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Wentworth Miller Gets His Caffeine Kick

Wentworth Miller Gets His Caffeine Kick

Wentworth Miller picks up some coffee from Starbucks while walking around West Hollywood on Tuesday (February 2).

The 37-year-old Prison Break star just completed the zombie flick Resident Evil: Afterlife, which is based off a popular video game series.

Along the same lines, it looks like Wentworth might be associated with another popular video game, Bioshock. Although there are still no confirmations, back in May rumors started to surface that the actor was trying to land a role.

The video game is about a plane crash survivor named Jack who discovers an underwater city filled with mutated monsters and lethal robots.

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290 Responses to “Wentworth Miller Gets His Caffeine Kick”

  1. 1
    Sick & TIRED Says:

    woah…deja vu?

  2. 2
    sarah Says:

    i love wentworth he hott!!!!!

  3. 3
    Just me... Says:

    I’m madly in love with you Wentworth!

  4. 4
    GoodGirl Says:

    Wentworth I love you from the bottom of my heart!

  5. 5
    mariel Says:

    He is just too adorable!! Marry me Went!!

    Jared, what about the rumors that Wentworth is going to play the dual role of Gabriel/ Lucifer in Mary, Mother of Christ?

    The Bioshock rumors are nearly a year old now.

  6. 6
    lic_merry Says:

    OMG! Wentworth is a Very SEXY

    Please Wenty and Fan’s FOLLOW ME @Lic_MerRy

    You Are the BEST of the World! my Love WEM(=

  7. 7
    lexy Says:

    Good to see his career is doing well and he’s moving forward!

  8. 8
    Ellie Says:

    Still pretending to be straight, huh? Yep, some things never change.
    You’re gay Wentworth, just accept it!

  9. 9
    Nigerian Ningga Says:

    The weirdest dude in Hollywood, who never seems to have female with him at all. I heard the cat is half black, so that should put up some warning signs, either this dude is gay or he is gay. Is it that he cant find a female, or is it that he isn’t attracted to females.

    Fathers, learn to raise your kids with a little more heart, so that they can talk to girls. This kid looks like he got a problem.

  10. 10
    lola Says:

    @Ellie You are ridiculous! How is a man walking down the street holding coffee cups “pretending to be straight”? Get a life.

  11. 11
    ca Says:

    #8,9 , how is this any of your business?

  12. 12
    GoodGirl Says:

    There is two song’s who comes to my mind with thoses beautiful pictures…

    The first is…
    “If you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it…”

    The second is…
    “I wanna have your babies…It’s serious like crazy…I wanna have your babies…”

    He’s so special, so precious, so wonderful that I want him so much!

  13. 13
    Nigerian Ningga Says:

    Ellie, I agree with you. I like the dude, he is a talented guy in prison break, but went is on the suspect list, and its not like he cant get females. In Vegas, Flava Flav has a new woman every week, so this should be easy for this cat to find a chicken head. 90% of the time if a dude is never with a woman he is an automatic suspect and an undercover.

    Went needs to get it poppin with the females because he is looking real funny right now.

  14. 14
    lb Says:

    woah i forgot how HOT he is

  15. 15
    Sam Says:

    He’s smokin’ hot for 37!

  16. 16
    Whoever Says:

    Errrr….. *go changes panties* :D Sigh…. he is so dreamy!

  17. 17
    Marjorie Muffin Says:

    Never with a woman? Go back to some of JJ’s previous posts to see pictures of Went and women. Don’t make assumptions if you don’t know anything about him.

  18. 18
    LOVEato Says:

    Ahhh how gorgeous is he?
    And celebrity drinks always look awesome LOL

  19. 19
    Kate Bosselin Says:

    his vest is too short, so he can’t be gay or else he’d notice

  20. 20
    Mia Says:

    What has this world come to?I can’t believe that people dare to express their opinion on someone’s life so easily ,opinion purely based on a fictional character .I mean:” Gay / Straight ” I love him, he is hot ???? “etc.
    Intelligent conclusions are built on evidence. What is the source of your information? What is your evidence?What reality you live in or you are just happy with invisible“Co-existence” But is not the same as living in the same reality.

  21. 21
    firemendate Says:

    He looks straight to mee

  22. 22
    someone Says:

    Is he really OK??He doesn’t look -happy-to me neither in today’s photos nor in last month’s photos.I hope this is only an impression of mine and he is OK indeed.

  23. 23
    heba Says:

    I love u Wenty I’m waiting for ur movie….Love u so much sweetheart
    Thanks jj pls keep going we miss Wenty & we always want to see him

  24. 24
    Stern Says:

    Good to see him again! Hope he makes his way to our screens soon.

  25. 25
    Marga Says:

    I still think he’s gay, but that’s ok…. he still looks pretty good

  26. 26
    kukurikuu Says:


  27. 27
    greggy Says:

    agree with Sick & TIRED : ever seen! Often that you put old pictures… in the end, we don’t really know where he is now!

  28. 28
    Natasha Says:

    Wentworth is the hottest man alive. Period.

    I am a diehard fan n I dont care whether he is gay or not. He denied he is gay n I believe him@

  29. 29
    darthclaudi Says:

    @ ellie – WHO cares if he’s straight or not! Just leave him alone.

    And by the way – how can you tell if someone’s gay or not, if you don’t even know him????

    This whole “gay”-conversation is sooo boring.

    He’s a good actor, a well mannered person and I like seeing him and his frappu :-))

  30. 30
    Velma Says:

    @Sick & TIRED: yes!,ha ha
    the same shirt, vest, coffe….

  31. 31
    Velma Says:

    But……. I love him!!!! He is hot….he is sweet…. he is smart…

  32. 32
    setenay Says:

    He looks great…Thanks for new pics.

  33. 33
    becareful Says:

    There is something about a man after he turns 35 and starts to fill out. Wentworth is looking better than ever. He needs to get on TV again. We need some good eye-candy.

  34. 34
    deffy Says:

    He looks leaner and less mooby. But still flaming g**

  35. 35
    mera Says:

    @heba: heba ….i think u r no. 1 fan 4 wentworth …..ur words r really beatifull ……………..anyway LOVE U SO SO SO SO SO MUCH WENTY

  36. 36
    BeGood Says:


    Good idea! If Went is on a TV show again it would make me so happy! Still miss having him on TV every week in Prison Break.

    He is the most yummy eye candy ever!

  37. 37
    tara Says:

    Isn`t West Hollywood the part of LA where most homosexuals live?

  38. 38
    B Says:

    Good to see him and even better that he´s not wearing shorts again.

  39. 39
    WILMA Says:

    He’s a terrible actor; he owes his popularity to his looks, not to his talent!

  40. 40
    lee Says:

    Wentworth has a very special distinguishing characteristic!
    It attracts us to focus on him, so unique and pregnant! He can present it well in his acting. You may not agree that his acting great, but good enough, I do think!

    How come he seens 27, super gorgeous,indeed! MY GOD!
    He is so Hot!

    I never get tired of any pic and news he is on, tell you!
    Thanks J J for the new Wentworth pics, love to see him more!
    Does anyone get the news of MMOC?

  41. 41
    Kate Says:

    He is hot. He has mega charm about him like a magnet. But sadly he has got acting skills far below average.RE is an example of that.

  42. 42
    Mia Says:

    @WILMA: ….. I suspect ,given your ‘professional’ opinion you may have some credibility in this matter ?…Please enlighten us…..Who are you?Have we heard of you ?…

  43. 43
    erin Says:

    He’s gorgeous, I want to see more of him on the big screen!

  44. 44
    cat Says:

    @ Mia
    Give it a rest. Nothing professional is needed to see his acting sucks. Just watch PB and you´ll find your ‘credibility’ there.

  45. 45
    Credibility Says:

    Wentworth makes me believe that Michael Scofield is real! So true that I admire his doings!

  46. 46
    cat Says:

    That´s your problem not mine.

  47. 47
    Raven Says:

    Good to see him again! Looking great.

  48. 48
    Mia Says:

    I guess it comes down to a taste some think ‘Jerry Springer ‘ is a fantastic show .

  49. 49
    Jessie Says:

    Thanks, nice to see pics of Went.
    He looks great!!!

  50. 50
    xsjado Says:

    I would go out on date with him. I don’t think he’s gay, but not a total man ***** hitting up his chicklist either.

  51. 51
    Debra Says:

    Thank you Went miss you!

  52. 52
    firemandatingsite Says:

    I love his hair

  53. 53
    Hannah Says:

    Yum !

  54. 54
    SUZIE-Q Says:

    How can it be possible that he just keeps on getting better looking all the time? He is so incredibly hot and beautiful! Hollywood, take notice of this man please! He should be playing the parts that far less charismatic actors are getting and it is not right!

    Much love to Wentworth! MWAH!

  55. 55
    Downychick Says:

    Yes it is true that Went is a beautiful talented man and he would be so wonderful in a movie about anything, so please please let us see him on the screen again soon, PLEASE!

  56. 56
    Wanda Says:

    O…M…G…Someone call the fire department. That is what I call HOT!! :)

  57. 57
    GirlGoneWild Says:

    When was this picture taken, in the morning or the afternoon?
    He drinks a lot of coffee LOL keeps Starbucks in business all by himself! They should pay HIM to drink it.

    Keep drinking coffe Went, it’s the only time we see you.

  58. 58
    Henriette Says:

    The notion that Wentworth is gay has absolutely nothing to do with walking down the street with coffee cups. It is no particular secret around LA that he is gay. Of course, that would rock the world of fantasizing young women, and wreck his career if enough people believed it. Which is why he is closeted, and he’s not the only one. You young girls say, “I love Wentworth, I love this one and that one.” But oh, what you put them through. Some love!

  59. 59
    Mamasan Says:

    @Henriette Not to get drawn into a gay/straight debate, but how does coming out wreck an actors career? Certainly it has not hurt Neil Patrick Harris to be open. Add to that Wentworth is not the type to misrespresent himself to the world.

  60. 60
    Henriette Says:

    I didn’t say Wentworth misrepresented anything; he is secretive and closeted, and yes, gay. Neil P. Harris is another matter, he is a TV star. And there are musical stars who are also out. But there is not one single openly gay leading man in films, which is where people pay big money to attend, and stars take the biggest paychecks. And no, Rupert Everett is not a “leading man.” Coming out means after years of hard work and competition, blowing away millions. It is because of dimwitted audiences, who think, “So-and-so can’t play a straight romantic part if in real life he sucks you-know-what.” Stars and their agents are keenly aware of this.

  61. 61
    ILuvJoeJo*** Says:

    Miller said he wanted to get married and have kids someday. He is a TV actor and he always says he’s not doing it for the money. Also said he isn’t looking to play leading man, so # 61 your argument doesn’t hold too much water. I would not stop waching his TV shows and movies even if he was gay

  62. 62
    Henriette Says:

    Well, of course… who ever heard of a TV actor who wanted to be a leading man in movies? What a silly idea. Uh, except John Travolta. Except George Clooney. And Clint Eastwood. And Pierce Brosnan… and Leonardo di Caprio, and etc and etc. Listen, he is gay, and eventually you will accept it, just as the Claymates have had to… the horrible reality that Clay will not marry them. You will survive… you’ll get over it… you’ll live.

