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Zachary Quinto: Gearing Up For George Gershwin

Zachary Quinto: Gearing Up For George Gershwin

Star Trek star Zachary Quinto is set to play famed composer and pianist George Gershwin in a biopic at DreamWorks Pictures.

The 32-year-old actor will play the pianist, whose brother Ira was responsible for more than a dozen Broadway shows. DreamWorks will reportedly be supplying accent and dialogue coaches for Quinto.

The film is one of three projects that Steven Spielberg is looking to direct, Deadline Hollywood reports. Doug Wright (Quills) penned the script for the movie which could begin filming as soon as April. An official announcement could come later this week.

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100 Responses to “Zachary Quinto: Gearing Up For George Gershwin”

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  1. 1
    evelyn Says:

    he´s so gorgeous, amazing ,hot hot hot i love him.
    something missing in his life true love, perhaps. I LOVE YOU FOREVER! ZACH.

  2. 2
    ABC Says:

    Jared – Your article makes it sound like George’s brother Ira died at 38 after being responsible for more than a dozen Broadway shows. In fact,
    George’s brother Ira died at age 86, many years after George died.

  3. 3
    stalkerette Says:

    This sounds great, hopefully Stephen Spielberg will make it happen, unlike some of his other film projects.

    But why the dialect coach? Gerschwin was American, wasn’t he?

  4. 4
    Smile Says:

    I can’t wait and a good choice. The dialect coach might be for Gershwin’s Brooklyn accent.

  5. 5
    Smile Says:

    Right it makes it seems like Ira died at 38 too.

  6. 6
    Liz Says:

    What a wonderful idea. I love Gershwin’s music, especially “Summertime” from Porgy and Bess. His life was really interesting and groundbreaking. Probably the first artist to bring African American music and actors into mainstream culture and theater. When Fantasia sang “Summertime” on American Idol, I was moved to tears. It was that good.

    Quinto is so talented and, of course, Spielberg is pretty talented himself :)

    I hope this is true. I would definately go see it. I hope it has a good companion album.

  7. 7
    amtj2008 Says:

    Gershwin is american but also a jewish man from brooklyn, he has a specific accent. Zachary has a pittsburg accent, so therefore he needs a vocal/dialogue coach to say things properly. Where the hell do you people see anything abouth either of their deaths? is there some imaginary paragraph? I agree I cannot wait, if this happens, I love gershwin arrangments.

  8. 8
    stalkerette Says:


    “Where the hell do you people see anything abouth either of their deaths? is there some imaginary paragraph?”

    They fixed the article and edited the misleading stuff out.

  9. 9
    Smile Says:

    The fixed the wording on the aritcle
    It was originally worded that “The 32 year old will play the pianist, whose brother Ira was responsible for more than a dozen Broadway shows, died at 38.”

  10. 10
    Smile Says:

    correction They fixed the wording on the article.

  11. 11
    stalkerette Says:


    I know, it’s what I’m saying.

  12. 12
    Stacie Says:

    I can’t wait . Zach is so lovely .

  13. 13
    Smile Says:

    Sorry stalkerette I guess I had the same problem as the JustJared folks.

  14. 14
    stalkerette Says:


    Nevermind the phrasing of the article, what we need now is an OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION.

  15. 15
    angeles Says:

    If he does that role, hope he’s ready for even more speculation about his private life and his sexuality. Because I have a feeling that role is going to make him even more famous than anything Star Trek could ever do.

  16. 16
    David Ehrenstein Says:

    Years ago Marty Scorsese planned a Gershwin biopic. Paul Schrader write the script. But the project never got off the ground.

    Doug Wright’s a good writer so there’s hope for this. Plus on the basis of “1941″ it’s clear that Spielberg has what it takes to make a musical.

    The Big Question: Who’s gonna play Oscar Levant?

  17. 17
    stalkerette Says:


    I think he got ready for that when he decided to be a Hollywood actor ;)

    @David Ehrenstein:

    And who’ll play Kay Swift?

  18. 18
    angeles Says:


    Not like this, doing a movie with Spielberg is like an automatic trip to the Kodak theater itself. Well at least in recent years anyway. I hope he does the film, that era of the 20′s/30′s seems to suit him with his looks and the fashion of that time.

    He thinks his life is crazy now with fans going to Silver Lake coffee shops just to run into him, it will get even more crazy I think as time goes on.

  19. 19
    Keegan Says:

    George Gershwin was gay. Zachary Quinto is too. Great match.

  20. 20
    angeles Says:


    I thought he was bi? I know he was involved with Kay Swift for many years.

  21. 21
    alguien Says:


    statistically speaking, this puts quinto in a good oscar position as the academy loves the biopic.

  22. 22
    Karen B Says:

    Gershwin was at most, bi, given the big scandal in his life was his involvement with a married woman.

  23. 23
    amtj2008 Says:

    Wow, that did not take long. I have never heard that Gershwin was gay, I heard about the married woman, but never gay. How ignorant is to say that a non-confirmed actor is gay, playing a also considerable heterosexual man, is great. He is an actor, his personal life has nothing to do with his roles. It appears everything he does is going to have gay connotations.
    Also I doubt he would be more scrutinized, even if he wins an oscar. There are more trekkies and heroes fans, then people who actually know gershwin by name. Yes it is a speilburg film but Zach is unconventional looking, I think the amount of paps would be the same.

  24. 24
    Hello Says:

    I am really weirded out by the gay statements. I did a quick search of Zach and so many gay stories are written about him. There are stories that he’s dated men back in the days…I think in college and stories that he’s dated men in LA. Are these stories even true? I don’t want to believe them because I’m trying to be open minded and we haven’t heard him say that he’s gay but how come I feel as if he may be gay. Am I being influenced by all the negativity? To those that say he isn’t gay is it because we want to avoid the subject and don’t want to believe that he is and for those that believe he’s gay is it because of the way he looks or acts that makes people think that he is? Which is it?

  25. 25
    angeles Says:


    He’s never said anything about his sexuality, in fact he refuses to speak about it. So there really are no clear answers.

    >To those that say he isn’t gay is it because we want to avoid the subject and don’t want to believe that he is

    I don’t want him to be straight for the sake of being straight or thinking that if he was I would have a snowballs chance in hell of being with him. Before I met him I already had an idea of what he could be like from all the rumors I had read on the internet, that he was flamming, that he was an arrogant ******* and even that he wasn’t much different than Sylar. He wasn’t at all like the person the internet lead me to believe. My impression after meeting him, straightest guy at the gay play, gentle, sweet and flirty as hell. I was shocked that my gaydar didn’t go off, bf’s gaydar didn’t go off either.

    Now I’ve been attacked on before for saying that my impression of him was that he was either straight or possibly bi-sexual. I don’t know if he’s straight or bi, that was just my impression of him.

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