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Beyonce Launches Her First Fragrance

Beyonce Launches Her First Fragrance

Beyonce attends her first Fragrance Launch After Party for Beyonce Heat at Catch the Fever at 15 Union Square West on Tuesday (February 2) in New York City.

The 28-year-old entertainer’s fragrance is priced between $39-$59 and will be sold in department and specialty stores. “I wanted it to be original and I didn’t want it to be like all the other celebrity brands,” she told Stylelist. “It’s been two years in the making. Every little detail is very personal, so I’m extremely proud.”

FYI: Beyonce‘s shoes are black pleated peep-toes by Casadei. Dress from Marc Bouwer!

10+ pictures inside of Beyonce launching Beyonce Heat

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Photos: Kevin Mazur/Getty
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  • bella

    I love her hair here. She looks really pretty.
    The dress however is ok . . .i like the top part of the dress but the bottom does not go.

  • cornelia


  • Erin

    Is she on her way to a flamenco dance class or something? Why can’t this lady dress appropriately in normal life?

  • Imma be.

    She needs to take a 5 year break.

  • The Boohoo Sisters in Despair

    I don’t like the hair, it’s too apparent wigish and the dress is a big no, no…too flamenco-ish.
    The whole look is a miss but there is no denying that she is a beautiful woman.

  • OB

    I love her red dress…

  • Fair Question

    She and her husband were the highest paid couple last year. How much did THEY,/i> and the other black hip hop performers give to Haiti? We know how much Wyclef POCKETED, but how much did all of them give?

    Obviously, not one of them is shy when it comes to discussing money. Wyclef once did an interview where he showed a diamond encrusted watch and said he paid $100,000 for it. So how much did HE, Beyonce and jay Z, Diddy, Snoop Dog, Kanye(who used to brag about what every every item in his wardrobe cost , what did THEY all GIVE?

  • Pandora

    I like the dress. Red suits her (well, any color does, actually). She has a beautiful face. “You got six grammys and you smell good”. That’s too cute!

  • Boo

    I have to agree with #7. I haven’t heard any black entertainers/Athletes donated to Haiti. The only thing I heard was P.Diddy’s son giving his b-day gift, $10K, to donation, but nothing from P.Diddy himself. What about Oprah? the queen of black entertainers? Russell Simmons? Mariah? Kobe? They can’t be all silent donors, right?

  • dee

    @Boo: just because u didnt hear what they donated,doesnt mean they havent. Celebrities don’t have to announce publicly what there going to donate. Get over yourself.

  • dee

    @Fair Question: none of your business.

  • Dani

    I agree with all of the above comments.
    Beyonce is gross. I cannot stomach her.
    Her hair is always fake and her legs look like my grandmother.
    Cellulite and fat.

  • mari


    So damn true, she has the ugliest legs to be so young!

    She’s a media whore. LOves attention! Beyonce please take a loooong break!

  • mari


    Yeah none of them gave, because if they did they would have made it a point for that it would get all over the news! That kept it Hush Hush!

    Beyonce and her husband with all that damn money, didn’t give a dime!

  • Anita

    She’s amazing!!!!! <33

  • Corve

    love her

  • shani

    Okay, so that’s why she couldnt take part in the ‘we Are the world” recording. she’d rather make money for herself than do AS Little as lending a bit of your vocals to charity.
    she and her father are gonna remind us of the six grammys on EVERY OCCASIOn now.

  • Dani

    Can you imagine making all that money and NOT donating some of it to Haiti?
    Wow, that is shameful.
    Beyonce and JayZ are fake.
    I don’t think they really act like a married couple, it’s just a business deal.
    He never looks at her.
    It’s very strange and they are always apart.
    Her singing voice annoys me. She is totally overrated.

  • Neorules2112

    Whats the fragrance called Hood Rat ?

  • juner


  • A

    Wow, is she feeling so insecure about Rihanna that she has to throw the word “husband” around all the time now? Dani is right. Her “husband” never even looks at her. He seems like he hates her sometimes. He only paid attention to RiRi when they won for Run This Town. He didn’t even turn to look at B. Then he gave her a half-a$$ed hug when she won, and didn’t kiss her. AND he looked pi$$ed when she called him her “husband”. Funny, funny.

  • yo sista

    When will she take her break again? So sick & tired of her fake azz posing for the cameras & winning Grammys!

  • Dani

    She clean up at the Grammy making history, Heat is hitting stores this month (can’t wait to smell it and she looks DAMN GOOD!!!), She’s feature on two singles (She just shoot both videos last week) You better get use to the lovely face. Queen B is here for EVER!!!

  • S*

    like the red dress..and the hair even if it seems fake

    But seriously, whats the point with hating so much?? its not like one of us is gonna be rich as her anytime soon

    So..she can still smile and…gain milliooonnssss of dooollaarrsss

  • Lulu


    Its too late to be referring to Jayz as your husband now
    No one cares

    WHy all of a sudden are you proclaiming your love for him in public and referring to him as your husband???

