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Carrie Underwood Debuts 'Temporary Home' Music Video

Carrie Underwood Debuts 'Temporary Home' Music Video

Check out the latest from Carrie Underwood – it’s her music video for “Temporary Home”!

The song is the second single off of Play On and comes right after Carrie‘s Grammy win on Sunday, when she took home the award for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals for “I Told You” with Randy Travis!

If you can’t get enough of Carrie, she’ll be singing the National Anthem before the Super Bowl this Sunday!

Carrie Underwood – Temporary Home
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  • Ashley

    The most amazing song and video ever!!! Thank you Carrie for writing this song and making the video for it! God Bless!

  • Jessica

    That was amazing!! Well worth the long wait. Who would have thought 4 years ago that Carrie would turn into such a great actress?

    The scene in the hospital room between Carrie and her grandfather was so powerful.

  • joochi

    This is another great hit for her and I’ll certainly buy the album. I must agree with Jessica, who would have thought that Carrie would become a an actress, I guess it’s not hard since you’ve got to feel the music as you’re singing it also.

  • jen

    I think this is her best video to date. Such a great song and video. It’s very moving and inspirational.

  • shell

    Wow. Amazing song and video. Love that she acted in this video as well and she was amazing at it. Can’t wait for her to be in HIMYM. She’s still the best country singer in terms of voice today. I still don’t know how Taylor beat her for female vocalist.

  • cassidy

    It’s a great song and video. Such a beautiful and inspirational message. :)

  • jessa

    i am very impressed with this video, it is very emotional the part that got me was the grandfather and her talking and crying, she made me choke up, she is a good little actress she is so believable, you feel the sincerity of it, i liked how shes in the cab watching these things happen to people, i was surprised she had a role in this, but im glad she did because that was the best part because it was so real, it just makes you think one day we will be with are grandparents or fathers and that is exactly how i would be like carrie!…”carrie did a great great job”…i think this video beats “just a dream”, now if carrie doesnt win BIG for this at the award shows i will be shocked!!…by the way she is just sooooo beautifull….

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …taylor swift runs country music. she’s the reason it’s so popular right now. LOL

  • puffin

    I love the song, and I too got choked up with the grandpa scene. Good video.

  • Mariana

    Beautiful song. Brought tears to my eyes.
    The video was amazing, too.

  • Missy

    What an amazing video to such and amazing song! Carrie never fails to impress! She remains the top female vocalist and rightfully so!

  • alexis

    taylor swift can suck it, she cant even sing, and NO IDONT THINK SO she isnt the reason its popular your crazy, TAYLOR IS POP LOL

    carrie has brought in a lot of fans to country because she can sing, and her stories are amazing inspirational and grown up and taylor is a poorman’s carrie, taylor sings about faiytales,lovestories, castles “fiction”…when carrie sings about real life situations, taylor is the britney spears of music..she cant sing she uses autotone mic dances around on stage shes a studio singer she sucks!!

    bottomline dont hate on carrie because she can sing circles around taylor swift, your just a jealous fan because carrie inspires and taylor is nothing more but a marketed pretty face..she is not a singer and she is definitely not good enough to be even compared to carrie, carrie is in a league of her own…taylor sucks!

  • Ms Anonymous

    Taylor is country-pop! And she inspires too.

  • Ms Anonymous


    Taylor does not suck, it’s okay if people like both of them so respect that you dolt!

  • Cammie

    Carrie is nothing but a fake Country Snob

  • flutters

    Beautifully sung and touching song IMO. The video’s close to the song but adds a layer to it and it also looks beautiful. The video’s sad but it’s also hopeful, just like the song. I really like Carrie’s voice on this. Thanks for posting Jared!

  • Liljo

    WOW! Good job Carrie! Absolutely breathtaking! I am so proud to call myself one of your biggest fans!

  • Ty

    Great vocals, acting and message. One of Carrie’s best!!!! Best country vocalist out there. She should have won country female with VOCALS at the grammys instead of Swift. Everyone is talking about the fact that Swift can not sing and she killed Stevie Nicks and Nick’s song at the grammys. Come to think of it–she killed her own song. Oh yeah–she inspires you alright—-TO TURN OFF THE TV and not listen to her off key, flat voice. She should not have won album at the grammys either. She is a Milli Vanilli of country music–or pop—or whatever she claims to be.

  • friend

    Beautiful song and video.

  • Moi

    It’s a simple yet amazing MV . It gives such great inspirational, realistic and can happen in everybody life…. gosh It made me in tears. Thanks for posting this video. Great job Carrie.

  • vp

    Carrie is just going to have an amazing year this video seems like it would be just what she invisioned when she was writing it.

