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Wentworth Miller Gets His Caffeine Kick

Wentworth Miller Gets His Caffeine Kick

Wentworth Miller picks up some coffee from Starbucks while walking around West Hollywood on Tuesday (February 2).

The 37-year-old Prison Break star just completed the zombie flick Resident Evil: Afterlife, which is based off a popular video game series.

Along the same lines, it looks like Wentworth might be associated with another popular video game, Bioshock. Although there are still no confirmations, back in May rumors started to surface that the actor was trying to land a role.

The video game is about a plane crash survivor named Jack who discovers an underwater city filled with mutated monsters and lethal robots.

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290 Responses to “Wentworth Miller Gets His Caffeine Kick”

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  1. 101
    Lucy Fur Says:

    This is the message I get when i go to Excommunicated web site:

    Excommunicated will return shortly.

    Chill out – go and get a frap or something! Kitty.

  2. 102
    lee Says:

    Lucy Fur, thanks so so much!

    I feel very sad, for I cannot get there, you know?
    “Excommunicated will return shortly. ” is a very good news for me!

    Hey! guys, please do post any new Went’s news you got here! =)

    Many Many Thanks

  3. 103
    Eve Says:

    Is this scrubby beard possibly for his role MMoC ?


  4. 104
    Sara Says:

    Baby face with scrubby beard :-)

  5. 105
    Hambabe Says:

    I gather that some of us would not be thrilled to see him with a (_)(_) gf.

  6. 106
    Ex Says:

    It will be nice when they start to show pics of Went´s ……. again and talk about swiss rolls like before.

  7. 107
    henriette Says:

    You have it backwards… some of us WOULD be thrilled to see more so-called proof of hetero status. Then it would be okay to luv, luv, LUV him and maybe pay $12 to see him in a movie, if he gets the chance.

  8. 108

    Hey Henriette, Went’s fans don’t need him to prove anything. We will pay to see him in a movie or watch him on TV. We will come here to see pictures of him. It is silly to think he needs to prove his hetero status. It’s impossible for any actor to prove that.

  9. 109
    Hollywood chick Says:

    Bare with me–I’m long winded for no good reason. I live in Hollywood and work in the industry. I don’t know who is what but I can say:
    West Hollywood is gay friendly. It also is extremely clean unlike much of LA. Many celebrities live there as do families (as in husband, wife and kids) even conservative families. Living there actually does not speak to a person’s sexuality. Also, Went lived most of the time in Hancock Park which is adjacent to WeHo. Before that it looks like he was around East Hollywood and Koreatown. He moved into a house he built in 2008 and although it seems to be in the area, I don’t know exactly which neighborhood.

    I’ve known several people who have worked with Went. From one close friend, she was convinced he was straight, no question. I kind of know someone who should be able to answer as accurately as you could about others in your life but after examining all the “lack of evidence” I don’t have a reason to ask him.

    As for Went’s comments about his sexuality. Go to his fan sites and you’ll read articles dating back to well before the rumors started. He has always answered as a straight man and was never coy with his answers. And for those who say that he has never said anything on video—he has–go to youtube.

    People always say he’s never seen with women. But he is–even when there are no cameras capturing him. Friends are good about letting me know they saw him because I had a huge, psycho crush. Every out and about siting but one (the rumored boyfriend siting) he has been alone usuaally alone or sometimes with a female. The female changes. Usually they are people who he is friends with and may even work with. I’ve only heard of him hanging out with guys at events where he might meet someone and hang with them the whole day instead of mingling. Everyone of those guys I’ve heard about are married. One is hated in the gay community for having made some comments that offended much.

    Fun fact—go to datalounge, a gay site where people insist they know he’s gay. I have read everything on there and many people there believe that he never dated Luke McFarland..they just come up with other theories of who. They also talk about people having prrof that he slept around (can’t find it there). i loved reading about a guy who lives in WeHo and beleived the rumor but was saddened he had never run into him for as small as WeHo is. Oh yeah, you know that comment Mariah made, I can’t find it even after 2 years looking it up through google. And of course, there are people who were on the sites in the past who had detailed info…Hmm. For some reason, it doesn’t come up in the archives for Wentworth.

    My point. After investigation, all evidence points to him being as straight as Henriette. There certainly is no substance behind the rumors. If you guys don’t know good looking, straight guys who are single way longer than makes sense looking in, perhaps you should live in LA for awhile. It’s so easy to meet people but shockingly complicated to find someone to be with.

  10. 110
    sueli Says:

    I don’t live in Hollywood and am not in the industry and I have no doubts that you know someone who knows Miller or know somebody who knows somebody etc., but I do distinctly remember there being [gay] rumors about Miller going back long before Prison Break and long before Perez started giving his opinion on the subject.

    As for datalounge, there have been a lot of threads that have dropped off over the years, including at least three that I know of re WM/LM specifically. And as with any forum, there are those who just no longer post there who might have known information on Miller. Not that that means much as people should take any claims of knowing the lives of the rich and famous with a grain of salt no matter what claims they might have.

    after investigation, I think as much evidence points in one direction as it does the other. I don’t really care – only when one side of the argument starts to get ugly and hypocritical – so long as in the long run we do get to see Miller content and fulfilled in his personal life as well as professional – whatever that might look like to him and not what he thinks his “fans” or the general public want it to look like.

  11. 111
    duple Says:

    What makes me sad, it is that Wentworth makes nothing to stop all the negative rumours which circulate on him !

    I am afraid that these rumours raise problems for his actor’s career.

