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Wentworth Miller Gets His Caffeine Kick

Wentworth Miller Gets His Caffeine Kick

Wentworth Miller picks up some coffee from Starbucks while walking around West Hollywood on Tuesday (February 2).

The 37-year-old Prison Break star just completed the zombie flick Resident Evil: Afterlife, which is based off a popular video game series.

Along the same lines, it looks like Wentworth might be associated with another popular video game, Bioshock. Although there are still no confirmations, back in May rumors started to surface that the actor was trying to land a role.

The video game is about a plane crash survivor named Jack who discovers an underwater city filled with mutated monsters and lethal robots.

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  • Your Conscience

    @tcm: @JoyHeaven: thank christ for you two!!!
    i was beginning to become a little worried all wentworth fans were freaky whiners like the previous posters.
    its nice to see some normal people appreciate him also.
    thank you!

  • Ann

    The Wentworth bubbles appear in many ways. Some have multiple little Went bubbles inside their heads with themselves and Went together in them.

  • http://h sherry

    Eva #193
    There was a problem but I think it’s solved now

  • Colly

    What I meant in my post above is that Wentworth is wrong to refuse to play by Hollywood rules. He thinks he can do his “Garbo” impersonation (= be mysterious) but he’s not Greta Garbo and he’s not an exceptional actor.
    He’s just handsome and we want to know a BIT (just a BIT!) of his life .It is certainly not his acting skills which are g mesmerizing, right? LOL!
    If he was less pretty we would not be discussing him now.

  • http://h sherry

    colly # 204
    He doesn’t want to be mysterious,he’s just a simple person..I’ve noticed on most his imterviews he looks very shy and quiet,even his friends say that about him.He’s a very talented actor not just nice looking guy

  • boxer

    @ Ann :The Wentworth bubbles appear in many ways. Some have multiple little Went bubbles inside their heads with themselves and Went together in them.
    Yup, and it makes other fans really jealous :D

  • Ryan Hunter

    @Colly: No YOU are wrong to think Wentworth has to abide by these imaginary Hollywood rules. Wentworth’s private life is of no business of yours just as your private life is of no business of his. This ridiculous notion that just because he has celebrity status means his fans are owed an open invitation to intrude into his personal life is simply ludicrous.

    Just because YOU want to peek into his personal affairs does not mean you are entitled to it and it certainly doesn’t mean Wentworth owes it.

  • Eppie

    Sherry # 205 I agree with you on all counts. Wentworth is a very talented actor, a humble person, and a harmless and tolerant soul.
    Some of the people who claim to be his fans should be ashamed of the way they belittle and disrespect him.

  • Cristina

    @ Colly 204
    Couldn´t agree with you more, Colly.

  • Trip for Two to…

    Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on, brah!…
    Lala how the life goes on…
    Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on, brah!…
    Lala how the life goes on.

  • game

    @ Colly
    You said it girl. All so true.

    @ Ryan Hunter Wentworth’s private life is of no business of yours just as your private life is of no business of his.

  • Your Conscience

    @game: youre not very bright are you? (thats a rhetorical question by the way. that means it requires no answer kid so dont bother)

  • henriette

    I wonder if some have a reading comprehension problem and don’t understand the difference between what people want, what people expect, what exists and what should and should not exist. Nobody, least of all me, is saying that a star’s (and it is debatable whether WM is really a star, or on the cusp of stardom– I hope!) private life SHOULD be fair game and open to curiosity and speculation. I have been saying that IS the way it is, it has always been that way, and it is not going to change. It is the reason George Clooney is very careful to be photographed with his latest date, preferably in beach wear, in places he knows photographs are accessible. Also, tooling around Rome on a scooter, where every papparazzi works. It is why Tom Cruise got married and reproduced (although I’m not sure of the method) and not one full month goes by without family pix, shopping, vacationing, whatever. It is why John Mayer keeps a high sexual profile. It is why Amy Winehouse can be counted on to either get into a fight or collapse on a regular basis. It is why Heidi Montag had
    McSurgery, tells the world about it, and even gets her mother to
    publicly discuss it. It is why stars attend publicity events with their dates, real or arranged, dressed spectacularly or bizarrely, anything to get photographed and interviewed. It is why stars have employees specifically in charge of public relations. And if you don’t know what p.r. is, it is essentially creating an image and profile to keep the client’s name on people’s lips, employed, and at the highest salary possible. The notion of “just let so-and-so sing and act” and leave him/her alone” is a silly and sheltered POV, not anything an adult should think.

  • Eppie

    @#200 Your Conscience:

    Do you mind if I ask what drug you’re on? Seems like you’re having a lot of fun!

