraid you are in deficit in that department. I am just concerned about you and that’s all.

  497. 497
    beingGB Says:

    mel gibson survived. So will he. He is only focusing on work. Got no family to distract him.

  498. 498
    gossiphound Says:


    Never good when being or getting “Butlered” is a new term of reference.

  499. 499
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Well said. Patience was not my friend last night. ;-)

  500. 500
    mali Says:

    I truly believe that Jasmine had no clue about us and i didnt know about her until the end. We only dated 4 months, ( numerousl dates, one trip etc.) just getting to know each other, i honestly knew that it wasnt really going anywhere, he is charming and funny, but also very crude, rude and selfish. Not boyfriend material at all. Trust me! After finding out about Jasmine i was even more disgusted with him, i would never try to be with another woman’s man. He is such a creep.

  501. 501
    downlowinfo50 Says:

    Kyrie I agree with you about the puritainism comment. Politicians run on family values campaigns and basically point out the ills of society and how they’re going to change them, etc. So as someone tmisrepresnting themselves they deserve to be called out. If you’re telling me how moral you are, and what an example you are, you need to be called out on those things like infedilty, tax ivasion, hiring illegal immigrants to work in your home, etc. I live in an area where people don’t really like difference, as in different opinions, sexual orientations, etc. We’re supposed to be a civilized nation that runs our government independant of our religious establishments, but that line is beginning to blur. The middleeast has never, and more than likely will never make those lofty attempts. I believe the quaran takes the lead as the general rule of law. However, it is amusing to note that the Saudi’s love to go to Bahrain and let loose, and I’m talking prostitues, liquor, and homosexuality, LOL. Quran be damned. I’ve seen Americans do the samething, but once they touch back on American soil they’re conservative again, LOL. This isn’t to say that everyone is hypocritcal but there is a lot of it running rampant. I found Europeans to be more accepting of other peoples sexual practices while not necessarily doing the same thing. Red light districts, and other brothel’s stay in business not because of the locals but the foreigners. I’ve always been a bit of a wild child, and never been ashamed of it. I remember the **** I got from the good litle Catholic girls who were spending their time judging what everyone else was doing. Had they spent their time minding their business, and living their life in the way they deemed right maybe they would’nt’ve have gotten knocked up in high school. To my knowledge Gerry is not a rapist. No one has ever come forward and said that he hurt them, lied to them, or whatever. Now that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t. I think the only women that are upset with Gerry are the ones that he hasn’t banged, LOL. I think they go into with both feet, pu*ssy first knowing exactly what they’re going to get, and often walk away happy, and freshly fu*cked. JMO. IMO, America puts itself out there as the morality police, and when you do that people will look closely at you, and see your flaws and call you out on them. As many flaws as we have it is still a place that others want to come to make their dreams come true!

  502. 502
    Old Mia Says:

    If anyone believes Mali is a real person who actually ever set eyes on GB let alone dated him, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

  503. 503
    Curious Carla Says:

    Before anyone gets too excited about the possibilities of Gerry and Reese Witherspoon, GossipCops has already debunked that rumor:

  504. 504
    Curious Carla Says:

    GossipCops debunking of the Gerry/Reese Witherspoon rumors:

  505. 505
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Crude, Rude, and Selfish – sounds like the makings of a new hit song, hey choirmaster……

  506. 506
    downlowinfo50 Says:

    Silverbrook I disagree with you on that one! Jack Nicholson is a NOTORIOUS womanizer that dates women young enough to be his daughter. Warren Beatty was a crazy womanizer until his late 50′s. Mel Gibson’s infiedilty and his alleged racists comments went over looked. Why? These guys f*uckin produce the numbers that HW loves! The general public will forgive them pretty much anything because of the quality of their work. The only time Gerry brought in numbers that made his actions ‘forgiveable’ was when he did 300. They’ve all had bombs, but Nicholon and Gibson really bring people in, and they always seem to turn in honest, powerful performances that show cases their level of talent. IMO Nicholson might love to sh*ag someone, but he wouldn’t necessarily search that person out to work with. Fu*cking and working are two different things unless you do p*orn.

  507. 507
    Truetrue Says:

    @downlowinfo50: To my knowledge Gerry is not a rapist. No one has ever come forward and said that he hurt them, lied to them, or whatever. Now that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t. I think the only women that are upset with Gerry are the ones that he hasn’t banged, LOL. I think they go into with both feet, pu*ssy first knowing exactly what they’re going to get, and often walk away happy, and freshly fu*cked.

    Someone wise said that lust is constantly living the idea “all I want to have is what I want” rather than “I want you to have what you want”.
    Some of us are just tired of the former thought. Maybe people can curb that attitude if they recognized the damage it causes.

  508. 508
    Oink Says:

    The IMDb people do have regular chat threads and a new daily chat thread each day. Off-topic threads are also pretty easy to recognize. So if you don’t want to hear about dogs and school and jobs and what’s cooking for dinner and what wonderful lives they live, you just skip those. It’s the constant spewing of hate from about six of them on any subject related to Butler that I can’t stand. It’s like some kind of therapy for them, but fewer and fewer people from outside the click seem willing to deal with it. It’s gotten so some of the fans who post, almost apologize to the in crowd for what they are about to say. What a bunch of idiots.

  509. 509
    McK Says:


    I’m going to quote what Gerard said funnily in his Phoenix interview: “Is that me?” (…who brought all the IMDB nutters here today?)

    What interview are you talking about here Kyrie? It’s funny that you don’t include yourself in the nutters Gerry is talking about.

  510. 510
    Neil Says:

    Who the hell is Jasmine???

  511. 511
    gossiphound Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    Well Brit Brit already did WOMANIZER, lol.

    Carly Simon – You’re So Vain – classic. Was it ever determined if that was about Mick Jagger or Warren Beatty?

    Gerry should hope to inspire that kind of song.

  512. 512
    Old Mia Says:

    I’ve listened to the interview from Phoenix and I didn’t hear him mention a thing about IMDb. He was there to help sell the Film Dept. that financed LAC to film makers. He talked mostly about how great there are to work with. The interview is on the fan sites and You Tube as well.

  513. 513
    sorry Says:

    @Old Mia: sorry, but I believe mali. Too many similar situations confirm it for me.

  514. 514
    What?? Says:

    @downlowinfo50: America puts itself out there as the morality police, and when you do that people will look closely at you, and see your flaws and call you out on them. As many flaws as we have it is still a place that others want to come to make their dreams come true!
    Not any more. If you travel, you will know many will not even consider the US dollar. Hollywood movies are the only thing they are interested in now.

  515. 515
    @ mali Says:

    You sound credible. Does he keep his friend Nick with him on dates as well? Sounds like you made a clean getaway – good for you.

  516. 516
    cbinparadise Says:

    Mali “dated” Gerry for 4 months and a trip with no sex????
    SURE SHE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  517. 517
    Silverbrook Says:

    @Download, as you acknowledged Gerry doesn’t have the draw or the calibre to do what he is doing and still getting away with it. He is no where near having similar career accomplishments like Gibson or Nicholson or Beatty. He looks like a middle aged fool with no shame and this comes from a fan of his.

  518. 518
    sorry Says:

    @cbinparadise: I think he dangled a carrot in front of PC for months. Once she caught on he was no boyfriend material because she was one of many, she booked also. People can get comfort that Gerry was not interested in PC because he is a player and so is his friends.

    People who cannot have a relation with a man without involving sex thinks no one else can.