    All this time you were carrying on as if you don’t even like the guy let alone married to him

    Its all too fake now that you are saying it every other day

    Bitch, just stop please


    I won’t be buying your fragrance



    Geesh what won’t this broad do to make more money.
    I bet she would perform for Bin Laden if the pay was right

    SHe couldn’t even donate for HAiti
    but calls herself CREOLE every chance she gets


  • Nancy

    She needs to hire a stylist ASAP

  • The truth

    She is referring to him as her husband now because there is information about his live-in relationship with football player Larry Johnson that is about to be made public. Z and Johnson had a live-in gay relationship for many years. Z also purchased a home for the two of them in NJ and Johnson lived with Z in his NY condo until just before the staged PR wedding to Beyonce.

    Sorry, but the truth hurts.

  • KD

    Haters stay mad! lol It’s obvious that the same person is posting under multiple names just to bash Beyonce. Saying the same thing over and over and agreeing with yourself. How pathetic!

    On topic: Beyonce looks gorgeous. Love her style.

  • The truth
  • Unet


    Mariah donated some money from her recent tour.

  • yawn

    and she will be the halftime entertainment for the SuperBowl

    She really looks like her sister here.

  • BR

    Question ? What she does with her hair that every time i see her is diferent… Im from brazil im sorry i really don’t know someone please clear that up for me ? thanks

  • MrMarleyFAN

    @Fair Question:

    How about “it’s none of our business.”

  • Khristi

    @Boo: Why do you give a shite about how much they donated? How much did you come out of your pocket with?

  • Khristi

    Nothing like a beautiful and successful woman to bring out the haters. I’m not the epitome of beauty myself, but I give people their props when it’s due. Grow up and love yourselves. I should say yourself because it’s blatantly obvious that it is the same sick and twisted person that is posting on here. I think that you are absolutely certifiable.

  • Weee

    hate beyonce. hate her sisters.

  • bajan


  • lakers fan in boston

    lol at beyonce’s comment about her fregrance
    all celeb fragrances are the same, they’re all crap
    no creative ideas these days they all lead up 2 a fragrance
    she looks pretty good in those pics tho, looking pretty leggy, and i like that =]

  • lexy

    I blame the folks dumb enough to buy into these celebs crap. Why isn’t Beyonce wearing a Deron or Rocca Wear dress? Wasn’t she hawking Tommy Hilfger perfumes a few months ago? None of these celebs know anything about the actual making of a fragrance. But again – you can’t blame them for making a buck off the idiots who will run out and buy this!
    Who cares that she didn’t participate in the Haiti thing? Haiti has become some new celebrity cause. They should be planning a Hope for America concert to help all the unemployed, uninsured and homeless people here in America!

  • foodiedatingsite

    I feel the heat in my pantalones

  • The Boohoo Sisters in Despair

    I like when Americans are asking their stars to help Americans first and foremost like they belong to them and owe their huge salary solely to them.
    Shall i remind them that we are in a GLOBAL economy and that those stars of international stature earn the majority of their money from markets outside the US, hence the likes of ‘Avatar’ that nearly hit 1.5 billions of dollars in the foreign market alone, ect.
    Beyonce makes big bucks from L’Oreal which is french and her pictures is plasterd all over the Parisian metro. She sell a lot in Europe. The brand Samanta Tavasa which is japaneze uses her to sell their bags all over the world with an exponential increase in growing economies of India and China, She used to represent Giorgo Armani too.
    Her perfume will be sold all over the world and i am sure countries like Japan are the ones who will bring the big bucks.
    Many American stars gets lots of easy money from commercials they do abroad and sell abroad more than in the domestic market. Yet people from those countries don’t whine about them to give back a little bit about THE money they earn from them INTO THEIR ECONOMY though they conbtribute AT LEAST as much if it’s not more to the wealth of those stars.

  • Jake

    Wow she looks gorgeous!

  • lexy

    I don’t like Beyonce but she’s got a good voice and can dance. However the “love yourself” comment…as fake as Beyonce is do you REALLY think that’s an appropriate comment to defend her with?? I mean this is a woman who wears wigs and dies her wigs blonde (note to #32 that’s why her hair always looks different) and she wears a TON of make-up. Yes, other celebs do it but they are not preaching love yourself.
    I said she should donate to Americans b/c she’s an American. Normally that’s what people do – unless there’s a natural disaster like the Haiti. I don’t recall any of these celebs hosting a telethon for Katrina. Other than Sean Penn and Harry Connick Jr literally going down there to help and Britney donating money from her tour no else did anything.
    Like I said, I don’t blame Beyonce for making a buck – she’s no better than those Wall Street/AIG guys – looking out for #1 – it’s the morons who buy HER products so she can wear BETTER products that are disgusting. Again, how often do you see her wearing her own clothing line?? Almost never b/c she wouldn’t be caught dead in that crap or Rocca Wear.

  • BR

    @lexy: Okay… Thanks for clear that up for me…. Question here in brasil there’s a lot of beautiful black women that don’t really need wigs , die the hair to look simply gorgeus…. love herself was really too much to say….. Love yourself know matter how u look…. beijos from brasil