  63. 63
    fish Says:

    @ Tara 38
    Yes, West Hollywood is a gay community where more than one-third of the population is is gay (LGBT).

  64. 64
    heba Says:

    @ mera: thanks so much dear 4 ur sweet words
    I love Went so so much & I love u too because u r 1 of his fans

  65. 65
    taco Says:

    I have seen the same picture on Perez Hilton and there was a comment insisting that he is openly gay.
    Have I missed something?
    How about the french interview in which he said he wants a wive and kids?
    confused here..

  66. 66
    Tara Says:

    I thought so- thank you for the confirmation.
    What does (LGBT) stand for?

  67. 67
    fish Says:

    @ Tara
    LGBT = les, gay ,bi & transgender.

  68. 68
    setenay Says:

    about this stupid again.. still stupid “gay” claim..

    he is not gay…

    he is not gay…

    he is not gay…

    Why are people constantly questioning his sexuality? this right to you who gives? he had to prove anything to anyone not…

    he announced “I’m not gay.” For me it’s the truth …

  69. 69
    WILMA Says:

    He is not gay but he’s a bad actor.

  70. 70
    Missb Says:

    Someone who dresses like him can hardly be gay. No sense of style. Just saying… :-)

    With this said, I think there’s more important things to worry about that Went’s sexuality.

  71. 71
    Shari Says:

    He’s convincing as a straight man in the parts he has played.

  72. 72
    Lulu Says:

    He is dreamy!

  73. 73
    SosoS Says:

    Funny how he always carries two drinks.

    Don’t see enough of him now PB ended. Come on man you’ve got talent.

  74. 74
    Mia Says:

    ” When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else ” – David Brin

  75. 75
    Bunny Says:

    Thanks Jared…..but agree with 74, it’s alway TWO DRINKS??? Now who is getting the other one???Someone is back home while Went plays delivery boy and is sent out for coffee. Someone who does not want to be seen or at least the two of them together………hummm.

  76. 76
    Angie Says:

    The blond girl he was with last sept ?

  77. 77
    mariel Says:

    Reportedly Went likes one hot and one cold coffee. Both coffees are for him to drink. Loves his caffeine.

  78. 78
    Jessie Says:

    i remember pics of him in 2008 till now where he has been bringing two drinks, that’s not new

  79. 79
    river Says:

    i like Went..

  80. 80
    Kim Says:

    @Mamasan: NPH had that role before he came out . Lets see if he get leading man roles when the series end ,that’s the test.

  81. 81
    ellen Says:

    I can’t stop watching this photos. Amazing, georgeous, …
    Now waiting for any confirmation of his next jobs. I hope that happens soon.

  82. 82
    duple Says:

    I too ask at the moment questions to know why we do not ever see Wentworth with a woman being held by the hand as all the lovers ?

    I always defended Went when he says that he is not gay but I do not know any more which to believe : the gay rumours or Wentworth himself ?

  83. 83
    Tomasina Says:


    He is hot,sexy,honest and as – *71 – says has no dress sense -just love him and his Frapps. Give us more Went please

  84. 84
    confused Says:

    Someone at the Perez blog says Went is getting married.

  85. 85
    Henriette Says:

    It is extremely easy in Hollywood to get yourself photographed with a “lover,” an odd term. Listen, it is all about money. Not a little money. Big money. As long as people care so much about the sexuality of big screen actors, a lot of posturing and p.r. nonsense will go on. And it doesn’t always work. The public pushes their idols and crushes into a corner. Eventually, if Wentworth wants to be a multi-million dollar top draw, he will have to play the game. Meanwhile, we just see him alone with his two coffees.

  86. 86
    MrBlogalot Says:

    Henriette, if what you say is true, then why has Went not gotten himself photographed with a “lover”? Where is his posturing and pr nonsense? Who said he cares to become a multi-million $ top draw?
    You are assuming he is something that you have no proof of.

  87. 87
    Henriette Says:

    Well, of course, it’s silly for a TV actor to want to be an A-list movie
    star, who ever heard of such a thing, to want to be very rich? See comment #63. But in my last comment, I said IF Wentworth wants to be a multi-mullion dollar film leading man, he will play the game… all for you. All for you, so you can breathe a sigh of relief. “Gosh, there he is in US magazine, with such-and-such bottle blond. This means he can’t be gay. Since they are photographed together, it can only mean they have sex. Proof he is straight. Golly, now I can go and see his movie. WHEW!”

  88. 88
    Violetta Says:

    Wentworth said he’s not an actor for the money though # 88. Never seen him with a bottle blond. You must think everyone is homophobic which they are not. Too many IFs in your POV and you have no proof of what he is. So leave him alone and let him act however he wants.


  89. 89
    Caroline Says:

    Thanks JJ. It’s great to see HOT Wentworth, like always!

    And sorry this’s off the topic. Is there anyone here who has problem visiting Ex?

    Please please somebody answer me~~~~~~~~

  90. 90
    sherry Says:

    I’ve just read that there’s some problems on that site & they r trying to fix it
    I want to thank jj for Went’s pics.He looks cute and super gorgeous as always.I ask God to make him happy and successful in his life & career.I wish I see him soon b4 RE in successful roles because I miss him so much & it’s still long time till Sep 10th

  91. 91
    Henriette Says:

    Take it from me, and remember this: If Wentworth gets a really big role in a high budget movie, watch for two cups of coffee to be replaced with two busty babes, one on each arm. All for you,
    who claim to love him, oh you love him… IF he conforms to your notions of manhood.

  92. 92
    sueli Says:

    Caroline, it’s not just you. They are having server problems or something to that affect and are working on it as much as they can.

  93. 93
    sueli Says:

    That’s too bad, Henriette, not only for Miller but for those fans who wouldn’t want to see him compromise more than he most likely already has.

  94. 94
    duple Says:

    Who are you Henriette ? Gay or not gay ?

  95. 95
    Henriette Says:

    I wouldn’t say he has compromised enormously; he has just been secretive and not aggressively tried to mislead like, say, Zac Efron, or the usual Scientologist male stars. At 37, he will either have to get into films as a lead, or lose his chance. So, we shall see if he changes his approach if and when big money comes into the equation.

  96. 96
    Missb Says:

    I remember him saying that at the set of PB he often got a rash when he hugged someone. Maybe he hasn’t found a woman he’s not allergic to. ;-)

  97. 97
    MrBlogalot Says:

    Henriette, if I ever see Went with two busty babes, one on each arm, I’ll eat my hat. I don’t buy that he’s acting secretive out of concern for his image and his career. He is a quiet, solitary type by nature, not because he is hiding in the closet.

  98. 98
    PamelasPajamas Says:

    WOW Wentworth Miller is hot!

  99. 99
    Sissyfus Says:

    Went is so handsome that he looks as good in a pap shot on the street as he does in a photoshoot. Drop dead gorgeous.

  100. 100
    Caroline Says:

    Thanks a lot! sherry and sueli for the inf. Guess just have to be patient.

  101. 101
    Lucy Fur Says:

    This is the message I get when i go to Excommunicated web site:

    Excommunicated will return shortly.

    Chill out – go and get a frap or something! Kitty.

  102. 102
    lee Says:

    Lucy Fur, thanks so so much!

    I feel very sad, for I cannot get there, you know?
    “Excommunicated will return shortly. ” is a very good news for me!

    Hey! guys, please do post any new Went’s news you got here! =)

    Many Many Thanks

  103. 103
    Eve Says:

    Is this scrubby beard possibly for his role MMoC ?


  104. 104
    Sara Says:

    Baby face with scrubby beard :-)

  105. 105
    Hambabe Says:

    I gather that some of us would not be thrilled to see him with a (_)(_) gf.

  106. 106
    Ex Says:

    It will be nice when they start to show pics of Went´s ……. again and talk about swiss rolls like before.

  107. 107
    henriette Says:

    You have it backwards… some of us WOULD be thrilled to see more so-called proof of hetero status. Then it would be okay to luv, luv, LUV him and maybe pay $12 to see him in a movie, if he gets the chance.

  108. 108

    Hey Henriette, Went’s fans don’t need him to prove anything. We will pay to see him in a movie or watch him on TV. We will come here to see pictures of him. It is silly to think he needs to prove his hetero status. It’s impossible for any actor to prove that.

  109. 109
    Hollywood chick Says:

    Bare with me–I’m long winded for no good reason. I live in Hollywood and work in the industry. I don’t know who is what but I can say:
    West Hollywood is gay friendly. It also is extremely clean unlike much of LA. Many celebrities live there as do families (as in husband, wife and kids) even conservative families. Living there actually does not speak to a person’s sexuality. Also, Went lived most of the time in Hancock Park which is adjacent to WeHo. Before that it looks like he was around East Hollywood and Koreatown. He moved into a house he built in 2008 and although it seems to be in the area, I don’t know exactly which neighborhood.

    I’ve known several people who have worked with Went. From one close friend, she was convinced he was straight, no question. I kind of know someone who should be able to answer as accurately as you could about others in your life but after examining all the “lack of evidence” I don’t have a reason to ask him.

    As for Went’s comments about his sexuality. Go to his fan sites and you’ll read articles dating back to well before the rumors started. He has always answered as a straight man and was never coy with his answers. And for those who say that he has never said anything on video—he has–go to youtube.

    People always say he’s never seen with women. But he is–even when there are no cameras capturing him. Friends are good about letting me know they saw him because I had a huge, psycho crush. Every out and about siting but one (the rumored boyfriend siting) he has been alone usuaally alone or sometimes with a female. The female changes. Usually they are people who he is friends with and may even work with. I’ve only heard of him hanging out with guys at events where he might meet someone and hang with them the whole day instead of mingling. Everyone of those guys I’ve heard about are married. One is hated in the gay community for having made some comments that offended much.

    Fun fact—go to datalounge, a gay site where people insist they know he’s gay. I have read everything on there and many people there believe that he never dated Luke McFarland..they just come up with other theories of who. They also talk about people having prrof that he slept around (can’t find it there). i loved reading about a guy who lives in WeHo and beleived the rumor but was saddened he had never run into him for as small as WeHo is. Oh yeah, you know that comment Mariah made, I can’t find it even after 2 years looking it up through google. And of course, there are people who were on the sites in the past who had detailed info…Hmm. For some reason, it doesn’t come up in the archives for Wentworth.

    My point. After investigation, all evidence points to him being as straight as Henriette. There certainly is no substance behind the rumors. If you guys don’t know good looking, straight guys who are single way longer than makes sense looking in, perhaps you should live in LA for awhile. It’s so easy to meet people but shockingly complicated to find someone to be with.

