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Jennifer Aniston: Hosting A Haiti Benefit!

Jennifer Aniston: Hosting A Haiti Benefit!

After donating $500,000 toward Haiti relief, Jennifer Aniston is giving back again by hosting a benefit screening of The Last Station!

The 40-year-old actress will host the event, which includes a screening of the film and a cocktail party with the director, Michael Hoffman, according to Us Weekly.

Tickets start at $100 for the event and go up to $50,000, which will benefit AmeriCares, one of the three charities Jennifer donated to last month!

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  • Well

    Well good for her. Welcome to the club.

  • Janeth

    I just love her!!!!

  • Oh…how…lovely….

    Countdown to Loons trying and say she’s copying AJ in 3..2..1..

  • suspicious package

    Wow. So she gives privately, does she?

  • atimo

    OMG, she is so ugly !!!

  • Kandy

    Stop trying to be like Angie. You bit*h!!!!

  • to suspicious package

    i was wondering how long it would take fo the JA haters to arrive. you surprised me, i thought it would be the first poster. as for your comment, tell me how much money have you given to the people in haiti exactly?? oh wait, let me guess! you have given absoultely nothing.

  • atimo

    Yes, holding you in front of me.

  • eyda

    just for you#4 yes she is copying angelina:)) brad want come back to you sweety:)


    Jen ROCKS and is gorgeous. Love her.

  • ivanka

    @Kandy: lol loser

  • jessalyn

    I’m not a JA fan, but this is a good thing. I don’t care to question her motives, because it simply doesn’t matter. Haiti needs the support, and I don’t care if she shows up with long brown hair covered in tattoos and toting 6 kids, as long as she’s helping. At the end of the day that’s all that matters. I would hope the utter catastrophe Haiti is in would trump all of the trivial gossip. Besides , even if she wants to be more like Jolie and give back more, that’s a wonderful thing. We should all be so inspired, and act on these inspirations.

  • melissa

    Jennifer is amazing and I see the loons are lurking in the shadows at any chance to make their nasty comments that come from their complete jealousy of this gorgeous woman, say what you need to loons, Jennifer is incredible and no matter what you say, she will continue to shine.

  • Anon

    Yes, it is nice of Jennifer Aniston to do something for charity but frankly, it is damage control for being called out, per the late donation to Haiti.

    BTW, the foolish Americans who tried to kidnap 33 children in Haiti…the children rescued were taken to SOS (that Angelina Jolie asked people to support) and there are happy, calmed down after their ordeal, things are being sorted out to be returned to relatives and given counseling…per news. Many orphanages all across Haiti are at with the SOS. Please donate.

  • Lidda

    She must not have got enough PR from Clooney’s benefit – this old hag never does anything that doesn’t get her something in return.

  • insider

    Trying to save the new bomb of a movie. Plus she needs to get some attention. Remember any time Angie is in the news out she comes. I really am not sure that I dislike her as much as her PR team. So here we go make Angie look like the evil one and Jen the Good Girl. So not true!!!!

  • leah

    What a Cheapskate, Miser, Tightwad, thats all she can muster when she’s made tens of millions for decades and has lived a life of wealth and privilege for her whole life, she should be embarrassed for anyone to know that;s all she can scrounge up. I would not be bragging about it.

  • pixy

    I can’t help but have concerns as to how all these different organizations are handling all this money. As in, how do we know that it will be used properly and given to those who really need it? ….I can’t help but be skeptical. I want everything to work out, of course. It’s just that evil greedy people exist and they will find a way to intervene. I hope for the best…but….corruption exists.

  • Tina

    She must need more PR – bottled water sales must be down – wait she is going to make a magical donation of bottled water to Haiti as well.

  • leah

    oh and she spends more than that on vacations, and beauty spas in a couple of months I bet.

  • Eric

    I think she is cute , but why the sudden interest in benefits? She was always so self-absorbed and silly before. I guess she is trying to deflect the lies that she wanted kids, obviously this is her new image.

  • Tim

    I bet she will use the opportunity to talk about her new bomb – The Cougar Hunter!

  • Kandy

    @ivanka: The wh*re will just pocket the money. It’s her therapy money to try to get over Brad. He has a better woman now. Too late!

  • Felicity

    Aniston, no matter how hard she tries, will always be a second rate Angelina. She has no kids, no connection with family, is in crappy movies and prefers to spend her time/money on herself and lavish vacations and parties.

  • melissa

    correction: she is not being like Angie because Angie has never hosted a benefit and included her friends, first of all Angie doesn’t have any friends and second of all she only gives money that was donated to the Jolie/Pitt foundation, she never writes a personal check. Angie will never be as generious as Jennifer.

  • mll don’t mm….hmmm

    @to suspicious package:

    becauseJolie-Pitt haters sure as h*ll don’t beat a burning path to any Jolie-Pitt thread to spew nonsense and hate at them right???? Should we take a jaunt over to the DGA thread and find out just how many JA loones left their comments?? There are just as many JA haters as there are JP haters, they keep the threads lively.

    Look people, this benefit regardless of reasons will go a long way to help those in need. Can’t we just agree that the donations are ALL a good thing and thank those who gave? I gave but it is nowhere near a million dollars or 500K. H+ll! It’s not even 500 yet.

