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Channing Tatum: 'Dear John' Premiere with Jenna!

Channing Tatum: 'Dear John' Premiere with Jenna!

Channing Tatum (in Dolce & Gabbana) cuddles up to wife Jenna Dewan at the Los Angeles premiere of his film, Dear John, at Grauman’s Chinese Theater on Monday (February 1) in Hollywood.

The 29-year-old actor, who stars opposite Amanda Seyfried, said that the film’s director, Lasse Hallstrom, helped keep the film realistic without becoming overly sentimental.

Lasse is a beast. He has an allergic reaction to anything that is false, even down to wardrobe,” Chan shared (via Boston Herald).

10+ pictures inside of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan premiering Dear John in L.A….

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Photos: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty, FayesVision/WENN
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  • Maria_L

    They are so cute together. <3 Can’t wait to see this movie, love a good Nicholas Sparks story! :)

  • HeyHowAreYa

    Years ago, Channing Tatum was in a Mountain Dew commercial. I remember that commercial so well because my young teenage self thought Tatum was so attractive. Nowadays, though, I just don’t get my former attraction. He’s a bit goofy-looking. In interviews, he seems like a nice enough fellow, but I’m just not buying that he’s the next heartthrob. Does anyone agree, or am I on my own here?

  • anono

    Channing and his wife are 2 reasonably attractive people, yet they are bland, just blah, pretty to look at for a minute or so, then nothing else to hold one’s interest, no omph, just pretty, but empty. Anybody else agree??

  • Eren

    He’s a terrible actor! I am surprised he gets any roles at all, he was awful in G.I. Joe and Step Up.

  • Maria_L

    @HeyHowAreYa: I remember that commercial, and I shared in your appreciation lol I still find him incredibly attractive. i like that he’s not just this rough/tough guy and he is silly/goofy. I think his down to earthness is all part of the appeal…at least for me…and his body doesn’t hurt either ;o)

  • istar

    aww! :D

  • no

    he was hot in she’s the man but after that, he’s been looking kinda bloated.

  • the_boyfriend

    @HeyHowAreYa: something happened to his face a few years back, i don’t know what exactly but there was a definate change.
    He always looks bloated now, he’s not as handsome.

  • hair cut is why…

    hey people, it’s just his hair cut, that’s why he’s not as hot as before… I mean, did u see his “Details” magazine photoshoot!!! Dear God, he was all hotness and it was just a month or two ago… It’s like that new Brad Pitt style…if he shaves his goatee, he’ll become as attractive as before… so have to do Channing: “CUT YOUR HAIR!”

    Oh and by the way, they are gorgeous together…and I absolutely love her, stunning.

    As for his acting skills…give him a chance and let me tell you that GI Joe or Step Up aren’t “acting skills” movies, they’re physical skills movies… it’s not like he played in “Up in the air” and was terrible.. you should see his acting in “A Guide to recognizing your saints”..and critics are saying good stuff on his acting in “Dear John”…I’m just saying…

  • Leah

    Love them! But what is up with his hair?

  • Nikki

    Not only is he totally gorgeous, but he is such a gentleman! If you watch him in interviews he is so completely gracious! As far as his acting, I agree, watch him in more serious roles which were not GI Joe and She’s The Man. Wait until you see Dear John to make your assumptions.

  • Catchy

    gorgeous couple!

  • yeah

    They look gorgeous together, both beautiful people. I’ve seen interviews and I have to agree with Nikki, he seems like a very nice and gracious person.

  • All Women Stalker

    What is up with his hair? Haha
    I wish he and his wife make more movies together. :)

  • Mr Tatum is always Fine

    @ hair cut is why……. I want to shake your hands. You said everything I would have said but let me add I actually liked GI Joe and loved Step Up, watched it so many times I can now do the dance moves.

    Channing a die hard fan and know you are extremely talented. I would say website is genius but please cut your hair or style it better it’s wrong on so many levels. That look belongs in the last decade but a very sharp suit and wife looks beautiful.

    Saying all that about his hair and just a hair cut needed really the man is still better looking than the average man on the street, gosh Details photos was amazing to look at and good read too.

    He has never lost his hotness and anyone who thinks he is bland seriously get a life – he is very funny.

    I luv his interviews because it shows great personalilty/honesty. He doesn’t take life too seriously but just enjoys every moment. The man just goes about his business and seems extremely normal to me compared to other Hollywood actors/actresses reading from a script especially when interviewed.

    I welcome his approach and all stars should follow his lead ie. be yourself as there is nothing wrong with you whether famous or not.

    Channing Tatum gets leading roles becuase he can act and with a very impressive CV which he is building up is not rocket science people.

    Of course, he is sexy as hell but still he can act and has proven this on many occasions hence Directors want him. Hopefully, this has stopped any confusion for the people who think he can’t act.

    Don’t hate him becuase he has been extremely successful in a very short period of time. Nothing stupid about Mr Channing Tatum people you just still don’t realise that.

    If you don’t think he is a good actor then don’t watch his movies but millions of others will and appreciate that he works hard /deserves his success. Channing Tatum will be around for a very long time so no point in hating just luv.

    Channing Tatum will always be hot just stop with the hating not necessary

    Nothing wrong with his acting/looks/personality etc just watch Dear John on 5th Feb 2010. It will surely make you cry at least once and that’s enough for me to prove its a great movie but me thinks you will cry more than once people if you have a heart.

    There ends the Channing Tatum debate. Who wins only Channing Tatum does so again what’s the point.

  • jill

    @HeyHowAreYa: i know and WHAT THE HELL is with that hair?

  • Jen

    she looks amazing with that haircolor. Love the dress too.

    Channing is a cutie.

  • foodiedatingsite

    He is so attactive!

  • jeimy

    there is something weird about her, I can’t point my finger on it.
    I wouldn’t call her ugly but she’s definitely NOT gorgeous

  • mmm

    can anybody say STUD?!?

  • HeyHowAreYa

    I think Jenna Dewan is quite beautiful, but I’m not really sure she has a place in the film industry. Perhaps she’d find herself to be more successful if she were on television. Also, she definitely needs to differentiate herself from Megan Fox. Just as people say Fox is the poor man’s Jolie, some might say Dewan is the even poorer man’s Fox. {Not really sure how else to word that…but you get the idea.}

  • mimilala

    I saw them both in Cabo last year and I can say they’re both “okay” looking…not bad, not great. Very average. She is super tiny by the way and he is not as tall as he looks on tv, but he definitely has a slammin’ body!

  • cutiemcfreckles

    he looks like mickey rourke

  • jane

    i think Jenna gets more beautiful with age..

  • chinesedatematch

    what a nice guy

  • she shall remain nameless

    What happened to his hair??? He and Jenna are super cute together!!

  • nursesdate

    did he date amanda?

  • tanzey

    eek! fugly hairstyle!

  • Jess

    @HeyHowAreYa: I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!!! 110%

  • lyn

    excited to see the movie, but he needs to get a hair cut.

  • ac

    He has the most gorgeous eyes. He was very hot when he was younger.

  • ac

    He has the most gorgeous eyes. He was very hot when he was younger.

  • Brittni

    I love her Brian Reyes dress! It looks absolutely gorgeous on her!

  • Allie

    Jenna & Channing look amazing together. She looks absolutely gorgeous in her dress from Brian Reyes!

  • Erin

    Jenna looks stunning in Brian Reyes. The dress is sensual yet still sophisticated and modern.