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Wentworth Miller Gets His Caffeine Kick

Wentworth Miller Gets His Caffeine Kick

Wentworth Miller picks up some coffee from Starbucks while walking around West Hollywood on Tuesday (February 2).

The 37-year-old Prison Break star just completed the zombie flick Resident Evil: Afterlife, which is based off a popular video game series.

Along the same lines, it looks like Wentworth might be associated with another popular video game, Bioshock. Although there are still no confirmations, back in May rumors started to surface that the actor was trying to land a role.

The video game is about a plane crash survivor named Jack who discovers an underwater city filled with mutated monsters and lethal robots.

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290 Responses to “Wentworth Miller Gets His Caffeine Kick”

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  1. 126
    henriette Says:

    Case closed, thank you, duple. Anyone who even suggests somebody is gay is a “detractor.” You have made my point better than I could ever have done.

  2. 127
    sueli Says:

    @duple #11
    “What makes me sad, it is that Wentworth makes nothing to stop all the negative rumours which circulate on him !
    I am afraid that these rumours raise problems for his actor’s career.”

    So you are one who Henriette is talking about [and somewhat homophobic if 'gay rumors' = 'negative rumors'] that all A-list leading men need to be seen as straight according to the public, specifically female fans? Why do you [and/or others who "need to know"] need these rumors to stop? Will that affect the way you see him in roles? Why? Or do you only want to see him in a certain light?

    @ hambabe #113
    At least your honest LOL

    re Wantworth #117
    “In all honesty I would feel some jealousy if h had a girlfriend, but it’s his life and we just have to suck it up.”

    Yeah, I might be upset at first if there is a gf, but only because there goes [at least at first and for awhile] any fantasies that might happen if a bf comes into the picture. *a little too distracted to give an evil grin*

    @ Henriette #119
    “But that is the tradeoff… a male leading man, at the top, can get $20 million for one film, and possibly more if he gets a % deal. For Wentworth, or any male actor, to be seen with his boyfriend, lover, or just a trick… it means blowing a lifetime of hard work for the privilege of living life openly”

    I disagree to an extent. I don’t think it means blowing a lifetime of hardwork. I think he [or any male actor] could and would still get work, but probably not the $20 mil deals, which no actor should be getting anyway – a % deal, possibly, but up front that much money? no way. If he is being truthful and just wants to be a working actor, he certainly can keep at that regardless of his personal life/sexuality.

    @ Missb #120
    “I often wonder why people get so upset and so obsessed with someone else’s life”
    yeah, unless you that person’s parent ["it's my job to question your every decision!" LOL], it really isn’t necessary.

    @ duple #125

    I’m sure he gets annoyed answering any question that gets asked a million times over during the course of a press junket. It’s one thing to answer a million times over and it’s another when you say a million times over it isn’t anyone’s business. [isn't that what he said 2 years in? most of the answers for the specific personal question is just a blurb taken from year one and repeated over and over again in print - which sorta makes the question/answer a bit hinky to me - like overkill]
    I am also wary of foreign press translated articles as so much can get lost in translation. Right now, there is an article from this past year or so that really demonstrates this where the journalist didn’t fully understand what he was trying to explain and he, possibly, was trying to find the right terms that would be translated easier. In the end, the the journalist seemed to find *him* confused. LOL
    The impression I get, specifically the avoiding the journalists who ask the question about whom he is dating wast hat he didn’t think he would be answering any truly personal questions. He gave the same answer when asked about politics and I don’t doubt he would answer the same if asked about religion. [how many people here in the past have insisted he was Jewish? How many people within the past few years believe he might be Muslim?]

    Also, as far as “Wentworth believed that these rumours were quickly going to disappear” to me doesn’t make any sense unless you are asking me to believe that a reasonably intelligent man who has worked a number of years behind-the-scenes, including a stint at a pr corps or as a pr person, would be so incredibly naive to think that THE rumor that every actor in Hollywood will have following him will simply “go away.”