  • Your Conscience

    @Eppie: i certainly am having fun and plan to continue should the delusion.
    and its called slander control. starting to realize you didnt know everything are you?

  • Colly

    @Ryan Hunter:
    “Wentworth’s private life is of no business of yours just as your private life is of no business of his”.

    Then he shouldn’t be an ACTOR. These people get scandalous amounts of money to make us dream.
    If he wanted privacy, fair enough, he could have been a librarian or a teacher. Smart actors know how much they can show about their private lives to keep their fans happy: family pics, photoshoots of their home etc…
    Miller gives NOTHING at all.

  • Ryan Hunter

    @henriette: You’re right there is a comprehension problem going on here and you seem to be one of quite a few here suffering from it! MOST people here ARE saying Wentworths private life SHOULD be fair play. Ridiculous I know, but those are the delusions of over obsessed fangirls. YOU are saying that it’s part of the business and has always been, and celebrities understand this before getting into the industry. I AM saying that it is ridiculous to think that all celebrities MUST conform to these imaginary Hollywood rules. Wentworth is an internationally renown celebrity and yet he HAS kept his life private. It’s HIS fans that keep trying to pry into his personal business for their own satisfaction, the point I am trying to make is that it is these fans who are being disrespectful to Wentworth. A fan should respect this man for his work and his values and Wentworth values his privacy. Who are we to tell him that he owes us an open book into his personal affairs. If you don’t like the fact that this man wants his privacy, stop being his fan. It’s that simple. I respect this man for his work. I appreciate the information he has given us, but that is all, I do not ask him for anymore, I do not pry for anymore and I certainly don’t EXPECT anymore!

    @Eppie: I was going to ask you the same thing. Because most of your posts have been quite rational and yet your comment at #199 is laughable at best. Perhaps you need to reread comment #182 and start again, it’s obvious that you and most people here have missed the entire point of that post.

    @Cristina: Then my comment at #207 also applies to you.

    @game: You seem to be losing at your own game…

  • Ryan Hunter

    @Colly: WOW!!! How self righteous can you be? That comment is truly laughable. I think you have been dreaming too long, you really need to wake up now and join the real world!

  • Your Conscience

    @Colly: to be blunt, you are a complete moron!
    your level of respect is non-existent. perhaps you should stalk wentworth with a little less delusion and gimme gimme attitude as he himself has been extremely clear about the invasion of privacy involved with the paparazzi.
    if not even his own words can get through to you then you are truly psychotic!
    how about i trace your IP and try to track down your house like you do his and camp outside it with a camera. that would be fun dont you think? (again rhetorical and since youre such a tool i feel i should point out NO i dont plan to do it i am making a point using the same technique i would with a child)

  • Eppie

    @Ryan Hunter:

    Post #182 was written by a troll. If you can’t recognise that, then you must be a troll as well.

    That person has not “met Wentworth several times” nor seen him acting “sexually affectionate towards females”!

    Who are you trying to kid?

  • Ryan Hunter

    @Eppie: My god how stupid can you be! Look up the word sarcasm and fangirl. That entire post was @Your Conscience IMITATING stupid fangirls and their intrusion of privacy. You are missing the whole point of that post. They were not saying THEY (@Your Conscience) have met Wentworth, they were not saying THEY (@Your Conscience) have seen him acting “sexually affectionate towards females”! Can I make it any more clearer for YOU!!!

  • Your Conscience

    @Eppie: troll? cos ive met him and you havent? try again sweetheart.
    green is not a nice color on you at all.@Ryan Hunter: i think shes having trouble seeing through those rose colored glasses of hers.
    seems to me if youve met him youre automatically not worthy. odd thinking but fangirl heaven i guess.
    i think they think he sits at home all day and doesnt encounter any human beings cos hes busy waiting for the excom freaks to propose marriage. he is their soulmate and is patiently waiting and hibernating until it occurs.

  • Your Conscience

    @Ryan Hunter: and yeah i was sorry. we live in the same city. shit happens

  • Ryan Hunter

    @Your Conscience: That’s okay, maybe I didn’t explain myself properly, I was simply trying to explain the post was clearly about invasion of privacy and that they shouldn’t be concentrating on the point of whether you have or haven’t met the man because it’s simply a mute point to argue. I’ve crossed paths with Wentworth myself, made the blatant mistake of posting it on Twitter and was harassed by a bunch of excom members trying to find out every little detail of the encounter. I looked up their website and low and behold they had even google mapped the area the encounter happened, posted a picture of the shop I was at and spent the rest of the day discussing the possibilities of what Wentworth was doing there, it was truly disturbing and I refuse to visit that site EVER again. Is it really so hard to believe there is actually thousands of people in this world who have met Wentworth, whether passing down a street, at a publicity event, watching the filming of PB, etc. You make a very good point in your comment #222 about the color green & those rose colored glasses, it’s VERY sad indeed!

