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Rihanna: Ke$ha is the New 'It' Girl

Rihanna: Ke$ha is the New 'It' Girl

Check out this video of Rihanna stopping by The New Music Show on KIIS-FM!

In the video, RiRi talks about how she got involved with Bono and Jay-Z on “Stranded,” what’s next for her and that she’s rooting for the Saints this weekend! Here are some highlights:

On her forthcoming tour: “It’s gonna be a rockstar show! We’ve never done a tour like this – major production – I’m looking forward to it!”

On Ke$ha: “She’s incredible. I think she’s the new ‘it girl’ in the industry. She has so much a swagger. I actually got to hang out with her at the NRJ Awards. It’s really her life – that’s just who she is, which is what I appreciate.”

Rihanna Speaks to DJ Skee
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  • mickey

    Those two are a good match.

  • dundies

    don’t speak

  • yawn


  • LiLoOx ….

    Hope there will perform at morocco, last year was ….SOO “Hard”

  • Travis

    They’re both poseurs.

  • cornelia

    she rocks! can’t wait to see her performance

  • Jamie

    She sucks live.

  • LadyB

    She’s getting too over-exposed. She should chill out a bit. Ever since she opened up about the Chris Brown incident, there is no day that has passed we don’t see a paparrazzi shot or hear her speak. Leave the over exposure to the Kardarshians..they will fade out in a few years. For a singer that I think has talent, she should avoid too much media time. If you look at singers that have had longevity, not only are they talented but they are no everywhere all the time.

  • beats

    @LadyB: Agree, but she was overexposed even before that. She was out almost every day shopping or eating out.

  • Sweet Pea

    Rihanna reminds me of Whitney Houston in that pic except she doesn’t have Whitney’s voice. :-(

  • LavenderBlonde

    Rihanna, please just go away.

  • Tori

    well it’s pretty clear she has no talent

    “rockstarshow” why does she keep thinking she’s a rock star ? it’s getting alittle annoying,maybe she should look up the definition of a rockstar,it’s a famous singer/band that sing’s rock’n'roll music,she sing’s horrible pop all she does is that stupid yelling”eh eh eh eh” crap this is an insult to rock music,she’s nothing but a poser stop going to hot topic riri-retard.

  • gamerdatingsite

    I love her body!

  • Tia

    Nothing personal against the girl but she better be prepared for half-empty venues. Her album did not do great !! Maybe people are starting to realize that she is a marketing product …there is no strong talent there.

  • LOL

    Haters! Rihanna has come a far way, from a small island to have this opportunity. Let her be!

  • Pook

    Rihanna and Kesha sitting in a tree! K-i-s-s-i-n-g!

  • firemandatingsite

    She is always a dirty girl

  • Neorules2112

    Hood Rat

  • Jon

    She looks like a tranny in a blonde wig.

  • elis

    is she really singing live? the poor audience!





  • cutie

    cute! ;-)

  • vids

    The above post was paid for by DJ records.

  • salma

    Her hair looks much better and her makeup is not bad.

  • LL

    Actually, her album Rated R is selling faster in the U. S. compared to her
    Good Girl Gone Bad album. According to RIAA, Rated R was Certified platinum in a little over a month while Good Girl Gone Bad took at least 4 months maybe more to be certified platinum.

  • LL

    My previous post was in response to Tia’s comment about album sales.

  • enoughalready

    Have you noticed that she has been doing a lot of but kissing lately, that comes from not having any talent of your own and being scared of the future…. First Beyonce, then Gaga and now this other girl.. Heard she wants to rock with Gaga she should be rethinking that one after watching the Grammys, Gaga does a live show almost equal to Beyonce.. Rihanna can hang with such talent live!

  • kfort

    1. can someone tell me what happened to the ‘good music’ rihanna?? her music is horrible now. the only good songs are the ones that are remixed into club versions.

    2. kesha is the worst! but thats okay, she’s a one-hit wonder and wont have any other records.