  3. 128
    henriette Says:

    You raise some excellent points, sueli. Now, about my having said “blowing a lifetime of hard work” I didn’t mean that a male out actor would throw his whole career away. I did mean that he would blow his chance at being at the top of the heap, and let’s face it, what actor doesn’t go into acting- it’s hard work, lots of disappointment, often starting in tacky local productions and contests, getting small and dumb parts, enormous competition, hoping and yearning for that big chance… seriously, what actor doesn’t want to make it big on the big screen? And what person who goes into politics wouldn’t like to be a senator, governor, or president? “Oh, no, I just want to be a city councilman in Duluth, I never want to go beyond that.” Please. An actor who is outed, or comes out does give up his chance at being an A-list action film star, or romantic lead, and that is the way it is, and that is why there exists not one single openly gay star with his name above the title of a major film with big budget and major costars. For that to happen, attitudes need to change. First the public, and then the Hollywood management. It cannot happen the other way around.

  4. 129
    grosspross Says:

    @ sueli
    Now that you have finished (for now) over analyzing our comments we can all breath easier.
    @ henriette
    I didn´t quite get your meaning by reading your first ten comments but something tells me there will be other ten ( at least). :/

  5. 130
    duple Says:

    Sueli, I am not homophobic because I am surrounded with homosexuals whom I like very much : (2 cousins, friends, colleagues…).

    I say simply that if Wentworth is really a homosexual and if he lied so for a long time to his feminine fans, to his colleagues of Prison Break ( Dominic Purcell, Amaury Nolasco and Sarah W.C. said that Wentworth was not homosexual, in interviews ) and to producers of films, it could have consequences on his career. It is better to say the truth at once…

    And then, we know all that the actors who are homosexuals do not make brillant career…Ruppert Everett, Luke McFarlane, Neil Patrick Harris…

  6. 131
    henriette Says:

    I could use itty-bitty words for you, but may I suggest a reading comprehension course?

  7. 132
    Kara Says:

    @ Duple
    I get your meaning and your opinion is as good as the others here. What I notice is how your English gets better with every comment you make. :)

  8. 133
    Sherpa Says:

    Muslim or Jewish?No, he eats bacon.

    I think someone here said he was a Buddhist and was seen at some temple?
    Or maybe he’s not a Buddhist but is thinking about becoming one?

  9. 134
    Amr Says:

    It’s good to see Wentworth and read about him.Good job jj keep going
    WM is the only reason I come here he’s my fav. actor.Hopefully we see him in MMOC movie.I hope we hear that he’ll be on this movie

  10. 135
    Colly Says:

    @ DUPLE

    I’m a SWC fan and I’ve never heard her say anything about Wentworth’s sexuality!

  11. 136
    polly Says:

    SWC is big forehead fugl

  12. 137
    ws Says:

    @henriette and sueli. Isn’t this so called open mindness that you both possess about his sexuality due to your own desire for him to be gay?

    @henriette. You generalize about the PR schemes of actors in general but you disregard one point. Within the masses lies individuals who maybe don’t play the game or stop at the point of deception, yes even to the public. It’s called morals.

  13. 138
    Eppie Says:

    @Sherpa: He eats bacon, how do you know that? there are Jewish and Muslim people who eat bacon anyway so its neither here nor there.
    The Buddhism comment was meant to be a joke in my opinion.
    Guess he celebrates christmas so that probably means???
    Do we care about his religion or lack of one? If your being curious that’s okay but some peolple get all weird if they don’t like your religion, so he probably keeps it quiet.

  14. 139
    sueli Says:

    @ws #137
    “Isn’t this so called open mindedness you both possess about his sexuality due to your own desire for him to be gay?

    You might see it that way, but I suppose it really isn’t any different when I read such homophobic comments as being due to the desire that he is heterosexual so that one day he will sweep one of the lady fans [specifically those who make such comments] off her feet – even if it is only in fantasy.

  15. 140
    Geez Says:


    I don’t see how someone saying that Went’s sexuality does not matter equates that person wishing Went were gay. That’s absolute nonsense. If I understood these people correctly, all they were saying is that Went’s private life is really none of anyone’s business and it should not matter what his sexual orientation is, whether that mean he is straight or gay. And I don’t see how acknowledging the pressures gay actors face means that a person wishes Went were gay.

