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Mehcad Brooks: First Shots As A Calvin Klein Model

Mehcad Brooks: First Shots As A Calvin Klein Model

Check out these steamy shots as The Deep End‘s Mehcad Brooks begins his run as a Calvin Klein model!

The 29-year-old actor joins Kellan Lutz as the new faces of the Calvin Klein X underwear line. Japanese soccer pro Hidetoshi Nakata and Spanish tennis star Fernando Verdasco round out the new group of CK X guys.

Mehcad posed for photog Mikael Jansson and will also appear in digital films for the line’s website, coming later this month. Hot!!

Bigger pics inside…

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mehcad brooks calvin klein x 01
mehcad brooks calvin klein x 02

Photos: Mikael Jansson/Calvin Klein
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  • Gino

    now thats a package!

  • Robin

    Oh yes! It’s about damn time!

  • Wendy


  • Tia

    You ladies are crazy!!!!!

  • Truth

    eww, not my type lol

  • Just another gal

    Christmas present 2010. Can’t wait for him to be wrapped and under my tree.

  • Terri

    Yuk! Not my type!

  • LuckyL




  • philip

    i like these pics more than kellan’s. they’re more sexy. i wish they had a color shot too.

  • Kristina

    god damn it, i just died. how hoooooot can he be?

  • christyjolie

    is that Eggs from trueblood?

  • Excuse me?

    HELLO!!!!!! No magnifyig glass needed here! lol

  • kenza

    Now that’s HOT!!

  • Lucy

    Unlike that annoying Lutz, this guy’s well endowed. Finally hot is in here. Yum

  • YAMI

    He is cute…scratch that HOT. SMOKIN HOT. and not just cause he’s almost naked. He looks scrumptious with and with out clothes. <3

  • gamerdatingsite

    Wow, black men have the full package

  • cattie

    I’m loving these ads :D

  • Sara

    ugh, i’m a black girl in my early twenties and i don’t find him attractive, yet the stereotype goes i love black dick because i’m a black girl, yet i have never even had sex with a black guy, and here you have white women/girls lusting after this guy and talking about his ‘package’ like a bunch of whores, yet I’m the one who gets called a whore because i’m black?! because some how because of shared melanin, i’m attached to any given black guy and i’m suppose to automatically find him ‘hot’ and like ‘big dick’ because i’m ‘used to that’.

    life really isn’t fair is it?

  • Tiffany

    “Yuck, not my type!”…Uhhh, why are you looking then?! LOL

  • doctordatingsite

    He is so hot

  • Oh

    Sara i dont think that your all of what you’ve said people are calling you…i jusy think ur crazy. People like you who take life too seriously are just sad. I’m black too….just calm down-aren’t we allowed to admire if we like something whatever colour, shape, size or whatever it is? Damn just get over yourself

  • gaeljet

    nice body, very average face(at best i d say)

  • Zoz

    @Sara: Yeah get over yourself.

  • shaar

    God DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s pure Hotness!

    And Sara, this is so mot the place for this. whatever ur issues, it sounded like u need to tell it to someone specific u had in mind. Here, we’re just admiring the beauty and yes package too. No one here said u had to think he was hot. everyone’s free to like what they please.

  • LuckyL

    Sara, you’re so f*cking hilarious. You act like you’re the only black girl on here. And no one is over-thinking it that much, Jesus Christ. You people REALLY could f*ck up a wet dream-no pun intended.

  • LuckyL

    gaeljet @ 02/03/2010 at 6:48 pm

    nice body, very average face(at best i d say)
    Exactly, at first glance this is a hot pic. Why are some people getting their panties in a bunch/ sand in their v*ginas?

  • LuckyL

    I guess one too many people hated on Sara for her interracial relationships now she’s hypersensitive and angry. I’m sorry you’ve had such terrible experiences. Yes, some people really do think that way, and hell, I got to school in Boston, but man, you REALLY over-thought this one.

  • LuckyL

    By the way, he seems to have the same “size” as Kellan, it’s just that Kellan is never facing sideways, but not going to f*cking over-analyze this like a scientist. Outtie!

  • MollyMakeout

    oh dear
    no tricky angles here- just the real deal…take notes kellan

    and sara chill out i know what you mean but this isn’t the place for it and you went about saying it completely wrong

  • http://france Viking

    HOTTest Guy EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://france Viking


  • Miss Tolerance

    I think Sarah just wanted people to know that she, too, is down with the swirl. LOL

    As for that other mess that’s what therapy is for. No one going to call me a *blankety blank* to my face. I like who I like and that’s it. I don’t care what other people think about it.

  • Excuse me?


    Sara, Sweetie, you need to relax. You haven’t a clue as to the ethnicities of all of the posters, so stop acting as if you have a monopoly on “blackness.”

    We are all just happily admiring the man, not just his “package” (though it is indeed admirable), but his arms (Lordy), his pecs, his abs — the ENTIRE package.

  • Cristobal


  • Deedz


  • jdub

    HOT DAMN!!!! mehcad is one sexy mofo…nuff said. he kinda reminds me of a black Michael Phelps

  • anne

    @christyjolie: yes, that would be eggs.

    hot dog!! i lost my breath for a minute there.

  • Whoever

    * Drooool*

  • fiona

    quite a package…lol (au naturel or stuffing??)

  • jason

    @Sara sounds like some white worshiping, self hating black chick. the thought of white people thinking she likes black men revolts her, thats why she had to comment on here… if you generally didnt like black men why would you need to click on the pic? its obviously a self-hate issue, you cant stand the thought of white men thinking your into black men, its only natural for them to do so…

  • Blah

    Nice bod. Face? Not so much. He’s below avergae from the neck up XD

  • woah

    I’m asian and Sara honey, it isn’t about color. He is just HHOOOOOTTTT!! YUMMY!

  • ++Logan++

    absolute perfection

  • Nicky

    I always knew he was hot. But God damn…

  • Sara

    Jason, shut up please. I don’t have self hating issues. I was just digusted by the people who write her talk about his ‘package’ in the way that they were.
    I’m just going to roll my eyes at ‘the white worshipping’ part, i can see where you stand and you have issues.
    I don’t hate black people, my parents have been married for over 25 years and they’re both black!
    No, it’s only natural to find the people you are attracted to, attractive.
    skin colour has nothing to do with it.
    just because i date a white guy doesn’t mean i hate black guys and /or myself!
    you’re probably one of those who think that if you share the same skin colour you automatically belong together, i bet you always pair up the only black girl with the black guy too huh.

  • British Latin American

    @Sara: Oreo?

  • yeah

    DAMN! Jeez that man is freakin hot, I thought Kellen’s pics were hot too, I’d love either of them for a christmas present.

  • tpink

    I love this pic, from the neck down only.

  • ~Giovana


  • fernando

    he is so hot, amazing, pretty..omg…he in my sexual dreams.LOl