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Taylor Swift Wins Album of the Year Grammy For 'Fearless'

Taylor Swift Wins Album of the Year Grammy For 'Fearless'

Taylor Swift took home four Grammy awards at the 2010 Grammys, including the top prize of Album of the Year for Fearless!

The 20-year-old singer also won Best Female Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Song for “White Horse” and Best Country Album.

“Thank you so much,” Taylor said. “I just hope you know how much this means to me and to Nathan [Chapman], my producer, and to all these musicians you see on this stage, that we get to take this back to Nashville! Our families are freaking out in the living room! My dad and my little brother are losing their minds in the living room right now. This is for my dad – thank you for all those times you said I could do whatever I wanted in life. And my mom, you’re my best friend.

“This is the story that all of us, when we’re 80 years old and we are telling the same stories over and over again to our grandkids and they’re so annoyed with us…this is the story that we’re going to be telling over and over again – in 2010, that we got to win Album of the Year at the Grammys! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Congratulations, T!!!

UPDATE: Taylor tweeted, “I will remember this night, this celebration, the screaming and hugging of people I love. The words on cards of hotel room good luck roses.”

Taylor Swift Wins Grammy – Album of the Year

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  • I Don’t Like Ugly People

    I am SO tired of this girl already!! She SUCKED singing tonight with Stevie Nicks. Enough of her. Boring!!

  • Snickers

    why?..why God?..why not pick someone with talent?! and not just a pretty face drama queen. ok i get it she has sweet songs lovely! BUT TO WIN ALBUM OF THE YEAR???

  • ca

    she outsold everyone. it’s pretty fair that she won.

  • Jstar

    The only person she should be thanking is Kanye West. If it wasn’t for him, she would not be getting this much recognition. I used to be a fan until she got totally overrated sheesh.

  • yo sista

    Why Kanye why did you have to do what you did at the VMAs!!!!!!!!!!!!! see now she has a free pass for the rest of her life!!!!!!!! And is winning undeserved Grammys!

  • Grammysucks

    Wayyyyy overrated.
    Where is Kayne West when we need him?!

  • K.c

    WOWOWOWOW this girl is so ovverated it is beyond ridiculous. Her album is so corny, how did it…..GRAMMYS……wait ok i can’t even finish my sentence. I’m just speechless.

  • Wtf

    Now your telling me songs like You Belong With Me and she weart short skirts I wear T shirts is Grammy worthy????? Can this girl disappear already?!?

  • HaLaa

    You guys are all haters!! Talyor Swift deserved those Grammy’s what other artist has sold as many albums and sold out concerts like she has.

  • becki

    taylor swift is really smart girl she is only 20 years old wow congraz tay

  • Cristian

    Cool, uh yeah must be exciting, but what makes me sick is how she is winning all these big named Awards lately. Ever heard the quote ‘When everything is going your way, you must be in the wrong lane’. Lol!!

  • Lauren


  • katy

    She may not have the best singing voice but she deserved it cos she sold the most albums last year so therefore it IS the album of the year

  • alrighty then

    @HaLaa: yeah cuz there all kids lol..

  • alrighty then

    her fanbase probably only varies to kids to teenies which is what obviously helped her out.

  • never heard of her….

    No one in the rest of the world even knows who Taylor Swift is, a country and western singer wins album of the year….REALLY…lol.

    The Grammys are a joke, it’s always the same American singers who win over and over again…….they should just rename it the American Awards and be done with it……so meh!!!

  • Ms Anonymous


    Are haters THIS dumb? CHeck her albums sales before that incident, she was VERY popular. Your ignorance is sick.

  • Ms Anonymous

    @alrighty then:


  • Ms Anonymous

    @yo sista:

    They don’t do pity awards you ignorant hick.

  • Ms Anonymous


    Beyonce and LadyGags don’t have talent!

  • anonymous

    @never heard of her….: I’m from New Zealand and plenty of people here know who she is. Get your facts straight. All you haters are just jealous…..very sad.

  • emele

    Taylor rules and all these people commenting mean stuff are just jealous that not only does she have the looks but she also has pure talent. She also has sold plently of albums all around the world, just google her album fearless and you will see that it has made it onto the charts in over 20 countries and it went 5x platinum in the U.S, 4x platinum in Australia, 2x platinum in New Zealand, 4x platinum in canada. She’s taking over the music industry….DEAL with it.

  • lun u

    dis sucks W.T.F

  • juner

    i thought the album of the year was about QUALITY not QTY


  • tia


  • P_Did

    Ms anonymous GAGA – no talent? huh?!?! she can outshine taylor swift any freaken day. let’s not go there please!!

  • snl

    People need to shut up with their ‘oh your just jealous’ comments. NO we’re not. We just think that people are more talented than her. End of story.

  • iyi


    for album of the year.. that i think i can comprehend. she sold the most number of albums after all (but is that how the winner is decided?). but BEST VOCAL IN CONTRY ALBUM??? now that’s not right. she does not have the best vocal at all. mediocre more like.

  • jj

    awwww her speech made me tear up a little.

