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Kristen Stewart, Carey Mulligan Cover 'Vanity Fair' Magazine's Hollywood Issue

Kristen Stewart, Carey Mulligan Cover 'Vanity Fair' Magazine's Hollywood Issue

Check out your favorite up-and-coming celebs on the cover of Vanity Fair‘s Hollywood Issue, on newsstands in New York and L.A. on Wednesday (February 3) and nationwide next Tuesday (February 9)!

Gracing the cover and bonus foldout are Kristen Stewart, Carey Mulligan, Abbie Cornish, Rebecca Hall, Amanda Seyfried, Mia Wasikowska, Anna Kendrick, Emma Stone and Evan Rachel Wood!

“I’ve kind of given up on talking about Rob,” Anna shared in the behind the scenes video below when a VF correspondent asked her which famous co-star she gets asked about more frequently.

When asked about if she was Team Rob or Team Jacob, Anna replied, “Team Kristen!”

Behind The Scenes of Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue

Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • Um

    Amanda Seyfried should be on the cover!!! She is way more successful than the blond and red-haired girl. (dont know their names)

  • carlos789

    kristen stewart is so ugly she is not attracted at all abbie cornish is so much better than bella

  • christine

    aww, they all look so beautiful!! and i think amanda seyfried was on this “up and coming” photoshoot last year. i don’t know why she isn’t now, but whatever.

  • S3WA

    Great cover of three very beautiful, talented, and cool young ladies. I like this generation of young actresses.

  • christine


    oh, never mind, she is! pause video at :25.

  • Joanne

    great pick of girls. bet they’re all thinking “these are my competition right here”

  • Carrie

    To be honest a bet a good half of these ‘actresses’ disappear over the next couple of years.

    Some of them in this photo are really bad choices in my opinion, and a few have been around too long to be even considered ‘up and coming’ (e.g. Evan Rachel Wood, Abbie Cornish, Rebecca Hall)

    Not the best line up.

  • S3WA

    Amanda Seyfried does look incredibly amazing here. But really, they’re all so pretty.

  • salma

    Amanda Seyfried is gorgeous.

  • twenty-two

    @Carrie: ITA but still nice to see Mia Wasikowska get some attention. She is a phenomenal actress.

  • Cheery

    Is Evan wearing a wig? O_o

  • Jayckson Lucy

    Cool cool. Cant wait to pick up my copy!
    really beautiful pictures.

  • Whatevah

    No women of color?

  • natt

    GOOD CHOICES! All are good actress but the have their own unique acting skills so there’s no competition!

  • Daisy

    Friends with Evan’s assistant… VF didn’t want another redhead so they put Evan in a wig for this shoot.

  • Celia

    Where are the men and the DIVERSITY?!!! They all look alike and none of them, with the exception of Carey, Evan, Mia, and Amanda can actually ACT!! This is definitely the most anti-climatic, BORING issue they’ve ever done. Boo! Vanity Fair.

  • Celia


    Um. Carey Mulligan (the redhead girl) just got nominated for a SAG and a Golden Globe for her magnificent role in An Education. She might also be nominated for an Oscar. This girl is the new Cate Blanchett. She’s more talented than that whole line up.

  • Infinite

    @Daisy: That’s a bad wig. They all look good except for ERW who looks kind of weird.

  • laur

    carey mulligan and kristen are purrrfect for the cover. i don care about the blond lady, they should of put anna kendrick on the cover with them and it would be amazing.

  • jess

    @Celia: She is getting really good reviews. Do you think Carey will get an Oscar nomination?

  • Story

    @Infinite: Wood looks better there than usual. Usually she’s so plastered with makeup she looks like a tranny.

    Agree, they could have chosen a better selection but it’s nice to actresses like Mia and Carey get a cover.

  • Mary

    Abbie Cornish is beautiful. Great actress, too.

  • kety

    omg kristen looks so hot and badass

    they all look pretty but she’s like the only cool an badass one out of all of them

  • curious

    Emma Stone is cute but what has she done to deserve this type of coverage?

  • asdf

    everyone looks great except for evan rachel wood. they should have left her as a redhead.

  • Jasmine

    Aww, yay! Love Kristen and Carey for the cover!! And Kristen and Amanda look stunning!