  519. 519
    downlowinfo50 Says:

    @What: I do travel quite often. If you go to little markets and fairs some of them will take dollars, but most prefer euro’s since it’s stronger. Now, if you go into regular shops it’s been my experience that they either want plastic or their own currency. Although, some of them will also take Euro’s. I know there are a few restaraunts in Bucharest that will take Euro’s. When I was there three years ago they weren’t on the Euro, but things change ,and change quickly. I was the orient last year, and they took their currency only, but they had one solid government exchange rate.

  520. 520
    Same Says:

    Charming, boyish, immature, self-centered to creepy. That sounds like Gerry from the experiences women posted here on JJ over these many months.

  521. 521
    gossiphound Says:


    He dangled his carrot and no takers? Sorry the average male would not go that long without sex let alone the perceived horndog that is Butler. Unless that male is gay, ultra religious or definitely getting lots of sex elsewhere.

  522. 522
    McK Says:


    “People who cannot have a relation with a man without involving sex thinks no one else can.”

    We can its called a friendship

  523. 523
    downlowinfo50 Says:

    @sorry: That’s an unfair statement. The particular comment about four months and no sex was clearly directed at Gerry. The dating Gerry part is believable. The dating him for four months and going on a trip with him and no sex is where she lost me. I just find it suspect that the man that was asking for threesomes from her (I think she posted that) invested time and money into a romantic, but sexless trip. I dunno, stranger things have happened. It’s not the story that she’s telling, but it’s the man involved with the story. JMO.

  524. 524
    what Says:

    @downlowinfo50: All the research and manufacturing is aboard. The US is a consumer based country now. The economy damaged us more. This past decade was an illusion. If we do not buy, the rest of the world will figure it out. I lived abroad and have tons of family all around the world. I am not perceived as typical American outside. So they are not guarded in expressing their opinions. Many do not want to live here. . . I do. But I love other parts also.

  525. 525
    CJ Says:

    Reese and Gerard..not a bit of on-screen chemistry there…in my opinion

  526. 526
    Same Says:

    @gossiphound: I knew Gerry is ultra-religious!! ;)

  527. 527
    Hector'spup Says:

    Re: Mali. What a bunch of gullible people. Either that or dumb. There is no such person. She did not date Butler. She does not know Butler, she is someone getting off putting you on. People who really date celebs aren’t posting about it on JJ.

  528. 528
    sorry Says:

    @McK: Just my opinion – any long term marriages I know lasted, because they were friends above all. So yes, that is my definition of a healthy way to start a relationship. I just can’t play by these other norms.

    @downlowinfo50: Thanks for the clarification. He must be religious (he. he.)

  529. 529
    gossiphound Says:


    Well they certainly shouldn’t be, LOL.

  530. 530
    gossiphound Says:


    No disputing that being friends first can result in a longer term relationship. However being friends means you hang out you don’t date. Dating implies pursuit of a romantic and/or sexual connection unless you are a Quaker and even they have rumspringa, where they let the teenagers go wild at age 16 if they so desire. Interesting concept. the Quaker rationale is they want their young to commit to the Quaker lifestyle of their own volition and so allow them an opportunity to experience the wider world and make their decision based on that.

  531. 531
    Same Says:

    @Hector’spup: Let me understand your statement- So people who date celebs are not talkin b/c . .So they can date more celebs? I feel sorry for the celeb. It’s not about the person. Just the status people want.

    And everyone who tries to post their take (because they are just people) must be shallow also. So they shouldn’t post also??There are always two sides to a story, have some faith.

    The more you refute the story the more people will be curious. Let old dogs lie.

  532. 532
    sorry Says:

    @gossiphound: They hope to go back simpler life after sowing their Quaker oats. Sounds like a plan to me. If it is meant to be let them be free.

  533. 533
    gossiphound Says:

    So according to Vanity Fair, JA made $8 million dollars each for The Bounty Hunter and the Baster so where does that put Gerry’s salary?

    I thought if you produce something you take your cut last?

    interesting article on the Top 40 Hollywood Earners for 2009

  534. 534
    notcharming Says:


  535. 535
    curious cat Says:

    At downlo
    I lived oversears also. It alters your perspective.

  536. 536
    Old Mia Says:

    Those people make way too much money. They could buy Haiti and a number of other poor countries as well. There is just something not right about raking in that much money. IMO. I hope they are giving big time to many different charities and not just hoarding and funding their next movie project.

  537. 537
    KyrieM Says:

    @McK: The part included in the Phoenix interview was “Is that me” and I quoted it because he said that in a very funny way. Of course, probably Gerard doesn’t even know IMDB exists. That’s why the rest was inside the brackets.
    - – - – - –
    @sorry: But if you’re just friends without sex is not a marriage anymore, it’s a friendship. Sorry but Mali first said she dated him for a millisecond, that the millisecond transformed in 4 months. And I can’t believe she dated a man for 4 months without having sex with him, especially a man who’s interested in it more than everything else.

  538. 538
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Gotta agree with you Kyrie. If the dude is asking for threesomes, I highly doubt he is in it for the pleasure of just your company ONLY. :-)

  539. 539
    gossiphound Says:

    @Old Mia:

    Can you believe that Rupert Grint and Emma Watson made $30 million dollars each last year? Crikey.

  540. 540
    gossiphound Says:

    PS Ger needs a franchise.

  541. 541
    sugar Says:


    Cunin, yes Egyptians say stuff like that and worse. And I went to an American University in Cairo and like American culture and history and people. I do have strong opinion about American policy but so does everyone.

    Mali, the no sex for four months is what blew your story.

    By the way did anyone see the new pics of Gerry’s butt from the movie Gamer? I am really disgusted

  542. 542
    Goodness! Says:

    @ sugar.. boys will be boys. they do stuff like that. .I don’t know why they had to zoom in though!

  543. 543
    sugar Says:


    Boys are disgusting :)

  544. 544
    I Hate Liars Says:


    YOU claim to be an adult and dated FOUR MONTHS and never had sex??
    Let me guess: are you the kid who was emailing him incessantly and “thought” you were dating him from a few months ago who posted here and then ERASED her posts??
    Honey – if you emailed GB and he was nice enough to respond (doubt it was him) that does not mean you were dating.
    Four months and no sex? Sorry GB would never have stuck around and I dont blame him.

  545. 545
    I Hate Liars Says:


    THANK YOU – I do NOT believe that Mali lmao poster and I am offended that she/he/it comes on here posting thinking that we will LMAO.
    Hon, go find another sandbox to sh/t in Mkay?

  546. 546
    hellotheregb Says:

    I have to agree with the 4 months and no sex with G is had to believe.Possibly that’s why he was asking for a threesome? but really she did mention that he was with Jasmine (?) correct. so she was putting out and Mali was hanging in there with the no sex. Hard to believe G went on a vacation without having sex with his rep. these days.

  547. 547
    Jim Cutler Says:

    4 months, and a trip (an obvious lie) and no sex.
    A guy who would do this is/was your friend. You were not “dating” in his mind. Maybe in yours…but if he didn’t want to jump you, kid…he just wasnt that into you.
    The man is an adult for chrissakes. What did you do, hold hands??
    You were a friend to whatever man you are talking about (since none of believe it’s Gerard lol).
    That indian girl was just a friend too – she read into things and Gerard’s flirting as well. He is a FLIRT. He flirts like it’s his job. So??
    Why do women read into things?? That’s why you all end up getting hurt.
    A man can be in one relationship; and the woman is sitting there dreaming up another…

    -male IMDb’er ;)

  548. 548
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Not just hard to believe, but IMPOSSIBLE to believe. ;-)
    Also the milisecond to four months jump didn’t help her credibility either IMO.

