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Jude Law Keeps His Crew Caffeinated

Jude Law Keeps His Crew Caffeinated

Jude Law and a friend leave a deli in London district Primrose Hill with coffee on Sunday (January 31).

The 37-year-old actor and his companion each carried four cups of joe out of the store with them.

Jude recently told German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung that he’s relieved he’s no longer the go-to Hollywood hunk now that actors like Robert Pattinson have hit the scene.

“My goal was always to be recognized as a good actor; it’s just that back then no one was interested in that because society just wants to warm toward your appearance.”

“People like Robert Pattinson must now play the Adonis,” he continued. “For me it was always a restraint, a restriction.”

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Credit: GF; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Dear Jude

    You are way hotter than Robert Pattinson will ever be.

  • elle

    thanks Jared..well cofee yumm i mean Jude yumm
    i just hope certain hater persons will not post behind my post grrrrrrr!!!!

  • whodunit>

    Ive always liked Jude. He seems like a chill dude. He’s best friends with Johnny Lee Miller—-he was his best man when he got married to Angelina—and they’re all still friends. Love it.

  • fresh

    ^ Yep. He also convinced her to do Sky Captain–. I love how ex’s and their friends can still be tight without drama.

  • d.

    Jude is a funny guy. Very talented.

  • athena

    Well, Jude….you have it all….beauty, manliness, handsome, and yes, you’re a great actor, you can act….Robert Pattison….I have yet to see him act….even in movies prior to this Twilight Phenom. He’s not someone I’d like to look at everyday.

  • Imma be.

    I didnt know he was Johnny Lee Miller’s best man. That’s cool. I know he’s great friends with Angie –but thats awesome.

  • getty


  • sheryl

    What does it mean by “crew?” Anyway, stay warm, Judesie!
    *blows kisses at Jude*

  • shamrock

    Just viewed Jude in Blueberry Nights film, and I was very surprised by the darkness that exudes from this film on the path to love. Not one of my fave films with Jude, but it was interesting. Look forward to seeing him in Sleuth next. Jude Law marathon~

    Jude looks very cozy with his espresso in the town of London!!


  • Danny

    Does he honestly think that he would have gotten any of these roles if he weren’t a pretty boy? His acting in “Cold Mountain” was so bad in soured the milk in my fridge. Honestly, that is the worst mountain accent ever. He was okay in Alfie, because he played himself-a total manipulative man whore who cares about no one but himself. As his looks fade, so will his career.

    The extra coffee must be for his Razzie nominated trashy GF. He must be so proud.

  • nursedatingsite

    He is so hot

  • Sara ♥

    here’s a fire burning’
    in my hearthhhh
    I’ll warm you up’
    it’s so cold outside ;)
    Love Jude.

  • Annie Rich

    Jude, you will and have always been hotter than RPatz. I love you as an actor too.

  • Team Maniston

    So hot. Love him!

  • Katsaridoula

    what a lot of b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t.e he does nothing for me, arrogant t.w.a.t

  • jessgirl82

    I adore him as Watson. He and Robert are the best couple of the year, in my opinion. Is there an Oscar for that? ::)

  • gamerdatingsite

    I love his hair

  • dolorescraegt

    jude no muffins with the coffee???….nice to see you relaxing on an apparently cold sunday. you worked so hard these past months on hamlet and sherlock….you’re just back from moscow……relax, keep warm, enjoy your coffee. lovely man….

  • http://verysexy sharyllee

    You are always hotter than Robert Pattinson. You are also a very good actor.. I see almost all of your movies.. Love you, Jude.

  • Adonis

    Robert Pattison? Adonis? He must be kidding. That man’s so ugly, with a trapezoid face. People like him just because the role and not himself. Jude doens’t really think so, does he? Adonis’s crying.

  • Adonis

    I remember Jude’s got Oscar nominated for his play in COLD MOUNTAIN, so I think your opinion doens’t count, Danny.

  • Sandy


    sTOP WORRYING ABOUT WHERE YOU STAND – when you are rested
    and iN a good frame of Mind enjoying yOur work and bringing forth new charaCters that we will always remember you are enchanting and Your good looks are migrating into a knock’em’out mature KIND OFhandsomenessthat soMe of the younger men today don’t even understand. Just continue along the way you have been going this past yeAr and the world will STILL BE your oyster. YOu are the best of the beest and the most thrilling man on sCreen today!

  • macbeth

    “For me it was always a restraint, a restriction.”
    of course, it was.
    how a faggоt can be Adonis
    life is tough without a job

  • dolorescraegt

    you should know………..

  • to dolores

    good zinger to 24

  • something to think about

    jude is the pearl in the oyster
    but he probably is good at making pearls out of some things he does in life.
    he could be an oyster too

    couldn’t we all be oysters just by pondering and thinking about things more deeply

  • macbeth

    guess what sh!tty actor is gonna be in Razzie 2010?
    and what sh!tty movie?
    a hint(for slow readers, that is for all his fanatics)
    that sh!tty actor during his whole life has been trying real hard to convince everyone, and himself, that he is heterosexual.
    and that sh!tty movie starts with Repomen

  • macbeth

    enjoy the movie

  • further development of an idea

    what many jewels we could produce from our insights

    then also recall that it is unwise to throw pearls before swine

  • the thinker

    i think he is a good actor and i loved him in cold mountain

  • Danny

    I know he got an Oscar nom, that means nothing. There have been Oscar winners that sucked. Look at Julia Roberts. He totally chocked ass in that movie, Oscar nom or no. I Heart Huckabees was a vomit smoothie.

