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Ellen Pompeo: Daughter Stella's First Pic!

Ellen Pompeo: Daughter Stella's First Pic!

Proud mama Ellen Pompeo shows Ellen DeGeneres the first public photo of her daughter, Stella Ivery!

The 40-year-old actress shared that hubby Chris loves to dress 4-month-old Stella up so that their outfits match!

At the end of the segment, Ellen (DeGeneres) gifted Stella a onesie reading “I Love Ellen“. So cute!!

Also inside: Ellen leaving her place on Tuesday (February 2) carrying some formalwear in a garment bag.

Ellen Pompeo: Meet Stella!
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  • Ellen Pompeo fan

    OMG finally tha pics! :D
    Stella looks sooooo CUTE!!!! :D

    and Ellen looks Gorgeous!!!! :D

    Can’t wait for tonight for the interview! :D tnx for sharing JJ :D


  • Carrie

    Well that was surprising. But why does her daughter look slightly Asian, while she’s Italian-American and her husband is African-American?

  • Jen

    Stella is adorable!

  • Helena

    Did they adopt? Because that baby doesn’t look like her or her husband (ethnically)…

  • Sexy

    @Carrie: lots of mixed babies look Asian when they’re newborns….I did. And I know a lot of mixed people who did too. Stella is indeed adorable. I like Ellen Pompeo, she’s cute and her laugh is adorable. She seems so sweet

  • Brenda

    Fugly baby.. Is she really a girl?

  • georgia

    ugly baby, ugly husband. and ugly drees, poor ugly baby!

  • Gabby



  • Nora


    How can you be so harsh towards an innocent, little baby who did you NOTHING wrong.

    You’re pathetic people.

    LOVE Stella! She’s a freaking cutie-pie!

  • Mary Petervic

    she is so beautiful! I love cute babies!

  • Liz86000

    Ellen is so lovely! You just gotta love her giggle! And she seems very happy too! Good for her!
    And baby Stella is adorable. And of course she looks like her parents! She clearly has Ellen’s cheeks!! And her husband’s coloring and eyes. Like Ellen said once, “she’s a doll, and you just want to bite her cheeks!”, lol!

  • ashley

    what a monster… omg.

  • hiya

    Omg, that was one adorable baby! She’s such a cutie!! Babies are so cute with those round cheeks haha :)) Now I want my own baby.. there’s no such thing as cute as a baby.

  • Zoz

    Perfect family.Don’t hate folks cause you’re poor and so ugly.

  • malia

    I like Ellen Pompeo, but I’m not gonna say that this baby is cute just because it’s a baby.
    This baby girl does not look like a girl and she’s not cute nor pretty.

    Mixed babies are usually cute but Im’ sorry this one is not.

    And why the hell did she dress her like a construction worker ? it doesn’t help.

  • J.M.

    I know i am gonna get a lot of crap for this but as of rite now Stella is not cute!! she looks like a boy!! but that doesn’t mean that she won’t eventually be cute!! babies keep changing all the time!!

  • Riley


    That’s because of her clothes. Can you be more sexist?

  • J.M.

    Its not because of her clothes her face looks like a boy!! yeah the clothes don’t help either! im not a sexist i am a 22 yr female!!! but just because she looks like a boy now doesn’t mean that she will always look like one!! babies change all the time!! my nephew looks way different now then he did when he was born 7 months ago!!

  • black

    ———-Oh my————I am tired of people calling babies “ugly”——–but actually even more tired of those morons who always have to go, “How cruel to call an innocent baby ugly!”.
    Seriously, harsh people always exist. Why don´t you call Jared in for this? He is the one who is posting these pictures after all.(Here on his site at least)
    (And never forget——ugly babies usually turn out well when they grow up. Not that I would have experienced this- being attractive as a baby and now ;T)

  • fran

    She does look like a boy, and not only because of her clothes.
    She doesn’t have a cute face… especially for a baby girl.
    It is not a big deal, babies are not always cute… this one is not pretty but maybe she will be a cute little girl later.

  • Clara

    Sadly it’s true.
    Stella is not a pretty baby girl for now, I hope it will change.

  • Mike

    The poor baby’s father is a convicted drug dealer and the mother is a crazy paranoid bitch (see Punked).

    Baby has no chance especially dressing it as a boy.

  • Ana

    I think Stella is adorable. Such a cute baby.

    It’s incredible how cruel and judgmental people can be. I bet you all were picture perfect babies, right? Get over it, it’s ONE picture.

  • Ana


    I don’t get it. Shiloh Jolie Pitt is always wearing boy type clothes and receives no crap for it. This poor baby is just four months old and is criticized for her clothes. Really.