  549. 549
    Pepsi Says:


    Why do you act like the names BiancaJasmineAliciaPriyankaKrisit havent been mentioned here almost everyday for the past few years?
    I could make up a story and say, “Oh yeah he was with Bianca and he was filming 300 at the time….”
    Stop being so gullible.
    Like that one poster said – a woman who really shagged Gerard would be here posting on some lame message board.
    And making no money off it!!

  550. 550
    mali Says:

    I was just trying to see how stupid you all are/were.
    Ha! Proved it!

  551. 551
    mck Says:


  552. 552
    Tracey in Tulsa Says:

    What an idiot. LOL

  553. 553
    mck Says:


    Ah yes you proved us all stupid. You proved that not only is your IQ less than 80 but you can’t even get strangers on a board to like you.

  554. 554
    sugar Says:


    You didn’t prove anything. Everyone said you are a liar.

  555. 555
    Happenstance Says:

    @SUGAR – I didnt see lame Gamer. Where are the stills?
    Gerry has a cellulitey BUTT so I am sure any close ups of his butt are going to be quite nasty. Having said that, let’s have a gander…
    LOL Where can we find the stills???

  556. 556
    huh? Says:

    Proved what sweetheart? No one bought your faux romance so tell me again what it was that you proved? stupid. next

  557. 557
    oh, pleeease Says:

    Everyone knew you were a fraud.
    Dead thread and some flame from 21/2 years ago show up to spill sh!t. No way

  558. 558
    Stinkylouise Says:

    For anyone interested,here are the Gamer stills of his butt:

  559. 559
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Thanks Stinky – there is our favorite dog wagging his tail.

  560. 560
    Goodness! Says:

    @ Happenstance…it isn’t. This was filmed I think 2 years ago. It looks fine, I just didn’t need a zoom. They do it though to show the face tattoos on each cheek. They are for the directors. There is a link to it somewhere in one of the threads. Try the one before last.. Or maybe someone else will put it up again.

  561. 561
    ew. Says:

  562. 562
    Goodness! Says:

    Oops..I couldn’t get my response up fast enough. Sorry.

  563. 563
    Bored Chicks Says:

    Who come on msg board trying to start sh/

  564. 564
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Now picture those same @ss cheeks with a Krispy Kreme snuggled in there…. I wonder if Gerry was sending a subliminal message to the directors. Pull your heads outta my @ss… or … kiss my @ss… and the hits just keep on coming.

  565. 565
    hellotheregb Says:

    geeez pepsi take it easy. I could have listed anyone’s name as well as jasmine. are you just pissed that your name was not put in?

  566. 566
    gossiphound Says:



  567. 567
    lisa Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: I’d rather not picture it. Thank God no one has stills of his rocknrolla butt. That had the texture of an orange.

  568. 568
    sugar Says:

    Yuck. His butt is pasty and not attractive. And maybe I say this because I come from a poor country, but the idea that he put food up his ars/e is appalling. There are people out there who have no food and have to rummage through the garbage to find something to eat and those idiots are buying food, not to satisfy their hunger but to put on a stupid prank like that. It is disgusting and NOT funny.

  569. 569
    huh? Says:

    @sugar: uhm, it was donut, not a bowl of rice and veggies, take it easy.

  570. 570
    sugar Says:

    donut is food, duh. You have obviously never seen poverty

  571. 571
    huh? Says:

    @sugar: i have but i just think you’re making a huge deal out of a stupid prank with a donut and going into world proverty and all that. like i said, relax a bit.

  572. 572
    oh, pleeease Says:

    @sugar: give us a break, mother teresa. Geez.

  573. 573
    sugar Says:

    I’m Mother Teresa! Oh Yay! Thanks. Yep it IS a stupid prank

  574. 574
    oh, pleeease Says:

    @sugar: it’s VERY stupid, i just didn’t think of linking it to world hunger, but thanks again mom

  575. 575
    Go to sleep Says:

    @sugar: How can you turn into an annoying little brat like that? sh!t, just shut up already. Aren’t you past your bedtime? argh!

  576. 576
    sugar Says:

    @Go to sleep:

    All sorts of crap has been raised in Gerry threads from the American vs European view of sexuality, to Eastern European prostitution following the Balkans war, to the feminist movement. So if I want to drag in world poverty i will :)

    And no it is no past my bedtime. it is midday in Australia, but then again you are probably an idiot who thinks the world ends at your borders and are not aware that other countries with different time zones exist.

  577. 577
    syracuse Says:

    In the video for a second I thought we are going to see the prize when G was flipping his shirt front. Time for G to do a full frontal.
    Enough of the butt shot…

  578. 578
    Go to sleep Says:

    @sugar: i thought you were in egypt. it’s past bedtime for the majority of the population there. but thanks, I’m gonna do some research on time zones right now cause I really wasn’t aware of it. heh
    Just because I find someone who constantly shifts moods and opinions and talks out of her a$$ annoying and little contribute, I’m ignorant apparently. Thanks again. I’m gonna go read a book and educate myself on world affairs but mostly time zones.

  579. 579
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    It does make you catch your breath in anticipation doesn’t it? :-0

  580. 580
    KyrieM Says:

    @sugar: It is midday in Australia? What part of Australia?? By the way, many pranks are stupid and funny at the same time, as usual it’s a matter of different opinions.

  581. 581
    lisa Says:

    I agree with Sugar, so maybe you should piss off. None of us should waste food anywhere in the world when so many would be grateful for it.

    It’s ironic that Gerry’s fans support Gerry wasting food. Most of them look like they’ve never dropped a crumb.

    To be Devil’s Advocate, Sugar, Gerry never said the donut was wasted. If he didn’t eat it, you can be sure some pathetic fan would.

  582. 582
    lisa Says:

    @syracuse: Here’s what we will see when Gerry does full frontal.

  583. 583
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Go to sleep:
    very observant. ;-)

  584. 584
    lisa Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: More like fear.

  585. 585
    KyrieM Says:

    Lisa, where do you live, in a fairytale? Nobody supports Gerry or anyone else wasting food, but stating that none of us will ever waste any of it it’s a pure utopia. By the way, if you’re so interested in the planetary waste of food, have a look on the web to see what it really means globalization.
    In some countries tons of food are wasted for commercial purposes. A lot worse than the 5-6 donuts those pranksters used for their silly joke.

  586. 586
    Go to sleep Says:

    @KyrieM: finally, thank you.
    I’m gonna go read that book on time zones now.

  587. 587
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Thanks for the sane post. :-)
    It’s a damn donut. GMAB

  588. 588
    Sharri Says:

    Sugar writes like a spoiled brat…a few posters were sympathetic with you before and mine is wearing very thin now about your whinning, moody and bratty tone. You sound like you are so bored you just want to pick a fight. Really, time for you to go to bed now no matter what zone you are in.

  589. 589
    KyrieM Says:

    @Go to sleep: LOL!! Actually I wanted to be even naughtier and ask her about the weather… and what she thought about the hot summer we’re having down here…

  590. 590
    lisa Says:

    Kyrie, save your condescending tone for IMDb.

    You know we’re talking about deliberately wasting food. Don’t try to do the typical phannie a-sshattery of taking things out of context. People who deliberately waste food are inconsiderate schmucks. If you do that, then you’re a schmuck too.