  • Gia

    She must not have got enough PR from Clooney’s benefit – she needs to be photographed hanging off more guys in sleazy looking clothes. No wonder no man wants her and she TOTALLY lied about wanting kids – where are they? I guess they interfere with her spa appointments, tanning sessions, parties and vacations.

  • Anne Marie

    Jennifer always has and always will have class! Classy lady with classy looks, Good work Jen!!!

  • Jim

    Yes, it is a classy woman that uses every magazine in the USA to talk about her divorce. Brad upgraded to a better quality woman – it happens all the time – so MOVE ON!

  • lila

    that’s great!
    jen is such a good woman!!

  • sofi

    @Anne Marie: Do you really think she has class?

  • zee


    I have the same concern about how all this money is going to be distributed. I read an article from someone who had visited and she mentioned how there were still so many people she encountered who hdn’t eaten for days. I don’t know how that happens after all the money that’s been collected so far.

  • Lisa

    Yes, she is so subtle and always gives behind closed doors. That’s what I love about Aniston – how she is so private. She was so private about her divorce, except for the Vanity Fair cover story, Vogue, GQ (twice), Elle (USA & UK), David Letterman, Jay Leno, GMA, etc.

    I also like how she gives her small, I mean large, donations in public. I know it is totally normally that her enormous team of PR people always send out a press release when she gives anything over $500 to a charity. The press release talks more about Jennifer than the charity, but she is a private person.

  • Molly


    I think she is a totally classless American TV actress who is clawing her way, with a huge PR machine behind her, out of the sitcom land and into a bunch of crappy movies. And she has her team of dedicated dumped women supporting her every step of the way. She would only exist in the USA, no other country would be interested in her.

  • thats_right

    wow she is getting fat, look at her arms wowwwwww

  • boo

    Yeah, she was probably jealous that George Clooney was the one who’s hosting the event, and not her. So, now she wants to be the “host.” Jen, when are you going to to learn. Keep it up, and you’ll die alone.

  • black

    That´s the way to go! Show Brangelina what you´re capable of.
    I wish everyone would.

  • LMAO


    what a sincere evaluation of such a “Private” person.

    Girl Next Door

    These are things that should never be associated with Jennifer Aniston….without the accompanied alchohol. As for Angelina havng no friends…well ya see, some women don’t feel the need to hang out with a gaggle of drones…er women. ESPECIALLY when they have oh I don’t know…a man, children, family, a successful box office career, humanitarian appointments…you know a life…she has a life. Now what does Jennifer have again? That’s right…friends and a dog…well let’s add a somewhat successful career. Wow talk about a fulfilled life. WOOO!!!!! She’s got it ALL!!!!

  • George

    Yeah, let’s see how long she would survive without all her PR people spinning a children-loving, sweet-girl-next-door, environment-loving, Haiti-caring image for her. The problem is she refused to have kids, is a totally tramp that gets dumped by every guy she dates, she pitches bottled water and never cared about charity until she realized it would help her image.

  • Anon

    Love how Aniston is always giving advice how to have lasting relationships. snicker.

    Jennifer, if you don’t think people have figured out you and your publicist’s manipulations by now, I have some land to sell you. I can name a couple of other “celebs” with the same tactics as you and the publicists are all different. I believe the thread in common of you three ‘ladies’ of 20, 34, and 41 is the disease of narcissism. Their world isn’t going too well either after a quick rise too fame and much arrogance.
    Fade away with your millions…Rachel.

  • Anon

    Anyone that adopts is buying and paying for babies. How disgusting for you even to say that. It is shameful how much it cost these days to even have a natural child these days.

  • sofi

    @Molly: Yeah, I think the same. She is not a big star here in Europe, but Angelina is.

  • Missy

    I wouldn’t trade the life I have with my husband and my beautiful kids for her money or the second rate fame she has. Rachel made a series of very bad decisions that she will regret for the rest of her life.

  • Frankly

    Frankly it is better for the environment to adopt a child (how ugly that you say those things about buying one) than it is to have a child naturally. Read the research.

  • Haiti

    Jennifer: Send SmartWater.

  • oh please

    I wonder if she’s going to show up at the Oscars, too. Her showing up at this year’s GG was weird enough. DIdn’t she show up for last year’s Oscar, too w/ some fake manho? that’s Jen Aniston, who’s got so much class that she shows up at everything.

  • Mindy


    That is bloody HILARIOUS!!!!

  • Tim

    She would probably prefer to send SmartWater, autographed pictures of herself and T-shirts for the Bounty Hunter instead of money.

  • Gisela

    She is gorgeous!!!

  • LMAO


    What are you talking about? She gave birth to 3 and if that’s ALL you could pull from that comment then you are as silly as your idol. You and she need to grow up. The 3 children were adopted from hellish situations. Were you in line to help them? Of course not, but here you are sputtering nonsense in an inane attempt to maligne someone who did. And what country do you live in where adoptions are free? You do realize that even in the US adoptions run about 26K-35K per child…right? Of course not, you just wanted to make a point, just for the sake of ‘blog babble’. either read up on current affairs or stop typing.