  110. 110
    sueli Says:

    I don’t live in Hollywood and am not in the industry and I have no doubts that you know someone who knows Miller or know somebody who knows somebody etc., but I do distinctly remember there being [gay] rumors about Miller going back long before Prison Break and long before Perez started giving his opinion on the subject.

    As for datalounge, there have been a lot of threads that have dropped off over the years, including at least three that I know of re WM/LM specifically. And as with any forum, there are those who just no longer post there who might have known information on Miller. Not that that means much as people should take any claims of knowing the lives of the rich and famous with a grain of salt no matter what claims they might have.

    after investigation, I think as much evidence points in one direction as it does the other. I don’t really care – only when one side of the argument starts to get ugly and hypocritical – so long as in the long run we do get to see Miller content and fulfilled in his personal life as well as professional – whatever that might look like to him and not what he thinks his “fans” or the general public want it to look like.

  111. 111
    duple Says:

    What makes me sad, it is that Wentworth makes nothing to stop all the negative rumours which circulate on him !

    I am afraid that these rumours raise problems for his actor’s career.

    I think that Went has to prove who he is really :
    - if he is really gay, he has to let it know ;
    -and if he is not gay, he has to present his “girlfriend” (the fair hair lady we saw on September 2009 photo ) ?

    110, all right, the gay rumour about Wentworth appeared before Prison Break ! It is because Went played a role of gay in the series “Sarah”…
    But, there are many heterosexual actors who play this kind of role : Heath ledger and Jack Gyllenhaal, Matthew Rhys (with Luke McFarlne), Sean Penn, Jim Carrey , Robert Pattison, and so one …

  112. 112
    henriette Says:

    @WANTWORTH: FInally, somebody I agree with 100%, when you said no actor can prove his sexuality. This is the truth: Sexuality is about whom you WANT to have sex, whom you desire. How on earth do you prove what you are thinking? And so we look for concrete evidence of an abstract idea. Dating, photo ops, marriage, having children. But are these things really proof? No. But the public has special expectations when it comes to male film stars. As I said, there is not one single A-list leading man who is openly gay… in a profession where you put costumes and make-up on and play act… and 100% of them are straight, so we are encouraged to believe.

  113. 113
    hambabe Says:

    I for one would be very disappointed if Went would be seen with a girl friend. IMO the image of him as a single man is quite appealing and the reason why I visit this and his other fan sites every day.

  114. 114

    Hambabe, you are sorta proving Henriette’s point there. Being disappointed with his personal life isn’t really fair to him, is it? It shouldn’t matter for his career what he does offscreen or if he’s gay or straight. Do you expect him to be alone his whole life to make his fans happy?..

  115. 115
    hambabe Says:

    @ Wantworth That´s a fair question. I really admire sueli for # 110 expecially for this:
    *so long as in the long run we do get to see Miller content and fulfilled in his personal life as well as professional – whatever that might look like to him and not what he thinks his “fans” or the general public want it to look like.*
    No I don´t expect him to be alone his whole life to make his fans happy. I know that I´m a selfish b1tch talking like I do and I´m not as good a person as those who just want him to be happy in his life.I´d be so freaking jealous to see him with a gf. That is an issue I need to look into, I know!

  116. 116
    Sherpa Says:

    It would be better if his fans saw him with a male or female companion: there might be shock and despair at first then people would get used to their couple.
    Fans would be able to focus on his career and stop criticizing his behavior.

  117. 117

    Sherpa, I think so too. There is too much speculation about his personal life that might go away if he wasn’t so hard to pin down.
    Hambabe, don’t beat up on yourself too much. In all honesty I would feel some jealousy if he had a girlfriend, but it’s his life and we just have to suck it up.

  118. 118
    Eppie Says:

    Did you know coffee is an aphrodesiac, Wentworth? ;)

  119. 119
    henriette Says:

    What hambabe said is certainly a common thought here… that our desires about film stars color our feelings about them. But that is the tradeoff… a male leading man, at the top, can get $20 million for one film, and possibly more if he gets a % deal. For Wentworth, or any male actor, to be seen with his boyfriend, lover, or just a trick… it means blowing a lifetime of hard work for the privilege of living life openly. An earlier poster said, “Wentworth, marry me!” I recall the same nonsense not long ago about the girls shrieking such things to Clay Aiken, despite overwhelming evidence that such marriage was unlikely… and even if it happened, intercourse was mission impossible. Still, people have these fantasies, and the Hollywood powers that be are keenly aware of that.

  120. 120
    Missb Says:


    “What makes me sad, it is that Wentworth makes nothing to stop all the negative rumours which circulate on him !”

    Well, maybe he just doesn’t care, maybe he just wants to live his life and doesn’t feel the urge to prove himself to a mob of strangers.

    People will think whatever they want, he couldn’t possibly have an answer that would please everyone. And he doesn’t have to have one. Privacy means that it’s none of our business who or if he’s dating and that it’s his own choice.

    I often wonder why people get so upset and so obsessed with someone else’s life. Isn’t there more important things going on in this world?

  121. 121
    angel Says:

    wenty is not handsom he is ugly

  122. 122
    fish Says:

    @ Sherpa
    Fans would be able to focus on his career and stop criticizing his behavior.

    It´s hard to focus on his career because there is nothing new we know about for sure. It´s not just his private life that is unknown.

  123. 123
    henriette Says:

    What I’d like to get across is that the stars, and especially their handlers, feel a compelling need to promote a hetero image, whether the star in question is hetero or not. If the audience didn’t demand it, it wouldn’t be done. A lot of comments here confirm that this approach, right or wrong, is needed to keep a male star’s career busy and lucrative. An excellent example is Tom Cruise. When the rumors got too thick, he jumped on couches and made the I Love Katie media tour. Still, I think there isn’t one single person who thought Tom was gay before the marriage who changed his/her mind after. Other media campaigns, such as George Clooney’s, have been far more successful.

  124. 124
    santa in feb Says:

    @ Hollywood chick
    You write an awful lot around & about the ‘subjec’t but nothing new is brought to the table here. Evidence? LOL But I gotta give it to u- it´s a massive comment for a former crusher. Good luck in the fiction industry.

  125. 125
    duple Says:

    120, I think that the rumours annoy Wentworth a lot.

    When he had been questioned by a German magazine at the end of 2007, about his sexuality, Wentworth had said this : ” I am not gay but we cannot kill this rumour…” and later, he avoided the jounalists who tried to ask questions on his sexuality because he had already explained the reasons of his solitude .

    At the beginning, Wentworth believed that these rumours were quickly going to desappear…

    Now, it is not the case because his detractors continue to propagate the gay rumour every time he is photographed.

    Wentworth tries simply to live without thinking of these rumours…

  126. 126
    henriette Says:

    Case closed, thank you, duple. Anyone who even suggests somebody is gay is a “detractor.” You have made my point better than I could ever have done.

  127. 127
    sueli Says:

    @duple #11
    “What makes me sad, it is that Wentworth makes nothing to stop all the negative rumours which circulate on him !
    I am afraid that these rumours raise problems for his actor’s career.”

    So you are one who Henriette is talking about [and somewhat homophobic if 'gay rumors' = 'negative rumors'] that all A-list leading men need to be seen as straight according to the public, specifically female fans? Why do you [and/or others who "need to know"] need these rumors to stop? Will that affect the way you see him in roles? Why? Or do you only want to see him in a certain light?

    @ hambabe #113
    At least your honest LOL

    re Wantworth #117
    “In all honesty I would feel some jealousy if h had a girlfriend, but it’s his life and we just have to suck it up.”

    Yeah, I might be upset at first if there is a gf, but only because there goes [at least at first and for awhile] any fantasies that might happen if a bf comes into the picture. *a little too distracted to give an evil grin*

    @ Henriette #119
    “But that is the tradeoff… a male leading man, at the top, can get $20 million for one film, and possibly more if he gets a % deal. For Wentworth, or any male actor, to be seen with his boyfriend, lover, or just a trick… it means blowing a lifetime of hard work for the privilege of living life openly”

    I disagree to an extent. I don’t think it means blowing a lifetime of hardwork. I think he [or any male actor] could and would still get work, but probably not the $20 mil deals, which no actor should be getting anyway – a % deal, possibly, but up front that much money? no way. If he is being truthful and just wants to be a working actor, he certainly can keep at that regardless of his personal life/sexuality.

    @ Missb #120
    “I often wonder why people get so upset and so obsessed with someone else’s life”
    yeah, unless you that person’s parent ["it's my job to question your every decision!" LOL], it really isn’t necessary.

    @ duple #125

    I’m sure he gets annoyed answering any question that gets asked a million times over during the course of a press junket. It’s one thing to answer a million times over and it’s another when you say a million times over it isn’t anyone’s business. [isn't that what he said 2 years in? most of the answers for the specific personal question is just a blurb taken from year one and repeated over and over again in print - which sorta makes the question/answer a bit hinky to me - like overkill]
    I am also wary of foreign press translated articles as so much can get lost in translation. Right now, there is an article from this past year or so that really demonstrates this where the journalist didn’t fully understand what he was trying to explain and he, possibly, was trying to find the right terms that would be translated easier. In the end, the the journalist seemed to find *him* confused. LOL
    The impression I get, specifically the avoiding the journalists who ask the question about whom he is dating wast hat he didn’t think he would be answering any truly personal questions. He gave the same answer when asked about politics and I don’t doubt he would answer the same if asked about religion. [how many people here in the past have insisted he was Jewish? How many people within the past few years believe he might be Muslim?]

    Also, as far as “Wentworth believed that these rumours were quickly going to disappear” to me doesn’t make any sense unless you are asking me to believe that a reasonably intelligent man who has worked a number of years behind-the-scenes, including a stint at a pr corps or as a pr person, would be so incredibly naive to think that THE rumor that every actor in Hollywood will have following him will simply “go away.”

  128. 128
    henriette Says:

    You raise some excellent points, sueli. Now, about my having said “blowing a lifetime of hard work” I didn’t mean that a male out actor would throw his whole career away. I did mean that he would blow his chance at being at the top of the heap, and let’s face it, what actor doesn’t go into acting- it’s hard work, lots of disappointment, often starting in tacky local productions and contests, getting small and dumb parts, enormous competition, hoping and yearning for that big chance… seriously, what actor doesn’t want to make it big on the big screen? And what person who goes into politics wouldn’t like to be a senator, governor, or president? “Oh, no, I just want to be a city councilman in Duluth, I never want to go beyond that.” Please. An actor who is outed, or comes out does give up his chance at being an A-list action film star, or romantic lead, and that is the way it is, and that is why there exists not one single openly gay star with his name above the title of a major film with big budget and major costars. For that to happen, attitudes need to change. First the public, and then the Hollywood management. It cannot happen the other way around.

  129. 129
    grosspross Says:

    @ sueli
    Now that you have finished (for now) over analyzing our comments we can all breath easier.
    @ henriette
    I didn´t quite get your meaning by reading your first ten comments but something tells me there will be other ten ( at least). :/

  130. 130
    duple Says:

    Sueli, I am not homophobic because I am surrounded with homosexuals whom I like very much : (2 cousins, friends, colleagues…).