    Enough food gets wasted accidentally in this world and via transport, etc. we don’t need someone encouraging stupid pranks that waste it for their “entertainment” when people are literally fighting over food as I write.

    Do you think I’m five years old that I don’t know what globalization means? I probably know more about it than you do. You assume you’re so f-ing all knowing that I can see why people at IMDb couldn’t stomach you.

    If you can’t see the correlation between commercial waste of food, which is bad enough, and some famewhoring actor who announces to the world that he’s helping children in Haiti (who happen to be starving) having such a cavalier attitude about food they purchase that they deliberately and flagrantly waste is for a stupid, childish prank, then you’re the one who needs an education.

    You do not want to shake your stick in my cage, woman. Someone else warned you about doing it to them. Don’t think you’ll come here and try it with me now that IMDb has had enough of you.

    I rarely agree with Sugar, but she has the right to speak her mind and I’ll defend that.

  591. 591
    lisa Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Excuse me, was that a shot at me? Because if it is, please consider my last post directed to you too.

    I know you don’t like Sugar, but she has a right to speak her mind whether you agree or not. I happen to agree with her on this issue, though we rarely see eye to eye on Gerry’s behavior.

    I was told this is what Kyrie did at IMDb. Now she’s doing it here.

  592. 592
    toker Says:

    @Sow Oats: Jasmine is a freak, and likes weed…a lot.

  593. 593
    KyrieM Says:

    @lisa: If you believe what IMDBers say about people, you’re dumber than Gerard putting donuts up his ****.

  594. 594
    justsayin' Says:

    Lisa -I had to laugh out loud. My thoughts exactly!

  595. 595
    KyrieM Says:

    @lisa: Lisa, you seem the one all knowing and you accused us of being schmucks because we like to waste food (and none of us said that!!).

    About IMDB, you should also know that in any divorce, everyone has the 50% of the fault, so… Shut Up. If you like it more there, you know what to do; if you don’t like my opinions or some of the others, nobody force you to read them.
    Anyway I never said Sugar wasn’t entitled to her opinion but I can disagree with her, can’t I?

  596. 596
    gossiphound Says:

    Probably more food wasted at the events for Haitian fundrasing or other famine charities than one frigging donut, since we know half of Hollywood is anoerexic.

    How about we memo Gerry that if he must use donuts in pranks, use the day olds that would normally get thrown out. A little hard but hey.

  597. 597
    cece Says:

    @FreakyFriends: I agree. Mali might be lying, but she might be telling the truth. Anyone here could be lying or telling the truth. Gerry’s true blue fans refuse to believe anyone has ever had sex with him. They think the pope gets more tush.

    BTW four months might not be such a surprise because we all know Gerry wasn’t going without during that time. Just because she claims he wasn’t scre/wing her, doesn’t mean he wasn’t getting some elsewhere to meet his needs.

    WTF happened to this thread today? Geez!

  598. 598
    KyrieM Says:

    @gossiphound: you had me rolling on the floor…

  599. 599
    gossiphound Says:

    Hey Cece, did you seen the Vanity Fair Top 40 Hollywood 2009 Earners list.

    Sadly Gerry not on the list but then again neither is Tom Cruise.

    Jolie beat out Anniston by $1 million.

    My conclusion: Gerry needs a Franchise – is there a Harry Potter or Twilight for grownups? Well that hasn’t already been done to death?

  600. 600
    Sharri Says:

    Lisa, take a breather, this is about a few f*cking donuts, not about your mother’s milk got wasted on you.

    You need to take the donuts out of your a$$ and relax. Geesus.

    Your effort of trying to make GB’s immature behavior worse than what it is worth has FAILED. You wonder why? Because you tried too hard and your motive is too transparent. Big fail.

  601. 601
    cece Says:

    @What??: The USA is no longer King of the World. Anyone who travels can see if very easily. As soon as the euro becomes the main monetary exchange for oil, and it’s coming, you will see very quickly where the USA stands in the world.

    Downlow, I’m not saying Mali is telling the truth or lying. Gerry rarely has to pay for his trips. He might have asked her to join him on one of his trips to Dubai for all you know. I don’t think he spends money on anyone if he doesn’t have to. If she’s very attractive and his type, he might have wanted her badly enough to check her off his “I had that too” list.

    Of course, she could be lying. Who cares? We all know Gerry isn’t a great boyfriend, isn’t husband material, and sleeps with nearly anything that has a pulse and a vag. There’s nothing shocking in her comments.

  602. 602
    KyrieM Says:

    @cece: WTF, guess it’s my fault again and I have to back away today too, anytime I post something serious or that makes sense to me, someone pops up and start throwing IMDB in the middle. I have not a fùck/ing idea how they know I’m using a condescending tone, because they can’t hear me….

  603. 603
    cece Says:

    @Hector’spup: Are the people who believe Mali more or less gullible than the ones who didn’t believe Gerry had threesomes?

  604. 604
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Take a chill pill. My comment wasn’t directed at anyone in particular. You are just spoiling for a fight. I’m not your taker. Could care less about trading barbs with you. I can’t believe we are condemning over a damn donut. Geeeeesh
    “You were told this is what Kyrie did…” You don’t have firsthand knowledge and yet you are telling her to leave? Speaking from experience makes you credible, speaking out based on what you were told kind of smacks of a follower. Again my opinion.
    BTW lisa – I have a right to speak my mind too – whether you agree or not. Your own words…
    Go for a walk and then come back when you aren’t so angry. Please.

  605. 605
    cece Says:

    @sugar: She needs a hobby.

  606. 606
    cece Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Thanks for that visual. I just threw up a little.

    @sugar: Enough with the pasty part, doesn’t anyone feel sorry for the poor person who had to draw those images? I hope they wore gloves and a hazmat suit.

    Agreed on the wasted food thing. Not cool.

  607. 607
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Kyrie – stick around girl. No harm no foul. Some are listening and ignoring the bores.

  608. 608
    sugar Says:


    Sharri, I can’t tell you how much I DON’T CARE whether you have sympathy for me or not.

    Kyrie, I’ve been in Australia (Sydney) for four years and although I love it, i don’t really like the weather, it is too rainy and gloomy for me. I have no idea where Australia got it is reputation as being “sunny” from. But then again the rain makes the country green and I love the green. So good and bad sides to everything.

    People who are annoyed by my comment about food and poverty have obviously never been to a poor country. In Egypt last year a few people KILLED yep KILLED each other in the Bread line, because bread was scarce and they were desperate. That is what hunger will do to you. So excuse me if I find putting donuts in your ar/se offensive.

  609. 609
    cece Says:

    @gossiphound: Sadly, you’re right which is why I don’t see the point in adding more to it when you already know how much gets wasted. You don’t throw kerosene on a fire. He would like the donuts a little hard, but not enough to make him jealous. ;P

    Just sayin’, thanks for your comment. Nice to know I wasn’t the only one here who got Sugar’s point.

    Kyrie, I gave you the benefit of the doubt when you came here, but you proved everything I heard was true and you keep proving it with each ensuing comment. You were an incendiary b-tch everyone hated at IMDb and we don’t need you spreading your bilge here.

    Sharri, I’ll address you directly but I suspect you’re a sock. Consider my earlier comment directed to you too. What’s my “motive?” btw? Not all of us have motives, like you phannies do for all your faux charity work. I stuck up for Sugar’s opinion because I agreed with it. If that’s a “motive” then please share your paranoid delusion. Do tell.