    I think that Went has to prove who he is really :
    - if he is really gay, he has to let it know ;
    -and if he is not gay, he has to present his “girlfriend” (the fair hair lady we saw on September 2009 photo ) ?

    110, all right, the gay rumour about Wentworth appeared before Prison Break ! It is because Went played a role of gay in the series “Sarah”…
    But, there are many heterosexual actors who play this kind of role : Heath ledger and Jack Gyllenhaal, Matthew Rhys (with Luke McFarlne), Sean Penn, Jim Carrey , Robert Pattison, and so one …

  12. 112
    henriette Says:

    @WANTWORTH: FInally, somebody I agree with 100%, when you said no actor can prove his sexuality. This is the truth: Sexuality is about whom you WANT to have sex, whom you desire. How on earth do you prove what you are thinking? And so we look for concrete evidence of an abstract idea. Dating, photo ops, marriage, having children. But are these things really proof? No. But the public has special expectations when it comes to male film stars. As I said, there is not one single A-list leading man who is openly gay… in a profession where you put costumes and make-up on and play act… and 100% of them are straight, so we are encouraged to believe.

  13. 113
    hambabe Says:

    I for one would be very disappointed if Went would be seen with a girl friend. IMO the image of him as a single man is quite appealing and the reason why I visit this and his other fan sites every day.

  14. 114

    Hambabe, you are sorta proving Henriette’s point there. Being disappointed with his personal life isn’t really fair to him, is it? It shouldn’t matter for his career what he does offscreen or if he’s gay or straight. Do you expect him to be alone his whole life to make his fans happy?..

  15. 115
    hambabe Says:

    @ Wantworth That´s a fair question. I really admire sueli for # 110 expecially for this:
    *so long as in the long run we do get to see Miller content and fulfilled in his personal life as well as professional – whatever that might look like to him and not what he thinks his “fans” or the general public want it to look like.*
    No I don´t expect him to be alone his whole life to make his fans happy. I know that I´m a selfish b1tch talking like I do and I´m not as good a person as those who just want him to be happy in his life.I´d be so freaking jealous to see him with a gf. That is an issue I need to look into, I know!

  16. 116
    Sherpa Says:

    It would be better if his fans saw him with a male or female companion: there might be shock and despair at first then people would get used to their couple.
    Fans would be able to focus on his career and stop criticizing his behavior.

  17. 117

    Sherpa, I think so too. There is too much speculation about his personal life that might go away if he wasn’t so hard to pin down.
    Hambabe, don’t beat up on yourself too much. In all honesty I would feel some jealousy if he had a girlfriend, but it’s his life and we just have to suck it up.

  18. 118
    Eppie Says:

    Did you know coffee is an aphrodesiac, Wentworth? ;)

  19. 119
    henriette Says:

    What hambabe said is certainly a common thought here… that our desires about film stars color our feelings about them. But that is the tradeoff… a male leading man, at the top, can get $20 million for one film, and possibly more if he gets a % deal. For Wentworth, or any male actor, to be seen with his boyfriend, lover, or just a trick… it means blowing a lifetime of hard work for the privilege of living life openly. An earlier poster said, “Wentworth, marry me!” I recall the same nonsense not long ago about the girls shrieking such things to Clay Aiken, despite overwhelming evidence that such marriage was unlikely… and even if it happened, intercourse was mission impossible. Still, people have these fantasies, and the Hollywood powers that be are keenly aware of that.

  20. 120
    Missb Says:


    “What makes me sad, it is that Wentworth makes nothing to stop all the negative rumours which circulate on him !”

    Well, maybe he just doesn’t care, maybe he just wants to live his life and doesn’t feel the urge to prove himself to a mob of strangers.

    People will think whatever they want, he couldn’t possibly have an answer that would please everyone. And he doesn’t have to have one. Privacy means that it’s none of our business who or if he’s dating and that it’s his own choice.

    I often wonder why people get so upset and so obsessed with someone else’s life. Isn’t there more important things going on in this world?

  21. 121
    angel Says:

    wenty is not handsom he is ugly

  22. 122
    fish Says:

    @ Sherpa
    Fans would be able to focus on his career and stop criticizing his behavior.

    It´s hard to focus on his career because there is nothing new we know about for sure. It´s not just his private life that is unknown.

  23. 123
    henriette Says:

    What I’d like to get across is that the stars, and especially their handlers, feel a compelling need to promote a hetero image, whether the star in question is hetero or not. If the audience didn’t demand it, it wouldn’t be done. A lot of comments here confirm that this approach, right or wrong, is needed to keep a male star’s career busy and lucrative. An excellent example is Tom Cruise. When the rumors got too thick, he jumped on couches and made the I Love Katie media tour. Still, I think there isn’t one single person who thought Tom was gay before the marriage who changed his/her mind after. Other media campaigns, such as George Clooney’s, have been far more successful.

  24. 124
    santa in feb Says:

    @ Hollywood chick
    You write an awful lot around & about the ‘subjec’t but nothing new is brought to the table here. Evidence? LOL But I gotta give it to u- it´s a massive comment for a former crusher. Good luck in the fiction industry.

  25. 125
    duple Says:

    120, I think that the rumours annoy Wentworth a lot.

    When he had been questioned by a German magazine at the end of 2007, about his sexuality, Wentworth had said this : ” I am not gay but we cannot kill this rumour…” and later, he avoided the jounalists who tried to ask questions on his sexuality because he had already explained the reasons of his solitude .

    At the beginning, Wentworth believed that these rumours were quickly going to desappear…

    Now, it is not the case because his detractors continue to propagate the gay rumour every time he is photographed.

    Wentworth tries simply to live without thinking of these rumours…

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