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Cam Gigandet: Shopping With The Girls

Cam Gigandet: Shopping With The Girls

Cam Gigandet spends some quality time with his girlfriend Dominique Geisendorff and daughter Everleigh Ray while shopping at Anthropologie in Beverly Hills on Tuesday (February 2).

The 27-year-old actor has been working on his latest film Burlesque with Christina Aguilera and Cher.

Cam plays a struggling piano player at a burlesque club that falls in love with a girl from the Midwest trying to make it big in Los Angeles.

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  • Aww.


  • OB

    what a cute baby :)

  • yo sista

    Awwwww cute baby!!

  • kim

    love everleigh’s outfit so cute, just like her.

    i have seen a few sightings of cam out and about but this is the first one to be posted here since we first saw him filming burlesque, o well at least i still saw them.

    beautiful family

  • Jess*

    he’s a good father… hot

  • Kari

    aww shopping! again! you will never see this actor doing something useful..

  • TT


    just like we’ll never see u doing something useful, look u are again drawn to a cam post, grow up sweetie, o and babe he has been hard at work on his movies, so f—-king what the guy doesnt like to just sit at home he likes to be out and about and spend time with his family. seriously.


  • MiMi


  • lilli

    always “shopping” with no bags in hand. the baby looks like mama. he is way to hot for his babys mama.

  • Sam

    @lilli: You must be one shallow prick.

  • TT


    yea some people just need to GROW men can be with ANY woman they want and any woman can be with ANY man they want.

  • JUS

    GOD i love cam gigandet so much he looks 2 b a great father. his daughter is a beauty and his gf is very pretty, i love this lil family their great

  • kari

    @TT: The only thing he does of his free time is shopping, shopping, shopping and oh! being sure that paparazzi are taking pictures of him. You would think the perfect guy fans describe would do something more useful for the OTHERS. I used to think he was a good actor and good person then the more I saw the less I appreciated him and understood he was just an as*hole who wants attention and doesn’t care of his fans if paparazzi are not around.

  • foodiedatingsite

    He was great in twilight

  • sara

    @kari i agree with you 110 percent. they walk around beverly hills and wait to be photographed pretending to be shopping. sucha joke. i love that they refer him to the twilight guy all the time and burlesque sounds like a crossroads 2. pretty bad. thats what he will always be known for, twilight for five minutes. dont get me started on the gf too.

  • jennie

    what does his gf do for a job? just curious. seems like cam supports her.

  • brianne

    yawn….. same old.. very young to be babying it. where is rob and kellan, much more exciting! i don’t think gf works. must be nice.

  • A.k

    Some of you guys are PATHETIC with your assumptions lmao wow!

  • chubby cheeks

    I think he is REALLY in love with his daughter! There is something about the way he seems to enjoy carrying her and showing her off. He has the look of a very proud papa. It’s so sweet to see a young, handsome guy like that.

  • TT


    really then tell me o wise one, why the hell are u here giving this post more views. u r given him the so called attention that he wants.
    o and the paps have bosses that give the paps a celeb to follow.
    and some celebs (cam) got along fine with it, so what he goes out on the town a lot and walks around with his family, he isnt a guy shuts the door to his house and locks himself in. he goes out and enjoys himself. it a FREE world and the guy can be out on the town if he wants.
    he is actually a very sweet person, he loves his fans.
    same to u. he has tons of fans and lots of movies in the work, so instead of wasting ur breath and time on some u so called “hate” why dont u go look u some u like, just seems stupid and weird that “haters” r always the ones who look at the post and info on the people they hate
    YOUNG to have babies? please he will be 28 this yr and she will be 25 they are at a perfect age to be having babies. not like most the people i see pushing around babies, that are what 16 still in high school.

  • tash

    The baby looks like the mama! That’s so cute the mama’s hot! Everleigh doesn’t look like cam, she’s a mama’s girl!

  • lele

    seriously people CALM DOWN this is CAM’S LIFE he can life it ANYWAY ANYWAY he wants, as a fan (me) or as a “hater” (directed toward) we dont have the right to tell him not to shop, not to be nice to the paps, not to want attention, not to be a father, not to be with a woman he wants to be with, what movie roles to take,
    we has fans or “haters” DO NOT have the right to tell him what to do. i have gotten 3 autographes from him (yea 3) and he didnt seem to have a problem at all with doing so, he is a very sweet person to his fans and he loves his fans, and i truely believe that he knows that without fans support that he prob wouldnt be here (like i’m sure all celebs know that). he knows that he is a huge celeb yet, but i’m sure he and lots of people know that he is on the rise.
    like all celebs there are going to be people who love them and want to see them cont with great success and then there are going to be people who dont like them and want the to go away. i’m the success one for cam and i have celebs that i want to see just go away, but i dont waste my time trashing them b/c neg or pos replys so people that they drawn attention and people i feel will cont to talk about them, so i stay away from the ones i want to disappear and cont to be updated by the ones i’m a fan of (cam).

    like i said we dont have the right to tell cam how to life HIS life, it is HIS to live.

  • lele


    yea, everleigh does look a lot like momma but i do see some cam in her, come on she may look like momma but she is a daddy’s girl.

  • lele

    i made some type-o in my #23 comment, sorry figure them out if you can, sorry but type-os happen

  • Kezzie

    she is such a little cutie

  • Oceane

    dont really care who he is but, that is one cute baby.

  • mary

    so so so True lele
    i understand
    love cam and his beautiful fam

  • Provaiders

    nice :) !!! ! !! !!!