  610. 610
    cece Says:

    @gossiphound:Gerry with a franchise? Aren’t the “Debbie Does Dallas” films due for a reboot?

    @toker: I’m against drugs of any kind. But dating Gerry might be enough to drive someone to medicinal marijuana to ease the pain.

    @lisa: Love that! You and Sugar are right about the crumbs and the wasted food. That pissed me off when I first heard he did it. Kyrie, Sharri, sorry, but I completely disagree with you.

    WTF is happening to this thread today? It’s like some IMDB people showed up and now it’s about attacking the people here. Let’s get our priorities where they belong – attacking Gerry’s poor fashion sense and his inability to control his peen.

  611. 611
    Cooper Anderson Says:

    Check out Gerry’s list of dates here. Whoo what a list. I don’t know if everything or anything here was true but what a list. LOL

    Reese Witherspoon (33) Actress Hookup n/a 2010 2010 –
    Jennifer Aniston (40) Actress Broke Up –
    Hayden Panettiere (20) Actress Hookup n/a 2/2009 2/2009 –
    Rachel Roy Designer Hookup n/a 2009 2009 –
    Shanna Moakler (34) Model Broke Up n/a 10/2008 10/2008 –
    Cameron Diaz (37) Actress Hookup n/a 3/2008 3/2008 –
    Cheryl Burke (25) TV Personality Hookup n/a 2008 2008 –
    Kristi Korzec Screenwriter Broke Up n/a 2008 n/a –
    Kola Boof (40) Author Hookup n/a 2008 2008 –
    Jasmine Burgess Model Broke Up n/a 2008 n/a –
    Alicia Marie Other Hookup n/a 2008 2008 –
    Laura Harring (45) Actress Hookup n/a 2007 2007 –
    Naomi Campbell (39) Model Broke Up n/a 2007 2007 –
    Rosario Dawson (30) Actress Hookup n/a 2007 2007 –
    Josie D’Arby (37) Actress Broke Up n/a 2005 2005 –
    Bianca Christians Model Broke Up 2 yrs. 2005 2007 –
    Unnur Vilhjalmsdottir (25) Model Broke Up n/a 2005 n/a –
    Cassandra Hepburn (32) Actress Hookup n/a 2005 2005 –
    Chiara Conti (36) Actress Broke Up n/a 2004 n/a –
    Raquelia Fioravante (55) Other Broke Up n/a 2003 2003 –
    Yuliya Mayarchuk (32) Actress Hookup –
    Imogen Lloyd Webber (32)

  612. 612
    KyrieM Says:

    @lisa: I still think I’m entitled to my opinion and it seems to me that anyone who puts in comparison a donut to the world hunger is a bit out of this world (i.e. my referring to the fairytale).
    Waste in any form is never good, whether you’re talking about food or water or anything else.
    For the rest, you shouldn’t believe everything you’re told by the IMDB hags, it’s like believing what that Lainey chick writes about the celebs. It’s ok if you can’t stand me or whatever else, but to bring always IMDBers up in your posts just makes you appear stupid. And if you lurked around there long enough, you also should know that everyone who contradicts them and refuses to lick their a$$es is at a fault.
    I’m sorry if I’m not that kind of person and that made me kind of infamous poster.
    @manless: Thanks ;) God, I hope next time Gerard will use a plastic donut, a bit harder but less controversial.

  613. 613
    Cooper Anderson Says:

    Gerry is one lucky dude. Those women are hawt!!

  614. 614
    To haters Says:

    I am starting to hate it here now. How did it get so personal and catty? Any interesting topic get ignored because people talk about stuff from IMDB. I never go to that site. Never will.

  615. 615
    midnight Says:

    oh gerry, you delicious *******. I f***ing love you.

  616. 616
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    If you think wasting a whole donut is bad, go to any public school and see what is thrown away on a daily basis. I guess perspective is a good thing sometimes. :-)

  617. 617
    sugar Says:

    Oh come on! Gerry was never with Hayden, she’s like 20!

  618. 618
    gossiphound Says:


    Considering most of Australia has been in a drought for almost a decade I am sure they are quite happy to have more rain than usual. I take it the water restrictions are still quite strict. I have some friends in Sydney and Melbourne. Been there, loved it, love to go back.

  619. 619
    Cooper Anderson Says:

    I am from IMDB as well. There are many catty crazy people there like CA and JayRZmora and I-Buttocks and that crazy Libertarian/Conservative EVIL EMPRESS. LOL. They’re all nuts. And all yeah let’s not ferget the biggest loon of all GFW. LOL She’s the best one. Let’s all bring them here I bet their eyes will pop out reading this. They will probably feel famous as Fram from GALS.

  620. 620
    Sharri Says:

    Cece is talking to herself via #610 and #611. Lisa (aka) Cece. She can’t even keep her own posts straight.

    LoL, gossiphound, Hey Gerry, next time use a day old donut so you won’t be as offensive…no wait, better use the non-edibles, be politically correct so to speak.

  621. 621
    KyrieM Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Kyrie – stick around girl. No harm no foul. Some are listening and ignoring the bores.
    I will. ;)
    Kyrie, I’ve been in Australia (Sydney) for four years and although I love it, i don’t really like the weather, it is too rainy and gloomy for me. I have no idea where Australia got it is reputation as being “sunny” from. But then again the rain makes the country green and I love the green. So good and bad sides to everything.
    - – -
    Wow, where do you live precisely? (not the exact place, I’m not so nosy). I met some people from Sydney last Sunday at the seafood festival in Auckland and they said the weather was beyond hot and really sunny. Australia is a big country… how many time zones do you have? 3?
    Kyrie, I gave you the benefit of the doubt when you came here, but you proved everything I heard was true and you keep proving it with each ensuing comment. You were an incendiary b-tch everyone hated at IMDb and we don’t need you spreading your bilge here.
    - – -
    Tell me that was a joke.. you gave the benefit of the doubt to someone who started posting 3 days ago?? Quick judgement… I’d like to know what makes me more of an incendiary b-tch than you, I didn’t offend anyone here but you did. Take a chill dear.

  622. 622
    gossiphound Says:

    @To haters:

    Board wars = bored wars. Must try to keep primary subject matter in focus. Mr. Butler.

    @cece, hmmm “Gerry does Glasgow” “Butler does Belgrade” they have a certain ring to it.

  623. 623
    cece Says:

    @KyrieM: The “Do you live in a fairytale” question could have been better worded. I volunteer at a food bank and homeless shelters whenever possible and I agree with Lisa and Sugar on wasting food. I completely disagree with you that it’s ever a minor thing. I don’t care if it’s a french fry. Unfortunately, I know we’ll never ever get all that food to people in need and we will always have hunger in the world. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take it seriously and do everything in our ability to fight it.

    Speaking of impossible dreams, I would like to see people interact more politely here. Maybe using “If only the world worked that way and never wasted food. Unfortunately, it doesn’t” would have been a little more of a conversation starter instead of being seen as an incendiary opening statement.

    Like I’m Just Sayin, I’m just sayin.

  624. 624
    cece Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: The bores? I don’t think Lisa or Sugar are boring. You’re stirring things up with that insult. Can we get through a thread here without people ripping each other to shreds for no reason and have a simple discussion, hopefully peppered with a lot of humor and creativity?

    Oy, WTH are you?