  • Daphne

    Beauty is a gift and an asset, just as talent is. Jude has both but many people choose to see only the former. What Jude says is absolutely true. But that’s life. I love him for his talent and integrity, but it was his charm that caught my eye.

  • macbeth

    hey oyster
    something’s changed, right
    but there’ll be more surprises for you
    brace yourself
    and it’s true
    it is unwise to throw pearls before swine
    it is useless and meaningless
    so bye

  • Baby

    Juuuude love, you’re WAY HOTTER than him. Trust me! You just get hotter and hotter with age baby… Love Ya Hottie!!

  • to macbeth

    i think you are useless and meaningless i know it annoys you that some people are better than you are

    it sounds like you are threatening me
    are you?

  • a comment

    i don’t appreciate being threatened every time someone posts something positive towards jude law
    i consider your behavior harassment.

    it sounds like you are obsessed with oyster

  • astute observation

    it sounds like he is obsessed with both jude and oyster

  • Adonis

    I’m afraid I don’t agree with you, Danny. Oscar nom. does mean a lot. People have different opinions towards one film, but 100 years later, only the voice of Oscar and some equally important awards are remained. That’s why lots of actors are struggling for that award so hard.
    I do hope Jude will win one later, but I guess it’s very difficult for him, because sometimes Oscar’s not very kind to the beautiful actors as well as to the beautiful actresses. It’s already been a wonder that he has won 2 nominations. But who knows? Dear Jude is Oscar(Wilde)’s boy, no?

  • macbeth

    macbeth to oyster aka sybil
    and enjoy the ride, swine

  • macbeth

    hey i found a photo of “granny” doles

  • macbeth
  • macbeth


  • ridickulous

    He looks like an old Russian woman! LOL

  • Lola

    Hey Jude! You’re no longer the Hollywood hunk because women can’t respect you as a person, not because of Rob Pattinson or anyone else.

    It’s all you, Jude. You and your inability to distinguish between a woman and a hole in the wall.

  • storyline or script

    just because a film or script is bad doesn’t mean the actor is
    i think jude has done well with each role he’s been in…if the script or storyline overall isn’t good that’s not the fault of the actor…sometimes scripts are just really bad ideas or mindsets trying to pass as good ones.

    take huckabees for example
    what a confusing mess….whose fault is that?
    the writers
    and its also the fault of the person who cuts the film to give it some continuity.

    and i blame the atkm mess on sean penn. jude could have played the stark role as well as the jack role. the film was intentionally massacred by the producer/director and probably sean penn as well and there are other issues with that film. the storyline is actually not so cut and dried political…there is also a social relkationship aspect to teh film that wasn’t deveioped in either the original film nor the remake. the backstory is what holds the story together..its like a jigsaw puzzle and both personal development and the political arena play off each other in the book. becuase in a sense its a story about discovery and personal development and growth and self understanding to understand what is going on around you.

  • storyline or script

    for atkm, neither the original film nor the remake covered the backstory as well nor as completely as they should have…it is the responsibility of the screenwriter to tell the story as fully as possible rather than just being narrowminded and so focused on one aspect that you forget the basis for the story in the first place

  • storyline or script

    also i don’t believe jude is gay and i am tired of attempts at trying to paint him that way. enough with your insecurities as a man. or woman…if that is what you are.

    also, there are many old movies that are not watched…there are hundeds of thousands of films, old b&w’s for example that are out of date and no longer relevent. even oscar awarded films will go out of style.

    there are many christmas films that are favorites of children and considered classics but never won any awards.

  • dulce

    Oh,macbeth, make a little get away and get lost to spread your venom. How can you be so insidous? Dolores is a wonderful person, very passionate, educated, respectul, just the oposite of you.

    We love Jude, and we will always support him in so many ways… if that results incomprenhensible to you, I don’t care, but if you don’t care about him, please, don’t post here anymore with your nonsense post.

  • beauty

    adonis wrote:
    “I do hope Jude will win one later, but I guess it’s very difficult for him, because sometimes Oscar’s not very kind to the beautiful actors as well as to the beautiful actresses. It’s already been a wonder that he has won 2 nominations. But who knows? Dear Jude is Oscar(Wilde)’s boy, no?”

    dinging a person out of an award on the grounds they are too good looking or beautiful and therefore undeserving is dishonesty and cheating. they are not any less deserving of an award just because they happen to be good looking. ugly people don’t deserve special treatment just because they are not as blessed in that area. just because a person is good looking on the outside doesn’t automatically mean they are bad on the inside.
    just because a person is unattractive does not mean they are automatically a better more talented person or more beaituful on the inside than a good looking person is. i am tired of this false dichotomy in the brains and beauty department. these two facets should not be pitted against one another. there are brainy people in the world who are assholes and jerks. and they aren’t very attractive inside or outside.
    in case you didn’t hear…ugly betty is getting a well deserved cancellation.