  • Abigail

    She deserves it. No matter what you all haters said. It’s done. She won it. You can’t grab away the Grammy from her and give it to either Beyonce or Lady Gaga just because YOU want them to win. We can’t decide. This isn’t MTV awards.

  • meee243

    BIG BIG CONGRATS 2 her!!! Well deserved!!!

  • rachel

    she totally deserved album of the year. lady gaga and beyonce didn’t put out anything special. just the same boring stuff with a shit load of autotune.

    taylor has talent. yes, her performance at the grammys was horrible. but that doesn’t mean her album was. she also wrote/co-wrote the entire thing, which is also taken into consideration.

  • g!na

    she might have the fans who are kids- believe me she is popular among little girls. However, her voice is very small & flat. she does not compare to Lady gaga or pink in performance or vocal range. SHE’S ANOTHER BUBBLE GUM MUSIC PERFORMER!

  • leeloo

    OMG i’m so happy that she won it! this album was awesome and she deserved it! LOVE YOU TAYLOR!

  • Seyi

    WTF??!!! is right I don’t get it. I mean yea she’s a good singer but she’s amateur at best. The only songs I’ve ever heard from her is that love song and that t-shirt one. Who r the ppl giving her all these big awards…seriously it’s becoming a joke. Wat Kanye did to her was mean but he was so right!

  • sam

    @Seyi: yeah, she’s too much of an amateur & her music is like bubble gum little princess kid stuff. The awards show is more on popularity than true talent! give me a break, her singing is not that great. She can’t even sing live. She doesn’t have the show performance like Lady gaga or pink! she’s just boring. Her stage presence is so weak. Her concert would be so boring. She just stands there. No dances etc. She’s just not on that performance level as the veterans- Beyonce ,pink etc. The bar has been raised for entertainment because of pink and lady gaga! pink has proved her self before with strong vocals & now she’s showing herself with physical talent in her shows.

  • BelgiumTaySuprt


  • carys james

    Taylor is a cute girl but her performance was weak tonight. She’s still too much of an amateur when it comes to performing live. I’m sure the young girls love her because she’s a teen singer. My niece loves her but my niece is 11 yrs old & taylor’s audience is for immature young kids. I’m confused why some of the top performers as Lady Gaga,pink, Rihanna have not recieved awards like her. She gets the vote from kids though but not from the older audiences.

  • lionel richie

    @sam: I agree! she’s still wet behind the ears. Her vocals were lame tonite. She doesn’t sing live very well. I don’t see what’s so great about her. She’s just a pretty teen singing princess music. How long can that last? please it’s getting boringgggggggg!

  • kayla

    she’s the next Miley cyrus. ugh. another teen singer who can’t sing live. way too much hype from this little girl.

  • Shelia

    Taylor seriously sucks. She cannot sing live. All her songs are the same, boring, crying over a boy songs. Btw, Gaga has sold just as many records as her total. You’re only focus on US sales where she got most of her’s from. They both sold about 6 million records.

  • amy




  • samantha

    she was so flat tnite.her peformance was lame… still do they think this girl has more talent over beyonce…lady eyed peas….


    gaga shuld have been recognised for that epic album she released..

    taylor’s music sounds the damn same!no depth..just the same shit…its all lovey dovey..

    well.i guess thats what u should do.make lame songs..with all the songs sounding the same.and YOU RECIEVE ALBUM OF THE YEAR!

    and i thought they were going to get it right this time..oh.i was wrong!

    they are up that princesses’ little butt!smh..

  • Lola Jay

    She cant even sing!!!! i dont care how much she sold because the grammy awards are NOT based on sales!!!!!

  • claudia

    what can you expect from a show that bestows its highest honor on a pinched faced annoying whiny teenager who can’t sing and parades her childish musings about sitting in the bleachers around as songs? Taylor cannot sing live! what’s up with her face? maybe it’s her big teeth! she always looks like her face hurts. IDK, but i’m so sick of hearing about her. Her music sucks more than miley cyrus. Lady gaga & pink had better performances at the grammy’s. In fact, taylor can’t even perform live, she just too much of an amateur.

  • devin

    pink & lady gaga were ripped off this nite! grammies are not about sales. Is Taylor’s mananger paying the grammy’s off? lol. Swift really sucks live. Has she ever gone on tour? because i would fall asleep after a minute from boredom.

  • zoe

    oh dear. i like her songs but thts about it. she doesnt have the voice to sing the songs she writes. she writes well…gotta give tht to her. otherwise, i am sick of her getting all this recognition

  • ugly

    she is such an undeserving winner and all her songs SUCKS…*angry*

    Kanye West, see what u have let this nobody become simply because of ur stupidity she is geting all that she does not deserved.

  • ohno

    No! taylor do not deserve it!

  • Porsche

    Gaga and even Beyonce was seriously ROBBED!! Saying that Taylor Swift’s album is better than those two is ridiclous! This girl can’t sing and has the most childish lyrics I have ever hear from a freaking 20 year old. She needs to go away. And Gaga looked piss when she won too.