  • Tiffany

    If the baby was ugly her mother wouldnt show off her girl on TV

  • Michelle


    Maybe it is because she has boyish features, and seriously, nothing against Ellen, but the baby is not cute or beautiful.

    People, don’t make a big deal out of this, if you’re offended that not all people think this baby is cute, ignore it.

    Come on, you’re gonna tell me that you never see an ugly baby that you don’t know? We’re all the same here, we don’t know her, and wether we think she’s cute or not, is not going to bother Ellen.

  • hee

    she’s such a cutie-pie!! a very adorable baby

  • Kame

    That’s it, she has boyish features, even dressed as a boy shiloh has a girly little face.
    This baby has nothing girly and dressing her with this kind of clothes is not helping.
    This baby is not cute and I’m not gonna lie and gush over her just because she’s a celebrity baby.

  • meetsingledoctors

    What a good mother

  • roronutz

    cute baby

  • Ike

    She is a little fattie. Babies change a lot in their first year, now she looks Asian because she hasn’t settled into her own looks yet.

  • infamous

    oh that baby is adorable, you people are nuts if you don’t agree. so cuddly cute.
    Ellen seems genuinely sweet. I can’t say that about the other women some of these JJ fans worship. No names needed but obvious.

  • Amanda

    I’m sorry, but hating on a completely innocent and defenseless child is just not acceptable. I don’t know what gives people this sense of entitlement that makes them feel the need to viciously make fun of anybody, let alone a child! It’s so sad how completely shallow and judgmental some people in this world can be.

    With that being said, Stella is just precious and cute beyond words <3. Those chubby cheeks are to die for :3! Ellen is gorgeous and motherhood is agreeing with her beautifully. It’s nice to finally see Stella, but under Ellen’s terms.

  • tadow

    If you call a baby ugly, your baby will be ugly and you’re going to get smacked with the ugly stick too and all your grand kids will be ugly and the ugliness shall be visited from generation unto generation…it’s like the silver rule. it’s in the Bible

  • Merisi

    I was dreading the « happy family moments » recreated for the cameras, I’m glad they chose to do it differently. I’ve always liked the way she deals with the media, how she plays this fame game, and this time is no exception. Plus, after the racist comments about Chris while Ellen was pregnant, I just love that he’s the one proudly introducing us to his daughter’s adorable chubby face.

    Thank you Ellen (and JJ) for this picture !

  • Kame

    Never said the baby was ugly, she’s just not cute.
    And it’s not because it’s a baby that everybody has to find her cute.
    She’s not cute, she’s not pretty… nothing says she won’t be later, but for now she’s not.

  • life

    Stella is beautiful. Thanks for posting!
    Babies aren’t ugly but MANY people here are STUPID!

  • Nicky

    I’ve been waiting and watching for the pics of this baby and finally – i think she’s gonna be adorable when she grows up.

    PS Why are so many comments so nasty regarding this baby? Please stop with the hating, come on she’s just a baby…

  • Clara

    Awh, Stella’s just gorgeous, as every baby is! Ellen seems so happy and she should be. There’s no lovelier thing than having a baby.

  • Cat

    OH GOD! I just can’t believe what I’m reading. i mean i have already noticed that on this webside there are a few (and often the same) people who seem to be racists, but is THIS really necessairy???

    1. How rude is it to even think about the race of the baby??? are you still living in the 50ies or what?? “She looks asian” – are you nuts? who are you to judge a baby for it’s outside? You’re perfect white people with blonde hair and blue eyes I guess …

    2. No, babies are not always cute or adorable, but it’s just a sign for a very bad, kinky character if you think it’s okay to write such comments and be so spiteful.

    I’ve already been sick of the comments that were written when ellen was pregnant (I remember things like “this baby is going to be ugly with parents who look like this”), but some of the comments here make want to PUKE!!!

    shame on you. stella might not be the cutest baby ever, but who cares.the main thing is that she’s healthy and loved.

  • Richard

    Stella looks beautiful like her mom!!! Thanks JJ.

  • F.den

    She is soo GORGEOUS
    Ellen is just perfect and the interview was sooo cute and funny and GREAT. – THE FULL INTERVIEW IS NOW ON YOUTUBE

  • Lana

    Ellen and her baby are beyond heartwarming and beautiful.
    Such a beautiful adorable baby.

  • Peter fG

    Stella is very very cute. and Ellen is just amazing. as always.

  • Raichill

    Wow, she actually had a baby. She is always seen out and about on her own I was beginning to doubt she even had a daughter.

  • Sandy

    shes sooooo adorable and how she talks about her.. so much love.
    full interview here

  • Suzi

    Loved the Ellen show with two Ellen’s. Great way in introduce the baby via a picture. Good for her for keeping her to herself for four entire months. And she’s a cutie with those chubby cheeks.