  625. 625
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    I didn’t direct any comment to you lisa until you decided to drag me into this.
    Kyrie can have her own opinion just like sugar. I’m agreeing that it is a DAMN DONUT. Good God, I didn’t eat my whole salad for lunch today. String me up. *snort*
    As you are new here too, lisa, do you really feel you have the right to call someone a c*nt? You have been here for a shorter period of time than Kyrie. Aren’t you jumping the gun a little?
    So you’ve shared your opinion. We heard you. Now will you calm down?
    BTW you were the one that posted “I was told” about Kyrie. Just taking you at your word.

  626. 626
    cece Says:

    @sugar: That’s a bonus, not a deterrent to Gerry.

  627. 627
    KyrieM Says:

    @Cooper Anderson: yeah, finally!! I wonder why people blame me because I don’t post there anymore.
    @lisa, cece:
    In this thread, you’re the troublemakers. Hate me, ignore me, tell me I’m a b-tch, but STOP talking about me and IMDB, you’re attracting all sort of IMDBer here.
    I can’t care less about being famous/infamous. Gerry fulfils that task, not me. Thanks.

  628. 628
    sugar Says:

    gossiphound, yes the rain is always good. But I was asked whether I liked the whether and I said no. I prefer the heat. But yes of course rain is important.

    Kyrie, it is hot this summer, but it was cool the last three. It also rains all the time and is cloudy often. The definition of hot differs from person to person. I have a Russian friend who described 2 c as “warm and lovely” :)

    Lisa, yes it is heartbreaking, I just wish people would understand. It was a dumb prank is all I am saying.

  629. 629
    Cooper Anderson Says:

    @KyrieM: Kyrie, you were one of the nicer posters there. There were some seriously deranged people on that board. Thank goodness some of the nuts like CA have been incognito. The board is finally returning to its former glory. LOL.

  630. 630
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Not trying to stir up trouble. Just bored with the fighting, I know ironic for me after yesterday. Maybe it is a new more mellow me.
    When I said bores, I meant bored with the fighting. Hell they are even trying to pull me into their argument…
    BTW cece it’s good to see you back…

  631. 631
    Fritz Says:

    @Cooper Anderson:

    Ohhh, HONEY! Let’s not bring that in here, puhleeze! The last thing I want is for this place is to become a copy of IMDb. God forbid that happens.

    @Kyrie…congratulations! You’re a celebrity! LOL! Being called a c*unt.. you must have made some impression! *applauds* I don’t recall any of your posts being nasty, btw.

  632. 632
    An observer Says:

    @lisa: you just said someone here sounded like a c-nt. enough said. One thing is not to agree with some, other is to offend and become agressive over such a silly discussion to begin with. When someone disagreed with sugar, the first thing she did was to call that person ignorant for not seeing what she was.
    some of you really need to take that stick out of your as-ses. This board is always turning into a war zone and as I recall, it wasn’t always the case before many of you started showing up. Sure you’re entitled to your opinion and people can just skip them if they want, by what’s with the aggressiveness? Take a chill pill indeed.
    You’re ruining it for a lot of people.
    All of this because of a f-cking donut? for real?
    good night.

  633. 633
    the real cece Says:

    @cece: I’m not amused. That’s not me.

    I don’t know who is trying to mess with this board and pit people against each other, but it’s not funny.

    Lisa, if you think that’s funny, I’m reporting you.

  634. 634
    An observer Says:

    I was finding it weird because as I far as I remembered, cece was one of the coolest posters here. Someone is getting their as-s reported asap. that’s not cool.

  635. 635
    gossiphound Says:

    Thisi s a gossip site and this is a thread about Gerry Butler. How deep and profound are you expecting to get?

    If I want to argue about world hunger and other global issues beyond any tangential relationship of Mr. Butler to say Haitian relief [where the issue is more the rebuilding of that country] I think I’d be heading to a political message board. Certainly can’t see getting any deeper than the man himself. Or it is our mission to lift him and his fandom higher?

    I am a newbie and I really are not interested in the board wars. I would suspect my feelings are shared by the many, the silent.

    Just saying.

  636. 636
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @the real cece:
    Thank God cece….. I thought you had turned to the dark side. whew
    That makes two reports cece… :-)
    An Observer – thank you. Someone else noticed. *waving*

  637. 637
    the real cece Says:

    @gossiphound: All this time I thought this was the World Economic Forum. How stupid of me!

  638. 638
    KyrieM Says:

    @Fritz: Hi Fritz *greets* I didn’t know I was so famous, I’m almost shocked… So people talked about me so much that I got a reputation?!?! I don’t want this place becomes sort of IMDB copy too, I hope all the nasty IMDBers will go back to their lair in a short time!!
    And God, I hope that next time Gerry will choke himself with a donut instead of sticking it in his butt….

  639. 639
    downlowinfo50 Says:

    @cece: I like what you said about America, Europe and the Euro it really struck a familiar chord. Also made me laugh a little.

    @gossiphound: well said.

  640. 640
    the real cece Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: I hear that.

    An Observer, thanks for restoring some zen. I didn’t know what I walked into.

    Back to Gerry, has anyone heard how much his tux and the gowns from the globes made for the charity auction?

  641. 641
    sugar Says:

    On Feb 1, Gerard Butler went to Beverly Hills and got his photo taken and this photo inspired discussions about world hunger, American vs European view of sexuality, third world relief efforts, prostitution in Eastern Europe after the Balkans war, online forum behavior, the right to free expression, Middle Eastern vs Western view of food and the feminist movement! You’ve GOT to love him!

  642. 642
    Go to sleep Says:

    @sugar: maybe a nap?
    I’m really enjoying my book on time zones.

  643. 643
    namechanger| Says:

    The STFU person must be back stealing names again

  644. 644
    the real cece Says:

    @sugar: GNN, Gerard News Network.

  645. 645
    gossiphound Says:

    I am sure Gerry is moved and will never pull another donut prank again.

  646. 646
    KyrieM Says:

    @gossiphound: I am a newbie and I really are not interested in the board wars. I would suspect my feelings are shared by the many, the silent.
    Just saying.
    - – - – -
    I’m new here too, and I’d like that people could just leave me alone and let me post in peace without bringing weird reputations up.
    I share your feeling, even if I wasn’t so silent.

  647. 647
    gossiphound Says:

    I think Bob and Jillian from the Biggest Loser would prefer all donuts be used as anything other than a food source, seriously.

  648. 648
    An observer Says:

    I hardly ever post, I really enjoy reading some of you girl’s comments and the friendly banter that goes on here sometimes. I know there are a lot of people like me as well. I just felt some of these folks were and are being completely irrational and taking everything so seriously, it’s kinda pathetic.
    How a prank with a donut turned into a discussion on world poverty and hunger and how the people who didn’t agree with that were automatically called ignorant, I still don’t get.
    Well, carry on. Hopefully we’ll have a bit more laughs and not so much c-nt calling.
    Have a good evening everyone.

  649. 649
    the real cece Says:

    @gossiphound: If anyone breaks into a chorus of “We Are The World” I’m going to cry. For all the wrong reasons.

  650. 650
    gossiphound Says:

    Too bad Gerbear didn’t get asked to sing on that, I am perplexed.

  651. 651
    sugar Says:

    lol at GNN. See love or hate Gerry, but you can never be indifferent to him. He moves something in all of us, it could be positive or negative, but he does move something.

  652. 652
    the real cece Says:

    @gossiphound: Quincy Jones probably saw Phantom of the Opera.

  653. 653
    gossiphound Says:

    @the real cece:

    LMAO glad the real you is back.

