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Wentworth Miller Gets His Caffeine Kick

Wentworth Miller Gets His Caffeine Kick

Wentworth Miller picks up some coffee from Starbucks while walking around West Hollywood on Tuesday (February 2).

The 37-year-old Prison Break star just completed the zombie flick Resident Evil: Afterlife, which is based off a popular video game series.

Along the same lines, it looks like Wentworth might be associated with another popular video game, Bioshock. Although there are still no confirmations, back in May rumors started to surface that the actor was trying to land a role.

The video game is about a plane crash survivor named Jack who discovers an underwater city filled with mutated monsters and lethal robots.

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  • Sick & TIRED

    woah…deja vu?

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest sarah

    i love wentworth he hott!!!!!

  • Just me…

    I’m madly in love with you Wentworth!

  • GoodGirl

    Wentworth I love you from the bottom of my heart!

  • mariel

    He is just too adorable!! Marry me Went!!

    Jared, what about the rumors that Wentworth is going to play the dual role of Gabriel/ Lucifer in Mary, Mother of Christ?

    The Bioshock rumors are nearly a year old now.

  • lic_merry

    OMG! Wentworth is a Very SEXY

    Please Wenty and Fan’s FOLLOW ME @Lic_MerRy

    You Are the BEST of the World! my Love WEM(=

  • lexy

    Good to see his career is doing well and he’s moving forward!

  • Ellie

    Still pretending to be straight, huh? Yep, some things never change.
    You’re gay Wentworth, just accept it!

  • Nigerian Ningga

    The weirdest dude in Hollywood, who never seems to have female with him at all. I heard the cat is half black, so that should put up some warning signs, either this dude is gay or he is gay. Is it that he cant find a female, or is it that he isn’t attracted to females.

    Fathers, learn to raise your kids with a little more heart, so that they can talk to girls. This kid looks like he got a problem.

  • lola

    @Ellie You are ridiculous! How is a man walking down the street holding coffee cups “pretending to be straight”? Get a life.

  • ca

    #8,9 , how is this any of your business?

  • GoodGirl

    There is two song’s who comes to my mind with thoses beautiful pictures…

    The first is…
    “If you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it…”

    The second is…
    “I wanna have your babies…It’s serious like crazy…I wanna have your babies…”

    He’s so special, so precious, so wonderful that I want him so much!

  • Nigerian Ningga

    Ellie, I agree with you. I like the dude, he is a talented guy in prison break, but went is on the suspect list, and its not like he cant get females. In Vegas, Flava Flav has a new woman every week, so this should be easy for this cat to find a chicken head. 90% of the time if a dude is never with a woman he is an automatic suspect and an undercover.

    Went needs to get it poppin with the females because he is looking real funny right now.

  • lb

    woah i forgot how HOT he is

  • Sam

    He’s smokin’ hot for 37!

  • Whoever

    Errrr….. *go changes panties* :D Sigh…. he is so dreamy!

  • Marjorie Muffin

    Never with a woman? Go back to some of JJ’s previous posts to see pictures of Went and women. Don’t make assumptions if you don’t know anything about him.

  • LOVEato

    Ahhh how gorgeous is he?
    And celebrity drinks always look awesome LOL

  • Kate Bosselin

    his vest is too short, so he can’t be gay or else he’d notice

  • Mia

    What has this world come to?I can’t believe that people dare to express their opinion on someone’s life so easily ,opinion purely based on a fictional character .I mean:” Gay / Straight ” I love him, he is hot ???? “etc.
    Intelligent conclusions are built on evidence. What is the source of your information? What is your evidence?What reality you live in or you are just happy with invisible“Co-existence” But is not the same as living in the same reality.

  • firemendate

    He looks straight to mee

  • someone

    Is he really OK??He doesn’t look -happy-to me neither in today’s photos nor in last month’s photos.I hope this is only an impression of mine and he is OK indeed.

  • http://h heba

    I love u Wenty I’m waiting for ur movie….Love u so much sweetheart
    Thanks jj pls keep going we miss Wenty & we always want to see him

  • Stern

    Good to see him again! Hope he makes his way to our screens soon.

  • Marga

    I still think he’s gay, but that’s ok…. he still looks pretty good

  • kukurikuu


  • greggy

    agree with Sick & TIRED : ever seen! Often that you put old pictures… in the end, we don’t really know where he is now!

  • Natasha

    Wentworth is the hottest man alive. Period.

    I am a diehard fan n I dont care whether he is gay or not. He denied he is gay n I believe him@

  • darthclaudi

    @ ellie – WHO cares if he’s straight or not! Just leave him alone.

    And by the way – how can you tell if someone’s gay or not, if you don’t even know him????

    This whole “gay”-conversation is sooo boring.

    He’s a good actor, a well mannered person and I like seeing him and his frappu :-))

  • Velma

    @Sick & TIRED: yes!,ha ha
    the same shirt, vest, coffe….

  • Velma

    But……. I love him!!!! He is hot….he is sweet…. he is smart…

  • setenay

    He looks great…Thanks for new pics.

  • becareful

    There is something about a man after he turns 35 and starts to fill out. Wentworth is looking better than ever. He needs to get on TV again. We need some good eye-candy.

  • deffy

    He looks leaner and less mooby. But still flaming g**

  • mera

    @heba: heba ….i think u r no. 1 fan 4 wentworth …..ur words r really beatifull ……………..anyway LOVE U SO SO SO SO SO MUCH WENTY

  • BeGood


    Good idea! If Went is on a TV show again it would make me so happy! Still miss having him on TV every week in Prison Break.

    He is the most yummy eye candy ever!

  • tara

    Isn`t West Hollywood the part of LA where most homosexuals live?

  • B

    Good to see him and even better that he´s not wearing shorts again.


    He’s a terrible actor; he owes his popularity to his looks, not to his talent!

  • lee

    Wentworth has a very special distinguishing characteristic!
    It attracts us to focus on him, so unique and pregnant! He can present it well in his acting. You may not agree that his acting great, but good enough, I do think!

    How come he seens 27, super gorgeous,indeed! MY GOD!
    He is so Hot!

    I never get tired of any pic and news he is on, tell you!
    Thanks J J for the new Wentworth pics, love to see him more!
    Does anyone get the news of MMOC?

  • Kate

    He is hot. He has mega charm about him like a magnet. But sadly he has got acting skills far below average.RE is an example of that.

  • Mia

    @WILMA: ….. I suspect ,given your ‘professional’ opinion you may have some credibility in this matter ?…Please enlighten us…..Who are you?Have we heard of you ?…

  • erin

    He’s gorgeous, I want to see more of him on the big screen!

  • cat

    @ Mia
    Give it a rest. Nothing professional is needed to see his acting sucks. Just watch PB and you´ll find your ‘credibility’ there.

  • http://fish Credibility

    Wentworth makes me believe that Michael Scofield is real! So true that I admire his doings!

  • cat

    That´s your problem not mine.

  • Raven

    Good to see him again! Looking great.

  • Mia

    I guess it comes down to a taste some think ‘Jerry Springer ‘ is a fantastic show .

  • Jessie

    Thanks, nice to see pics of Went.
    He looks great!!!

  • xsjado

    I would go out on date with him. I don’t think he’s gay, but not a total man whore hitting up his chicklist either.