    I say simply that if Wentworth is really a homosexual and if he lied so for a long time to his feminine fans, to his colleagues of Prison Break ( Dominic Purcell, Amaury Nolasco and Sarah W.C. said that Wentworth was not homosexual, in interviews ) and to producers of films, it could have consequences on his career. It is better to say the truth at once…

    And then, we know all that the actors who are homosexuals do not make brillant career…Ruppert Everett, Luke McFarlane, Neil Patrick Harris…

  131. 131
    henriette Says:

    I could use itty-bitty words for you, but may I suggest a reading comprehension course?

  132. 132
    Kara Says:

    @ Duple
    I get your meaning and your opinion is as good as the others here. What I notice is how your English gets better with every comment you make. :)

  133. 133
    Sherpa Says:

    Muslim or Jewish?No, he eats bacon.

    I think someone here said he was a Buddhist and was seen at some temple?
    Or maybe he’s not a Buddhist but is thinking about becoming one?

  134. 134
    Amr Says:

    It’s good to see Wentworth and read about him.Good job jj keep going
    WM is the only reason I come here he’s my fav. actor.Hopefully we see him in MMOC movie.I hope we hear that he’ll be on this movie

  135. 135
    Colly Says:

    @ DUPLE

    I’m a SWC fan and I’ve never heard her say anything about Wentworth’s sexuality!

  136. 136
    polly Says:

    SWC is big forehead fugl

  137. 137
    ws Says:

    @henriette and sueli. Isn’t this so called open mindness that you both possess about his sexuality due to your own desire for him to be gay?

    @henriette. You generalize about the PR schemes of actors in general but you disregard one point. Within the masses lies individuals who maybe don’t play the game or stop at the point of deception, yes even to the public. It’s called morals.

  138. 138
    Eppie Says:

    @Sherpa: He eats bacon, how do you know that? there are Jewish and Muslim people who eat bacon anyway so its neither here nor there.
    The Buddhism comment was meant to be a joke in my opinion.
    Guess he celebrates christmas so that probably means???
    Do we care about his religion or lack of one? If your being curious that’s okay but some peolple get all weird if they don’t like your religion, so he probably keeps it quiet.

  139. 139
    sueli Says:

    @ws #137
    “Isn’t this so called open mindedness you both possess about his sexuality due to your own desire for him to be gay?

    You might see it that way, but I suppose it really isn’t any different when I read such homophobic comments as being due to the desire that he is heterosexual so that one day he will sweep one of the lady fans [specifically those who make such comments] off her feet – even if it is only in fantasy.

  140. 140
    Geez Says:


    I don’t see how someone saying that Went’s sexuality does not matter equates that person wishing Went were gay. That’s absolute nonsense. If I understood these people correctly, all they were saying is that Went’s private life is really none of anyone’s business and it should not matter what his sexual orientation is, whether that mean he is straight or gay. And I don’t see how acknowledging the pressures gay actors face means that a person wishes Went were gay.

    The debate over his sexuality is pointless. His sexuality should not matter to anyone. Yet, judging from all the comments, it appears people are overly concerned with his sexuality. Some people either think he is gay or want him to be gay, while other people believe he is straight or want him to be straight. Why this even matters is beyond my comprehension. What matters is the person he is inside and his acting ability. As long as he gives the audience a good performance and participates in entertaining projects, I don’t give a flying flip what his orientation is. He could hump stuffed toy animals for all I care as long as he has talent and shows off that talent in the various movies and shows he does.

  141. 141
    ws Says:

    geez; I’ve been around for a long time and I know some of Went’s regular fans and one of them is sueli. Her stance is that he is gay, her opinion and she is entitled to it. But don’t start that cr*ap about not caring about his sexuality when it comes to these debates. Clearly one is leaning to one side or another, otherwise there would be no debate. Get off you high horse. If Went was gay than I would accept that but he has clearly stated on a few occasions that he is NOT. Those that continue to question his word are those that think he is or wish him to be gay. Period. Hence the ongoing debate. Some people can’t reconcile the fact that there are individuals that don’t live according to society norm. Some make their own rules and expectations on such issues as relationships. Because Went is single some people cannot accept that he is just that …single. There has to be a reason for it which is that he is gay. That is primarily what I have an issue with. If you think he is gay fine but accept that is because you want him to be gay. From where this issue stands there is more evidence that he is straight than gay. And I don’t make this opinion because I believe he is holding out for me I make it with what I have read and heard from Went and people that have been in contact with him. I do not believe for a second that he would state he is not gay without being mindful of the retaliation such deception will cause. I believe if he was he would have been more vague with his answers or given an non answer. That is MY OPINION. Something some posters here are lacking to state and write as if their opinion is the be and end all of who Went *really* is. Henriette I’m looking at you!

  142. 142
    NoSa Says:

    Look at that smoking hot jean- tallness. Just wish I´d never seen him in shorts.

  143. 143
    dish Says:

    He is 37 and his past is such a secret no signs of any steady relationships.So, always the gay talk. There are no news of him for weeks or months but If we get interviews they are so predictable and repetitive, careful and boring. Nothing new there but maybe what dishes he likes the best.- Yes, food.
    Some say we should just focus on his career. Then I ask what career? ‘ I picture him on the beach as MS waiting for Sara when they were getting married. He looked at her and said she looked beautiful.’
    I have never seen any actor look and sound so unconvincing as he did when he said that. And I don´t think it was just because she is so cross eyed.This part was just too much for him to handle. But OK, let´s talk about his career…..

  144. 144
    Geez Says:


    No need to get defensive. We can be civil here. I agree with your point about societal norms. Being single at that age does not constitute proof that he is gay. There are many men in their 30′s who are single and completely straight, so people believing he is gay because he is not married with kids makes no sense to me. Also, there really is no proof that Went is single. For all we know he could be in a serious relationship with someone now. Being a private person does not mean being a single person. Not advertising the relationships he is in it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any.

    However, I still do not get the logic behind the idea that if someone believes he is gay it must be because they want him to be gay. There is a significant difference between thinking something and wanting something. Just because someone believes something to be true (even if it isn’t true) does not mean they want it to be true. There have been fans, for example, that have come on here and stated they thought he was gay and appeared to be upset about it. They’ve said things like they are beginning to believe he is gay and they are saddened by it. I distinctly remember one girl freaking out about it. She had previously been defending him, stating he was straight and people needed to stop accusing him of being gay, then one day something changes her mind and she literally freaks out over it, becoming distraught over the fact she changed her mind and thought he was gay. There might be some people out there that want him to be gay, but it is presumptuous and an over generalization to assume that anyone who think he is gay must have that opinion because they want it to be true.

    All this talk about proof is nothing more than opinion and perception. There is no way any of us could ever have any concrete proof of what he is and what he isn’t, simply because we do not have the ability to see inside his head. We could see him walking around with a guy, and that doesn’t mean he is gay, just like we could see him walking around with a woman and that wouldn’t mean he is straight. We can talk about evidence all we want, but no one can prove anything. We don’t know him, and even if we did, it still wouldn’t equate to an absolute knowledge. That’s how people work.

    The only reason why I take any issue with this is that I feel all the focus on his sexuality takes away from his work. Every time news of him surfaces, someone always mentions his sexuality. Then people get upset and start debating with one another, and things get a little ugly. People make assumptions about other people, they resort to name calling, and they throw around insults.

  145. 145
    duple Says:


    I recorded all the interviews of the main actors of Prison Break for 4 years because I am addict to Wentworth Miller since his appearance in Buffy and Vampires ! I am a big fan and
    I know many things about him…

    I am also a fan of Dominic Purcell .

    If you lived in France, I would show you my video cassettes with all the interviews (in English) of Wentworth and Dominic Purcell .

  146. 146
    henriette Says:

    A few beside myself have commented on the comment that to think someone is gay is to WANT someone to be gay, which is a crock of pudding. But when you talk about “it’s called morals” you either can’t mean what you’re saying or are incredibly sheltered. If you know you have to do certain things to get a job, and you want a job in a highly competitive and lucrative field, you do them, or limit your amount of work and limit the type of work, specifically film work. Is it “moral” for, say, Kevin Spacey– this goes back a while– to bring his “date” to the Oscars, then before an audience of about
    half a billion world-wide, proclaim she “taught him the meaning of love?” (He won the Oscar that night.) He had gone on a long PR campaign before that with the woman in question, who turned out to be in his employ. A few years later, he was busted twice- once in LA when a tabloid planted a hunky waiter at Kevin’s restaurant, and the two went to a public park and made out. The tabloid printed the less racy photos. The 2nd time was in England, again, the make-out venue being a public park for gay sex. Is it “immoral” to mislead the public about one’s sexuality? No, I’m not saying that; I’m saying that it is effin’ 2010 and that kind of misleading crap should no longer be necessary. But to read a lot of comments here, unfortunately, it still is.

  147. 147
    duple Says:

    Kara 132.

    Thank you ?

    I am French and I learnt English at School .
    I just try to manage in English to take part in discussions about Wentworth Miller because I am a big fan of him !

  148. 148
    Sir Says:

    ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.’

    Just finished reading an article in JAMA, they just discovered a connection between the lack of testosterone in males who are GAY, and the great news is with regular testosterone inections, the attraction to the same sex dwindles, WOW just think now all of you have a chance with a recovering GAY. Did I just make that up?

    Seriously we know Wentworth has come out and said, it’s NONE of anyones business who he is dating and has clearly refused to answer whenever asked in any of his lastest interveiws these past couple years HINT HINT, it’s really none of our business or is it?.

    What it comes down to is, is that he just likes f45king with his fans, that’s right, Wentworth likes to f45k with his fans (yup -yup -yup), it comes down to the choices he has made and how he has represented himself these past few years, and some have been quite sketchy, and from my POV it seems like he could give a flying f45k, but deep down inside I know there’s human in him and he has to feel the pain of his so called fanees needs and also sad to say some of his choices have made it difficult for the rumour to die out, that said, if the man is gay he may forever stay in the closet, or if the man is straight there is one lucky lucky gal just waiting to be swept off her feet, but from the sounds of him, his intellect and so called STAT for brains may just be the downfall for any relations he may have, but then again for all we know he may be getting his d-ick suked as we speak, but from the looks of his pictures, he seems to be in need of some good d-ick sucking. Wentworth if you read this please keep laughing all the way to the bank at everyones expense, actually I do applaud him for that, I guess that English degree really taught him well,(LOL) or was it his upbrining. Anyways BRAVO my Went, BRAVO.

    How to f64k the world and make lota money doing it :))))))))))

  149. 149
    sherry Says:

    I’ve just seen on another site a little video made by paparazzi on that day,though it’s very short but Went looks stunning and so hot on it.
    God bless him,I always pray & wish that everything is ok & we can see him so many times in big and small screen

  150. 150
    lee Says:

    OH! Sherry, so do I!