  • kfort

    1. can someone tell me what happened to the ‘good music’ rihanna?? her music is horrible now. the only good songs are the ones that are remixed into club versions.

    2. kesha is the worst! but thats okay, she’s a one-hit wonder and wont have any other records.

  • Len

    She look so gross and I can’t stand her music.

  • b*ugger off

    @enoughalready: Do yourself a favour and stop stalking Rihanna. You never know, your life might be all the happier for it! Kesha is awful. Awful, I tell ye. I dont believe she has even attempted to sing on any of her songs, just talk funny and auto tune the living day lights out of it.

  • tal

    love you RIRI !!!
    cant wait for this!!

  • nursesdate

    Kesha has a booty

  • Lake

    She’s the fakest.
    “Rockstar tour”??
    Oh, my, are you delusional.
    You have zero talent and zero voice and the money spent on tour will be mostly invested in computers to make you sound decent onstage (failing still, cos the only thing this chick can do is the skank mannequein…).

    What upsets me out of all her PR stunts is that she keeps getting Grammies and nominations due to other people’s talent. She keeps milking she won Grammy but all time for featuring tracks. Tracks she never writes.

    Now she puts her name in some cos she probably wrote “ahhh-oooh—uuuuh..” in a song claiming she “co-wrote”.

    Time for real singers around. Please. Leave this talentless ho where she belongs. Around a pole. And in Jay Z’s bedroom.


  • Lake

    Rated R is NOT certified platinum for sellng.
    Merely for SHIFTING.
    She sold only half of the million cds sent to record stores so far. And considering the huge promotion, her tearing up story (she should have sent Brown in jail, if she wantedto be a rle model, but she’s too stupid for that) and the fact she tries hard to be cool, it’s a HUGE failure.
    The same around the world.
    But chick can’t sing, and the album is pretentious rubbish, so why being surprised? Autotune wasn’t enough to save her this time.

    Ah.. btw I’d like to add that the failure is even more appalling considering in Amazon the album was sold for 1 dollar (ahahhahah even that is too much) and that the price was ridicolously low for most of the time (that counts as well, of course. BUt I am not expecting Rihanna’s fans to be smart enough to realize that).

    Rihanna’s fans are as delusional as she is. Probably just as bright as she is.

    I know… it must hurt to support a totally talentless person: it hurts ego or what? She’s a failure and she’s bombing. Finally. She has absolutely no artistic skills whatsoever.

    She’s somebody who’s there in the spotlight just because she slept with everybody to make herself a career.

    She’s GROSS.

    A shame for females everywhere. A true female would have sent BROWN IN JAIL. Stupid S**nk. I really can’t stand her andcan’t wait for her to disappear.


  • N
  • sunshine

    @Lake: many things I do agree in your comment but a real woman would have been honest about her actions concerning that incident…Rihanna has changed her story many times so let’s be real if Chris would have went to jail things would have came about her also…they played this situation the right way…

  • bajan


  • doctordatingsite

    I luv her songs

  • LL


    I am not hurt nor emotional. I am calm and cool. But it seems that you are very emotional. You seem to be so full of venom for someone you don’t even know personally. What a waste of your precious energy. If you not going to use your energy to help someone else be successful why don’t you use that energy to build your own career. Who knows, one day you might be as rich as Rihanna!

    Talented or not, Rihanna knows the value of hard work so please do not resent her success because she more than deserves it. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of the people who are successful in life are not usually the smartest or most talented but instead those who work the hardest. But don’t take my word for it. Ask any successful person you know about the role that hard work plays in helping them become a success.

    As for my previous post, I did not state how many albums Rihanna has sold. I stated that this album was selling faster in the U. S. compared to her last album. This has album accomplished platinum certification in little over a month which took her previous album at least over four months maybe more to do the same. I stated this to show that her popularity as an artist was not fading.



  • kayla

    love her…she seems like she would be cool to hang out with.