  654. 654
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @the real cece:
    My point exactly cece. Or maybe Quincy didn’t want spit on the camera while they filmed the video of it…

  655. 655
    Old Mia Says:

    Just returned, and I’ll go back and read the posts I have missed but I see the donut wasting is still a topic.

    Sorry, I can’t get all choked up about wasting a donut or two. A year ago I watched a documentary on Las Vegas. You know all those wonderful buffets? Guess what happens to what’s left over – and it’s a lot? Pig farmers come by the casinos each night and the leftovers are literally dumped into their trucks. They take the stuff home and shovel it out for the pigs to eat. The camera crew followed one guy back to the farm, and he stood in his truck bed in waders. He had a shovel and just shoveled the mix of crab, chicken, veggies etc. onto the ground.

    At one of our local chain restaurants, the leftovers are just thrown away each day. Even the employees are not allowed to take the stuff home. And, the restaurants can’t give the leftovers to the poor. I’m not exactly sure why, but I’d bet it has something to do with fear of being in a lawsuit if the leftover stuff made anyone at a shelter sick.

    Just a sign of what strange times we live in.

    Well, back to reading what I’ve missed.

  656. 656
    the real cece Says:

    @sugar: It makes him sound like Ex-Lax.

    Me too Gossip! That was weird.

  657. 657
    the real cece Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Now I’m sad he didn’t do it. Lainey would have had a lot of fun with the “Gerry is spitting on all the stars” jokes.

    Old Mia, don’t bother going back. It was very unpleasant. I came in tonight and tried to catch up. Then I regretted missing those precious minutes of life. Onward and upward.

    It’s been two days since the last Gerry sighting. Does anyone think there will be one tomorrow?

  658. 658
    notcharming Says:

    When is Gerry going to Haiti or is he going to fashion week? Let’s see . . . what will give him more exposure?

  659. 659
    Old Mia Says:

    I think GB is an emotional person. All this Haiti stuff has pulled a few chords with him. He wants to help and made those remarks about going to Haiti believing it at the time.
    However, when reality sets in, I think he’ll find going to Haiti is not something an individual can just easily do. He’ll have to go as part of a sanctioned group or he’ll have to wait a few months and go to see how his money is being spent.

    Cece: I should have taken your advice.

    I don’t read other celebs’ boards. Are they all as nutty as GB’s? I think I’ll look around for awhile and find out.

  660. 660
    KyrieM Says:

    @notcharming: in the ET Canada interview Gerard said he was going next week or in two weeks to Haiti, but I don’t remember when that interview was aired. I don’t know when NY Fashion week starts. He can go to Haiti, for the media exposure Aniston’s birthday party will be good, and it’s February 11th.

  661. 661
    gossiphound Says:

    oh cece he was sighted today, a guy who works at Sony Studios says Gerard was stuck in the studio store when a tourist group arrived, ha ha…..what would he be doing in a studio store anyhoo, post cards, cupcakes, donuts?

  662. 662
    notcharming Says:

    He skipped the last Victoria Secret show. FryGuy kept complaining about missing it. I think he needs his model fix.

  663. 663
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Again, as stated by regular poster… If Gerry doesn’t have the skill set to go down there and help, he should out of the way.
    Now with all the child trafficking issues down there I think it will be frowned upon to have lookie-loos just looking for a photo op.

  664. 664
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    a regular poster said….
    stay out of the way.
    I really should proofread…

  665. 665
    gossiphound Says:

    On the other hand, if you film the devastation and make it into a PSA or documentary type thing, you could use it further fuel fundraising.

    Not that there aren’t enough people already on the ground. Speaking of Anderson Cooper is he still in Haiti?

  666. 666
    Old Mia Says:

    OK, I checked #s on 12 pages. No one comes close to 666. (Is that strange ManLESS, cause it’s you! 666, lol)

    I didn’t check content, because I guess in the end I don’t care.

    For the regular posts JJ gets on celebs, the typical ones seem to range between 10 and 60).

    I didn’t go on, but I suppose the biggies are Pattinson, Pitt-Jolies, Aniston and Butler.

    What does that prove? I don’t have a clue, but I had fun doing it.

  667. 667
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Old Mia:
    should I be worried about being 666? he he

  668. 668
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    *voice drops two octaves*
    Don’t f*ck with me b!tches. 666
    Okay I’m just kidding…couldn’t resist.

  669. 669
    the real cece Says:

    @gossiphound: Are you serious? The studio store? Is TBH a Sony film? Maybe he wanted to make sure they were stocked with licensed products with his photo on them for the tour groups. ;)

    Didn’t Ted Casablancas or someone like that say Gerry had tried to pick up a model by naming the film she had been in and she said if he had tell her his resume, he wasn’t worth her time? Now he could hand them action figures instead.

  670. 670
    the real cece Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: You left out the moowahahaha.

  671. 671
    CJ Says:


    They cannot attack you if you don’t bite back..its a lot like the KKK..if you don’t show up at the ralley and yell at them they will go away because they couldn’t get a rise out of you..if someone calls you out..just ignore…they will have nothing to respond to then..

    “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”

  672. 672
    Old Mia Says:

    Sugar: Egypt was supposed to announce today the DNA results on TUT. But, nothing. This is my favorite period in the history of the world. So I’m waiting.

  673. 673
    the real cece Says:

    @notcharming: I think he was promoting LAC back then. He timed it right this time except the models will be wearing the fall lines, so they’ll be more covered up. If he has a backstage page, and I assume he will, he will be able to check them out in the buff. I guess it’s like choosing your lobster from the tank for your dinner.

  674. 674
    Face Off Says:

    @Old Mia:

    It’s still early in the morning there right now, just give it time :)

  675. 675
    CJ Says:


    Now, Now Ger doesn’t waste food..we saw proff of that in Barbados..

  676. 676
    hellotheregb Says:

    @the real cece: LMAO lobster tank! steak in cooler at famous steak house..

  677. 677
    the real cece Says:

    @CJ: L M A O! That is hands down the best post of the day.

    Just saw this on John Mayer. He’s donating $500K to Haiti. I’m sure most of them are doing it for the publicity, but I do help the people of Haiti finally get the relief they have needed even from long before the earthquake.

    It’s also a nice reminder that Gerry is not singlehandedly saving the world like some seem to think.

    Not only has John donated his song “The Heart of Life” to the PSA, but he’s donated $500,000 via his Back to You Fund to go directly to the Red Cross.

  678. 678
    CJ Says:

    Oy sweetheart..where the fu*k are you?…the fight scenes from the movie 300 are being reenacted here….have you abdicated your throne, been taken hostage, on holiday?..Please send SOS in the form of donuts….

  679. 679
    anonymous Says:

    Gerry for Jenny Craig. Before and after.

  680. 680
    CJ Says:


    Thats about right..horny Gerry…

  681. 681
    gossiphound Says:

    @the real cece:

    you are slaying me, like Spartans on a battlefield

  682. 682
    the real cece Says:

    @anonymous: We can thank them for keeping his tummy covered in that “before” part.

  683. 683
    Littlelate Says:

    The Indian media are so childish. A little late with something that will never get off the ground. Demeaning comments about fair skin and all. Gerry run away!!! Run especially if you like to act like a college frat boy. Bollywood will want you to act like a shallow high school prom king.