  • game

    @ Ryan Hunter
    I’ve crossed paths with Wentworth myself, made the blatant mistake of posting it on Twitter…..
    **** happens Ryan,
    perhaps when you logged it in.. eh.. then started typing, like magic, it appeared
    shocking i know.

  • Your Conscience

    @Ryan Hunter: jesus! just when the delusion couldnt go further.
    that is truly in-frickin-sane!!!
    @game: you really need to stop talking until you have something either slightly coherent or valid to say. unless youre 11, in that case keep trying

  • game

    You guys talk a lot together. Just want to say goodbye to you and tell you something I heard at school because its sort of like you to guys Ryan and Concy, but these guys are made of snow.

    OK, Two snowmen where standing side by side. And one said to the other: I smell carrots

    See ya

  • Your Conscience

    @game: youre a moron kid. STAY IN SCHOOL AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!!!!

  • Ryan Hunter

    @game: I see we’ve mastered the art of the copy and paste feature, well done!!! Now are you feeling sad that I was not speaking to you? I’m sorry but it was check mate for you long ago!

    @Your Conscience: It really is disconcerting.

  • Chichon

    Can you please explain why people bother so much about Wentworth’s sexuality or Wentworth’s career or Wentworth in general?

    He had a hit show for one two seasons, then PB got bad. Wentworth is not a good actor, he’s good looking that’s about it!
    If he had a bigger nose or thin lips nobody would be commentting on pages and pages here about his sex orientation or his private life.

    Wake up! He’s not going to be around for long. His career is almost over.
    Geez! You should get a life!

  • Ryan Hunter

    @Chichon: If you think so little of Wentworth then can you please explain why you bothered to visit this webpage? Why you bothered to read these comments? and why you bothered to make a post? Your post is quite a contradiction don’t you think? Seems you have gone to a lot of trouble for someone who doesn’t even like the guy.
    Perhaps you are the one in need of getting a life.

  • kelly

    @Chichon: i agree with you, now wentworth is not a good actor (he was not perfect in SUV),
    he can not act, he gives no emotion in his characters, his expression is always the same for all his characters
    i’am sad because i was a big hug fan about him and that’s true he’s just good looking

  • Cristina

    Remember when he ( M S ) had the bandage on his head in PB S4 and was in bed talking to his bro? Man, that was the worst acting ever seen. Dom was not super but Went was horrific. But I´m not here because of his acting. He´s just too damn hotpretty.

  • ellen

    I’ve been reading the comments for the last days and I was avoiding to bite, but now I can’t wait more time.
    What I see when I see Wentworth Miller is not just a pretty face, but yes a person, a gentelman, a well read person, someone with a culture knowledge, with education and with respect to other people. And all these are values that are rare to find today. That is because I am a fan of him.
    Beside, I like his acting. I know there are people who don’t like his acting, but guys, I like it. There are colours for all the tastes.

    About the privacy debate I must say that I like to see pics of him and to have news of Wentworth, but if I look at myself, what would I do?. I’d do the same that he is doing with his private life.
    I wonder, if someone who is completely strange to me asks me to share my private life with him/her, what would I say? I’d say “oh, sorry dear, it’s my life” And then he/she tell me “hey, but I know you, I’m following you, I’m your fan so you owe me your life”, then maybe I’d feel a bit uncomfortable and would say “yes, but I don’t know nothing of you and don’t know neither who nor how you are”. If still he/she say “yes, but I’m seeing every photo of you, I know you, you are a public person”, I’d conclude: Yes, but every public person needs his privacy.
    But that is me.
    Sometimes I wonder if that people and people that criticize him realize that Wentworth Miller is also a human being.

  • Roger Huntwill

    I had a horrible experience when I was twitting . Was just tellin my mates where I´d been. Just said; I went….but then I couldn´t say no more cause the Excom girls jumped at me sayin *Went is it reaaally you?* I tried again to say I went….but they wouldn´t STOP. I went (no I´m not him) to their web site and what do ya know. They had a bunch of creepy smileys with their eyes rolled and their tongues hangin out and they were holding a pics of me outside my house. ,,,, I´m scared. ,,,,


    @ Your Consience (and all your other names)

    Yj si lam ne kiteg ni ouj pok. Ouj pok saar. Yj teh itna laicos ytilanosrep redrosid.