    She is most defenitely qualified to be a bonified actress as well.

    She is an amazing artist and TRUE Female Vocalist, all should take notes!

  • vp

    @Cammie: and do you know her personally, cause I have met her many times and she is the farthest thing from it, and anyone that has met her will tell you how humble, quiet, genuine and sweet she is, that’s why everyone in Ottawa loves her.

  • Famcsharon

    I think the video is wonderful. Carrie is so classy. Her voice is incredible, she looks beautiful, the scenes make the song come to life and it does make you want to make each day the best it can be. I think Carrie and her team have done a wonderful job once again.

  • hey

    she’s like the perfect woman!!!
    amazing video carrie!

  • hails

    Amazing video and song…. Think this is her best video!

  • Amanda

    Very touching video. Good for her!

  • Michelle

    Will you taylor fans stop talking about Taylor when the article is about Carrie only

  • Ashley

    The sadest music video ever! I love Carrie, im glad its a good video!

  • lakers fan in boston

    it was meh
    im not a big fan of hers but she does sing well
    ive just never gotten used 2 her music
    but overall it was ok

  • foodiedatingsite

    I love the new song!

  • Susan

    This is a beautiful song and very emotional for me. I lost my Dad and seeing her say her goodbye’s to her grandfather brought back memories of my own goodbye’s with my Dad at his bedside.

  • firemandatingsite

    What a great singer

  • KWong

    Thanks Carrie – another wonderful video! You had me in tears as it reminded me of my Grandma’s passing last July. Thank you for the heartfelt music.

  • Lillian

    In my opinion, Carrie is one of the best vocalist in any genre of music today. she is in a league all her own and should not be compared to anyone. This song and video is one of her best and truly inspirational. It sounds like a sad song but it’s really not. We are all in a temporary home and I do believe that the best is yet to come.

  • Ashley

    This is sooo sad :(! But it a great video, a very good video in a very long time!! Awh i love Carrie and i love this song :)

  • Michelle

    wow….such an amazing video by carrie!

  • bad boi

    so amazing!
    Carrie..u r still the QUEEN of country!

  • nursesdate

    she must be great lover with the athletes

  • pau

    carrie’s the best.. she runs counrty music. Taylor Swift is no comparison to her. Taylors songs are good but she’s not the high note kind of singer. Carrie is the versatil one… she’s the greatest singer for me. This video was very touching ad it actually is a reality. Her best video to date.

  • becki

    who is she? but she is so boringggggggg

  • arleneanne

    Taylor would be NOWHERE if it wasnt for Carrie. Either would ANY of these newer “country” singers. They all owe a HUGE thanks to Carrie for where they are right now. Country music doesnt just accept everyone who comes in and “sings” and there until Carrie came along… Even the country QUEENS who had been singing country for YEARS… werent doing good… becuase country music wanted to only play males…. Youd know that if you were actually a COUNTRY LISTENER :) Not a omg i love TS listener.

    This is a BEAUTIFUL video, and Carrie did a great job in it.
    Until TS can do this, shut up about her.


    OMG, I LOVE THIS VIDEO! It brought tears to my eyes watching the conversation between Carrie and her grand pa. This video is amazing and it’s going to be big.

  • itskaye

    I really don’t get why people pit Carrie and Taylor with each other. They’re different. Carrie talks about more mature issues while Taylor is still in the young adult stage and yeah, she can still talk about fairytales and stuff. She’s what, 18?

    But this MV is really something else. I think this is my new fave from her. Second is So Small. The MV reinforces the message of the sing in a very great way. I loooove. Super tearjerker and inspirational.

    I loooove Carrie and Taylor. They’re great. :-) Stop pitting them against each other. They don’t even care about that. Why don’t you guys be more positive like them? After all, this is our temporary home. Hehehe…. Stay happy. :-p

  • http://gmail audrey

    i luv carrie!!!! she’s sooooo awesome this song made me cry now im in luv with it especially @ the end with the old man very touching.:))

  • http://gmail audrey

    this song is awesome she’s awesome!!! i met her & she’s nice very cool. when i first heard this song i cried so i decided to watch the vid. and i cried especially @ the last part but this is very touching to me.:))

  • Helena Palm

    Carrie Underwood has a beautiful voice. I love all of your songs. I have liked you for five years since I was five. I hope that you are the best famous singer every single year. I think that Carrie Underwood is the best singer ever. I really like her. Bye

  • Carrie Underwood

    Carrie is indeed one of a kind and she is still very sweet,down to earth yet mature and more confident and keeps getting better and better.She will be heading down to US next. We are sure her Carrie Underwood Tickets will be a sell-out too! coz she has been a good ambassador of country music and remains true to herself.