    The debate over his sexuality is pointless. His sexuality should not matter to anyone. Yet, judging from all the comments, it appears people are overly concerned with his sexuality. Some people either think he is gay or want him to be gay, while other people believe he is straight or want him to be straight. Why this even matters is beyond my comprehension. What matters is the person he is inside and his acting ability. As long as he gives the audience a good performance and participates in entertaining projects, I don’t give a flying flip what his orientation is. He could hump stuffed toy animals for all I care as long as he has talent and shows off that talent in the various movies and shows he does.

  16. 141
    ws Says:

    geez; I’ve been around for a long time and I know some of Went’s regular fans and one of them is sueli. Her stance is that he is gay, her opinion and she is entitled to it. But don’t start that cr*ap about not caring about his sexuality when it comes to these debates. Clearly one is leaning to one side or another, otherwise there would be no debate. Get off you high horse. If Went was gay than I would accept that but he has clearly stated on a few occasions that he is NOT. Those that continue to question his word are those that think he is or wish him to be gay. Period. Hence the ongoing debate. Some people can’t reconcile the fact that there are individuals that don’t live according to society norm. Some make their own rules and expectations on such issues as relationships. Because Went is single some people cannot accept that he is just that …single. There has to be a reason for it which is that he is gay. That is primarily what I have an issue with. If you think he is gay fine but accept that is because you want him to be gay. From where this issue stands there is more evidence that he is straight than gay. And I don’t make this opinion because I believe he is holding out for me I make it with what I have read and heard from Went and people that have been in contact with him. I do not believe for a second that he would state he is not gay without being mindful of the retaliation such deception will cause. I believe if he was he would have been more vague with his answers or given an non answer. That is MY OPINION. Something some posters here are lacking to state and write as if their opinion is the be and end all of who Went *really* is. Henriette I’m looking at you!

  17. 142
    NoSa Says:

    Look at that smoking hot jean- tallness. Just wish I´d never seen him in shorts.

  18. 143
    dish Says:

    He is 37 and his past is such a secret no signs of any steady relationships.So, always the gay talk. There are no news of him for weeks or months but If we get interviews they are so predictable and repetitive, careful and boring. Nothing new there but maybe what dishes he likes the best.- Yes, food.
    Some say we should just focus on his career. Then I ask what career? ‘ I picture him on the beach as MS waiting for Sara when they were getting married. He looked at her and said she looked beautiful.’
    I have never seen any actor look and sound so unconvincing as he did when he said that. And I don´t think it was just because she is so cross eyed.This part was just too much for him to handle. But OK, let´s talk about his career…..

  19. 144
    Geez Says:


    No need to get defensive. We can be civil here. I agree with your point about societal norms. Being single at that age does not constitute proof that he is gay. There are many men in their 30′s who are single and completely straight, so people believing he is gay because he is not married with kids makes no sense to me. Also, there really is no proof that Went is single. For all we know he could be in a serious relationship with someone now. Being a private person does not mean being a single person. Not advertising the relationships he is in it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any.

    However, I still do not get the logic behind the idea that if someone believes he is gay it must be because they want him to be gay. There is a significant difference between thinking something and wanting something. Just because someone believes something to be true (even if it isn’t true) does not mean they want it to be true. There have been fans, for example, that have come on here and stated they thought he was gay and appeared to be upset about it. They’ve said things like they are beginning to believe he is gay and they are saddened by it. I distinctly remember one girl freaking out about it. She had previously been defending him, stating he was straight and people needed to stop accusing him of being gay, then one day something changes her mind and she literally freaks out over it, becoming distraught over the fact she changed her mind and thought he was gay. There might be some people out there that want him to be gay, but it is presumptuous and an over generalization to assume that anyone who think he is gay must have that opinion because they want it to be true.

    All this talk about proof is nothing more than opinion and perception. There is no way any of us could ever have any concrete proof of what he is and what he isn’t, simply because we do not have the ability to see inside his head. We could see him walking around with a guy, and that doesn’t mean he is gay, just like we could see him walking around with a woman and that wouldn’t mean he is straight. We can talk about evidence all we want, but no one can prove anything. We don’t know him, and even if we did, it still wouldn’t equate to an absolute knowledge. That’s how people work.

