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Sienna Miller Leaves Jude Law's Place in London

Sienna Miller Leaves Jude Law's Place in London

Sienna Miller leaves Jude Law‘s place in London on Tuesday (February 2).

The 28-year-old actress got an escort outside – Jude walked her to the door and the two chatted before Sienna went out to her car.

On-again-off-again couple Sienna and Jude, who broke off their engagement back in 2005, reportedly reunited over the holidays, spending time together on the beach in Barbados with Jude‘s children.

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sienna miller leaves jude law house 01
sienna miller leaves jude law house 02
sienna miller leaves jude law house 03
sienna miller leaves jude law house 04
sienna miller leaves jude law house 05
sienna miller leaves jude law house 06
sienna miller leaves jude law house 07

Credit: Will Jackson; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • A

    looks like the Walk of Shame part 2, now in London )
    now it’s the only way for her to get back in tabloids, and then in six months she’ll start playing a victim again. a victim of her own insufferable stupidity
    but what happened to Getty? I mean after all those shameless “breastfeeding” and “feeling mutual nether regions” photo-sessions, he still hasn’t divorced his wife? why not??

  • A

    the most funny thing, is that the public knew that she knew about the papz in there
    did she try to force his wife to divorce him? it turned out, his wife was smarter than that.

  • A

    Ifans must be laughing his a$$ off now, after she so shamelessly cheated on him, her “career” went down the toilet, her looks are gone, and the married man went back to his wife.
    yeah, karma has a funny way of catching up with people

  • A

    as for these, two together, ostensibly,
    just wish them health, happiness… cuz they just have to get married. misery loves company.
    this pathetic show must go on, and it’s waaaay funnier than Comedy Central )

  • carmen

    I was watching an interview with Jenny Sanford and in the introduction guess who they referred to when they brought up HW affairs? Jude Law and the nanny. How interesting that the media forgets that Sienna Miller also had an affair with a married man, but they ignore it. Why?

  • http://verysexy sharyllee

    who cares!

  • dolorescraegt

    we have such critics of other people on this site….is everyone who posts here perfect or just angry…..

  • uh, granny dodo

    we have such braindead fanatics of other people on this site
    and some of them are so horny:
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    do your kids and your hubby know about your little “secret/hobby”?
    don’t forget about K-Y, granny

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    you know, granny, in Japan, because of your little “hobby”, lol
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    uh “granny dodo”..what a mess u are.there is nothing wriong with having a big major crush on celebrities.its normal.our husbands dont mind it our kids dont mind it.why should u.what is your problem?get a life.stop calling people names.didnt your mum teach you any manners?get lost!

  • macbeth

    even though I agree with you that granny dodo is a complete and utter mess, outside and inside,
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  • uh, granny dodo

    you, apparently! lol
    although I’ve got to tell you, the denial is still widespread, particularly among the mentally crippled fanatics of celebretards

  • macbeth

    you, apparently! lol
    although I’ve got to tell you, the denial is still widespread, particularly among the mentally crippled fanatics of celebretards

  • Teri


    Like these two pukes are in any way perfect? Jude, “the manho” Law deserves every last bit of hate heaped on him. He is a woman-hating creep and a deadbeat dad.

  • macbeth

    according to his own recent interview,
    “the manho” actually prefers to call himself a “bad boy”.
    but in the reality he’s just a fuсking faggоt

  • macbeth
    at the time when someone didn’t like his hairy chest

  • dolorescraegt

    your site has beccome a haven for the mentally ill. is that what it started out to be.

  • to the not sad enough dolores

    with your help dolores in stalking and photographing him non stop it seems to me you are responsible for your own behavior and you got paid for this.
    i think you should be ashamed of yourself
    i think you are so jealous that you block good people out
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  • dolores is not innocent

    what a charmer you are and claims of being a senior citizen
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    it seems to me you have borderline personality disorder because and qualify as a stalker because you don’t respect other people’s boundaries including private citizens on the imdb messageboard and your wicked witch site.

    you must be the wicked witch grandma that wouldn’t let cinderalla go to the ball. the evil stepmother. so charming and so cunning at teh same time so invasive…if you had a son, i bet you walked in on him while he was taking a shower in the bathroom as a teenager…mothers like that cause their sons to end up like norman bates…. and wife beaters

    the bottom line is you are in cahoots with jared….and perez hilton
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  • dolores is not innocent

    if you really cared about jude law you would have helped for world peace instead of helping the pro birth activists which are really pro war kill anyone not of my race…since you worked in this industry there is no excuse for your ignorance..thereifere it is feigned ignorance on your part

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    A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet.

  • So sad…

    How can there be so hate? That is just too sad. It’s really a shame to see people who have access to the internet wasting their time with such nonsense.

  • http://verysexy sharyllee

    Where is Jude Law now? Miss him!!

  • macbeth

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    oh and just so you know…i assume you mean that sunrider is the multiple personality poster or belinda is. or they are one and the same

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    wrong, oyster
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  • little Sophie

    This world is dangerous and doomed, not because of those who do harm, but because of those who look at it without doing anything.

  • little Sophie

    Moving on is simple, it’s what you leave behind that makes it so difficult.
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  • carmen

    @So sad…:

    So then what are you doing here?

    Sienna is a person who likes to dish out hatred, she didn’t care about how her actions hurt Getty wife and kids despite the fact that she boo hooed about JL affair every chance she got.

  • So sad…

    @carmen: Ok, so. First of all, hi. LOL I’m not referring here to Sienna. I don’t even like her. I’m here because I’m free to give my opinion, because I think we don’t need to be rude to state our point of view. That’s what I meant when I left my point of view, so you got this wrong.

  • macbeth

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