  151. 151
    sherry Says:

    dish #143
    If u remember that scene ,it was very clear that Went’s character MS wasn’t happy at all on his wedding.He said that obviously to his bro.Linc at the beginning of the movie.So no wonder he was just trying to make Sarah happy but he wasn’t happy or optomistic about the future.
    Went’s acting is amazing & in PB just for example u can remember his scene with Linc in S3 when he knew that Sareah was killed,the last scene with Sarah in S2 when he got arrested.On S4 when he knew that Linc isn’t his brother..etc & especially in The Final Break on his Good By words to Linc & Sarah.His acting on that scene was remarkable.U can take a look again and see.
    His acting in The Human Stain was very touched, great & also in his other roles on TV such as Popular when he acted as a bad guy,u’ll see that most of them r totally different from MS.He started his fame late than other actors who start their fame early but that doesn’t make him less talent than them
    U wonder why there’s always repeated questions in his interviews, even if there’s I see him very decent & funnuy guy not boaring at all in all his interviews.Besides if there’s some of them seem repeated as u say u cannot deny that there’s very nice interviews especially with Ellen,Jimmy Kemmel & another reporter from Germany I guess ..etc they were so nice & interesting
    About he’s 37 and we don’t see a girl in his life,I just want to say that it’s very easy for him-if he wants to pretend-to find a girl saying she’s his GF & they stay long time and then separate as many other actors in Hollywood, really it’s not hard IMO

  152. 152
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    For once, I would really like to visit this website and not have to read the same pathetic debate regarding Went’s sexuality. How does one call them self a fan of this man and yet continually disrespect the one thing he has asked for…HIS PRIVACY. It’s bad enough Wentworth has to battle the paparazzi, it’s a downright insult when his fans sink to the same level and feel the need to examine every single thread of his private life. Is it not enough to appreciate this man for the hard work and dedication he puts into his acting. Wentworth strives to give his very best in every role he procures, he deserves to be shown more respect than this from his fans.

  153. 153
    sara Says:

    Ryan Hunter-152
    It’s bad enough Wentworth has to battle the paparazzi,

    It would be bad if he did n´t.And you know what, respect works both ways. Like some sir said, it looks as Went is playing with his fans,( to put it mildly). I´m a so called fan of Wentworth and I would like to see him from time to time to know that he lives.The lack of news is on going. He has no official web site and we never really know if he has a job or not. This would actually be a good time to thank the papparazzi for the pics because I´ve been sick and tired of waiting to see him.
    Say, you want to be a big celeb, there is no big privacy.

  154. 154
    ellen Says:

    I support every one of the words on your post.
    I agree at all.

  155. 155
    tcm Says:

    I’ve only read a couple of these posts and come up with one conclusion.You people really need to take a long hard look at your own lives then judge others. Why is it that just because you are a Celeb your private life should be plastered all over the papers etc(.90% of what you read is pure bullshit anyway.) Doesn’t matter who you work for your PRIVATE life is strictly CONFIDENTIAL and is no one else’s business. I admire the fact that Wentworth is very good at keeping his private life exactly that. Anyway if you judge a person purely by their sexual orientation then you are very shallow. This won’t affect his work performance. The only people who it will affect is those of you who think you have a chance of getting a leg over, which is NIL.Well done Wenty for keeping everyone guessing. you’re still my NO 1 actor.xx

  156. 156
    henriette Says:

    You said it, sara: “Say, you want to be a big celeb, there is no big privacy.” Nobody said show business, with a huge pot of gold and public adulation at the end of the rainbow, is for the faint-hearted. The lack of privacy goes with the territory, and anyone over the age of 12 knows this. If you want privacy, be an accountant, a plumber, a mechanic, a scientist, whatever. The concept of movie magazines, gossip columns, entertainment reporters, photo ops, arranged dates and marriages goes back to the days of silent movies almost a century ago. Only the names have changed. I never said it SHOULD be that way, but that is how it always has been, and that is the way it is. The notion of a $20 million male actor with star billing whom we know little about sexually is unrealistic.

  157. 157
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    @sara: Why do you NEED to see pictures of Wentworth in between his projects? That is a selfish request from yourself. So because your life cannot be fulfilled without latest news of this man, HE is being disrespectful? That is ridiculous! Acting is a job, if Wentworth felt the need to promote himself as an actor he would. However unlike a lot of actors who aren’t happy unless they are front page news, Wentworth is happy to go to work and do the job he is paid to do. If part of his contract is to promote his work, he is more than happy to oblige. He owes us fans nothing. He does not have an official website because he doesn’t want one. Wentworth has always said he did not get into this industry for the fandom, he appreciates the fact that it comes with the business and he is more than appreciative of the support his fans have shown, however he is under absolutely NO obligation to give us anymore of himself. If you believe that he does owe us more than you should ask yourself at what point did your appreciation of this actor turn to an obsession. Your wanting of these ‘in between project’ photos is what keeps the paparazzi employed.

    Official announcements will always be made about Wentworth’s involvement in projects when the bond companies and such a ready to announce it. Eventually fans will get OFFICIAL pictures and promotional feeds for his current projects.

  158. 158
    cocoa lux Says:

    Some people on here are being so extra it’s unreal. Let the man live. When he has to do his interviews and promo’s, you’ll see a lot of him, in the meantime, snaps like this are nice and all but not the be all and end all. #157 Ryan Hunter is talking a lot of sense. Because he’s not a media ho like other celebs, he’s being selfish… Lord have mercy, that’s some messed up logic. And I said it once, and I’ll say it again, the minute he steps out with anyone, male/female.. people will be speculating like crazy like they don’t anyways. Man can’t win. He’s probably doing them a favour. Do you Went
    I’ve gotta say though, can’t believe he’s almost 40, He looks at least a decade younger.

  159. 159
    sara Says:

    @ Ryan Hunter
    Did not say I NEED to see I said I would like to see. Anyway, a lot of his fans on this site have been begging for pics and news of him and telling JJ off and to go do their job because nothing new was here. Were did all of them think the pics would come from, the plumber services?

  160. 160
    duple Says:

    I agree with you Henriette (156) .

    When somebody works in the business, he has to accept that his private life is known by the public . That’s the rule !
    It’s a part of actor’s profession also !

  161. 161
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    @sara: You have proven my case in point. No more needs to be said! Also I don’t enter into word game semantics, you may not have used the words I NEED but it was clearly conveyed.

    @duple: Yet Wentworth’s private life is not known by the public. There is NO rule, it is simply something some fans use to justify their WANT to know an actors private life.

  162. 162
    Amr Says:

    I agree with all what u said 100%
    WM is very talented great actor and he’s very decent nice person.He’s not showy in his life because of this there’s not usually alot of news about him.This doesn’t change the fact he’s a respectful man and a respectful actor.
    Any1 doesn’t see this,doesn’t understand what real talent is

  163. 163
    game Says:

    @ Ryan Hunter
    Yet Wentworth’s private life is not known by the public. There is NO rule, it is simply something some fans use to justify their WANT to know an actors private life.
    Yeah and see what that is bringing on: Constant debate about his sexuality. He´s a D list actor but wants privacy!!!! Yeah right

  164. 164
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    @game: Your point being? Let me reiterate once again:- “How does one call them self a fan of this man and yet continually disrespect the one thing he has asked for…HIS PRIVACY. It’s bad enough Wentworth has to battle the paparazzi, it’s a downright insult when his fans sink to the same level and feel the need to examine every single thread of his private life. Is it not enough to appreciate this man for the hard work and dedication he puts into his acting. Wentworth strives to give his very best in every role he procures, he deserves to be shown more respect than this from his fans.”

    Considering a D list actor does not even exist on the Ulmer scale your attempt at mockery is simply juvenile.

  165. 165
    game Says:

    @ Ryan Hunter Your point being?
    Keeping you in the game, Ryan

    Wentworth has started a new career in papparazzi vids with outstanding performance.In his lumberjack costume he is coolness on legs.Wish he would have used that swing when he did the crybaby M S.

  166. 166
    Your Conscience Says:

    @game – I think ryan hunters point was incredibly clear. Perhaps a reread is in order for you?

    @sara – look up the word narcissism. You may even find a picture of yourself there if youre very lucky.

    @Ryan Hunter – Dude, why are you bothering with these fangirls who obviously have no grasp on the real world? If their lives are this pathetic that they need to invade the privacy of others then they are already living the perfect punishment.
    Trying to teach someone respect when its crystal clear they have none, even for themselves is pointless.
    I can understand your frustration though and agree with everything youve had to say, as Im sure would Wentworth.

  167. 167
    LL Says:

    @ Your conscience. Reread? I´ts clear too me
    Ryan Hunter: Your point being?
    game: Keeping you in the game, Ryan.

  168. 168
    Colly Says:

    If Wentworth has no obligation to give his fans more of himself, the fans also have no obligation to watch his shows or go to see his films.

    Wentworth wants his cake and eat it. An actor can’t be just seen when he promotes his movie, he needs to reveal a part of his life and personality in order to be loved by his public. It’s give and take, I fear he doesn’t understand that.

  169. 169
    Your Conscience Says:

    @LL: yes reread, as should you i think if you are still unclear as to whats being debated here.
    @Colly: WOW! how old are you? 12?
    noone owes you anything. your self righteous attitude is kind of shameful.

  170. 170
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    @game: I see you have put a lot of time and effort into your response but once again it appears I need to reiterate myself – your attempt at mockery is simply juvenile

    @LL: Obviously its not!

    @Colly: Nobody is forcing you to watch his shows, certainly not Wentworth. You chose to be HIS fan he owes you NOTHING!

    @Your Conscience: Finally someone here with a little bit of sanity.

  171. 171
    Icy Says:

    Colly I agree with you !!! Every word.I too fear he doesn´t understand!

  172. 172
    Your Conscience Says:

    @Icy: now which one of your alias’ should i reply to? this one or colly?

  173. 173
    Icy Says:

    @ Your Conscience
    You assume this because you are Ryan Hunter?* Finally someone here with a little bit of sanity* Lmao

  174. 174
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    It appears @Icy: believes she knows the entertainment industry better than Wentworth does. @Icy:For someone so intent on invading every aspect of Wentworth’s life, you appear very unknowledgeable.

  175. 175
    Your Conscience Says:

    @Icy: i assume nothing little one. the conscience knows all.
    including your delusion

  176. 176
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    @Icy: That comment is truly laughable. Perhaps you need to take a reread of all of my posts. Its quite obvious that I can speak for myself and have done. I do not need somebody to hold my hand, unlike some it appears!

  177. 177
    Your Conscience Says:

    @Ryan Hunter: male or female? id be happy to hold your hand though. you and i should get together and have internet imaginary babies.

  178. 178
    Icy Says:

    @ colly
    Where are you when I need you? lol

  179. 179
    Your Conscience Says:

    @Icy: perhaps log it in eh then start typing. like magic, it will appear.
    shocking i know.

    so this is getting boring, how about we get back to your self righteousness and delusion as im losing interest very fast.

