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Rachel Bilson Meets With Her Mom

Rachel Bilson Meets With Her Mom

Rachel Bilson enjoys lunch with her mother Janice Stango at Urth Cafe on Monday (February 1).

The 28-year-old actress can be seen in the upcoming film, Waiting for Forever. Rachel stars as Emma Twist, whose best friend Will (Tom Sturridge) is content to live his life without a job as long as he goes wherever she goes. The film explores the connections people make in the face of life’s changes.

Rachel was recently spotted buying some fruits and vegetables at a Farmer’s Market.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson meeting with her mom…

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64 Responses to “Rachel Bilson Meets With Her Mom”

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  1. 1
    curious Says:

    Is that guy her stepdad?

  2. 2
    jess Says:

    I really don’t understand Rachel, she would rather go to restaurants in LA and be photographed everyday than stay with her fiance and to plan a wedding.

  3. 3
    jolene Says:


  4. 4
    Ahari Says:

    You seriously need to change the name of this site to “Just Rachel.” This is ridiculous.

  5. 5
    lana Says:

    I think this marriage will not happen, I don’t have nothing against Hayden and Rachel, but they are not interested, if they really liked each other they would married last year. Why wait so long? What they are waiting for?

  6. 6
    jen Says:

    I would like to nominate Rachel Bilson for the PR Oscars
    Best Use of an “Engagement” to Try to Further One’s Career.

  7. 7
    brightside Says:

    Meeting her mom! Didn’t she just do that at the Farmer’s Market buying fruit and vegetables! Did we need a post to tell us that she’s meeting her mom! I’m beginning to think that she must have a tracking device implanted in her skin as the paps always seem to know where she is in LA.

  8. 8
    Nicky Says:

    Don’t look so angry miss – you’re at Urth Cafe, you know you’re going to get photographed…… oops, I forgot that’s your act, isn’t it?.

  9. 9
    adrianna Says:

    @Ahari: i totally agree

    no one cares about her but she’s photographed EVERY single day WHY? does she call the paps ? seriously it’s weird

  10. 10
    S Says:

    I am so waiting for this movie, like forever. Tom Sturridge is such a talented young man. It would be interesting to see how their chemistry works.

  11. 11
    Oceane Says:

    I don’t have anything personal against Rachel BUT, what has she done lately to deserve this much attention on your site? I know she’s doing charity work etc.. blah blah… Is she even acting these days?

  12. 12
    Jax Says:

    Going on an all expenses paid trip to Africa with photographers in tow is hardly doing charity work.

  13. 13
    Leslie Says:

    She had an opportunity and made people aware of an important issue in Africa. Part of the money for the bracelet is going to schools in Africa. Most other charity products donate a lot less.
    Doesn’t matter what her intentions were. Good came out of it and every little bit helps.

  14. 14
    brightside Says:

    @Jax: Ah but how else is she going to get Brand Bilson noticed! After all it’s not as though she has a reputable acting/fashion designer career to push Brand Bilson into the celebrity spotlight. What better than to have her picture taken with some impoverished little children….it shows that Brand Bilson has a caring side.

  15. 15
    Cathy Says:

    @ 7

    There’s no tracking device, she calls them. The thing I don’t get is why she acts like she doesn’t when it’s obvious to everyone. From people who don’t like her, to people that do. Everyone knows that Rachel Bilson calls the paparazzi.

  16. 16
    brightside Says:

    @Leslie: If you want to know how much of your money goes to the causes that a charity supports rather than administration costs etc go to CharityNavigator.Com. Charities vary with the better ones giving over 80% to their programs. So 80c of your $ will go on needed projects, $80 of your $100. The $20 to charity that are promised by the sales of Rachel’s bracelet is quite paltry by comparision. I checked DEF on CharityNavigator and it’s not listed there. I have put in a recommendation that it be checked out so that people can compare how much of their money actually benefits the people who need it.

  17. 17
    lexy Says:

    It’s so obvious she called them and she has added this strange man to the mix. Let’s see based on her past publicity stunts- 1st she pretends she’s not dating HC, then some strange man on a flight “recognizes” her (you know b/c she’s sooo well known) and she leaks the news about the engagement, then she plays hide the ring…Paying the paps to show up in these weird locations or trying at act motherly with her sisters – none of these things have helped her career.
    She probably sees Angelina & Jen Garner with body guards and wants us to think she’s such a big celebrity she’s had to hire a body guard!! She WANTS people to ask about the man so she can tell us all how about her crazed fan – and get some press!!
    $20 out of $100 isn’t much. And yes, a lot of charities donate a lot less…and that’s a problem and the reason some charities have made a point of asking the public to be aware of things like that. I mean get real – this stupid chick couldn’t find Africa on a map! Going outside to hug poor children and claim you care about the diamond industry while you sport the diamond your man gave you isn’t very smart…but it is very Rachel!!

  18. 18
    Happy_Evil_Dude Says:

    There’s that hacktress again…I wonder if she gives the paps “special favors” in public restrooms for them to follow her so eagerly everywhere…

  19. 19
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    this is why rachel pisses me off sometimes
    she’s always doing nothing!!!
    all she ever does with her life is drive to some coffee shop
    buy some tea or coffee along with some pastries
    almost every single damn day, pics of her getting her coffee!!!
    i really do think her engagement 2 hayden is all bs, im almost 100% sure she’s not getting married

  20. 20
    Janine Says:

    You people are hilarious:D

    You are annoyed because other people are constantly following her, its not like its her fault…
    Lets say we’d get one set of pictures of her every day,..then that means she goes out to buy coffee or groceries or meet people once that day, as if you’d never go to starbucks, or walmart or target… so this either means all you people hating on her dont have a life and you spent your days sitting at home doing nothing which would explain why you even bother hating on her or you’re just dumb and you dont think about what you’re commeting. Your choice…

  21. 21
    ari Says:

    If Rachel spent as much effort trying to improve her acting as she does shopping and baiting the paparazzi maybe she’ll be in a better position career wise by now.

    Reading a book once in a while wouldn’t hurt.

  22. 22
    Ahari Says:

    @20, no, you miss the point. Completely. Everyone is annoyed with this useless little troll because she’s done absolutely nothing to warrant or deserve the attention she gets. She calls these paps and tells them where she’s going to be, then acts annoyed when they show up as scheduled. She’s a fame wh*re. A ridiculous and completely transparent one that has no prospects at all. For good reason.

  23. 23
    Janine Says:

    I dont see your point. So far she’s had a least one project filmwise a year.. She’s been on the OC until 2007, done jumper in 2008, New York I love you in 2009 and has two upcoming projects. On top of that she’s been on chuck and himym and she writes for instyle,..I think that oughta be enough.

    I cant see why anyone would be annoyed with her, at least she’s pretty and she’s doing things.. not like Mischa Barton who’s face is constantly in the papers just because she’s gaining or losing wait.

  24. 24
    horseridingsingles Says:

    She is so pretty

  25. 25
    @Janine Says:

    You’re an idiot. Hayden did 3 projects last year alone and Kirsten Stewart also did 3, Robert Pattinson did 3 and Natalie Portman did 4. Rachel doesn’t do projects. She does celebrity cameos that her Daddy gets her and the occasional ultra low budget film. This is because, as anyone who’s seen Jumper knows, she has ZERO TALENT.

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