  684. 684
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    ….Gerry had tried to pick up a model by naming the film he had been in and she said if he had tell her his resume, he wasn’t worth her time? …..
    And that my friends is The Ugly Truth

  685. 685
    CJ Says:

    @Mr. Giggles:

    My King, My King…where the hel! is your Queen?

  686. 686
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    ……..My King, My King…where the hel! is your Queen?…….
    Apparently taking a well deserved rest….

  687. 687
    CJ Says:

    @Mr. Giggles:

    Links not working my King

  688. 688
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    Damn ….. one more try
    As I was saying ….. Queenie needs a nap…..

  689. 689
    Bored Chicks Says:

    @Cooper Anderson:

    Wow I know a couple of women on that list that might be none too piissed off to find out theyre on his hoe roster…..uh oh

  690. 690
    ann Says:

    @Littlelate: That is a hysterically funny read. My favorite parts are-

    And the paunch which he flaunts now a days, that, is a Computer imagery.
    Like Pixar? His Photoshop comment has crossed the border!

    3. In spite of being an ex Miss World, she hasn’t got any of international assignments yet. It is a great chance for her to use Gerard as a ladder to climb up into the Hollywood. Though he himself don’t have a great track record in west, except 300, P.S I love you, and Phantom of the Opera, but Priynaka has a good chance to milk him because, a new celebrity girlfriend always gets more attention.
    Milking him was exactly what he had in mind. They don’t think he’s very successful from the sound of it. teehee

    I have no idea what the next part means. What are NRI’s?

    4. Actresses in India tend to marry NRIs. Since time is changing, so a Hollywood star will always be better catch than an NRI.

  691. 691
    Garfunkel Says:

    So what is Gerry up to?? Haiti???

  692. 692
    ann Says:

    @Cooper Anderson: You forgot that Eleanora lady. She was one of his tag team in Ischia.

  693. 693
    Weedhead Model.... Says:

    …don’t you think these women should be able to say yay or nay before being blasted on crap like that hoe list ???
    Why are those sites started anyway?? To embarrass the hell out of people??

  694. 694
    ann Says:

    @Weedhead Model….: Anyone who hooks up with Gerry has embarassed themselves. Someone kept a scorecard, which is probably on the low end of his real conquests. If that upsets you, don’t go near TMZ. They have two songs dedicated to Gerry’s neverending quest for the pink.

  695. 695
    realestate Says:

    Is Gerry buying another home?

    Perhaps too many girlfriends or fans know his other addess in Chelsea. Hugh has the money, but I don’t think Gerry is in that income league yet.

    Then again, maybe he is planning on settling down and wants a bigger place than his current apartment so he’s ready for a family.

  696. 696
    justsayin Says:

    @realestate: That makes sense. He said they built a big building next to him after he bought it, so maybe his penthouse view got obstructed and he wants new digs.

    Or maybe the luster of the finished apartment wasn’t exciting after it was completed. He likes the chase.

    More likely fans might be camping out under his window and singing songs from the Phantom soundtrack every night.

  697. 697
    remember Says:

    a few months ago someone reported Gerry was looking at and making interior improvements on a new place in NYC

  698. 698
    notsure Says:

    @remember: It sounds like he and Hugh Grant were looking at this place very recently. Then again maybe the developer can’t unload it and mentioned them from past visits to spark current interest.

  699. 699
    FillYouIn Says:

    @ann: I can’t stop laughing!!

    NRI = non-resident indian or people living outside of India who are or Indian decent. Using Gerry may be great to get into Hollywood but it is a double edge sword. Actresses are not respected in Bollywood if they philander too much. Whoever they may consider must be legit.

    That article is pathetic. LOL

  700. 700
    gossiphound Says:

    Some funny snark:

    Gerard Butler and Reese Witherspoon. Scandal! Considering no one else is really running with this alleged hookup, and because it’s Star Magazine, and because it’s Gerard “I’ll Bone Anything” Butler and Reese “Prim & Proper” Witherspoon, I was very wary

    Otherwise it does look Star Magazine has made itself look foolish again and the tide has already turned on this rumour – Wonderwall actually has a photo of Reese flirting with some CAA guy after the Haiti telethon, more her type.

  701. 701
    Enjoy Says:

    @remember: He made major changes to his apartment in the East Village. If he is trying to buy a 15 million place, his ******** is bigger than his budget. SO many celebs buy things they don’t need and end up selling because it was too much. Or he might be in the mindset “If I buy it they will come.” Hah!!!

  702. 702
    gossiphound Says:

    @Bored Chicks:

    Imogen Lloyd Webber daughter of course Andrew, very attractive woman, takes after mom I surmise, denied it. She has a column and she was asked by a reader. Just friends, never dated, she says.

  703. 703
    gossiphound Says:


    Well I think if I were Hugh Grant or Gerard I wouldn’t be buying this place now that the address has been splashed out all over the world. I have to agree with notsure, sounds more like a ploy to get attention.

    It is one gorgeous penthouse but for $15 million bucks you can buy an island somewhere. NYC real estate prices are insane.

  704. 704
    Stinkylouise Says:

    The article reads like a real estate ad. I think “notsure” may be right and the developer could be having problems unloading the place.

  705. 705
    hellotheregb Says:

    Just watched the directors comments to Shattered/Butterfly on a wheel. G looks great in that movie! Maria and Pierce fantastic. Good movie, deeper role for G. He should get a few points for that one. They mention “butlers Babes” that is what the directors call them. Started to talk about them and then stopped mid sentence “these middle aged women…” they must have been near the filming etc. in Toronto.

  706. 706
    Goodness! Says:

    @hellotheregb….did you catch the part about him and Pierce really crashing into that wall and the injuries he sustained? Ouch! I think they said something went awry from the test runs. I like to listen to the commentaries for the movies too. Gamer’s was pretty funny too. And the Dracula 2000., talking about the swooning girls when he was on set. Also The Ugly Truth and the “bad sinus infection, showing us the xrays and what was coming out”.. hehe, boys and their gross factor.

  707. 707
    ann Says:

    @Enjoy: You mean like Nicholas Cage? (slumps and tiptoes away…)

    Fillyouin, thanks for the explanation.

    Gossip, with Gerry’s reputation, I think a lot of women want to have “fun’ with him, but might not want the world to know they were with someone who is that much of a cad and who might have diseases. Not many men admit to picking up hookers, so I think a lot women won’t admit publicly that they were intimate with Gerry.

  708. 708
    What Says:

    I don’t think he ever admitted to picking up hookers. What are you talking about?

  709. 709
    mimi Says:

    @What: I think Ann means men in general don’t want to admit they see hookers.
    @ann: I completely agree. What woman would want her name linked with this guy for real.

  710. 710
    ann Says:

    @mimi: Yes Mimi, that is what I obviously meant. Thanks for clarifying for the overzealous protectors. Right away they go into Gerard Defense Mode.

    God they are tightly wound!

  711. 711
    He said so.. Says:

    @ 708

    He said his dad paid for hookers for him, around the time the time they went on a cruise together. He was about 22-24 at the time. He also mentioned a liking for hookers again in an early London interview. From people I know in LA, he still has a taste for them. Why do you think he keeps saying he has threesomes. He not making this stuff up.

  712. 712
    leah Says:

    @He said so..: This I got to read. Do you have a link to the interview where he said this? I’m not doubting you, but if it comes up again, I don’t want to be accused of going on gossip vs. his own words if I quote this.

    I also heard he’s a patron of prostitutes because he’s guaranteed anonymity and there are no strings.

    Some models also work as high priced “escorts” too.

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