  180. 180
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    @Your Conscience: Haha, you seem to find this as disturbing as I do!

    @Icy: Why do you need @Colly: ? Can you not speak for yourself?

  181. 181
    Icy Says:

    OK This is not even funny.I did not write as colly and JJ knows. So please stop.

  182. 182
    Your Conscience Says:

    @Icy: oookay O_o

    lets get back on topic then eh?

    have you ever met Wentworth or are you basing your oh so valid opinion on things you have read from other delusional fangirls? (yes, before you ask, i have met him multiple times)
    have you ever seen a gay tendency from him apart from the crap perez hilton has provided? (again, before you ask, no i havent though i have seen him display sexual affection toward females NEVER males)
    are you gay yourself and are wishing he were gay so as your mastabatory dreams can be fullfilled?
    why do you feel its your business who he sleeps with?
    are you disappointed he will never be interested in you and comes from a different world than yourself?
    would you be happy if your privacy was invaded the same way?

  183. 183
    Your Conscience Says:

    @Ryan Hunter: yes i do. i also find it slightly funny that they feel they can say whatever they feel about otheres but then cry when its thrown back at them.
    lucky i have tissues on stand by for everyone.

  184. 184
    Icy Says:

    @Y C #182

    I said I agree with # 168 ,Colly
    What are you talking about?
    That comment says nothing about him being gay or who he sleeps with. Please relax.If someone agrees with something you don´t like he or she does not have to be that same person as wrote the comment,alias or whatever you call it.

  185. 185
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    @Icy: Its obvious you have missed the entire point to what @Your Conscience: was trying to convey.

  186. 186
    Your Conscience Says:

    @Icy: aww kleenex?
    your post is completely invalid and really requires no retort but to ‘keep you in the game’ as the cool kids say, ill bite.
    the whole discussion is about privacy and their invasion of it. perhaps catch up and read all before you jump in with idiocy yeah?
    also im extremely relaxed. i even have my feet up. im working very hard as you can tell.

  187. 187
    Your Conscience Says:

    @Ryan Hunter: are all wentworth miller fangirls like this?
    im slightly entertained in a ‘cant look away from the car accident’ kind of way.

  188. 188
    Icy Says:

    Why don´t you ask Wentworth next time you meet him?

  189. 189
    Your Conscience Says:

    @Icy: i just may do that.
    are you not going to answer my questions precious?

  190. 190
    Your Conscience Says:

    i guess invasion of privacy only works one way here eh. why am i not surprised.

  191. 191
    Anika Says:

    Agree with Henriette # 156

  192. 192
    Joss Says:

    @ Icy
    ROFL, girl

  193. 193
    Eva Says:

    Is anyone having trouble visiting Excom?I am.

  194. 194
    Your Conscience Says:

    ahh excommunicated delusion. ive been told about you freaks. NOW it makes sense.
    you guys need meds. aswell as some dignity.

  195. 195
    Eva Says:

    @Your Conscience
    What and who ARE you talking about???
    Sorry to ask you cause it looks as you need some rest.

  196. 196
    Your Conscience Says:

    @Eva: no im perfectly fine but thanks for your concern pumpkin.
    youre awfully cocky for someone who has no idea who theyre talking to.
    are you having trouble keeping up?

  197. 197
    tcm Says:

    #156 you are WRONG. Lack fo privacy shouldn’t go with the territory. There is a time and a place for paparazzi ie. movie openings,Grammys, interviews etc. Anything outside of this is called STALKING and there should be heavy penalties for this. Some enjoy it like LINDSEY, PARIS and BRITNEY but it also ruins them and I get sick to death of hearing about them.I don’t endorse celeb mags etc, I think 90% of whats written in them is crap. They are only for people like you who have an obsession because there’s not enough excitement in your own lives.I like to follow Wentworth but in the right way I get sick of seeing him with a cup of coffee now that’s just wrong just let him have his coffee in peace!!!

  198. 198
    JoyHeaven Says:

    @ 197 @

    Some enjoy it like LINDSEY, PARIS and BRITNEY but it also ruins them.
    It is vice versa, it ruins such b***** if they * don`t * get the attention of Paparazzi and such losers who want to see pictures of them.
    They live only for or because of the attention.

    Wentworth lives for his acting and not for the attention of someone about his private affairs.

  199. 199
    Eppie Says:

    Wow…there seems to be a war of words going on here. May I just say that I believe we are each entitled to our opinions, but please keep it respectful toward Wentworth. If you can’t post anything but criticism and negativity about him, then you are not a fan. If you come here and post made-up B.S. that you actually know him when you don’t, or know things about him when you don’t, then you are in need of therapy.

    Wentworth is well aware of the system as it exists in Hollywood. He is a big boy and he is a smart man. He knows that what he does for a living is essentially to create fantasies, and he knows that those fantasies (called ‘suspension of disbelief’) are impossible to create if we see Wentworth Miller on the screen instead of the character he’s playing.

    He has often times expressed appreciation for his fans. But no one has the right to a piece of his soul. We are all deserving of some level of privacy in our lives, no matter what we do for a living. It’s about self-preservation. Look what happens to actors who don’t keep anything private! They are chewed up and spit out, wasted, gone. Wentworth is too smart and too tough-minded to let that happen to him.

    So go ahead and speculate about him, but keep it real! WE DON’T KNOW HIM. Get over it.

  200. 200
    Your Conscience Says:

    @Eppie: the irony in your post is amazing! you start out throwing accusations (and yes they are accusations, look before you leap next time) of knowing him then you go on to speak for him. i agree with you on your therapy thought, and feel you should seek some immediately.
    ‘please keep it respectful towards wentworth’ are you for real? are you not one who invades his privacy constantly?
    regardless of his position ‘fantasies’ as you call them are LESS than respectful. they are more pittyable and laced in obsessive delusion.
    your last paragraph is a contradiction to everything you wrote before it.
    i honestly feel embarrassed for you right now. for all of you excom freaks actually. if only you knew how you were perceived and mocked by ALL (and thats no BS sugar nor was my previous statement you jealous?).
    wake up to yourself eh and step out of your wentworth bubble for just a moment and look around.

  201. 201
    Your Conscience Says:

    @tcm: @JoyHeaven: thank christ for you two!!!
    i was beginning to become a little worried all wentworth fans were freaky whiners like the previous posters.
    its nice to see some normal people appreciate him also.
    thank you!

  202. 202
    Ann Says:

    The Wentworth bubbles appear in many ways. Some have multiple little Went bubbles inside their heads with themselves and Went together in them.

  203. 203
    sherry Says:

    Eva #193
    There was a problem but I think it’s solved now

  204. 204
    Colly Says:

    What I meant in my post above is that Wentworth is wrong to refuse to play by Hollywood rules. He thinks he can do his “Garbo” impersonation (= be mysterious) but he’s not Greta Garbo and he’s not an exceptional actor.
    He’s just handsome and we want to know a BIT (just a BIT!) of his life .It is certainly not his acting skills which are g mesmerizing, right? LOL!
    If he was less pretty we would not be discussing him now.

  205. 205
    sherry Says:

    colly # 204
    He doesn’t want to be mysterious,he’s just a simple person..I’ve noticed on most his imterviews he looks very shy and quiet,even his friends say that about him.He’s a very talented actor not just nice looking guy

  206. 206
    boxer Says:

    @ Ann :The Wentworth bubbles appear in many ways. Some have multiple little Went bubbles inside their heads with themselves and Went together in them.
    Yup, and it makes other fans really jealous :D

  207. 207
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    @Colly: No YOU are wrong to think Wentworth has to abide by these imaginary Hollywood rules. Wentworth’s private life is of no business of yours just as your private life is of no business of his. This ridiculous notion that just because he has celebrity status means his fans are owed an open invitation to intrude into his personal life is simply ludicrous.

    Just because YOU want to peek into his personal affairs does not mean you are entitled to it and it certainly doesn’t mean Wentworth owes it.

  208. 208
    Eppie Says:

    Sherry # 205 I agree with you on all counts. Wentworth is a very talented actor, a humble person, and a harmless and tolerant soul.
    Some of the people who claim to be his fans should be ashamed of the way they belittle and disrespect him.

  209. 209
    Cristina Says:

    @ Colly 204
    Couldn´t agree with you more, Colly.

  210. 210
    Trip for Two to... Says:

    Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on, brah!…
    Lala how the life goes on…
    Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on, brah!…
    Lala how the life goes on.

  211. 211
    game Says:

    @ Colly
    You said it girl. All so true.

    @ Ryan Hunter Wentworth’s private life is of no business of yours just as your private life is of no business of his.

  212. 212
    Your Conscience Says:

    @game: youre not very bright are you? (thats a rhetorical question by the way. that means it requires no answer kid so dont bother)

  213. 213
    henriette Says:

    I wonder if some have a reading comprehension problem and don’t understand the difference between what people want, what people expect, what exists and what should and should not exist. Nobody, least of all me, is saying that a star’s (and it is debatable whether WM is really a star, or on the cusp of stardom– I hope!) private life SHOULD be fair game and open to curiosity and speculation. I have been saying that IS the way it is, it has always been that way, and it is not going to change. It is the reason George Clooney is very careful to be photographed with his latest date, preferably in beach wear, in places he knows photographs are accessible. Also, tooling around Rome on a scooter, where every papparazzi works. It is why Tom Cruise got married and reproduced (although I’m not sure of the method) and not one full month goes by without family pix, shopping, vacationing, whatever. It is why John Mayer keeps a high sexual profile. It is why Amy Winehouse can be counted on to either get into a fight or collapse on a regular basis. It is why Heidi Montag had
    McSurgery, tells the world about it, and even gets her mother to
    publicly discuss it. It is why stars attend publicity events with their dates, real or arranged, dressed spectacularly or bizarrely, anything to get photographed and interviewed. It is why stars have employees specifically in charge of public relations. And if you don’t know what p.r. is, it is essentially creating an image and profile to keep the client’s name on people’s lips, employed, and at the highest salary possible. The notion of “just let so-and-so sing and act” and leave him/her alone” is a silly and sheltered POV, not anything an adult should think.

  214. 214
    Eppie Says:

    @#200 Your Conscience:

    Do you mind if I ask what drug you’re on? Seems like you’re having a lot of fun!

  215. 215
    Your Conscience Says:

    @Eppie: i certainly am having fun and plan to continue should the delusion.
    and its called slander control. starting to realize you didnt know everything are you?

  216. 216
    Colly Says:

    @Ryan Hunter:
    “Wentworth’s private life is of no business of yours just as your private life is of no business of his”.

    Then he shouldn’t be an ACTOR. These people get scandalous amounts of money to make us dream.
    If he wanted privacy, fair enough, he could have been a librarian or a teacher. Smart actors know how much they can show about their private lives to keep their fans happy: family pics, photoshoots of their home etc…
    Miller gives NOTHING at all.

