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Wentworth Miller Gets His Caffeine Kick

Wentworth Miller Gets His Caffeine Kick

Wentworth Miller picks up some coffee from Starbucks while walking around West Hollywood on Tuesday (February 2).

The 37-year-old Prison Break star just completed the zombie flick Resident Evil: Afterlife, which is based off a popular video game series.

Along the same lines, it looks like Wentworth might be associated with another popular video game, Bioshock. Although there are still no confirmations, back in May rumors started to surface that the actor was trying to land a role.

The video game is about a plane crash survivor named Jack who discovers an underwater city filled with mutated monsters and lethal robots.

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  • Debra

    Thank you Went miss you!

  • firemandatingsite

    I love his hair

  • Hannah

    Yum !


    How can it be possible that he just keeps on getting better looking all the time? He is so incredibly hot and beautiful! Hollywood, take notice of this man please! He should be playing the parts that far less charismatic actors are getting and it is not right!

    Much love to Wentworth! MWAH!

  • Downychick

    Yes it is true that Went is a beautiful talented man and he would be so wonderful in a movie about anything, so please please let us see him on the screen again soon, PLEASE!

  • Wanda

    O…M…G…Someone call the fire department. That is what I call HOT!! :)

  • GirlGoneWild

    When was this picture taken, in the morning or the afternoon?
    He drinks a lot of coffee LOL keeps Starbucks in business all by himself! They should pay HIM to drink it.

    Keep drinking coffe Went, it’s the only time we see you.

  • Henriette

    The notion that Wentworth is gay has absolutely nothing to do with walking down the street with coffee cups. It is no particular secret around LA that he is gay. Of course, that would rock the world of fantasizing young women, and wreck his career if enough people believed it. Which is why he is closeted, and he’s not the only one. You young girls say, “I love Wentworth, I love this one and that one.” But oh, what you put them through. Some love!

  • Mamasan

    @Henriette Not to get drawn into a gay/straight debate, but how does coming out wreck an actors career? Certainly it has not hurt Neil Patrick Harris to be open. Add to that Wentworth is not the type to misrespresent himself to the world.

  • Henriette

    I didn’t say Wentworth misrepresented anything; he is secretive and closeted, and yes, gay. Neil P. Harris is another matter, he is a TV star. And there are musical stars who are also out. But there is not one single openly gay leading man in films, which is where people pay big money to attend, and stars take the biggest paychecks. And no, Rupert Everett is not a “leading man.” Coming out means after years of hard work and competition, blowing away millions. It is because of dimwitted audiences, who think, “So-and-so can’t play a straight romantic part if in real life he sucks you-know-what.” Stars and their agents are keenly aware of this.

  • ILuvJoeJo***

    Miller said he wanted to get married and have kids someday. He is a TV actor and he always says he’s not doing it for the money. Also said he isn’t looking to play leading man, so # 61 your argument doesn’t hold too much water. I would not stop waching his TV shows and movies even if he was gay

  • Henriette

    Well, of course… who ever heard of a TV actor who wanted to be a leading man in movies? What a silly idea. Uh, except John Travolta. Except George Clooney. And Clint Eastwood. And Pierce Brosnan… and Leonardo di Caprio, and etc and etc. Listen, he is gay, and eventually you will accept it, just as the Claymates have had to… the horrible reality that Clay will not marry them. You will survive… you’ll get over it… you’ll live.

  • fish

    @ Tara 38
    Yes, West Hollywood is a gay community where more than one-third of the population is is gay (LGBT).

  • http://h heba

    @ mera: thanks so much dear 4 ur sweet words
    I love Went so so much & I love u too because u r 1 of his fans

  • taco

    I have seen the same picture on Perez Hilton and there was a comment insisting that he is openly gay.
    Have I missed something?
    How about the french interview in which he said he wants a wive and kids?
    confused here..

  • Tara

    I thought so- thank you for the confirmation.
    What does (LGBT) stand for?

  • fish

    @ Tara
    LGBT = les, gay ,bi & transgender.

  • setenay

    about this stupid again.. still stupid “gay” claim..

    he is not gay…

    he is not gay…

    he is not gay…

    Why are people constantly questioning his sexuality? this right to you who gives? he had to prove anything to anyone not…

    he announced “I’m not gay.” For me it’s the truth …


    He is not gay but he’s a bad actor.

  • Missb

    Someone who dresses like him can hardly be gay. No sense of style. Just saying… :-)

    With this said, I think there’s more important things to worry about that Went’s sexuality.

  • Shari

    He’s convincing as a straight man in the parts he has played.

  • Lulu

    He is dreamy!

  • SosoS

    Funny how he always carries two drinks.

    Don’t see enough of him now PB ended. Come on man you’ve got talent.

