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Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Debut 'Olsenboye' on ABC

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Debut 'Olsenboye' on ABC

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen share a smile on the set of Good Morning America in New York City on Wednesday (February 3).

The 23-year-old Olsenboye designers shared their thoughts on how to have a successful business.

“Integrity – be humble,” Mary-Kate said, while Ashley added, “Surrounding ourselves with the right people who believe in the same things that we do.”

The collection, available at JC Penney starting this month, represents different cities for each season, starting with New York and L.A. and London in coming seasons!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Talk Olsenboye
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  • Sofia

    OMG I love theeeeem. they’re beautiful, can’t wait to see their collection!

  • Sketch

    Man. What happened to them?!

  • kaaatyyyy

    They look so young!!! Like when they were 18 !

  • Weber from Brazil

    I love themmmmmmmm *-*

    They’re so cuteeeeeee

    MK and Ashley are breath-taking right there, so beautiful and talented…

    I wanna be so successful like them, so they’re right… U have to meet people who make the same things than u… and working so hard….
    It’s the secret of success

  • Weber from Brazil

    PS: I can’t believe they’re same age than LiLo and Heidi Montag :o

    Look so much younger… like 17, 18 years-old

  • annab

    They look so much better than they usually do. Very relaxed and happy. Should smile like this more often. Nice.

  • Pry

    They look sooo pretty! I love their style!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …how can they give advise on running a business when their business was built of the work of other people just using their faces. ahahahahahaha.. their brand was making millions and they didn’t do a single thing but smile and act in straight to dvd movies. ahahahahahahaha.. hi-lar-ious!

  • kk

    - don’t like the name,
    hows about Smurfwear

  • dollar a day

    “Integrity – be humble,” Mary-Kate said, while Ashley added, “Surrounding ourselves with the right people who believe in the same things that we do.”
    – ” Now Get Your Little Chinese Fingers Busy “

  • lexy

    These 2 are a joke but at least they combed their hair and look showered. Normally they look homeless. They both wear expensive clothes and probably thought JC Penney was a bank. They wouldn’t buy a pair of underwear from JC Penney but if they can get some idiots to buy stuff with their name – they’ll do it. And use the idiots money to buy themselves some REAL designer clothing!

  • AnnaCreep

    They look fabulous. I look up to them. AMEN
    By the way, their bfs are gorgeous!!

  • gamerdatingsite

    Wow, I hope they don’t kill anyone in their sleep

  • Love Jolie, Hate her fans

    These ladies have so far not gotten into public trouble. They’re not interested in making a name for themselves as TROUBLEMAKERS. You can be free-spirited without MAKING A FOOL OF YOURSELF. They’re not trying to be show-offs.

  • Denise

    I am glad that Mary-Kate looks so much healthier now.

  • slambang

    UGH – Go away, trolls!

  • Fredow

    So Beautiful, I love so much Olsen Twins !

  • infamous

    sorry but they have no fashion sense what so ever. these clothes are really ugly, bordering on tacky. …and what they wear in person is just horrible. I’m not ‘getting’ their appeal and why young girls think they are such fashion mavens.
    I’m not a troll, but I’m quite knowledgeable when it comes to designer clothing, spent my entire life in FAshion. This is not it, at all. Nor is their higher priced line.

  • Iris

    These two would be nothing if they:
    1. were not twins
    2. had not been cast on Full House

    I don’t think their “fashion” is very good and they are nothing special in the looks dept. Their acting hasn’t been even close to impressive in anything. However I’m sure they’re surrounded by shrewd businesspeople and they will be reaping the rewards for a long time. Talk about luck. It’s certainly not talent

  • hank

    @Love Jolie, Hate her fans:
    You mean aside from that whole Heath Leger thing, right? RIGHT?

  • Jes

    watching that, you can tell that Ashley (on the right of the screen) seems so much more well spoken and educated than Mary-Kate.

  • reami

    Ya, I agree ashley seems like the more outgoing coherent one. MK tries to interject at times but its like she does it for the sake of not appearing mute. She kinda babbles about nothing.

  • lexy

    Probably b/c MK isn’t big on the celebrity thing. She’s happy just spending their hard earned money and working behind the scenes.
    While their clothes look bad (as usual) as people this is the best they’ve looked in a while!

  • holy snap

    Is it me or their shits are like REALLY ugly?

  • Linz

    i think MK doesnt say much either because shes not as involved in it as Ashley. She wants to do her acting thing, not the fashion side of it.

    Im a huge Olsen fan but I gotta say these clothes are gross. Neither of the twins would wear that stuff, nor shop at that store. I also love how they say in the interview “our parents took us to business meetings when we were 6″…. thats not a good thing!!! you shouldnt know what the word business means at 6!!!

  • Jayckson Lucy

    Love the clothes.

  • HeyHowAreYa

    love mk and ashley and i’m glad they’re looking so healthy these days, but what is with that uber mellow valley girl accent? {i know they grew up in southern cali, but i did too and i don’t talk like that.} it’s so unattractive and it completely distracts me from what they’re actually saying.

  • seniorshookup

    they are so pretty

  • Diana

    I saw their clothes…it was nothing special…and kinda disappointed too, I guess I expected more from them :P

  • Jes

    Yeah, I agree that the clothes aren’t anything great, but I think they designed this line lower to fit a certain demographic. They had to make it more commercial and younger to fill the role of what sells at JC Penney.

    I like the stuff in their higher end line, Elizabeth & James, a lot better.

  • The New James Dean Legend

    Mary Kate is a mental case and knows what she did.
    No matter how sad or sorry she might feel inside about it,
    she should be legally held responsible for her actions.
    If only the most sexy Hollywood Star stayed far away from
    mentally sick Mary Kate. She needs some serious mental
    help. People please, stop giving your attention to these two.
    Both of them have no compassion for animals either. They
    have no guilt about anything it seems as long as they are
    treated like the princesses they think they are.

  • Bianca