  217. 217
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    @henriette: You’re right there is a comprehension problem going on here and you seem to be one of quite a few here suffering from it! MOST people here ARE saying Wentworths private life SHOULD be fair play. Ridiculous I know, but those are the delusions of over obsessed fangirls. YOU are saying that it’s part of the business and has always been, and celebrities understand this before getting into the industry. I AM saying that it is ridiculous to think that all celebrities MUST conform to these imaginary Hollywood rules. Wentworth is an internationally renown celebrity and yet he HAS kept his life private. It’s HIS fans that keep trying to pry into his personal business for their own satisfaction, the point I am trying to make is that it is these fans who are being disrespectful to Wentworth. A fan should respect this man for his work and his values and Wentworth values his privacy. Who are we to tell him that he owes us an open book into his personal affairs. If you don’t like the fact that this man wants his privacy, stop being his fan. It’s that simple. I respect this man for his work. I appreciate the information he has given us, but that is all, I do not ask him for anymore, I do not pry for anymore and I certainly don’t EXPECT anymore!

    @Eppie: I was going to ask you the same thing. Because most of your posts have been quite rational and yet your comment at #199 is laughable at best. Perhaps you need to reread comment #182 and start again, it’s obvious that you and most people here have missed the entire point of that post.

    @Cristina: Then my comment at #207 also applies to you.

    @game: You seem to be losing at your own game…

  218. 218
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    @Colly: WOW!!! How self righteous can you be? That comment is truly laughable. I think you have been dreaming too long, you really need to wake up now and join the real world!

  219. 219
    Your Conscience Says:

    @Colly: to be blunt, you are a complete moron!
    your level of respect is non-existent. perhaps you should stalk wentworth with a little less delusion and gimme gimme attitude as he himself has been extremely clear about the invasion of privacy involved with the paparazzi.
    if not even his own words can get through to you then you are truly psychotic!
    how about i trace your IP and try to track down your house like you do his and camp outside it with a camera. that would be fun dont you think? (again rhetorical and since youre such a tool i feel i should point out NO i dont plan to do it i am making a point using the same technique i would with a child)

  220. 220
    Eppie Says:

    @Ryan Hunter:

    Post #182 was written by a troll. If you can’t recognise that, then you must be a troll as well.

    That person has not “met Wentworth several times” nor seen him acting “sexually affectionate towards females”!

    Who are you trying to kid?

  221. 221
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    @Eppie: My god how stupid can you be! Look up the word sarcasm and fangirl. That entire post was @Your Conscience IMITATING stupid fangirls and their intrusion of privacy. You are missing the whole point of that post. They were not saying THEY (@Your Conscience) have met Wentworth, they were not saying THEY (@Your Conscience) have seen him acting “sexually affectionate towards females”! Can I make it any more clearer for YOU!!!

  222. 222
    Your Conscience Says:

    @Eppie: troll? cos ive met him and you havent? try again sweetheart.
    green is not a nice color on you at all.@Ryan Hunter: i think shes having trouble seeing through those rose colored glasses of hers.
    seems to me if youve met him youre automatically not worthy. odd thinking but fangirl heaven i guess.
    i think they think he sits at home all day and doesnt encounter any human beings cos hes busy waiting for the excom freaks to propose marriage. he is their soulmate and is patiently waiting and hibernating until it occurs.

  223. 223
    Your Conscience Says:

    @Ryan Hunter: and yeah i was sorry. we live in the same city. **** happens

  224. 224
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    @Your Conscience: That’s okay, maybe I didn’t explain myself properly, I was simply trying to explain the post was clearly about invasion of privacy and that they shouldn’t be concentrating on the point of whether you have or haven’t met the man because it’s simply a mute point to argue. I’ve crossed paths with Wentworth myself, made the blatant mistake of posting it on Twitter and was harassed by a bunch of excom members trying to find out every little detail of the encounter. I looked up their website and low and behold they had even google mapped the area the encounter happened, posted a picture of the shop I was at and spent the rest of the day discussing the possibilities of what Wentworth was doing there, it was truly disturbing and I refuse to visit that site EVER again. Is it really so hard to believe there is actually thousands of people in this world who have met Wentworth, whether passing down a street, at a publicity event, watching the filming of PB, etc. You make a very good point in your comment #222 about the color green & those rose colored glasses, it’s VERY sad indeed!

  225. 225
    game Says:

    @ Ryan Hunter
    I’ve crossed paths with Wentworth myself, made the blatant mistake of posting it on Twitter…..
    **** happens Ryan,
    perhaps when you logged it in.. eh.. then started typing, like magic, it appeared
    shocking i know.

  226. 226
    Your Conscience Says:

    @Ryan Hunter: jesus! just when the delusion couldnt go further.
    that is truly in-frickin-sane!!!
    @game: you really need to stop talking until you have something either slightly coherent or valid to say. unless youre 11, in that case keep trying

  227. 227
    game Says:

    You guys talk a lot together. Just want to say goodbye to you and tell you something I heard at school because its sort of like you to guys Ryan and Concy, but these guys are made of snow.

    OK, Two snowmen where standing side by side. And one said to the other: I smell carrots

    See ya

  228. 228
    Your Conscience Says:

    @game: youre a moron kid. STAY IN SCHOOL AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!!!!

  229. 229
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    @game: I see we’ve mastered the art of the copy and paste feature, well done!!! Now are you feeling sad that I was not speaking to you? I’m sorry but it was check mate for you long ago!

    @Your Conscience: It really is disconcerting.

  230. 230
    Chichon Says:

    Can you please explain why people bother so much about Wentworth’s sexuality or Wentworth’s career or Wentworth in general?

    He had a hit show for one two seasons, then PB got bad. Wentworth is not a good actor, he’s good looking that’s about it!
    If he had a bigger nose or thin lips nobody would be commentting on pages and pages here about his sex orientation or his private life.

    Wake up! He’s not going to be around for long. His career is almost over.
    Geez! You should get a life!

  231. 231
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    @Chichon: If you think so little of Wentworth then can you please explain why you bothered to visit this webpage? Why you bothered to read these comments? and why you bothered to make a post? Your post is quite a contradiction don’t you think? Seems you have gone to a lot of trouble for someone who doesn’t even like the guy.
    Perhaps you are the one in need of getting a life.

  232. 232
    kelly Says:

    @Chichon: i agree with you, now wentworth is not a good actor (he was not perfect in SUV),
    he can not act, he gives no emotion in his characters, his expression is always the same for all his characters
    i’am sad because i was a big hug fan about him and that’s true he’s just good looking

  233. 233
    Cristina Says:

    Remember when he ( M S ) had the bandage on his head in PB S4 and was in bed talking to his bro? Man, that was the worst acting ever seen. Dom was not super but Went was horrific. But I´m not here because of his acting. He´s just too damn hotpretty.

  234. 234
    ellen Says:

    I’ve been reading the comments for the last days and I was avoiding to bite, but now I can’t wait more time.
    What I see when I see Wentworth Miller is not just a pretty face, but yes a person, a gentelman, a well read person, someone with a culture knowledge, with education and with respect to other people. And all these are values that are rare to find today. That is because I am a fan of him.
    Beside, I like his acting. I know there are people who don’t like his acting, but guys, I like it. There are colours for all the tastes.

    About the privacy debate I must say that I like to see pics of him and to have news of Wentworth, but if I look at myself, what would I do?. I’d do the same that he is doing with his private life.
    I wonder, if someone who is completely strange to me asks me to share my private life with him/her, what would I say? I’d say “oh, sorry dear, it’s my life” And then he/she tell me “hey, but I know you, I’m following you, I’m your fan so you owe me your life”, then maybe I’d feel a bit uncomfortable and would say “yes, but I don’t know nothing of you and don’t know neither who nor how you are”. If still he/she say “yes, but I’m seeing every photo of you, I know you, you are a public person”, I’d conclude: Yes, but every public person needs his privacy.
    But that is me.
    Sometimes I wonder if that people and people that criticize him realize that Wentworth Miller is also a human being.

  235. 235
    Roger Huntwill Says:

    I had a horrible experience when I was twitting . Was just tellin my mates where I´d been. Just said; I went….but then I couldn´t say no more cause the Excom girls jumped at me sayin *Went is it reaaally you?* I tried again to say I went….but they wouldn´t STOP. I went (no I´m not him) to their web site and what do ya know. They had a bunch of creepy smileys with their eyes rolled and their tongues hangin out and they were holding a pics of me outside my house. ,,,, I´m scared. ,,,,

  236. 236
    ROFLMAO!! Says:

    @ Your Consience (and all your other names)

    Yj si lam ne kiteg ni ouj pok. Ouj pok saar. Yj teh itna laicos ytilanosrep redrosid.

    Eybdoog sneistot !

  237. 237
    BeGood Says:

    Ellen, your words so true!
    I come here almost everyday, for I want to know some news of Went!
    I love his acting that I want to see him in more roles.
    I am waiting for his new projects to enjoy!
    I wish to see him being Nate in SVU again, or he could be one of the lead roles in the show.
    Indeed, he is super attractive actor! He should be a lead role in any show he wants to play.
    Wish him all the best!

  238. 238
    Eppie Says:

    @Ellen and BeGood… I’m with you, babes!

    Wentworth is beautiful, brilliant. talented, kind, and a fine gentleman. He is the best! That is why we are his fans. We wish him happiness and support his career!

  239. 239
    Your Conscience Says:

    @Chichon: haha. im sorry, i realize that was meant to be insulting, but that was pure GOLD!
    @Roger Huntwill: youre not the only one im affraid. pathetic, delusional and pittyable dont even come close to describing those wannabes.
    @ROFLMAO!!: well that was gutsy and worthwhile. now say it so i can read it eh?
    @Eppie: like ive said before, i truly feel embarrassed for you! you are in desperate need of medication (im sure youve been told that before though).
    one day, when you gain some realistic perspective you will look back on this stage of your obsession and realize what a joke you are on such a large scale!
    the size of your world must be tiny. i almost feel sorry for you.

  240. 240
    ROFLMAO!! Says:


  241. 241
    Your Conscience Says:

    @ROFLMAO!!: youre obviously as intelligent as you are brave.
    run along now pumpkin and let the big kids talk.

  242. 242
    Caroline Says:

    Remember when he ( M S ) had the bandage on his head in PB S4 and was in bed talking to his bro? Man, that was the worst acting ever seen. Dom was not super but Went was horrific. But I´m not here because of his acting. He´s just too damn hotpretty
    You don’t like his acting in that part? What a pity! I like it. I think he nailed every single scene with DP, and every single scene that has something, anything to do with emotions. I feel sorry you can’t appreciate his performance. And I’m glad I can.

    Please don’t bother to reply. I won’t check. Thanks!

  243. 243
    Icy Says:

    @ Your concience 182

    No, I´ve never met WM.
    Never seen any gay tendency from him, that being because he´s not gay.
    I´m not gay my self. It´s not my business who he sleeps with and I know he will never be interested in me and I don´t find it disappointing just logical. No, I would not be happy if my privacy was invaded. I don´t need to know about his partner and his most private things, none of my business, just like to see pics of him and get news of his projects.