    Eybdoog sneistot !

  • BeGood

    Ellen, your words so true!
    I come here almost everyday, for I want to know some news of Went!
    I love his acting that I want to see him in more roles.
    I am waiting for his new projects to enjoy!
    I wish to see him being Nate in SVU again, or he could be one of the lead roles in the show.
    Indeed, he is super attractive actor! He should be a lead role in any show he wants to play.
    Wish him all the best!

  • Eppie

    @Ellen and BeGood… I’m with you, babes!

    Wentworth is beautiful, brilliant. talented, kind, and a fine gentleman. He is the best! That is why we are his fans. We wish him happiness and support his career!

  • Your Conscience

    @Chichon: haha. im sorry, i realize that was meant to be insulting, but that was pure GOLD!
    @Roger Huntwill: youre not the only one im affraid. pathetic, delusional and pittyable dont even come close to describing those wannabes.
    @ROFLMAO!!: well that was gutsy and worthwhile. now say it so i can read it eh?
    @Eppie: like ive said before, i truly feel embarrassed for you! you are in desperate need of medication (im sure youve been told that before though).
    one day, when you gain some realistic perspective you will look back on this stage of your obsession and realize what a joke you are on such a large scale!
    the size of your world must be tiny. i almost feel sorry for you.



  • Your Conscience

    @ROFLMAO!!: youre obviously as intelligent as you are brave.
    run along now pumpkin and let the big kids talk.

  • Caroline

    Remember when he ( M S ) had the bandage on his head in PB S4 and was in bed talking to his bro? Man, that was the worst acting ever seen. Dom was not super but Went was horrific. But I´m not here because of his acting. He´s just too damn hotpretty
    You don’t like his acting in that part? What a pity! I like it. I think he nailed every single scene with DP, and every single scene that has something, anything to do with emotions. I feel sorry you can’t appreciate his performance. And I’m glad I can.

    Please don’t bother to reply. I won’t check. Thanks!

  • Icy

    @ Your concience 182

    No, I´ve never met WM.
    Never seen any gay tendency from him, that being because he´s not gay.
    I´m not gay my self. It´s not my business who he sleeps with and I know he will never be interested in me and I don´t find it disappointing just logical. No, I would not be happy if my privacy was invaded. I don´t need to know about his partner and his most private things, none of my business, just like to see pics of him and get news of his projects.

  • duple

    Icy 243 .

    I am also a big fan of Wentworth but I remain objective.

    It is not only some fans who want to know the private life of Wentworth but Hollywood is like that !

    In Hollywood, if somebody tries to hide his private life so for a long time, he is considered to be “a suspect” …And the producers do not interest to him.

  • henriette

    True, duple, if somebody tries to be under the radar, it looks suspicious. On the other hand, a pushy aggressive p.r. campaign can arouse more suspicions than it quashes. Tom Cruise is a perfect example of a campaign that backfired. I think Leo diCaprio’s team does the best job. Just let one new photo with a supermodel come out every two or three months, but no interviews, no couch jumping. The superior approach is to feed the public just enough hetero evidence it needs, then shut up before the star puts his foot in it. If you’ve ever heard George Clooney talk…

  • Ryan Hunter

    @ROFLMAO!!: Clearly someone is not very good at playing their own game. You might want to check that spelling next time. Oh and totsiens to you, as unfortunately i’m sure we will see you again.

    @ellen: I’m glad you decided to post. We need more comments like this.

    @Icy: First decent post i’ve read from you yet. So now I ask why did you agree to @Colly’s post #168 ” he needs to reveal a part of his life and personality in order to be loved by his public. It’s give and take ” & now reply with this “I don´t need to know about his partner and his most private things, none of my business,” Quite a contradiction don’t you think?

  • http://no kara

    I don´t think that if somebody tries to be under the radar, it looks suspicious. IMO it says more about the people´s state of mind who think it does.
    Went is not seeking attention like some celebs do he just wants to be appreciated for his work. He has my utmost appreciation for his contribution in all of his projects and my admiration for not giving in to some people’s (or industries) unrealistic and expectations based on selfishness, arrogance stupidity and greed.- My dear Wentworth Thank you for lighting up my life!

  • lee

    Caroline, good say!
    200% feel Went’s brilliant acting in that sence, His natural acting is in every scene!

  • Ryan Hunter

    @kara: Couldn’t agree more. Thank you kara!

  • Icy

    @ Ryan Hunter 246
    I simply changed my mind. When I saw Colly´s next post I thought I did not want to be connected with any more of that kind. I guess I see now that asking such of him is too much and not right. BTW I like his acting, always have.