    The only reason why I take any issue with this is that I feel all the focus on his sexuality takes away from his work. Every time news of him surfaces, someone always mentions his sexuality. Then people get upset and start debating with one another, and things get a little ugly. People make assumptions about other people, they resort to name calling, and they throw around insults.

  20. 145
    duple Says:


    I recorded all the interviews of the main actors of Prison Break for 4 years because I am addict to Wentworth Miller since his appearance in Buffy and Vampires ! I am a big fan and
    I know many things about him…

    I am also a fan of Dominic Purcell .

    If you lived in France, I would show you my video cassettes with all the interviews (in English) of Wentworth and Dominic Purcell .

  21. 146
    henriette Says:

    A few beside myself have commented on the comment that to think someone is gay is to WANT someone to be gay, which is a crock of pudding. But when you talk about “it’s called morals” you either can’t mean what you’re saying or are incredibly sheltered. If you know you have to do certain things to get a job, and you want a job in a highly competitive and lucrative field, you do them, or limit your amount of work and limit the type of work, specifically film work. Is it “moral” for, say, Kevin Spacey– this goes back a while– to bring his “date” to the Oscars, then before an audience of about
    half a billion world-wide, proclaim she “taught him the meaning of love?” (He won the Oscar that night.) He had gone on a long PR campaign before that with the woman in question, who turned out to be in his employ. A few years later, he was busted twice- once in LA when a tabloid planted a hunky waiter at Kevin’s restaurant, and the two went to a public park and made out. The tabloid printed the less racy photos. The 2nd time was in England, again, the make-out venue being a public park for gay sex. Is it “immoral” to mislead the public about one’s sexuality? No, I’m not saying that; I’m saying that it is effin’ 2010 and that kind of misleading crap should no longer be necessary. But to read a lot of comments here, unfortunately, it still is.

  22. 147
    duple Says:

    Kara 132.

    Thank you ?

    I am French and I learnt English at School .
    I just try to manage in English to take part in discussions about Wentworth Miller because I am a big fan of him !

  23. 148
    Sir Says:

    ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.’

    Just finished reading an article in JAMA, they just discovered a connection between the lack of testosterone in males who are GAY, and the great news is with regular testosterone inections, the attraction to the same sex dwindles, WOW just think now all of you have a chance with a recovering GAY. Did I just make that up?

    Seriously we know Wentworth has come out and said, it’s NONE of anyones business who he is dating and has clearly refused to answer whenever asked in any of his lastest interveiws these past couple years HINT HINT, it’s really none of our business or is it?.

    What it comes down to is, is that he just likes f45king with his fans, that’s right, Wentworth likes to f45k with his fans (yup -yup -yup), it comes down to the choices he has made and how he has represented himself these past few years, and some have been quite sketchy, and from my POV it seems like he could give a flying f45k, but deep down inside I know there’s human in him and he has to feel the pain of his so called fanees needs and also sad to say some of his choices have made it difficult for the rumour to die out, that said, if the man is gay he may forever stay in the closet, or if the man is straight there is one lucky lucky gal just waiting to be swept off her feet, but from the sounds of him, his intellect and so called STAT for brains may just be the downfall for any relations he may have, but then again for all we know he may be getting his d-ick suked as we speak, but from the looks of his pictures, he seems to be in need of some good d-ick sucking. Wentworth if you read this please keep laughing all the way to the bank at everyones expense, actually I do applaud him for that, I guess that English degree really taught him well,(LOL) or was it his upbrining. Anyways BRAVO my Went, BRAVO.

    How to f64k the world and make lota money doing it :))))))))))

  24. 149
    sherry Says:

    I’ve just seen on another site a little video made by paparazzi on that day,though it’s very short but Went looks stunning and so hot on it.
    God bless him,I always pray & wish that everything is ok & we can see him so many times in big and small screen

  25. 150
    lee Says:

    OH! Sherry, so do I!

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