  244. 244
    duple Says:

    Icy 243 .

    I am also a big fan of Wentworth but I remain objective.

    It is not only some fans who want to know the private life of Wentworth but Hollywood is like that !

    In Hollywood, if somebody tries to hide his private life so for a long time, he is considered to be “a suspect” …And the producers do not interest to him.

  245. 245
    henriette Says:

    True, duple, if somebody tries to be under the radar, it looks suspicious. On the other hand, a pushy aggressive p.r. campaign can arouse more suspicions than it quashes. Tom Cruise is a perfect example of a campaign that backfired. I think Leo diCaprio’s team does the best job. Just let one new photo with a supermodel come out every two or three months, but no interviews, no couch jumping. The superior approach is to feed the public just enough hetero evidence it needs, then shut up before the star puts his foot in it. If you’ve ever heard George Clooney talk…

  246. 246
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    @ROFLMAO!!: Clearly someone is not very good at playing their own game. You might want to check that spelling next time. Oh and totsiens to you, as unfortunately i’m sure we will see you again.

    @ellen: I’m glad you decided to post. We need more comments like this.

    @Icy: First decent post i’ve read from you yet. So now I ask why did you agree to @Colly’s post #168 ” he needs to reveal a part of his life and personality in order to be loved by his public. It’s give and take ” & now reply with this “I don´t need to know about his partner and his most private things, none of my business,” Quite a contradiction don’t you think?

  247. 247
    kara Says:

    I don´t think that if somebody tries to be under the radar, it looks suspicious. IMO it says more about the people´s state of mind who think it does.
    Went is not seeking attention like some celebs do he just wants to be appreciated for his work. He has my utmost appreciation for his contribution in all of his projects and my admiration for not giving in to some people’s (or industries) unrealistic and expectations based on selfishness, arrogance stupidity and greed.- My dear Wentworth Thank you for lighting up my life!

  248. 248
    lee Says:

    Caroline, good say!
    200% feel Went’s brilliant acting in that sence, His natural acting is in every scene!

  249. 249
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    @kara: Couldn’t agree more. Thank you kara!

  250. 250
    Icy Says:

    @ Ryan Hunter 246
    I simply changed my mind. When I saw Colly´s next post I thought I did not want to be connected with any more of that kind. I guess I see now that asking such of him is too much and not right. BTW I like his acting, always have.

  251. 251
    Your Conscience Says:

    @game: @ROFLMAO!!: welcome to the internet precious.
    youve just been traced :)

  252. 252
    game Says:

    @ Concy
    Dude That´s an insult man
    Told you I was outahere
    Don´T mix the game with that babbling vulcan freak

  253. 253
    Your Conscience Says:

    @game: the game has been outed :)
    bye pumpkin

  254. 254
    Chichon Says:

    @Ryan Hunter:

    -Why I read those comments? Because I read JustJared, I found this page and I was wondering why Wentworth Miller is still around.
    Prison Break is over and I haven’t heard he has done anything else. Oh yes, Resident Evil! Woah! What an achievement!

    What’s next? Is he currently being bombarded with scenarios? Did I miss reading about his sensational new projects?

    Wentworth is a pretty boy in a town full of pretty boys. Lots of them are as pretty as him but much more talented and much younger.
    He’s nearly 40, OK 38 soon. the age when your talent need to be more obvious than your good looks.
    He hasn’t got a chance, sorry.

  255. 255
    game Says:

    @ Chichon Resident Evil! Woah! What an achievement!

    Yes it is. That IS the thing man. Thats OSOME.Finally a good one for Miller and the dude takes care of that. No s*!t This he can do with excellence.No crybaby there. This I wait to see. He looks 25 he will own the place in that one. Let him have what is his he will own the place in that one.

  256. 256
    Ryan Hunter Says:


  257. 257
    Your Conscience Says:


  258. 258
    Your Conscience Says:

    @game: now now, didnt you say you were leaving and i suggest you refrain from using any more usernames. especially ones of other users posting.
    like i have said to you already, please think before you write and speak with some coherence.

  259. 259
    Your Conscience Says:


  260. 260
    Your Conscience Says:

    @game: reboot your computer sunshine :)
    pray you have more than a firewall before you do though

  261. 261
    02132010 Says:


  262. 262
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    “Prison Break is over and I haven’t heard he has done anything else. Oh yes, Resident Evil! Woah! What an achievement!”
    Best keep looking if that’s all you’ve found! As for RE4, Yes it really was a poor choice on his behalf, who would think of joining a financially successful franchise that attracts international recognition and uses new state of the art technology. Thank god for that pretty face of his. That poor naive old man!

    “What’s next? Is he currently being bombarded with scenarios? Did I miss reading about his sensational new projects?”
    It appears you have. But don’t worry, since you aren’t interested in Wentworth’s career or Wentworth in general I wont bore you with the details.

    @game: So I see we’ve now mastered the art of using other peoples usernames. Grasping at straws will not pull you up the ranks of “The Game.”

  263. 263
    Chichon Says:

    @Ryan Hunter:

    OK, tell me what other project he’s involved with?
    I’d like to know. Surprise me, please.

  264. 264
    Dellboy Says:

    Went ‘s next big project is Mary Mother of Christ due to be filmed this month in Morocco. Went will play Gabriel/ Satan, replacing Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in the double role.
    I’m sure it will be a great boost to his career and show producers he can play serious roles!

  265. 265
    VinoHelado Says:

    He’s not in MMOC.
    No, sir!

  266. 266
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    He is in MMOC.
    Yes, sir!

  267. 267
    heba Says:

    ellen 234
    I support all ur words..thanks so much
    God bless Went and make him safe,successful,happy and beloved by so so many faithful fans who care about him so much and r not waiting 4 his flaws as others.I think that’s the most important thing for him.

  268. 268
    Coca Says:


    shut up.

  269. 269
    Coca Says:

    always look good ^^

    guys.. who cares if he’s gay or not.

  270. 270
    duple Says:

    Ryan Hunter “161″

    It’s the fault of Perez Hilton if some fans and paparazzi are so much interested in the private life of Wentworth Miller !

    When Perez Hilton threw the gay rumour about Wentworth and when we saw went together with the gay actor Luke McFarlane, every body asked question on the sexuality of Went …

    Until today,the feminine fans still want to know the truth about Wentworth’s sexuality…whereas the gay community want to be persuaded that Perez Hilton is right…That’s the real problem…

  271. 271
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    @duple: Perez may have printed the story but it’s Wentworth fans who have blown it entirely out of proportion. Since the story was first printed fans have been disrespecting Wentworth by encouraging the story with their not stop debating and their non stop intrusion into his private life. All they are doing is paying Perez’s paychecks and encouraging him to print more. This is why every new picture we’ve seen with Wentworth we see Perez scrawl his gay comments and sarcastic remarks. Why? Because Wentworth fans are handing Perez his own publicity on a platter. Perez may be a **** but he knows how to manipulate people and self promote. Wentworth has ignored Perez and his idiotic comments and his fans should show the same respect and do the same.

  272. 272
    drfatma Says:

    wentworth is the best american actor i’ve ever seen ! that i believed

  273. 273
    someone Says:

    –Ryan Hunter–271
    I agree with you.BUT many of them(fans I mean).NOT all of them.

  274. 274
    Ryan Hunter Says:

    @someone:Absolutely! Sorry I did try to word it to mean as such but yes I agree with you, it’s not ALL his fans.

  275. 275
    Mr.A Says:

    1) Thanks for Wentworth news
    2) Please feature more Wentworth Miller on your site.
    Can’t u see that he’s in demand? His fans want to see more of him.
    3) Enough with Rihanna coverage.

  276. 276
    sherry Says:

    I agree I’m dying to see & hear news about went 24hr.I never get enough of watching him.Besides JJ shows too much news about more celebrities not just Rihana.
    I’m not saying they shouldn’t,of courese those ones have their fans too but to be mild is the best.I don’t want to wait 2 month without hearing about wenty but now I appreciate for bringing us new pics of him in 1 month
    Pls keep doing this & don’t leave us waiting so long as bfr
    Thanks so much,Love Went for ever

  277. 277
    sherry Says:

    I agree I’m dying to see & hear news about went 24hr.I never get enough of watching him.Besides JJ shows too much news about more celebrities not just Rihana.
    I’m not saying they shouldn’t,of courese those ones have their fans too but to be mild is the best.I don’t want to wait 2 month without hearing about wenty but now I appreciate for bringing us new pics of him in 1 month
    Pls keep doing this & don’t leave us waiting so long as bfr
    Thanks so much,Love Went for ever

  278. 278
    duple Says:


    We want all to have news and new photos of Wentworth but we don’t have to ask for the impossible for Just Jared !

    If Wentworth doesn’t go out and if he has not new event in his life : project of film or television series, he doesn’t interest paparazzi a lot .

    Let us be thus patient and let us hope…

  279. 279
    Peppi Says:

    His career seems to be on the wane.
    How sad!

  280. 280
    sherry Says:

    Yes ,I understand & I appreciate jj’s work.I’ve said b4 it’s great to see in a short time 3 new pics of Went.I just want to keep it that way but as I remember we stayed almost more than 2 monthes without getting any new pics or news,though during that time Went was shooting RE & there was his trip to China.
    Peppi,pls don’t worry about went’s career.His fans’ll be happy to see him at any time on any project or event

  281. 281
    duple Says:

    Peppi “279″ ,

    Anyway Wentworth said that he wished to become a Scriptwritter or a Producer or a Director of films…Not only actor …

    Thus,even if he is not sought to play in a film, he can make other things in the environment of the cinema !
    And then, it is not because he was excellent in Prison Break that he is going to be good in all the castings…

    Wentworth recognizes himself to have crossed more than 400 hearings before being accepted in PB !

    I think that he continues to cross hearings but that he is not accepted for a role yet…

  282. 282
    heba Says:

    I hope I see Went all of the year.I adore him ,,,I cannot wait to see him on his next project.
    God bless u Wenty..We love u so much

  283. 283
    heba Says:

    I mean if he wants to do something else + acting,it’s ok.
    As long as we still can see him on movies & TV

  284. 284
    go see salt Says:

    he is a good actor

  285. 285
    heba Says:

    Sure he is

  286. 286
    sara Says:

    ونت ورت میلریا مایکل اسکافیلد توی ایران خیلی طرفدار داری دوستت دارم !

  287. 287
    sherry Says:

    Pls write in English

  288. 288
    JuJubee Says:

    AAH MAN! Who evers with this guy is a lucky man!!!!!!! I wish he liked women so I could atleast have an imagination that i would have the slightest chance!!!!!! haha, I’m glad he’s happy and being who he wants to be… sure pulled the whull over my eyes though! he’s so gorgeous and nothing like some time of ricky martin Lol he all knew that dude was gay!

  289. 289
    JuJubee Says:

    All well! atleast we ladies still got Channing Tatum !!!!


  290. 290
    Neleh Says:

    Te or Coffee sounds great.

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