  • Jen

    I kinda feel bad for hollywood if this is the new decade of actresses. Love Amanda Seyfried though.

  • WTF?

    IT’S NOT ETHNICALLY DIVERSE!!!!!!! Hollywood is still uncool in that way.

    I must say there are a few on there who have great talent.

  • Truth

    where’s gabby sidibe? she’s young and up and coming actress, isn’t she?

  • anono

    Haha, you just know that Lindsay Lohan is pouring over this issue and screaming in outrage about being left off this list!!! Goes to show that she really has MAJOR competition in her age group, no wonder HOllywood has forgotten her.

  • derek

    Where’s the DIVERSITY??

  • claudinha

    Kristen is fantastic.

  • S3WA

    anono @ 02/01/2010 at 12:58 pm


    Lindsay and Megan Fox both. Megan Fox is very hot and pretty on her own but somehow she doesn’t look so good next to other actresses. I still remember her photos next to Amanda Seyfried, she looked kinda cheap and dirty in some way. I do think Megan Fox is pretty but she cannot act, she can only look hot.

  • Bubbaness

    Hollywood needs to stop trying to make Kristen Stewart happen. She’s talentless and has a wretched public persona.

  • Cassidy

    Amanda Seyfried looks great here. She should have been put on the main cover.

  • dee

    Wow. They didn’t even bother to get a TOKEN in there at all. I guess their diversity goes as far having blondes, brunettes, and redheads (but not too many gingers).

  • peggy

    They should have called it YOUNG WHITE HOLLYWOOD.

  • Joanne

    I think all the girls in the cover are great, but I agree with some that it’s sad that there is not one girl who is of color. They couldn’t find at least one. Hollywood hasn’t really changed. I wish they’d give more great leading roles and opportunities to blacks, asians, latinas etc

  • paul

    Well Bubbaness you should stop going to see her movies or any movie that she is associated with because unfortunately for you Hollywood producers & directors like this girl.
    Welcome to the Riley’s & The Runaways are both excellent. Saw them both at Sundance. Good acting by Kristen.

    I have been lucky to see every single one of those girls latest movies. All good stuff. They are really talented. Anna Kendrick is great in Up In The Air & Mia is good in The Kids are All Right…look out for Alice In Wonderland.

  • S3WA

    Mila Kunis would’ve been a nice addition.

  • Celia


    I think she’s a shoe in for a nomination. But I have a feeling, Sandra Bullock will win the award since she’s won the GG and the SAG.

  • Celia


    If I’m not mistaken, one minority did have a pretty big role this year and has been nominated for numerous awards…aka Gabourey Sidibe and Zoe Saldana also has had a pretty big year, even though she was already in the 2008 Hollywood issue. But they’ve never neglected to put someone on a cover twice before so Zoe or Gabourey should’ve been included in this issue.

  • Jake

    This is a pretty blah group.The acting standouts are Abbie, Mia and Carey. Not sure any of them will ever be in the league of Cate Blanchett though.

  • liks

    So Emma Watson is too busy or just too beautiful to be in this photo shoot ! Or maybe because she is highest grossing actress of the decade , famous since she was nine and in the biggest franchise of all time she should have her own cover!!!!!

  • Whatevah


    I agree with Bubbaness. Don’t understand the KStew fixation at all.

  • obvious

    The future of Hollywood looks the same as it ever has……. no diversity

  • Jillian

    So “New Hollywood” doesn’t include anyone other than white girls?

    I am shocked that Gabby Sidibe is not on this cover after rocking Hollywood this year (and that some of these other “actresses” are). Big mistake, Vanity Fair. I always forget that part of your name is “vanity” before being disappointed by you, yet again.

  • honey

    Gosh they all look so pale……they should have put vanessa hudgens in those photos too…at leats she has some colour
    In every picture that they showed in the video kristen looks totally bored….can´t she smile once???

  • hhhhh

    @obvious: thats cuz white people are the majority in hollywood/america.
    in latin countries the media is mostly about latin ppl. and in african countries the media is mostly about african ppl. and in asian countires the media is mostly about asian ppl. same with majority white countries…

  • ITA

    @Jillian: I’m shocked too. She’s a newer actress but already more critically acclaimed than Emma Stone.