  • Mia

    ” When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else ” – David Brin

  • Bunny

    Thanks Jared…..but agree with 74, it’s alway TWO DRINKS??? Now who is getting the other one???Someone is back home while Went plays delivery boy and is sent out for coffee. Someone who does not want to be seen or at least the two of them together………hummm.

  • Angie

    The blond girl he was with last sept ?

  • mariel

    Reportedly Went likes one hot and one cold coffee. Both coffees are for him to drink. Loves his caffeine.

  • Jessie

    i remember pics of him in 2008 till now where he has been bringing two drinks, that’s not new

  • river

    i like Went..

  • Kim

    @Mamasan: NPH had that role before he came out . Lets see if he get leading man roles when the series end ,that’s the test.

  • ellen

    I can’t stop watching this photos. Amazing, georgeous, …
    Now waiting for any confirmation of his next jobs. I hope that happens soon.

  • duple

    I too ask at the moment questions to know why we do not ever see Wentworth with a woman being held by the hand as all the lovers ?

    I always defended Went when he says that he is not gay but I do not know any more which to believe : the gay rumours or Wentworth himself ?

  • Tomasina


    He is hot,sexy,honest and as – *71 – says has no dress sense -just love him and his Frapps. Give us more Went please

  • confused

    Someone at the Perez blog says Went is getting married.

  • Henriette

    It is extremely easy in Hollywood to get yourself photographed with a “lover,” an odd term. Listen, it is all about money. Not a little money. Big money. As long as people care so much about the sexuality of big screen actors, a lot of posturing and p.r. nonsense will go on. And it doesn’t always work. The public pushes their idols and crushes into a corner. Eventually, if Wentworth wants to be a multi-million dollar top draw, he will have to play the game. Meanwhile, we just see him alone with his two coffees.

  • MrBlogalot

    Henriette, if what you say is true, then why has Went not gotten himself photographed with a “lover”? Where is his posturing and pr nonsense? Who said he cares to become a multi-million $ top draw?
    You are assuming he is something that you have no proof of.

  • Henriette

    Well, of course, it’s silly for a TV actor to want to be an A-list movie
    star, who ever heard of such a thing, to want to be very rich? See comment #63. But in my last comment, I said IF Wentworth wants to be a multi-mullion dollar film leading man, he will play the game… all for you. All for you, so you can breathe a sigh of relief. “Gosh, there he is in US magazine, with such-and-such bottle blond. This means he can’t be gay. Since they are photographed together, it can only mean they have sex. Proof he is straight. Golly, now I can go and see his movie. WHEW!”

  • Violetta

    Wentworth said he’s not an actor for the money though # 88. Never seen him with a bottle blond. You must think everyone is homophobic which they are not. Too many IFs in your POV and you have no proof of what he is. So leave him alone and let him act however he wants.


  • Caroline

    Thanks JJ. It’s great to see HOT Wentworth, like always!

    And sorry this’s off the topic. Is there anyone here who has problem visiting Ex?

    Please please somebody answer me~~~~~~~~

  • http://h sherry

    I’ve just read that there’s some problems on that site & they r trying to fix it
    I want to thank jj for Went’s pics.He looks cute and super gorgeous as always.I ask God to make him happy and successful in his life & career.I wish I see him soon b4 RE in successful roles because I miss him so much & it’s still long time till Sep 10th

  • Henriette

    Take it from me, and remember this: If Wentworth gets a really big role in a high budget movie, watch for two cups of coffee to be replaced with two busty babes, one on each arm. All for you,
    who claim to love him, oh you love him… IF he conforms to your notions of manhood.

  • sueli

    Caroline, it’s not just you. They are having server problems or something to that affect and are working on it as much as they can.

  • sueli

    That’s too bad, Henriette, not only for Miller but for those fans who wouldn’t want to see him compromise more than he most likely already has.

  • duple

    Who are you Henriette ? Gay or not gay ?

  • Henriette

    I wouldn’t say he has compromised enormously; he has just been secretive and not aggressively tried to mislead like, say, Zac Efron, or the usual Scientologist male stars. At 37, he will either have to get into films as a lead, or lose his chance. So, we shall see if he changes his approach if and when big money comes into the equation.

  • Missb

    I remember him saying that at the set of PB he often got a rash when he hugged someone. Maybe he hasn’t found a woman he’s not allergic to. ;-)

  • MrBlogalot

    Henriette, if I ever see Went with two busty babes, one on each arm, I’ll eat my hat. I don’t buy that he’s acting secretive out of concern for his image and his career. He is a quiet, solitary type by nature, not because he is hiding in the closet.

  • PamelasPajamas

    WOW Wentworth Miller is hot!

  • Sissyfus

    Went is so handsome that he looks as good in a pap shot on the street as he does in a photoshoot. Drop dead gorgeous.

  • Caroline

    Thanks a lot! sherry and sueli for the inf. Guess just have to be patient.